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Subject: Football Fantasy This Contains Male/Male Sexual content if it is illegal for you to, or you find this sort of work offensive, don’t download or read it. This story is protected by copyright. It may not be downloaded or copied other than for your private enjoyment and may not be changed in any way without the expressed written consent of the author. This story may not be put on any pay to view site. “What the hell” I heard the coach scream across the field, “If you can’t protect the quarterback in practice how do you expect to win a game? Line back up in formation R – 32 and get your heads in the game if you expect to play on Friday” Tyler, quarterback of the Eagles football team, got back off the ground after being tackled by his teammate for the hundredth time. He was the team leader, and one of the best athletes that had attended Westland High School. Tyler was considered a stud compared to all other people on his team. It was a rare sight to see him in an educational class because he was allotted special privileges to lift weights or run to keep him in shape. He was 5’11’ and a senior at the school. He had the six-pack of an angel and muscles that made any girl stop and just admire him whenever he went. Ever since he was a child his parents had him involved in any sport that he could be involved in. “Sorry Bro,” Brian, Tyler’s best friend said silently, “Next time I will keep you safe.” Brian was the center for the team. It was rare to see the two apart. Their parents had been best friends growing up so naturally they had them both involved with each other at the youngest possible age. They were constantly cruising around town in Tyler’s Navy Blue BMW. Brian was almost as build at Tyler but less toned, and didn’t have the people skills that Tyler did. He was quiet and shied away from conversation when it was not with Tyler. “No problem,” Tyler muttered, “If these other shit heads would help you we might be able to complete this pass and get the hell out of here so I can get home.” They were both straight, according to other people, and both had girlfriends that they constantly had sex with to prove it. They never showed any signs of being gay but did the normal teenage kidding around poking fun at peers with homosexuality. However deep in their minds they both had desires for each other. They waited for each other hand and foot and comforted each other in time of need but never was the topic of being gay brought up to them because if it was they would surely kick the person’s ass like they did to Josh in their 8th grade year when he made a comment to Brian. The team got back in formation and Brian bent over and got into position to hick the ball. This was the main reason why Tyler loved being the quarterback, he got to see the ass of his best friend every practice and game and got to imagine what it would be like to stick his dick up that virgin hole. Tyler put his hands in the position to receive the ball and taped the back of his hand on the underside of Brian’s balls. Brian thought nothing of it as it had become a ritual every time they got like this. He just considered it a way of saying he was ready to get this game over with. Well this run of the play everything went perfect. The line blocked, the runners go out fast enough for Tyler to throw the ball 50 yards for the touch down. They coach dismissed the team telling them if they can do that on Friday’s game they were sure to win the game against Westside High School next kızkalesi escort week. The team huddled up and the smell of sweat was in the air as they did their normal one two three go Eagles. Then walked away to the shower room to clean up and go home. The team walked slowly toward the showers. Tyler and Brian walked slower than the rest while they struck up a conversation about Friday night’s after party. “So are you going to go Josh’s party on Friday?” Brian inquired. “Yes,” Tyler confirmed, “Ashley and I plan to show up after we go to the rock for a little bit and I get my long make up sex. You know, a bit of congratulation head or sex for me winning the game for her?” “Told ya a million times dude,” Brain said sternly, “she is just a whore who is only interested in getting laid, last week she was all over this ugly frat guy from lake side and three days before that she was making out with Todd.” “I know,” Tyler said gloomily, “I just keep her so I have a sex toy ya know? Besides she has a very nice rack and a very tight ass.” “Dude you could have any person you want don’t give me that kind of shit. I see every girl eye boggling over you whenever you enter a room so I know that you have better choices out there so get the one you want.” “I know what your saying…I just…wish I could have…the one…I want.” Tyler said with a sad tone and slight glance at his friend and they entered the locker room. The locker room was huge. There were little cages all around the walls with wooden benches for the player to sit at during meetings and for changing. During their slow walk to the locker room half the team had already stripped and was in the shower or mid changing. Tyler and Brain never showered together. Tyler always seemed to find someone to strike up a conversation with while Brain got in the shower quickly and got out. Brain having been friends with Tyler for so long began to notice. As Brian walked to his locker to get his towel and shampoo, he watched Brian walk over to Josh and started talking to him about the party on Friday. Brian just brushing it off walked into the shower room and quickly got his shower over. After finishing up his shower he stepped back out and went directly to his normal clothes. He picked up his football bag that contained his dirty practice shirt and pads and carried them to his old truck. He made sure he walked slowly this night because he had formulated a plan. Once he had seen almost all the team but Tyler leave, he walked back to the locker room to get his English book that he had so stupidly forgotten. He opened the door quietly and walked in briskly as if he didn’t know if anyone else was left and made his way to his locker. He reach in and grabbed his book and started to get fearful and began to turn for the door when he heard a sound coming from the shower that he was not accustom too. It was the sound of Tyler quietly moaning. The sweet sound of soft teenage pleasurable moaning made the blood begin to rush to Brian’s dick. He decided to see what was actually going on so he tip toed over to the shower to get a good look. When he glanced around the corner, he found his friend standing there naked, with one hand poking between the crack of his ass, fingering himself. He decided that this sight would do him for a while and started to walk away when Tyler muttered very softly that Brian strained to tarsus escort hear, “Brain fuck me harder…yeah that’s it shove that cock up my ass. Brain took a step back to make sure he wasn’t dreaming. Nope it was real. It clicked in his mind a few seconds later that the sound he heard from his friend’s mouth was real. He realized this as the shower handle squeaked to off and footsteps began to make their way to his point. Tyler walked directly into Brian and fell backwards onto the ground dropping the towel from around his waist revealing his entire front side. “Brian,” Tyler said quickly wrapping the towel around himself, “what the hell were you doing standing outside the shower?” Tyler’s face was now turning slightly red. “Well I forgot my English book and then I heard some noises from the shower which I was not prepared for so I took a step over to see who was inside.” Brain said quite honestly. Tyler knowing that his friend must have heard what he said and stared up into his friend’s hazel eyes. He attempted to speak but the words were lost as his eyes began to fill with tears. He had been caught, he real identity discovered, and his best friend was about to walk away from him forever. Despite these completely negative thoughts, something happened that blew Tyler away. Brain extended his hand and helped him to his feet. He began to fear that Brain was going to punch him in the face. He lowered his head, he was ashamed to even glace at his friend but Brian look his hand and lifted Tyler’s face. Tyler chanced a glance into Brian’s eyes again to see what was inside but was surprised by what happened. Brain leaned in and slightly kissed Tyler on the lips. Tyler just stared into the eyes of his friend and muttered “What was…..” However that was all he managed to get out before Brian leaned in again for another kiss but this one was extended. It was a long passionate kiss between two teenage boys who had been together since childhood but was unable to speak it. It was a kiss proving loyalty and love that had been there since the beginning but was unable to be given due to circumstances. It was a kiss that was completely for love and dedication for the other. The feelings that had been bottled up for years, the emotions that had been pushed aside for fear of rejection all melted away into this passionate kiss. They love in the situation began to set in as Brian moved his hand behind Tyler bracing him in a hug to move the teenage bodies closer together. Tyler moved his hands to the bottom of Brian’s shirt and quickly pulled it over his head and then quickly re embraced the kiss. They stood there, nipples touching kissing and girding their crotch’s against each other. Brian dared to go further as he broke the kiss and moved to his friend’s neck. Slowly licking the neck and working his way down, lightly licking the upper party of his friends breast. Slowly moving down and using his tongue to encircle his friend’s nipple before actually touching the nipple part. He worked one nipple with his tongue and used his hand to work the other one. He lightly bit the nipple and sucked on the nipple. Then he switched his hand and tongue to the opposite giving each the same amount of attention. In the back of his mind he thought that he must have been doing something right because he felt his friend’s body tighten up slightly. Tyler moved his left hand to the bottom of brains pants and un-buttoned them. anamur escort He slowly reaches his hand down the inside the slowly dropping pants and cupped his friend’s warm balls. He rubbed them and slowly moves his fingers lightly over them occasionally stopping to slightly jack the ever growing member. Brian, unable to take this pleasurable torture, slipped off his shoes and let his pants and boxers slide off his muscular body. Brian began to moan slightly harder as Tyler’s hand slightly brushed the head of brains cut cock. Tyler took his hand out of his friend’s boxers and let the tent pop up as he moved his mouth back to that of his friends and engaged in another long passionate kiss. Brian met Tyler’s tongue in another three minute kiss as they interlocked their tongues in complete bliss. Brian wrapped his arm around his friend and pulled him to the ground. As they looked into each other’s eyes, they completely let themselves go into the moment. Brian took his tongue and slowly slid it down the rock hard chest of his friend leaving a small trail down his teen body till he reach his goal, his friend ball sack. He took his tongue and made a slow path from the left side to the right side with the tip of his tongue. Then he moved from there and made another slow trip down the center between the balls. The sweet smell of soap and slight teen sweat was very present. He continued this slow torturing assault as he listened to Tyler’s pleasurable moaning. Brian not wanting to stop there took his mouth put the left nut into his mouth slowly rubbing it again the roof of his mouth as he tongue pleasured the bottom part of it. He slowly dropped it out of his mouth and picked up the other one. He used the same tactic on this one slowly rubbing his tongue over it. He dropped it from him mouth and then took the tip of his tongue and moved it slowly up the shaft of his friend’s cock stopping at the tip and making his way back down. Tyler unable to stand this torture anymore took his cock and put it to his friend’s mouth. Brian hesitated a moment but then slowly took the head of the seven inch cock into his virgin mouth. Brian began to take his tongue around the pleasant invader. He made sure to cover his teeth and use his tongue to slowly touch and slide around the underside of the cock and slowly up and down the slit. He continued to do this while he slowly took inch by inch of the cock into his mouth. Tyler started to tense up as the pleasure became more and more unbearable. His friend seemed to be a natural at sucking on cock because with as many hand jobs and blow jobs Tyler had gotten from his multiple friend with benefits, this was by for the best. Brian continued his assault by slowly bobbing his head up and down making sure to softly suck on the head when he came up. Then he took his left hand and slightly began to rub his fingers over his friend’s sack. “Brian Dude,” Tyler said panting, I’m……I…I am going to …SHOOT.!” Brian sped up his assault and within a few seconds of this his mouth was finally rewarded with a mouthful of sweet tasting man cream. Thee long pumps entered Brian’s mouth and he swallowed every bit. Then he returned to sucking the cock begging for just another drop. When he had cleaned it dry he moved up beside his friend as they embraced in another passionate kiss. They looked into each others eyes and then began to get dressed. It was way passed time for them to be home but that wasn’t on their minds. The only thought present was that they were now what they had always dreamed, more than friends. They walked out into the cool night air and headed to their vehicles. They softly kissed and got into their vehicles and drove away to their homes for a few very good dreams. Hope ya liked it.

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