Football Moms: After the Game

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All the characters depicted in this story are 18 years old or older.


It was about two weeks after the Booster Party that we were back at my aunt and uncle’s for dinner on a Friday night. My mom had picked me up right after work. She looked very nice as always. She was wearing her office clothes, a neat white blouse, a gray skirt, dark nylons and low heels. Dave was watching some game film with the team and was going to be home late. I hadn’t seen my aunt Bev since the party but I had been thinking about her constantly. At first I had been very confused. Of course I was shocked to see my cousin fucking his mother and amazed that after that she had fucked me. I knew it was weird, it was perverted, it was wrong. But the truth was I couldn’t stop thinking about how incredible it felt to have my aunt’s seething cunt wrapped around my cock. The way she had fucked me, shamelessly riding me until I couldn’t hold it anymore and couldn’t help myself from shooting a huge load of come inside her, was the most exciting thing that had ever happened to me. And it wasn’t a dream. It had really happened. I wasn’t outraged like I knew I should be. I was horny as hell! I was confused because I wasn’t confused. My aunt could fuck whoever she wanted as long as she fucked me too. I only hoped she could read my mind.

Dinner at Aunt Bev’s couldn’t have been more ordinary. As usual uncle Don was hardly able to get a word in edgewise as the two sisters completed every sentence he started. He’d just sit there and smile indulgently, sometimes looking at me and shrugging his shoulders as if to say…’what can you do?’ I knew what I wanted to do and that was follow aunt Bev upstairs to one of the bedrooms and have her fuck me silly. But I couldn’t figure out a way to work it casually into the conversation. I was pretty distracted. Every time my sexy aunt caught my eye I blushed like a schoolboy. My contribution to the table talk was a couple of of…”Pardon?’s” several …”Excuse me?’s” and one or two …”I’m sorry, what did you say?’s”. I thought I noticed aunt Bev smiling at me a couple of times with faint amusement, but I wasn’t totally sure. Finally she leaned across the table towards me and said…

“You seem a little preoccupied tonight Tommy. Is there something bothering you?”

Aunt Bev was looking exceedingly attractive that evening. She had straightened her red hair and had it tied behind and pulled back severely. She had on heavy framed glasses behind which her bright eyes were sparkling merrily. She was also wearing a tight, very shear, black nylon top. You could clearly see her bare, melon shaped breasts quivering and shifting through the thin material every time she moved. Beneath that she was wearing some tailored, cream coloured pants that clung snugly to her curvaceous thighs and bubble shaped butt. She was looking at me with that knowing little grin as she leaned toward me and planted her elbows on the table. Her creamy tits swayed back and forth hypnotically under her broad chest when she did that. My eyes were riveted to my aunt’s provocatively heaving bosom and it took me a moment to realize everyone was waiting for me to say something.

“Geez no aunt Bev! I was…I was just thinking it was kind of hot in here. Does anybody else find it a little hot in here?..” I asked lamely. My mother and my uncle glanced at each other like their suspicions had been confirmed yet again. He really doesn’t have a brain in his head! My aunt just continued to look at me, her eyes sparkling with amusement.

“Don. Why don’t you and Monica start the dishes. I’ll take Tom outside and he can get a little fresh air. We’ll get a fire going. Don’t worry! I won’t let him get too close. We don’t want him over-heating.”

My mom and uncle Don chuckled at this particularly droll remark and started gathering up the dishes from the table. Aunt Bev went to the bathroom to freshen up and I went outside to start a fire in the fire pit. There was some paper and some kindling already set. I had to go out to the garage, get the wheel barrow and lug back some more substantial wood. That took a while and when I got back aunt Bev was bending over the fire pit trying to light the kindling. Her legs were straight and her tight round ass was jutting out in front of me in a particularly provocative manner.

I looked over my shoulder and I could see my mother and my uncle inside. The kitchen was in the back corner of the house. There was a window from the back yard where Bev and I were, and there was another window on the end of the house, over the sink where Don and my mom were working. Since I could see my mom and uncle Don were otherwise occupied, I let my lustful urges get the better of me. I stepped up behind my aunt, put my hands on her hips and tentatively pressed my groin against her curvaceous butt. There was no way that aunt Bev could mistake my steely erection nestling between the firm globes of her ass.

“Whoa’ there sailor!…” she said, looking over her shoulder at me with a smile but without straightening up.

“Is that a canoe in your pocket or are you just glad to see fikirtepe escort me!…” she quipped, giving her ass a teasing little grind against my jutting tool.

“Oh Goddd Aunt Bev!…I’ve been thinking about you so much…about the…the last time we were together! At dinner… I could hardly stand it! I’ve…I’ve wanted you so much!… Can we…you know…can we go some place?…” I moaned hopefully, sliding my hands up and down on my aunt’s hips and snuggling even tighter against her cushiony ass.

Bev slowly straightened up but didn’t turn around. She placed her hands over mine and moved them around her and onto her firm tummy. She turned her head so that her cheek was against my face and purred…

“Aren’t you the horny little devil!…Well not so little judging by what I can feel rubbing against my ass!…You want to fuck me Tommy?… To put that big thing of yours inside me again?…Is that what want?… ”

“Oh Goddd!… More than anything aunt Bev!…” I said, shivering with excitement when my aunt made her obscene suggestion.

Bev turned around a little further and planted a little kiss on my cheek. I noticed her looking over my shoulder and I saw it when a faint smile creased her face. She glanced back at me, her eyes sparkling wickedly and took my hand.

“Come over here!…” she said, dragging me over to the flower bed in front of the kitchen window.

I was watching my aunt intently, waiting for her to show me what to do next. She was looking fixedly into the kitchen but I only had eyes for her.

Finally she turned to me, brought her hand to her mouth like she had seen something amazing and said…

“Oh my!…” as she nodded towards the kitchen window.

I glanced inside and it took a minute for me to realize what it was that I was seeing.

My uncle had his arms wrapped around my mother from behind and had pulled her to him as he leaned against the kitchen island. They were turned sideways to me so I could see them clearly. Don was slightly bent over behind my mother. That way he was able to reach up under her skirt. His other hand was firmly clasping one of my mother’s tits through her blouse. Mom had her head tilted back, her eyes closed and her lips moving softly. I couldn’t tell what she was saying. And I couldn’t believe what I was seeing!

“Oh my God!…” I murmured as my mother’s hips began to sway and she reached up and pressed my uncle’s cupped hand harder into her gently heaving breast.

I was so shocked that I had briefly forgotten about my sultry aunt. But then I felt her behind me, pressing herself against me. I could feel her pneumatic breasts thrusting hotly between my shoulder blades as she twisted behind me.

“Oh Tommy! I’m so sorry you had to see this! I’m sure it’s very upsetting for you!..” my aunt purred, her moist lips brushing my ear.

I don’t know if upset was the right word. My erection certainly wasn’t upset. I thought it might rip through my pants as I watched my mother writhing under my uncle’s lewdly exploring hands.

“Unnn!…No aunt Bev!…It’s just that I’m so…so…surprised!…”

I watched as my mother reached behind her and slipped her hand under the waistband of my uncle’s trousers, searching for his cock. At that same moment my aunt reached around me and grabbed my aching prick through my pants.

“Oh shit!…” I gasped, partly at my mother’s brazenness and partly at the arousal that shot through my groin as my aunt closed her hand on my erection.

“Why Tommy! You’re awfully hard! Is watching your mother with Don getting you all excited?..” Bev asked innocently while giving my boner a torrid squeeze.

I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the scene that was unfolding in the kitchen. My mom was writhing more and more excitedly in front of my uncle while he had begun hunching himself eagerly into her delving hand.

“Ummm!…Ohhh!…Aunt Bevvv!…” I moaned, completely at a loss for words.

“Ummm!…Ohhh!…Tommyyy!…” Bev mimicked as she deftly undid my belt and the front of my pants. She pushed my pants shorts down until they were in an untidy heap between my legs. She reached around for my jutting erection and began to masturbate me.

“Will you just look at those two! Your mother can be such a slut sometimes! She’d probably love it if it were you in there instead of Don! I mean there’s your mother, squirming up against your uncle, playing with his cock and probably thinking about you baby! I’ll bet she’s imagining it’s your hand on her pussy, not Don’s! Would you like it if she were playing with your cock right now instead of me? Would you like to fuck her Tommy? You liked fucking me didn’t you? I’ll bet you’d love to fuck your mother too! Would you like that baby? Do you want to fuck her? Do you want to fuck your mother?…” Bev asked sweetly while steadily increasing the pace of her incendiary hand job.

“Unnn!…Aunt Bev!…Ohhh!…Yesss!…No!…I mean…Ahh!…Don’t stop!… Don’t!…” I whispered, frantically thrusting myself into my aunt’s hotly shuttling fingers. I couldn’t believe gebze escort how excited Bev’s dirty inquisition was making me. And her obscene suggestion about me fucking my mother made me both incredibly nervous and at the same time hugely aroused.

I could hear a faint but distinct moaning…”Ohhh!…Ohhh!…Ohhh!…” coming from the kitchen. I watched, spellbound, as my mother stiffened up and then started to shudder feverishly in my Uncle’s clutching arms.

Aunt Bev reached between my legs from behind and gave my balls an encouraging squeeze. That did it! I couldn’t hold it any longer against my aunt’s lewdly provocative hands. Suddenly my balls lurched and a geyser of sperm erupted from my seething erection.

“Ahhhh!…Nahhhh!…Godddd!…” I moaned as my first streams of come tore through my cock with searing intensity. The greasy ropes of goo actually jetted onto the bottom of the kitchen window in front of me with audible, splatting noises.

“Ummm Hmmm!…That’s it Tommy!…Shoot it baby!…Come for me sweetheart!…Come for your aunt Bev!…” my aunt cooed, stroking me quickly in time with my ejaculation.

“Unnn!…Unnn!…Unnn!…” I groaned loudly as my balls. It felt like a surgeon’s scalpel was slicing through my flesh with every fiery spurt of come. I slowly bent further and further forward in front of my aunt as she milked me with a nimble hand.

“That’s it dear!…Umm!…I love it when you come for me like that!… Umm Hmmm!…” Bev encouraged as she squeezed the last of my juicy load out with her coaxing hand.

I just stood there hunched over for a moment, gasping for breath and trying to collect myself.

When I straightened up in front of my aunt and looked into the kitchen I froze like a deer caught in the headlights. My mother was looking directly at me through the window.

“Oh My Goddd!…” I whimpered as my mother stared at me.

“Relax lover!…” my aunt whispered in my ear.

“It’s dark out here! She can’t see anything but her own reflection! She’s just looking to see if we’ve got the fire going. If we did they’d have to come outside….”

I held my breath as I watched my mother staring towards me for a moment longer. Then she seemed to be satisfied with whatever she did or didn’t see. She turned towards my uncle with a smoldering look on her face. She pulled her hand out of his pants then used both hands to unfasten his belt. As I watched her spellbound, my mother calmly opened my uncle’s pants and then pushed them and his shorts down to his knees. His erection was an angry scarlet and jutted up rigidly at his loins.

My mother didn’t touch it at first. She just kept her eyes locked on my uncle’s as she slowly dropped to her knees in front of him. Then she reached out and pulled his rigid tool down in front of her. Her smile broadened at the feel of the tension in his shaft. She had to pull down hard in order to get his steely erection pointed at her lipsticked mouth. My aunt chuckled throatily in my ear.

“Oh my!…It looks like she’s going to blow him!… I can’t watch!…” she said, sighing dramatically as she slipped around in front of me and dropped to her knees as well.

“Shitttt!…” I croaked as my mother leaned forward and drew the end of my uncle’s rigid cock into her mouth. Never taking her eyes from his she sucked him hard, her cheeks caving in around his tumescent flesh.

“What’s she doing?…” my aunt hissed.

“She just took him in her mouth?…” I croaked. I stared spellbound at my mother’s puckered lips wrapped around my uncle’s straining tool.

“Oh you men!…” my aunt hissed. She raked her sharp nails up the inside of one of my legs, making me open my stance further. Then she reached in and pulled my balls forward in her cupped hand. She shifted her grip and squeezed the top of my sac in the ring of her thumb and forefinger. When she did that, my testicles bulged through my taut scrotum, the whole round sac spilling over her upturned palm.

“You can be so bad!…” aunt Bev said. I squirmed uncomfortably and looked down to see that my aunt’s eyes were locked on my genitals. She drew back her free hand and before I could stop her, she slapped the underside of my balls with a resounding whack.

“Wahhhhh!…” I cried, flinching sharply. I was expecting a piercing agony to explode in my groin. But that didn’t happen. Instead, to my great surprise, a rocket bolt of excitement fired through my loins when my aunt smacked my testicles. Something about the way she was compressing and holding my balls made her rude slap excruciatingly exciting instead of just plain excruciating. When she had hit me, the blood had surged back into my cock, making it twitch like she had prodded my testicles with an electric wire.

And of course aunt Bev was thrilled at my response. She turned her eyes up into mine and they were sparkling wickedily behind her heavy rimmed glasses.

“Bad!…..Bad!…..Bad!…..” she purred, spanking my balls smartly to punctuate her terse assessment of men’s character.

“Ahhh!…Nahhh!…” I gasped, dancing anxiously içerenköy escort on my toes and sucking in my breath as my aunt slapped my vulnerable testicles with her open palm. But my cock lurched nearly upright again at my loins and a clear drop of pre-come formed around my gaping pee slit in response to her avid manhandling.

“Want some more?…” she asked, her hand raised threateningly as my cock waved around in my groin like a little man on stilts.

“No aunt Bev!…Don’t!…Please!…That’s enough!…” I whimpered. My aunt smiled and licked her lips seductively as she stared at my nearly rejuvenated erection.

“What’s my slut of a sister doing now?…” she asked, releasing my cringing testicles and starting to stroke my now fully distended cock.

I raised my head and looked back into the kitchen just in time to see my mother’s ovalled mouth descending the length of my uncle’s erection. He was really big but my mother seemed to be totally unfazed by his size. She pressed her face down and down until her nose was nestled deep in the thatch of hair surrounding his balls.

“Oh my Goddd!…She’s got him all!…She’s got his whole cock in her mouth!…All the way down to his balls!…” I exclaimed, hardly able to believe my mother’s oral skill.

“That bitch!…I could never do that!…But she’s not the only one who knows a few tricks!…” aunt Bev murmured. Her scheming tone made me look down at her apprehensively. Bev’s eyes were shining mischievously into mine as she slid her little fist to the root of my cock. Pressing down hard she stretched the thin skin tautly on my engorged prick. She leaned forward and put me in her mouth. Still holding my eyes, she bared her teeth and dragged them slowly down my tool until she was about half way down my shaft. Then she sank her teeth into my angry meat.

“Ahhhhh!…Nooo!…Don’ttt!….” I hissed as a lancing excitement raced through my groin. The blood pounded feverishly in my tool under my aunt’s gnawing teeth.

I was once again dancing on my toes in distress. I tried to hunch backwards and get my cock out of my aunt’s voracious mouth but she held on tenaciously. Then suddenly she released her grinding teeth and let my livid wand slip from her lips.

“How’s that?…” she asked, stroking my pulsing tool energetically for a few seconds.

Before I had a chance to answer she dove onto my cock once more. Taking me back in her mouth she bit into my angry cock again, not quite so far down the shaft this time.

“Ahhh!…” I whimpered, the blood pounding feverishly in my groin.

Aunt Bev’s head bobbed off my prick. A long trail of drool ran from her mouth to my cock. . “Do you like it?…” she gasped, catching her breath and frictioning my shaft briskly while smiling up into my eyes.

Then she sank her teeth into my fiery shaft again. She did this over and over, biting then stroking, biting then stroking.

With this kind of treatment it wasn’t long before my cock felt like it was on fire. My shaft was painfully engorged, flaming scarlet and ringed with teeth marks under my aunt’s racing hand. My balls were drawn up so tight that they pounded excruciatingly.

“Aunt Bev!…Ahhh!…You’re gonna’!…Unnn!… make me…come!…” I groaned as the burning sensation in my genitals grew and grew and my come churned for release.

“Am I baby?…Are you going to come for me if I keep doing this…?…” she asked with a knowing smile, nipping at my bursting cock crown with her bared teeth while never slowing her blistering hand job.

Then she asked innocently…”How’s your mother doing?…” as I squirmed frantically above her.

I looked up to see my mother burrowing her face into my uncle’s crotch. I could only see a tiny sliver of cock that wasn’t engulfed in her slavering mouth. Don’s hands were fluttering around her head and her shoulders. I couldn’t tell whether he was trying to pull her tighter against him or push her away. But it didn’t matter because my mother had her sharp nailed fingers sunk into the cheeks of his ass and was pulling him fiercely into her eager suck.

“Oh God aunt Bev!…She’ really doing him!…His cock must be half way down her throat!… Ahhh!…I don’t think he’s going to last much longer!…Ohh Goddd!…Neither am I!…” I hissed, beginning to stiffen up myself as my cock grew that last little bit like it always does just before you come.

Aunt Bev felt it too.

“Unn Hnnn!…Come Tommy!…Give it to me baby!…Come on!…” she coaxed, opening her mouth into an inviting O and sticking out her tongue beneath my bloated knob. She took my cock in two hands, fist over fist, and began to eagerly jerk me off onto her outstretched tongue. It was the most arousing image I had ever seen until I happened to glance back up and look into the kitchen.

Don was clutching the island with both hands, shuddering and hunching spastically into my mother’s mouth. I could see her throat working as she swallowed furiously. Her face was still welded to the front of my uncle’s groin but as he feverishly strained upwards, a creamy froth of come bubbled out beneath her ovalled lips and oozed under my uncle’s balls. My mother’s eyes were squeezed tightly closed. Her shoulders were heaving like she was gagging. But she never flinched and continued to face fuck herself on my uncle’s spurting tool.

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