Flower Pt. 02

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I watched Janet put El through her paces. Janet looked so proud, El so beautiful. El high stepping as Janet guided her through the pylon marked course, walking ,trotting, her tail swaying.

At the finish El stood tall and straight facing the judging stand. The lady at the mic. said “Very good”. Janet drove Eloise out the gate and another team was announced and came in.

Nancy held my hand as the show went on. Just to be with her! Yes, I’ll be her pony. I’ll do anything to please her. I’ve never had the kind of unlimited love we have between us before.

At the end of the show, after the ribbons were awarded, Nancy said “What do you think Dearest, would you like to be my pony?”

“I’d love to be your pony Darling. It looks like fun, the ponies look so beautiful and exotic. How do we do it? How do we start?

“Lets go find Janet and El and find out.”

In the stables El was still in harness although not attached to her cart. Janet was stroking and petting EL telling her what a good pony she was and how proud she was of her.

“Oh hi ladies. Did you enjoy the show today?”

The three of us talked. There was no attempt to remove El’s bridle and bit. Her reins were wrapped around a ring on the wall. When I suggested taking off her bridle so she could take part in the conversation Janet said “Oh no, dear, when El is in pony harness she never talks, and she wants to stay ‘pony’ as long as possible. In fact we’re getting a transporter made so we can harness her at home, bring her to shows, then not unharness her until we’re back home.”

Every once in a while El would shuffle her ‘hooves’ which sounded like real horse shoes on the stable floor. Janet would stroke her and say “Pretty pony, good pony, stay calm I’m right here, good pony.”

Nancy said “We’d like to talk to the trainer. My Flower wants to be my pony too.”

“I was hoping you’d say that. There’s Ann, come, I’ll introduce you.”

We left El tethered to the ring.

Ann looked like a trainer. Her blond hair was tied back in a pony tail, she wore a plaid shirt, blue jeans and work boots. A riding crop was tucked under her arm.

She explained that pony training was very physically demanding, and the ‘owner’ had to be trained too. Then she asked me several different ways if I wanted to be trained and if I was doing this of my own free will.

She took me to her office and sat me down, then handed me a waiver to read and sign.

“OK, lets get you harnessed so Nancy can see what a pretty pony you’ll be. Take off your clothes and lay them on the chair.”

“What, right now?”

A not too gentle tap on my shoulder with her riding crop. “Ponies do not talk.”

I stripped. “Panties too, dear.”

Then “We’ll start with your bridle. Open up.” She put it’s rubber bit into my mouth and adjusted the straps over and around my head as I moved my tongue around trying to get comfortable with the bit. She gently pulled and arranged my hair so the straps didn’t tug it. There were long reins hanging from the rings at each end of the bit.

“Hands.” She laced on the strange mitts I’d seen the other ponies wearing, with their hard black ‘hooves’.

“Foot.” I stepped up into extreme high heeled boots with blocked soles, hooves, and horse shoes on the sole that clattered when I moved, like Eloise’s.

Next “Spread your legs and bend over. Relax that pretty little ass.” She lubed up a butt plug with a long silky blond tail and gently but firmly pushed it into my asshole.

“There, stand up straight and get a look at yourself.”

There was a full length mirror on the inside of the office door. Damn, I do look good.

Ann gathered my reins and led me back to where Janet and Nancy were waiting. El looked content, enjoying Janet’s attention. Nodding her head and shuffling her hooves.

My Nancy gave me a warm delighted smile. “Oh my Darling. You look stunning. So tall and beautiful and elegant!”

Janet stroked my back. “You look so magnificent Flower!”

“Tom!” called Ann,and a man in work boots,jeans and a British army sweater with leather shoulder patches came and took my reins. “Take Flower to box stall seven, leave her bridle on for now.”

I pulled back, looking at Nancy. I didn’t want her to leave me here, not right away.

“Now now, none of that” Tom gave a firm tug on my reins, forcing me to turn and follow him. “That’s a good pony, come with Tom, I’ll look after you. Good girl. Everything will be all right.”

The box stall was just that. Wooden walls five feet tall, a water bowl and another bowl mounted at waist height beside the door, and on the floor at the far wall a mattress with a pillow and blanket. Tom went out and latched the door.

I was distraught, I want my Nancy, I was crying. It was cool in the stable. I sat on the mattress and managed to get the blanket over my shoulders. Not easy wearing hoof mitts. What have I gotten myself into?

A bit later a cute girl with short brown hair came in. She was just a bit on the chubby side, sparkling eyes, rosy cheeks casino şirketleri and that little mouth with a smile that just wants you to kiss and tell her what a good girl she is. She wore a snug jeans tucked into cowboy boots and a tee shirt, with no bra, that said:


To My Love

in gold letters on the front.

“Hello Flower, I’m Jen, I’m your trainer, now, stand up so I can get a look at you.”

I struggled up from the low mattress. The hoof boots must stand me six foot six tall.

Jen gave me her beautiful smile. “Tommy was right, you are absolutely beautiful! We’ll train you to be the most magnificent pony ever.

” Now, there are only two rules.

“Do as you are told.

“Ponies NEVER speak. You may nod or shake your head if asked a question.


I nodded.

“At a point in your training your owner will come and be trained to drive and look after you. Now it’s supper time.”

She brought a bowl of something that looked like granola and poured it into the food bowl on the wall. “Pony can’t eat with her bit in her mouth, so lets take it out and put on your halter.”

With that done she left. Hoof mitts, no utensils. Face down and tongue out. I soon got the hang of it. Very tasty actually.

Jen came back later and said “time to get you bedded down.”

She put a short lead on my halter and led me to a hall with doors on each side. They were bathrooms. Spotlessly clean, they had a toilet, shower, vanity and a low stool. She gave me a purse with toothpaste, tooth brush, soap and a hair brush. There was a big soft towel on the rack. “When you’re done, put everything back in the purse. I’ll look after it for you, just leave the towel.” She unharnessed me,took off my hooves and tail and left.

Later as I was brushing my hair she came and ‘dressed’ me.

Back in my stable she spread the blanket over me and said “Sweet dreams .”

Pony training

Breakfast before dawn, showers, harness, training, rest, lunch, training, rest, supper, showers and bedtime.

I lost track of the days.

Then one morning after harnessing me and hooking me to the cart, Jen drove me into the arena. I wanted to break out into a run, but she held me back with the reins.

Across the arena was My Nancy! She ran towards me. Jen pulled me to a top and held my head up and posture correct (as she’d trained me) with the reins.

Nancy looked so beautiful in her silver satin blouse, ‘painted on’ leather jeans and high heel ankle boots. I must have looked terrible, tears and drool running down my face and chin. God if I wasn’t harnessed I’d have hugged and kissed her like crazy.

She stood on tip toes and with a hanky, wiped my tears and the drool from my bit away.

“Oh Darling, don’t cry, I’m here, oh I missed you so much. You look so beautiful. I missed you so much. I’m going to learn to drive you. Oh Jen isn’t Flower so beautiful? Oh, I love you!”

“Come back here Nancy, and we’ll start.”

The cart shafts jiggled as Jen got out and Nancy got in. We drove around the arena with Jen beside us on a bicycle coaching. She showed Nancy how to guide me, how to stroke my back so gently with the buggy whip to reassure me.

I’m so proud to have my love riding in my cart. I keep my head up, my back straight and bring my knees up high. I AM her pretty pony!

Jen showed Nancy how to harness me and hook me to the cart, how to dress me in my hooves, and so on.

More driving training and it was time for showers.

Jen brought me a garment bag. In it was my little black dress and red satin panties, my sequined shoes and matching clutch and my pearls. Nancy remembered our first date. I almost cried.

In the hall Nancy was waiting holding my cape. She held my elbow as we walked to the car. Instead of her sports car there was a limo. “I miss you so much I can’t trust my driving tonight.”

We kissed and cuddled all the way home. As soon as we were in the house we were naked between the sheets.

Our legs intertwined as we kissed. Nancy kissed and sucked my nipples then kissed down to my pussy. One long tongue stroke then she probed my shaved lips open. She sucked licked and kissed. I ran my fingers through her beautiful long hair. She found my clit and I lost all control, falling into a sparkly mind altering orgasm.

When I could think again I said “Pixie, get up here and sit on my face. I missed your yummy cunt for too long.”

Laying there with a mouth full of Nancy, one plump ass cheek in each hand, I see her looking down at me, so satisfied. I’m so glad I can take her to heaven.

She’s flowing. Her cunt juice is running down my chin. She sings out “Baby, baby, my beautiful Flower. Eat me, yes baby, yes, yes, yes. Ooooh.”

When we were both gloriously fucked out we lay there. Me on my back, Nancy, one leg between my legs, on top of me, her beautiful head resting on my breast. I swaddled the soft blanket over her shoulders. I want to cuddle and protect my Pixie forever.

Wednesday as casino firmaları we were watching ‘Californication” She said “Flower? Do you still want to be my pony girl?”

“Oh yes Dear. When you drove me? It was so exciting, erotic even.” I stuck my tongue into her mouth. We missed the ending of the show.

Saturday we went to a tack shop. Nancy told me not to wear any undies. She gave the man a card that said : Ann Ede


Walnut Lane Pony Club

He introduced himself, Vic, and took us into a private office. He had a catalogue of harnesses for human pony play.

“Undress her and we’ll measure her for a start.”

That done he and Nancy went through the catalogue and a program on his computer. They chose an oxblood harness set with half cup bra. “The judges like to see a nice jiggle, but not sway and flop.”

Then they talked about bits. “I recommend this one for starters. hard plastic, big shaft, soft rubber tooth grips. Keeps them silent, here lets try it.”

It filled my mouth, I sure couldn’t speak.

Nancy got out her credit card.

“Do you have hooves yet?”


He phoned. “Hi Karen, Vic here, …Yes you too. Anyway, I’ve a couple here who need hooves…I’ll ask.” To Nancy “Can you go right now?”

“Yes they can…OK … Nancy, pony’s name is Flower…See you then, bye.”

Karen’s place was in a residential neighborhood, no sign, just a house number.

“Come in. I was hoping to meet you ever since Ann told me about you and Flower.”

In her office was what looked between a bathroom scale and a clear plastic ski ramp model. I stood on it with my heels on the top of the ramp and my toes at the bottom. Karen scanned my feet and part way up my calves with what looked like the price scanner at the supermarket check out. “With this your hooves will be custom made to fit like you were born with them.”

We, well Nancy and Karen, looked at different styles and decided on lace up ones.

“Here’s a new color, I think with Flower’s light complexion would look great. Take off her skirt and lets see what they look like. It’s called ‘Palomino'” They were a light beige suede with shiny black hooves. We went outside to see them in the daylight.

As we went back inside. “You ho, I’m home!”

It was the trainer, Ann.

“Oh Nancy! Does this mean you’re joining the club?”

“I’ve got the application and the check in my purse, this’ ll save mailing it.”

“Flower! The Palomino, you look beautiful.” Ann stroked my back.

Friday Nancy picked me up from work and we went straight to Janet’s. Frank met us at the door. “We’re all down in the stable, come.”

As we got there Janet was driving El. through the door into the stable. El has a fur shawl over her shoulders because of the cold. Frank closed the door and they unhooked her from the cart and El stood there with her reins flipped over a bar on the wall. Frank took off her shawl and rubbed her down with a towel, then Janet wrapped her in a long fur cape. Eloise clattered her hooves and nodded her head as Janet stroked and cooed to her. “Good pony, good El. calm down, we’re right here with you, just wait while we get Flower harnessed. Good pony.”

There were two box stalls. One had a sign ‘Eloise’ over the door, but ,surprise, the other’s sign said ‘Flower’.

On it’s bed was all my new pony gear. “Don’t do anything Flower.” Said Nancy, who proceeded to take off my clothes. She put my bridle on with it’s big bit. Next came my harness, many buckles and straps, lots of stroking and adjusting to get it just right. As she laced up my hooves she smiled up at me and I fell in love for the hundredth time just today.

She lubed up my pony tail butt plug. I bent over. She worked it it with an extra little wiggle. Aahh.

She led me out of my box stall by my reins. “Look at that.”

There was a red high wheel cart, and on the back of the seat back in gold letters ‘Flower’.

Nancy and Janet harnessed me to the cart. With my bridle’s blinkers my vision was restricted. I felt something gently pulled over my shoulders and looked down to see Frank tying the bows of the fur shawl Eloise had been wearying below my chin.

Now I was the one clattering my hooves in anticipation.

The shafts jiggled as Nancy climbed in. Janet opened the door. A flip of the reins and we were off.

Their property has paved trails just wide enough to drive a pony cart. They were lit in the early winter evening by solar garden lights. The paths wound and had several ‘Y’s’ but all I needed to know was how to keep my posture correct, my knees up, and go where my darling Nancy guided me.

As we approached the stable Frank opened the door and we drove in. Non too soon as I was starting to get cold and tired. El was out of harness and rushed over and petted me as she helped unshackling me from my cart. Her hand lingered on my tits as she undid my shawl. I clattered my hooves in appreciation.

By the time Nancy had me out of harness and I got dressed I was so horny I just güvenilir casino wanted to get Nancy home and fuck her brains out, give her the best loving ever. That wasn’t going to happen. Frank was waiting at the stable door. “Come along, El is making her ‘Better Than Sex Chicken’ and there’ s time for a before dinner drink.”

A nice evening. Good food, friends, interesting talk. Eloise and I ended up in the kitchen talking

“You look like you’re really enjoying pony time. Isn’t it the greatest!”

“Wow, yes. I think I almost got into that Zen thing, being a pony!

“Mm isn’t it wonderful! Afterwards I have no idea how I became a pony, but it’s like, I don’t know, like I can’t even understand human talk. When you and Nancy were talking to Janet after the show the other week, I knew you were saying kind things I should comprehend, so I just nodded and pawed the ground, and everyone seemed happy.”

“After do you feel, well, very horny?”

“Gawd yes, that’s why we have the transport now, so when they remove my ‘pony’ we can get right at it, I mean my room has a bed, but their bed is big enough for three if you follow me.”

One night as we cuddled on the couch with just the gas fireplace for light Nancy said “I don’t know if you realized it but when Tod introduced us that night, it was that terrible old cliche’ love at first sight. It nearly broke my heart when Tod said you and Judy were in love. Then I thought since he thought I was his girlfriend. So I finally got up the nerve to phone you. When you said you were just friends I almost jumped across the table and kissed you.”

“I was thinking about you all that week, wondering how to ask Tod for your phone number. ‘Hi Tod, I’m in love with your girlfriend, give me her phone number.’

“When you called about a drink I didn’t get any work done for the rest of the day.”

A few minutes of hand holding



“Do you ever miss cock?”

“No, not really. Ever since I realized I was a lezzie, even before I didn’t really care about dick. Do you?”

“Well, I mean I’ll never cheat on you, ever, but some times, you know, sort of day dreaming, sort of.”

We cuddle some more.


“Yes Dear?”

“You know I’m still madly, hopelessly, insanely in love with you?”

” Pixie. Me Too. Open your mouth and stick out your tongue.”

She did.

Next day I took my big purse to work and went shopping at lunch time.

That night I took my silk scarf to bed and blindfolded Nancy with it, then got my surprise from my purse.

“Give me your hands.” I cupped them together and put a big glop of berry flavoured sex lube in them, straddled her and pulled off the scarf. Inches from her face was the purple knob of my strap on dong.

Her expression was amazing. Confusion to understanding to delight in seconds.

“Lube me up Darling, this cocks for you.”

She smoothed the berry lube then began licking my shaft. Then she lay back spread her legs and just said “Please.”

I slowly fed it to her pussy. I stroked gently. Her finger nails were digging into my ass and her heels were on my back.

“Faster , harder, oh yes Flower, yes, drill me hard, yes!”

After as we cuddled Pixie whispered “Who knew my beautiful pony was hung like a mule.”

I slid down and had a berry and pixie flavoured desert.

We had an addition added to the back of the garage. A stable with a box stall and room to park two carts. It had a door big enough to drive the carts through onto the brick patio. My purple cape became my pony blanket, and I treated myself to a fur seal shawl for cold weather driving.

Most weekends we drove. Either at the pony club if it was a ‘human pony’ Sunday, or at either Janet’s or here.

Almost as soon as I stood in my hooves I’d get into ‘pony Zen’ not actually comprehending words, but responding to my ‘owner’s’ wishes.

Janet’s transporter was big enough for us to all go together to the pony club.

May was the club’s spring show. We entered for the first time. I was so excited I hardly slept the night before.

After breakfast Nancy led me out to the stable. we were wearing just our bathrobes. She removed my robe and sat me on the bench, knelt down and laced on my hind hooves. She put my halter on and said “Stand.”

Next was my fore hooves. Then the long delicious process of harnessing me. So much stroking and petting and soft soothing words.

I moaned as she worked my tail,s plug unto my rectum.

She smoothed my pony blanket over me and looped the lead of my halter around the bar below the window. More soothing sounds and she was gone. I stood and looked out at the pony paths the landscapers were almost ready to brick around the three hectare property.

My owner returns wearing a silver satin blouse, a dark blue full skirt that goes well below her knees and high heel black ankle boots.

I sense her excitement and nod and shuffle my hooves as she takes my lead. She leads me around to the drive where Janet’s transporter sits with the loading ramp down. I sit on the bench beside Eloise, also in harness, and my seat belt is done up, then my fore hooves shackled to the bar in front. El nickers and leans against me. She too is deep in ‘pony Zen’. I nuzzle into her hair.

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