Forced Ch. 10

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“Yes, Mrs. Randall. He is in good hands here. No, I don’t advise air travel for at least 48 hours…”

I lay back on the couch and closed my eyes, preparing myself to talk with my wife again. The pain in my head was seeping back in my skull and I felt nauseous again. I focused on my breathing and felt my heart slowing back down. Deep breaths. Calm. I fell asleep.


I woke about 30 minutes later. The doctor was shaking me and talking slowly, “Jason, come on…let’s get you up and out of here. We should get you home and cleaned up and to bed. You will feel better tomorrow.”

“My wife….” I stammered.

“I talked to her and told her you fell asleep. She is worried but happy with the care you are receiving. I told her we were transporting you to a different location to recoup your strength over the next few days. Told her it was like a spa – once you see it, you will agree. She has my cell phone number if she wants to call.”

I nodded and got up slowly. The doctor put his arm in mine and led me out of the office and down the hallway. We exited the building and I saw Tom behind the wheel of a big SUV. The doctor opened up the back door of the truck and helped me inside, then climbed in next to me. I lay back and closed my eyes as the truck started moving. The motion was making me sick. I focused on my breathing again and must have fallen asleep.

I woke again as the truck came to a stop. I was laying up against the doctor, my head in shoulder, my arm wrapped around his chest. He seemed to be hugging me, too. I pulled back quickly and looked at him. “Shhh, it’s ok. We are home. Let’s get you inside.”

The truck came to rest in the garage. Tom got out and opened my door and I slowly exited the vehicle. The car next to me was a Porche 911 convertible. Yellow in color. And next to that was a red Jeep Wrangler and a BMW motorcycle. These guys liked their toys.

Tom and the doctor led me inside the house. The home seemed expansive with wide spaces and lots of windows. I was led past a kitchen and living room down a hallway towards a bedroom. It was decorated in dark brown colors, very masculine. Tom brought me over to a bed. The doctor started closing the blinds and curtains and turned on a lamp in the corner of the room. Tom was pulling back the covers on the bed.

“I have to pee.”

I stood slowly and Tom led me to an attached bathroom. It was large with a shower, tub, toilet and sink. I was struggling with the tie on the scrubs and Tom swooped in – untying them for me. They fell right to the floor. Tom led me to the toilet and I sat down. I peed forever, it felt great. When I pushed the last few drops from my body I could feel a clenching in my ass and felt my cock grow a bit. Not hard, but chubbier than usual. I leaned forward and rested.

“You OK?” Tom asked.

“Yeah, just tired. Hungry, too,” I answered.

“Let’s get you back in bed. I will make you something to eat.”

Tom helped me up from the toilet and flushed it for me. I was planning on pulling the pants up and Tom said, “Just leave them here, I will get them later.”

I stepped out of them and walked out of the bathroom and into the bedroom with only the top on. It was so large on me, that it covered my cock and balls and looked like a mini dress. Tom led me over to the bed. As I was sitting down, the doctor came into the room with a large glass of water and some pills. He handed me both of them.

“Drink all the water. The pills are just Tylenol. You will need them,” he stated.

I popped the pills in my mouth and I drank the entire glass of water – it must have been 24 ounces or so. I didn’t realize I was so thirsty…it was like I couldn’t get enough water. I drank so quickly that some of it spilled on my top. When I was finished, Tom grabbed the empty glass and filled it in the bathroom and brought it back – putting it on the bedside table. Next to the glass of water was an alarm clock. The time read 9:07pm.

“Keep drinking as much water as you can, Jason,” the doctor said. “Hey, why don’t you take off that wet shirt, we will get you something else to wear.”

I slowly reached up and pulled the top off my body, leaving me nude again. I pulled my legs into the bed and lay back, pulling the covers over my body. My eyes were so heavy that I couldn’t even keep them open.

“Scott is bringing your things over here from the hotel around noon tomorrow. Get some sleep. We will need to wake you every 3 hours or so…” the doctor stated.

I never heard the end of his sentence. I was out like a light. My dreams were crazy. Wild sex. Images of men. Women. Orgies. I woke with a start. I opened my one working eye and looked around me. I remembered I was in someone’s house – yeah, the doctors. I had to pee again. I looked at the clock. It was almost 11pm. I pulled back the blankets. I was dripping wet in sweat. The cool air felt good. I slowly walked to the bathroom, a few dim lights had been left on to guide me. I stood in front of the toilet and voided again. İkitelli Escort I peed so long I had to hold on to the wall for support. My urine was almost clear in color. I walked to the sink and looked up. I was horrified to see myself.

The first thing I noticed was the black eye. Very swollen. Purple. The further away from my eye the lighter the color, until it got a sickly yellowish-grey color. There was a bandage on my upper forehead. I had a couple days stubble on my face. I turned on the water and washed my face. My eye stung to the touch. I dabbed my face with a towel. I tried prying my eye open and could squint out of it slightly…and saw my eye was rather blood-shot.

My stomach was growling. I remembered an offer of dinner and made my way out of the bathroom and bedroom, then into the hallway. I could hear noises coming from the end of the hallway. I could see the door was open and light was spilling into the hallway. I figured Tom or the doctor must be in there, maybe they could help be find something to eat. I walked towards the room, again hearing more sounds.

As I neared the door, a clear picture of where the sounds were coming from emerged. I could see a bed and on top of it were the doctor and Tom. Tom was on all fours, facing the door. The doctor was behind him, slamming his cock into him. They were both completely naked. The doctor’s smooth, lightly defined chest was covered in sweat, and I could tell that he had an ample cock, as I saw it going in and out of Tom. Like his head, his body was completely devoid of hair – including pubic hair.

Tom looked like he was really enjoying himself as he slammed back against the doctor, groaning, telling him to fuck him harder. I could feel my cock get hard as a rock as I watched, knowing I should leave, but unable to do so. At first both of them had their eyes closed. But then Tom’s eyes shot open and they focused on me in less than a second. I went to leave, but apparently my feet had other plans since I remained standing there. He looked surprised at first, but then he smiled. I realized he was staring at my body. I could see Tom had a huge dick – really thick – bouncing up and down as the doctor fucked him. Tom’s eyes kept moving from my chest to my hard cock. Oh shit, I was naked and hard as a rock.

I couldn’t deny how turned on I was by the sight in front of me, as they continued to rut into each other. “Fuck!” was all I could think of…oh no…did I just say that out load?

The doctor’s eyes opened – he fixed his gaze upon me, standing in the doorway. He stopped pounding into Tom, who immediately started pushing himself back against the doctor, not wanting the fuck to end. The doctor’s face registered surprise, then he smiled deeply at me as he saw my hardness.

“Join us,” Tom said in a voice filled with lust. The doctor’s eyes widened with excitement. My heart was racing and I wiped at the sweat forming on my brow. I looked directly into the doctor’s eyes for a moment, before backing away and heading back down the hallway to my bedroom. I closed the door and breathed deeply.

I was practically shaking as I got back into bed. I was a nervous wreck and so sexually excited at the same time that I really didn’t know what to do with myself. My cock was rock hard. I didn’t dare touch it, knowing I would blow all over the place at the slightest touch. I was confused at my emotions. I had never thought that gay sex would have been so erotic. But watching those two men together was like nothing I had ever seen before. It was like I was craving their touch.

I covered my face with a pillow and took a number of deep breaths. I heard my door crack open and a gentle voice call, “Jay.” It was Tom.

I ignored him, keeping my face in the pillow. I was frightened of my excitement. Of the situation. Of them. I felt movement at the side of my bed. I hand gently shook my shoulder.

“Jay, I need to wake you up and check on you. How do you feel?” Tom asked.

He was making this easy for me. Instead of confronting it, he was ignoring it, too. This made me feel better. He pulled the pillow from my face and I looked up at him. He was flushed and I could see light sweat on his brow. He smiled down at me.

“Are you hungry? Can I make you some dinner?” I nodded my head. I looked down and saw his body was covered in a silk robe, navy blue in color. It made his blonde hair look even lighter and his blue eyes dazzle. As I looked lower I saw the robe went only half way down his thighs. I could see the bulge of his cock pushing the robe out a few inches from his groin.

“Do you have anything I can wear?” I asked quietly.

“Sure, I put some shorts and a t-shirt in here for you earlier. Man, you were out of it tonight, Jay. How you feel?” he asked as he handed me a pair of mesh running shorts and a tank top. “These are docs, might be a bit small.”

“I feel better, just really hungry and thirsty,” I replied. My erection had not subsided in the least and when Tom reached down to pull back the İkitelli Escort Bayan covers, I grabbed his wrist. “Don’t, please…I have a…a…I’m excited,” I stammered.

“Nothing to be embarrassed about,” Tom said and he whisked the covers off my body. My cock was right up against my abdomen and it pulsed when hit with the cool air. “We are all men here. You’ve got a great cock, dude…and that body is to die for.”

This sent a chill up and down my spine, and my cock pulsed a bit of precum onto my stomach. I reached for the covers again, trying to pull them over my embarrassment.

“Dude, why are you ashamed of your body? I would kill for the definition you have. And that hairy chest and stomach is so sexy. Just the right amount of hair. You were so free with your body last night, then you had the accident and you get shy. I don’t get it. Don’t be ashamed of who you are,” he said softly.

“I’ll be in the kitchen,” he said and with that, he left me alone in the room.

How did he know I was free with my body? Doc must have told him what had been going on. Crap – now everybody thought I was a fag.

I slowly got out of bed and found the clothes Tom had provided. The doctor had a slighter frame than I did, the shorts were very tight around my waist. With the deep cuts up the legs, almost to the hips, there was plenty or room for my legs. The pouch nestled my balls tightly inside…but my cock was a different story. It was still rock hard and I had to shift it to the left side of the shorts. It pulled the shorts away from my body and it was obvious I had an erection. I pulled the tank top on – again, way too tight. It fit me like a second skin. My nipples became hard instantly and poked out of the sheer fabric. The shirt didn’t go all the way to the shorts and some of my midsection was showing.

I walked to the bathroom to wash my face and found a toothbrush and toothpaste laid out for me. I cleaned up and looked at myself in the mirror. My face wasn’t pretty, but the rest of me looked outstanding. I have always been athletic and it good shape. Great definition, like Tom said. But with the extra weight I had lost the last few days, I looked practically cut. I lifted up the shirt and could see a complete 6 pack…something that I hadn’t seen since my college days. If only I didn’t have as much hair on my abs, they would look more pronounced. As I studied my body, I could smell food…god, did that smell good.

I immediately headed for the kitchen. Tom was in front of a gigantic steel stove, cooking up an omelet. He was adding some cheese, veggies and ham. He had already poured me a glass of orange juice and a large cup of water. I drank them down quickly and refilled the water glass again…never really quenching my thirst. Tom finished with my omelet and put it on a large plate just as toast popped out. He buttered it lightly and placed the delicious smelling concoction right in front of me at the table. I sat and devoured the food. I ate about half the omelet and a piece of toast…then headed back for more water.

“How was it?” he asked from behind the kitchen island. His robe had opened and I could see skin down to his upper abs. His torso was completely hairless, his chest was broad.

“Thank you, it hit the spot,” I replied between gulps of water.

“Not going to finish it?” he smiled at me.

“No thank you. It was good, but I am stuffed,” I replied as I looked around the room. Everything in the kitchen was high end. Stainless steel appliances. Granite countertops. Custom cabinets and millwork. Leather furniture. “Nice place,” I commented.

“Thanks. Everything here is Rob’s, though. But it is great. I’ll have to give you a tour of the place tomorrow,” he said as he started loading things into the dishwasher.

“Who’s Rob?” I asked.

“The Doc,” he replied.


I looked over at him and gasped. He was bent over and the robe had lifted up over his ass. I had an unobstructed view of his back side. Twin tan globes of his ass flexed as he loaded the dishwasher. I could actually see in the groove between his legs and saw his puckered asshole. It was glistening wet. I was spellbound. My cock got rock hard again.

Rob continued talking as he loaded the dishwasher. “Tomorrow is Saturday and the clinic is closed for the next 2 days. It is supposed to be warm, maybe we can lay out by the pool tomorrow – bet you look great with a tan.”

“OK,” I replied quietly, staring at this puckered star. I looked further down and could see his bare scrotum hanging between his legs, swaying back and forth a bit. It was completely hairless. I was mesmerized.

“Well, we should get you back to bed,” he said as he turned to me and grabbed my dishes, loading them into the dishwasher. I looked down at the floor this time and willed my cock to deflate – it wasn’t working. Tom closed the dishwasher and turned it on.

I sat there nervously, trying to think a way to stall Tom. If I got up, he would see my hard-on.

I started Escort İkitelli asking him questions about his background. He stood and turned around to face me. He jumped up on the counter. I tried keeping my eyes glued to his as we talked. I didn’t want to look down. He was a funny guy and had me laughing a bit, which felt good. It felt like I hadn’t laughed in days. Tom jumped down one more time and refilled my glass with ice water. When he jumped back up onto the counter he remarked how cold the granite was on his ass. I looked down and saw that his robe wasn’t covering his crotch…in fact; his robe has slipped open all the way, with his belt falling to the sides. His balls were resting on the granite surface; his thick cock lay lazily over his thick balls. I stared and stopped talking.

“So, you and doc are boyfriends?” I asked quietly.

“Yeah, been together for almost a year. We own the clinic together…partners there. Been talking about getting married. I dunno. I love him and everything, but I don’t know about marriage. You like being married?” he asked.

“Yeah, I do,” I said – we were entering uncomfortable territory for me.

We talked some more about general stuff. About Vegas and traveling. The white elephant in the room was that he was fully exposed to me and we both knew it.

“Come on, we gotta get you to bed. I need to take your vitals, too…doc’s orders,” he said as he jumped to his feet. He didn’t even bother to close the robe.

I slowly stepped down onto the floor and looked down. My cock was stiff as a board in the shorts. I could see a large wet spot where I must have been leaking precum. Shit!

Tom was busy turning off lights, so I quickly started walking down the hallway to my bedroom. As I entered I heard him following me down the hall, his naked feet slapping the floor. I lay down in the bed and pulled the covers over my waist as Tom entered the room.

“Mind taking off the shirt? I need to listen to your heart and lungs quickly,” he requested.

I struggled taking off the shirt, it was so tight. I lay back and looked over at Tom. The robe was still open and hanging from his body. I had full view of his cock and balls. His broad chest tapered down to a flat stomach. He had wide, thin hips. His cock swung from his body heavily. He was a big boy. The only sign of pubic hair was a thin strip above his cock. What did they call that – oh, yeah…a landing strip. Funny, it looked just like the small goatee he had on his chin.

Tom grabbed the stethoscope from a chair near the bed and listened to my heart, then asked me to breathe deeply…listening to my lungs. He took my hand and took my pulse. As he held my wrist and took my pulse, my hand was inches away from his crotch. I could feel the heat of his body. My cock was pulsing out more precum. He leaned forward a bit and my hand touched this open robe. I gulped, but didn’t pull my hand away. I was awestruck and couldn’t move – but Tom did. He came a step closer and my open hand touched his cock…and without any hesitation, I encased his cock. On instinct I grasped it in my hand. He turned my wrist up and I cupped his nuts in my hand. They were completely hairless and smooth…and big! The pretense of taking my pulse was over and I looked up at him.

His face was descending toward me. I opened my mouth to say no, but he swooped in quickly and kissed me. My hand never left his crotch. I did pull away from his balls and grasped his cock again. It was getting hard. Tom leaned in further to the bed, putting a knee next to my hip. His kiss was rougher than I expected. His lips were thin and strong. He parted my lips with his tongue and pushed forward. I could feel his warm tongue forcing my lips apart. Tom now pulled the covers from the bed and straddled my groin. I felt the heat of his thighs covering mine…I was enveloped in warmth. His hands went right to my nipples and then he pulled away from the kiss. He kissed down my right side and pulled my ear in to his mouth, licking my ear and biting my earlobe. That sent shivers right to my balls.

Tom lifted up slowly and put his lips to mine again, teasing me. He slowly slid his body down so he was right next to me, face to face, chest to chest and crotch to crotch. I thought that I might explode right then and there. I had to stop this, but every time I tried to open my mouth, Tom shoved his tongue into me and took my breath away.

His hand slid down my sweaty torso, until it cupped the raging erection in my shorts. He paused for a second. “Mmm, is that for me?” he asked, giving it a squeeze. I didn’t know if he had felt the wet spot that was already there.

I whimpered as he shoved his tongue down my throat. He was kissing me deep and hard, and my hands started rubbing up and down his sides. He rolled on top of me and began kissing his way down my chest. I could feel an urgency in my groin. He started sucking on my nipples and licking all over my chest.

I opened my mouth to ask him to stop, but all that came out was a moan. I was letting him have his way with me. He pushed up my arms and pushed his face into my armpits, inhaling my scent and licking me. My pits were wet with sweat and my hair matted to my body. He licked me clean. I shivered at his touch. This was so erotic. My cock was so hard that it literally hurt.

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