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“It wasn’t surprising to see half-naked athletes milling around the sports complex. Lucky coaches, I thought, swinging open the big glass door while looking at two swole shirtless football players, one with long curly black hair and another with a blond high and tight military cut, leaning against a front column watching something on their phones. I swear one of them looked up and smiled at me. They had their jerseys tucked into the waistbands of their shorts; I could barely make out their names on them — ‘Torres’ and ‘Adams’. I’d have to remember that, I thought to myself.” (“Baseballed: Part 6”)

Months later…

“Hey, I’m Alejandro Torres…call me ‘Alex’,” the dark curly-haired guy said, flashing a wide friendly white grin and wiping sweat from his face with a light bronze hand.

“I’m Rodney Adams, but everyone calls me ‘Ram’,” said the blond, his hair glistening with sweat.

“That’s an interesting name…’Ram’,” I told him as I shifted my weight to allow my book bag to cover my crotch.

“It used to be ‘Ramrod’…I push through the line…nothing stands or gets in my way on the field. I’m a beast,” Ram told me, laughing.

“Oh, I heard it was because of something else,” Alex joked, his hands linked in front of him while he thrust his hips at them.

“Shut the fuck up, puta–bitch!” Ram growled, hitting Alex in the stomach with a blow that would have knocked me to the ground.

Alex just laughed, rubbing his hands across his bruised hard hairy belly. “Mierda, hijo de puta –shit, you son-of-a-bitch!”

They were both well over six-foot. Alex had a hard strong v-shaped torso and a darkly tanned olive complexion. His really long curly black hair spilled over his shoulders; he was clean-shaven, but you could still see his dark Mediterranean beard. His beefy chest, capped with chocolate nips, was covered with dense dark hair which ran down in a wide strip into his practice shorts.

Ram was thick-bodied, his round muscles popping out all over his body. His bulky chest was covered in short golden hair, a thin thread of golden running down his eight-pack toward his crotch. His large ruddy pink nips capped his golden pecs like they were spun golden sugar desserts topped with strawberries. His military crew cut made his square muscular jaw more prominent, sweat dripping from his cleft chin.

This was my first time to actually talk to the two star football players at the college. Their coach had spotted them through the window and wanted me to remind them of their academic Kadıköy Escort obligations.

“Well, I wanted to remind you two about your tutoring session after practice. Your coach has been reminding me everyday since they decided to include the football players in the new program. Don’t forget, guys!”

“Naw, the coach ain’t goin’ to let us forget,” Ram said with a laugh.

“We’ll be there for sure,” Alex said, punching Ram on the shoulder.

I turned to walk off as the two hunks began a bit of horseplay. I turned back to see Ram’s hand pressing into and grabbing at Alex’s crotch. Alex quickly pushed it away and mouthed a big “No!” to the big blond bull. I turned back, grinning and thinking about the two horned-up athletes.

The football coach opened up one of the classrooms for me to use for the tutoring session. He told me that when we left the front door would automatically lock. He left, and I waited for the guys to arrive.

Alex was the first one there and I was amazed at the transformation.

His hair was pulled back in a ponytail. He wore a tight t-shirt edged in red around the neck and cuffs; there was a big number “9” on the left side and an emblem of sorts on the upper right – a heart-shaped shield with something in Spanish. The shirt didn’t meet the top of the waistband of his shorts, which were also tight and riding high on his thick hairy thighs. He was wearing some retro knee-high tube socks with three red stripes at the top and a pair of old school Vans.

He smiled and nodded to me as he came into the room. He slid into a seat at the table and opened his textbook, leafing through the pages as if it were something brand-new to him.

“Nice shirt,” I told him.

“Thanks, it was my dad’s,” he said, looking up. “It’s one of his soccer shirts…he had tons of them.”

“He plays soccer?” I asked, continuing the small talk.

“He did…he’s dead now…”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” I interrupted.

“It’s cool. I didn’t really know him. My mother went to Spain after college and found a hot soccer player while having tapas and a big glass of red wine. A few bottles of Rioja wine later, I was conceived,” he told me with a little laugh. “I spent some time there during the last few summers.” His hands fiddled with some stray strands of hair and smoothed them backward.

The blond bull came into the room, pumping his fist in the air and grinning. He wore a loose blue tank top and athletic shorts which were too tight around his Ataşehir Escort thighs and crotch. You had no problem knowing Ram was well-endowed by the jockstrap-busting mound in his shorts

“Yo, bro, let’s fuckin’ do this!” he barked as he slid next to Alex. He slouched back in his chair with one arm hooked over the back. “You ain’t a professor, so whadda we call you? You a tutor…so can we call you “Toots”? He laughed and winked.

“Just call me ‘Kent’.”

I was mentally exhausted by the end of the session. Alex seemed rather eager to learn, but Ram…teaching Ram was like bathing a stubborn cat. Eventually, he settled into the fact that he either passed his classes or he would not play football.

I dismissed them and Alex muttered something to Ram about his uniform as the got up to leave. I wasn’t really playing attention as I jotted down some notes. Ram said something about going to the locker room. Alex said goodbye to me and they left. I cleaned up and noticed they had left some papers, which I packed in my bag. I turned out the lights and walked down to the football players’ locker room.

The door was slightly ajar, and I stepped into the room from the dimly lit hall. There was a soft moaning sound coming from further inside the locker room. I thought I recognized Alex’s voice saying something between moans. I set my book bag on the floor near the door and walked through the dark room. The area with the lockers and changing area was dark, but I noticed the shower area was lit up, with some steam coming from it. What were those guys up to? I kind of knew the answer to my own question.

They probably figured I had left, I thought as I peered into the showers, the darkness hiding me. I stood transfixed by what was happening inside.

Alex was completely naked, squatting over Ram who himself had his back against the wall and his legs splayed out. Alex’s hair was no longer in a ponytail but damp and hanging straight down with some wet strands glued to his face. His hard and hairy v-shaped torso had rivulets of water flowing down to his crotch. A dark, almost black, uncut cock jutted straight out, a string of sticky precum hanging from the end. His dark olive body was sinking down onto one of the biggest pinkest cocks I had ever seen. Alex tossed his head back and grimaced as the huge flared cockhead sank into him.

“Sink down on that rod, fucker! Slide that tight pussy ass onto my big fat cock, bro.”

There was no mistaking Ram’s voice.

Alex Bostancı Escort had finally taken the whole cock, his eyes tightly closed and his teeth clenched. He stretched forward and grabbed Ram’s legs. Ram’s lips were in a twisted snarl, his thick arms flexing as he lifted Alex up and then pushed him back down on his monster cock.

“Fuck, I love some of that tight Spanish boypussy around my cock, bro.” He sucked in a big breath and ran a hand over Alex’s muscled back. “I bet those Euro guys rode the fuck out of this hole. Love that tight ass and this hot fuckin’ bod, dude!”

Ram moved his legs and twisted his body around so he was behind Alex, whose chest fell to the tiled floor and his arms stretched in front of him. Alex’s fingertips slid over the tile with every hard thrust Ram made into him. Alex was grunting as Ram slid further into his guts, the drops of water hiding the tears caused by the rough invasion.

“Fuck, slow the fuck down. It’s too fucking big, Rodney!” Alex chastised between grunts.

Ram pulled back quickly. His hands roamed over the olive-toned body under him. He leaned forward, grabbing Alex’s body and pulling him backward. Alex turned his head and Ram leaned into him, pushing his lips hard against his lover’s. Ram and Alex began to deeply and aggressively kiss each other as Ram started giving short quick thrusts into the tight ass.

“I’m sorry, bro,” Ram said, pulling back for a second. His hands ran through the wet chest covering Alex’s chest. “You still fuckin’ want my load?”

“Yeah, fuck it like a pussy and fill me up, man,” Alex said, suddenly falling forward, his palms against the tile. His head tilted and his dripping wet locks fell forward, connecting with the floor in thin streams of water.

Ram grabbed at Alex’s tight slick sides and started giving his ass quick sustained shallow strokes and his breathing got faster and louder. Suddenly, Ram growled roughly and every cord of muscle tightened. His face and neck flushed a dark pink.

“Oh, fuck, bro” Alex cried as the hot cum burned into him. A satisfied sound came from him as Ram bucked into his ass. “Mmm-hmm, that’s it. Dios mío. Yeah, fuckin’ yeah.”

Ram’s body just barely shook as his fingertips dug in Alex’s ribs trying to get a grip as he lost the remainder of his seed. His mouth was wide, but no sound was coming out.

Alex arched backward quickly, his wet hair whirling back onto Ram’s tight golden spikes, and started fisting his uncut cock rapidly. He made a little cry and slightly lifted his torso as he shot his load across the hard tile. His tight toned dark body twisted with delight against his lover’s creamy muscled bulk.

I rubbed at the tent in my shorts, feeling a wet spot that had come through, before disappearing further back into the darkness.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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