For The Love of My Father Ch. 04

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This is an entirely fictional father/daughter love story of consensual adult incest. If such a topic upsets you then please go somewhere else.

This is the continuation of the story “For The Love of My Father — Ch. 03”. Please read the first, second and third chapters before continuing or else it may not make complete sense. Thank you!


“Come on, let’s go to bed and sleep on it” my father suggested.

I nodded wearily. Dave had still not arrived back from his mother’s house, so we went to the spare bedroom and huddled under the quilt together. I draped my arm around him and held him tight, revelling in his smell, his warmth, his skin…everything that I loved about him. He kissed my forehead and all of a sudden something clicked. I just felt so safe. I lifted my head and kissed him, my hand running up under his t-shirt as my other hand moved to caress the back of his head. He accepted my kisses, kissing me back as I touched him, his hands roaming my body, one stroking my back, the other fondling my breast as I let out a soft cry between his lips. I slid my hand over the front of his boxers to find him hard, stroking him through the smooth fabric. He pulled my top up, exposing my breasts and began to run his tongue over my nipples gently.

“Baby I want you” he whispered as I pulled him on top of me. He pushed my legs back into a v-shape over my head. I was spread wide open, my eyes gazing up into his. He entered me, slipping his cock inside my tight walls. Feeling the head of his cock parting me was pure heaven. He went in so deep this way. He wrapped his arms around my thighs tight, his fingertips meeting at the small of my back. We fit so closely together. He leant down and kissed my mouth, sucking on my lower lip gently as he began to thrust into me, his gaze locked with my own.

“Daddy that feels good but it’s so intense…so deep!”

“It’s okay sweetheart. I’ll be careful.”

I kissed him again, locked in our passionate embrace.



“It can’t hurt the baby…can it?” He smiled at me.

“No, just enjoy yourself.”

I threw my head back, gripping onto his thighs as he moved inside me. The weight of his frame only spread me wider for him to delve further into my depths.

“I love it when you fuck me like this!” I told him meaningfully.

He was lost in his passions, gasping as every thrust drove him deeper; he was like an animal in heat as he fulfilled my white hot desire. I could hear the sounds from my cunt as he thrust in and out of me.

“Sweetheart I’m going to come!” He gasped. No sooner than he said this he thrust inside me hard, groaning with lust as he ejaculated inside me. I cried out as I felt my cunt pulsing around him, still clutching his damp thighs as he collapsed on top of me.

Afterwards we kissed for what seemed to be a long time, our bodies as close as we could possibly be. I heard a noise and lifted my head.

“Dave must be back!” I told him. My father didn’t move.

“He will know we have gone to bed” he replied, closing his eyes once more.

“Aw, come on we should go and talk to him! It’s only…oh, its eight o’clock now. We have work tomorrow. Did you bring your work clothes? I have mine in the car.”

“Yes, I have mine.”

“What are you going to do?”

He shrugged. “Carry on as normal for now. I won’t say anything until I find a job somewhere else.”

“This is so crazy!”

“…But it’s what we both want, isn’t it?”

I looked down at him and nodded sincerely. He brought his hand to my belly and felt it ever so gently.

“I can’t believe that our baby is in there” he whispered. He held my hand and placed it on my belly, his hand over mine. “Do you feel anything?”

“It just feels a bit bigger than usual.”

“We will have to find out how far gone you are” he whispered. I raised my eyes to his.

“I don’t know about this yet, you know” I said uncertainly. He gently kissed me on the cheek, holding my head. I buried myself into the crook of his shoulder, silently worrying.

The next morning we both got up early for work. I was just ready to go when I felt a little sick again and ran to the kitchen to get a glass of water.

“How are you feeling?” My father asked.


“You should tell someone at work…” he trailed off.

“No, I’m not telling anyone at work anything at the moment” I said firmly, getting my coat. He shrugged helplessly.

“You know you can always call” he whispered.

“I know.” I wrapped my arms around him and he held me tight.

Work isn’t exactly the highlight of my life, but I like working. I like the independence it gives me. I like earning my own money. Giving up work to raise a child just didn’t seem feasible to me.

I sat in a bit of a daze for the whole tuzla escort day at my desk.

When I finally returned to Dave’s he was already home, however my father worked a little further away so never arrived home until a little later than I. Dave and I sat together, however since we had never really sat and talked without my father being present it felt a little awkward at first, but we soon began chatting amiably. Dave was such a nice guy, no wonder he was my Dad’s best friend. I silently thanked him in my mind for putting us up until we got back on our feet.

“Your father was really lost for a while, you know” Dave told me, taking a sip of his tea.

“What do you mean?”

“The last time I saw him he seemed different, a little nervous, only now I understand why.”

I looked down at my mug. “I guess it’s caused a lot of problems for him.”

“Hey, what I meant to say is that he’s not lost anymore.”

I sat forward in my chair. “What do you mean?” I asked.

He paused for a moment before continuing.

“What I mean is that he seems sure of what he wants. He was speaking to me this morning and I’ve known your father for almost forty years, we went to school together as you know. And in the whole time I’ve known him I have never seen him so sure of anything in his life, not even when marrying your mother.”

I looked up at him hesitantly, but there was hope welling up inside of me.


“Yes, really. I know your father better than anyone, and even though this is a peculiar situation, I grant you, I know that he wants to marry you. He wants you to have a real life with him. He wants to live with you as man and wife. I’m telling you because you need to know, but I sure will miss him” he finished wistfully.

I looked up at him. “We aren’t going that far away, Dave! We will see you, my father will come and see you, we aren’t moving off the face of the earth.”

He looked up and smiled at me faintly. “Life is a funny thing, isn’t it? It draws people together, draws them apart, it causes you to move. Everything is constant. Ongoing.”

“Sometimes I just wish it would stop.”

“Don’t we all, sweetheart” he said, a faraway look in his eyes. “Don’t we all.”

We heard a car door slam outside.

“Before he comes back, I just want to tell you something… don’t you think it might be a good idea to go and see your mother for a bit? I mean, I know that you are in a difficult situation but at the end of the day, I’m a man. I don’t know what it’s like to feel the way that you are feeling, and maybe your Mum might be able to help” Dave suggested.

“Help me? She doesn’t want anything to do with me!” I exclaimed.

“Of course she does, she will come round sooner or later. You’re her daughter; in her eyes you can do no wrong. It’s Kevin that she won’t want to see again, give her time.”

The doorbell rang.

“I’ll let him in” he offered, standing up.

I heard Dave let my father in. He came through to the living room and bent down, giving me a big kiss and a hug. He knelt down and took my hands in his.

“Hey, precious how are you feeling?”

“Better.” He beamed at me.

“I’m so glad to hear that. How about I take us all out to eat?”

“That sounds good to me!” Dave agreed. He looked at me.


I stood up and we got ready to leave.

About half an hour later we arrived at an Indian restaurant a bit closer to home that we both knew. We got seated and read through the menu. When we were ready to order, our waiter came over and I happened to glance at a table across the room from us and immediately froze.

My sister Ali was there with her friends.

I looked back down quickly. The lighting in the restaurant was very dim, and there was every possibility that Ali wouldn’t see us. It was pretty dark, and they were in a corner far over on the other side of the restaurant. I wondered whether I should say anything.



“…Ali’s here” I told him quietly. His face went pale.

“Oh god!” He shuddered.

“Dad, it’s okay, I don’t think she can see us from over here, but…”

“But she might.”

I didn’t know what to say. That was the last thing that we wanted. If Ali went home and told Miranda and my Mum that we were out as if there wasn’t anything amiss I’m sure that would not go down well with her. I wondered what my Mum was going to tell her friends. My mother was the sort of person to fabricate things, which my Dad had always hated for obvious reasons. Why would you want to be with someone who lies to you? She was probably telling all her friends that my father had left her or that he was away on business and that I had moved home. Yes, that’s what she would tell people. She would never tell anyone that her daughter göztepe escort had run off with her husband, she would simply make something up. Tell everyone that I had got a job somewhere else. I wondered if my sisters even knew the truth. Surely they must have put two and two together when they found us both missing. Or had they? I wondered if Miranda had found the note that I left her under her door. It must be so confusing to them if they didn’t know the whole story.

“What are we going to do?” Dave’s voice broke into my thoughts.

“Let’s stay, it looks like they will be leaving soon” my father said, sighing.

“Excuse me, Miss?” The waiter placed my main course on the table.

“Thank you.” I waited until we had all received our meals and went back to attentively staring at my sister. I could see the waiter serve them their after dinner mints, so I knew that it wouldn’t be long before they would get up and go. My father reached out and squeezed my hand as if to breathe life into me. Dave smiled at me and nodded at my father supportively.

When Ali left the restaurant my father let out a sigh of relief.

“Oh! God that was awful. We are not coming here again” he muttered, spearing a vegetable with his fork.

“Too dangerous!” I agreed. There was no way I was getting put in that position again.

When we finally returned to Dave’s we sat up for a bit and watched Only Fools and Horses on the television. I thought that if we didn’t laugh at something we would probably cry that evening. My nerves were bad and my hands didn’t seem to stop shaking. Maybe I wasn’t eating enough. I closed my eyes and that was the last thing that I remembered before I blacked out.

When I woke up all I could see were bright lights. I winced, it was far too bright for me to see properly. I wondered where I was. When my eyes adjusted to the light I realised that I was lying on my back. All of a sudden I heard noises.

“Doctor, she’s awake.”

A nurse was standing over me, studying my expression carefully.

“Where am I?” I asked. All of a sudden I heard a familiar voice.

“Oh, thank goodness you’re okay!”

“DAD!” I sat up and felt a pain in my belly.


“Please refrain from sitting up, Miss Anderson” the nurse advised, placing a hand on my elbow.

“What’s happened?” I asked nervously.

“You had us worried, Miss Anderson. We almost thought you were going to lose your baby.”

Tears came to my eyes. “…You mean the baby’s okay?”

“Yes. We are so sorry, we had to check the baby’s condition before you woke up, and here is the ultrasound scan.” The nurse produced an ultrasound image and I could hardly believe my eyes.

There was a little foetus in there. “You are three months gone” she smiled. “Do you want to know the sex of the baby or would you rather wait?”

“I want to know” I said, staring at my father. He nodded vigorously.

“You have a baby boy, Miss Anderson. Congratulations. Try to rest for now and you can go home tomorrow.” The nurse left us alone with the news. As soon as she had gone my father jumped up and gave me a great big (and very careful) cuddle.

“Oh Diana. That’s our baby!” he said, his eyes shining.

“Dad, I’ve made my decision” I told him, my eyes filling with tears. “I want to have our baby boy. I want us to be a family.”

“Diana!” My father held me tightly, kissing my forehead. “I shall have to be more careful. I’ll take good care of you I promise. I’m so proud of you.”

We held each other for a long time.

Before I was allowed home I quizzed the doctor and he told me that there were no complications, no apparent genetic abnormalities or anything else to worry about. As far as I was concerned, our baby was safe, tucked away inside my womb. I was advised to stay at home for a few days and build up my strength by eating more, as the doctor said that I had effectively been starving myself. I just didn’t realise how little I had been eating. He said it was due to a high amount of stress, gave me some tablets for the nausea and sternly advised me that I had probably not been eating enough for a ten year old, let alone a 22 year old and sent me home. I had to be strong for the little life growing inside me and provide it with nourishment and care. There was no way I was going to lose this baby now.

I informed my boss about my pregnancy and he very kindly advised me to come back the following week, so I stayed at Dave’s and my father took a couple of days off to be with me. During that time we talked and shared our deepest worries and fears.

“I worry that one day I’ll be too old for you. You have your whole life ahead of you” he confessed.

I took his face in my hands, staring into his eyes. I needed to tell him how I felt.

“Dad…I’ll üsküdar escort always love you…when you are old and grey ill still feel just the same. I’m wild about you and I wish you knew it!”

He smiled the most wonderful smile, his eyes crinkled in the corners in the most adorable way.

“I’m crazy about you.” He replied. “I don’t want to be without you Diana.”

“You won’t be, and that’s a promise.” I kissed the top of his head. “I’m not going anywhere.”

I brought my face to his, brushing my lips against his skin gently, trailing a row of kisses down his jaw line to his mouth. He reciprocated, kissing me back, his hand on my thigh underneath the throw covering me on the sofa.

“Take me to bed!” I whispered.

“Oh Diana…are you sure?”

“Yes, I’m alright now.” I stood up and motioned for him to join me. I slowly walked backwards into the bedroom, and he held my hands before I pulled him to me, embracing him, kissing him feverishly as I pinned him down on the bed, pulling his shorts down.

I sat on top of him in my nightgown, pulling it up over my head and throwing it aside. I leant down to kiss him some more, nibbling his shoulders. I gave his nipples a playful pinch as I made my way down his body, kissing down his stomach and through his pubes, taking his shaft in my hand and kissing it. My tongue snaked out to lick the underside as I gently massaged his balls with my other hand. I took his cock into my mouth and began sucking on it, grinding my pussy against his thigh. “I want you” I mumbled, the nails on my other hand gently grazing his stomach. I could feel my pussy slicking up his leg with my wetness, my hand moving down to touch myself. I kissed up his chest, straddling him, my hands gripping the sheet underneath us.

I took his cock in my hand once more and rubbed it along my slit, lubricating him in my juice, his pre cum already weeping out of the tip. I slowly mounted him, my lips kissing him before he parted me, swallowing him inside me, hugging his shaft as I leant down to kiss him. He reached down to squeeze my breasts as I leant up, moving back and forth on his cock as I rocked into him.

“You look so beautiful baby girl” he whispered as he stared up at me, his eyes travelling over my body as I began to bounce up and down on his cock, my hands all over him as I satisfied myself upon his throbbing shaft…


My husband returns home from work. I check my beautiful boy is safely asleep in his cot once more before I go to greet him.

He enters, hanging his coat up as I enter the hallway. He sees me and gathers me up in his arms, squeezing me tight.

“How’s my darling?”

“Doing well!”

“How’s my boy?”

“He’s asleep.” I look at him pointedly.

He understands the meaning behind my stare, sliding his hands under my top to caress my back as I lean into him.

My father isn’t much different; his eyes crinkle in their usual merry way when he smiles and I remember all the reasons I fell in love with him every day of my life. Being only 23, my body has pretty much gone back to as normal as can be after having our baby, but it still bothers me a little. My father thinks that I’m crazy to worry about such a thing, he seems to love me just the way I am. The ring on my finger may be illegal as the law stands, but we consider ourselves man and wife.

He kisses me, his hands moving up my back, pulling my top over my head as he buries his hands in my hair. I grab him by the lapel of his suit and pull him into the bedroom with me. Our son is in the next room, blissfully unaware.

He kisses me while I undo his trousers, they pool to the floor around his feet as I pull off his jacket. As he removes the rest of my own clothes, I feel his hardness pressing through his boxers into my stomach. I unbutton his shirt as he caresses my skin, his hands cupping my ass as I move back up against the bed. I pull off the rest of his clothes before we fall back onto the mattress, entangled in each other, wanting more. I never seem to get enough of him, and it seems the feeling is mutual. I sense the need in his touch, he pins me down underneath him, clinging to me as I spread my thighs, welcoming him into my very centre.

“Make love to me” I moan as I feel him pressed up against me, hot on my thigh. I feel him enter me, his cock parting me as I grip onto him tightly, biting his shoulder gently. I feel him kissing my neck, thrusting into my depths as I cry out, he still feels so amazing inside me. I bury my hands in his hair as he plunges deeper inside me, kissing him open mouthed, nibbling on his lips as I begin to pulse around his cock, my engorged pussy hungrily devouring him.

“My precious girl” he gasps, taking my face in his hands, his eyes boring into my soul as I hear him whisper: “I’m going to come!”

He thrusts into me one last time as he buries his seed deep inside me, kissing me deeply.

“I love you” he whispers as I smile into his eyes, my arms enveloping him as he places his head on my chest, breathing heavily.

The End.

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