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FLIGHT FLIRTINGWe are on our way home from our hot weather holiday, and it has been a fantastic trip. Lots of pool time, rest and relaxation and of course a little partying. The flight is somewhat empty, which surprises both of us and we get seated near the back of the plane with only a s**ttered few people around us. My sweetheart is in the aisle seat and for the first hour she sleeps. When she wakes up, she has something on her mind. I can tell because she gives me that special mischievous look and requests a blanket from the stewardess.She places the blanket over her and we are alone with no one between us in the middle seat and I am by the window. After about five minutes of her getting comfortable, she leans over and shows me that she has somehow secretly removed her shorts and panties and is now naked from the waist down underneath the blanket. She whispers that she wants me to give her my hand which she takes and places on her already wet pussy. She whispers, “Play with my clit and finger my pussy, I am so turned on right now”. You don’t have to ask me twice and I make quick work of finding her swollen clitoris and sliding my middle finger into her wet, open hole. Her pussy is always well groomed and hairless, just the way I like it. I can feel that she is wet with the anticipation of me bringing her to climax. Her clit is türbanlı escort hard and swollen. I slowly rub her swollen clit and I can feel her back arch slightly as she moans so softly with the pleasure of her erotic thoughts and tingling clitoris. I pull on her clit like I am stroking a small penis. I slowly move my middle finger in and out of her ready, wide, wet lips. She softly whispers for me to spread her lips and put two fingers into her wet pussy. I surprise her when I easily slide three fingers into her. She is so wet and ready for cock that she moans in anticipation of me spreading her hole even wider. There is something she loves about having her pussy stretched to the limits and although we have tried fisting, she just can’t accomplish that. Yet.I notice that there is an older gentleman seated directly across from us and he is alone with no one else seated beside him. He is pretending to sleep but I can tell he is watching to see if he can catch a peek of my wife’s nakedness and what he knows is taking place under the blanket. I can see that he has a large bulge in his pants and it seems to be growing with every passing minute. He is rubbing his cock through his pants ever so slowly. I tell my wife to watch him and she looks over at the old man with a seductive glance. She moves her türbanlı escort bayan hands under the blanket to find her buttons of her blouse and opens her top to expose her right breast. She then gently moves the blanket to expose herself and let the old man see her erect nipple for just a split second. He grins and continues to watch her, hoping for another peek of her breast or perhaps something more tantalizing. He wants her and is thinking about what it would be like to slide his thick cock in between her thighs and pump his seed into her waiting pussy. He takes a blanket and covers himself and she knows that he is going to undo his zipper at any moment and pull his hard cock out so he can offer her a glimpse of his excitement. He puts his fingers to his nose and gestures that he can smell her scent and nods approvingly to let her know that he loves the smell of her wet hole. Some time goes by while he is stroking his cock under his blanket and I continue to finger her pussy. I increase my speed and put one finger into her tight little asshole as well. Together my fingers are working both her holes and I know she is thinking about how the stranger’s cock would feel in her ass while I fucked her pussy. She has become a woman possessed by lust and she wants to have her sexual desires escort türbanlı fulfilled. He signals that he is ready to show her what is under his blanket with a single nod and glance to his crotch. She is so eager to see how large and hard he really is and when he exposes his 8 inch cock, she moans loudly and her pussy lips flow with her juices as if her body know to instinctively lubricate that hole for something that large. I can no longer hide my rigid cock from anyone that may walk by to perhaps attend the bathroom and based on that last moan, there are others on this plane that must know what is going on. The old man’s cock is large and she cums because she has just been able to complete her fantasy of his hard cock wildly pumping her wet hole. Her mind has also quickly calculated how wide his cock is and she quickly realizes how good that thick cock would feel stretching the lips of her wet pussy or perhaps even being slowly pushed into her tight little ass. She seductively moves her tongue across her mouth and she knows, as do I, that the old man is very close to cumming. I can tell by the increased movement of him jerking off under his blanket. She turns her hips towards the old man and quickly lifts the blanket to reveal a peek of her wet vagina with my fingers deep inside her. The man’s eyes roll back slightly and it is obvious that his hot load has been released. Within moments she tightens her grip on my arm and I can tell that she too is cumming. What happened next will have to wait to be written but this experience ended with a note passed to my wife from the man. This turned out to be the best flight I have ever had.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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