Fixing Jamie To The Bed

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I would like to thank GeekGirlie for doing a great job of editing. It is amazing how great editing can improve a story and make it more readable. She did a great job. Enjoy.

Jamie and I had known each other for years and had recently moved in together with disastrous results. We were always at odds and fighting. We finally had to separate and she ended up moving into her own apartment.

After she moved, we rediscovered why we had moved in together in the first place. It was the sex. In fact, the sex had always been great. She was a good-looking woman at 5’10” and about 120 pounds. She had small firm breasts but great curves from her shoulders to her waist, a magnificent ass, and great legs.

She also loved to dress up in costumes consisting of stockings and high heels with either tight shorts or mini-skirts. She may or may not be wearing underwear and you have to pay attention when she bends over for something if you want to find out.

Oh, and she loves to be tied up and fucked as hard as possible from behind.

And on it went. Every few months we would drift back together, have great sex, and drift apart again. That’s how I got into my current situation. I had gone out to her apartment late one night and we fucked so hard one of the bed rails bent.

We propped the bed up with books. She told me she had an old pair of bed rails in the basement where we lived. I told her I would bring them by and she made me promise to help her replace the bed rails when I brought them over, saying she didn’t think she was capable of doing it herself. She smiled and said with all that bending over, getting on her hands and knees, and jerking the rods in and out of holes that she was sure she would need my help.

Well, later that night, we got into an argument and didn’t speak for a while. I started to fantasize about the possibilities of helping her put her bed together. I knew we would probably be going our own ways soon and returning the bed rails might be the last time we would get together.

One night, while masturbating, I came up with an idea! I wondered if I could pull it off. After I got the thought in my head, I couldn’t get the idea back out.

* * *

I left the adult store with everything I didn’t already have, a nice long feather, a butt plug, a blindfold that would fit her snugly, and new handcuffs.

I had some handcuffs we had used before but they closed with Velcro. If you could get your hands together, you could get them off. This time, I wanted to be able to tie her hands together so she couldn’t escape. Once these new cuffs were on her wrist, they would lock into place. It was essential to my plan that she not be able to escape or remove the blindfold. By the time I put the cuffs on, I hoped she would be so disoriented by the blindfold and so horny that she would realize what happened before it was too late. The blindfold also had multiple ties. As she was showing me how to put it on, the woman at the store assured me that once I put it on Jamie there was no way she was going to get it off.

I bought a couple of high quality tapes for the camcorder and put it in a black leather bag with the other stuff I had purchased earlier.

There was nothing to do now but wait for her to call. I knew she wouldn’t call until she was really horny. I needed her to really want it. Then I would have her where I wanted her. I waited and stayed ready.

She finally called. We made our apologies and made small talk for a little while. I was patient. Finally she brought up the bed rails.

“I would like to pick up those bed rails soon. Maybe I can get them this weekend,” she said.

“Well if you’re free one evening this week, I could run them out to you.”

“Oh, you don’t have to do that. I don’t want to put you out,” she replied

“It’s no problem. Besides, you could help me with a fantasy I keep having.”

“What’s that?” she asked.

“Well. I keep fantasizing about you dressed in a really tight mini-skirt, thigh-high stockings, garters, and crotchless panties and standing in your red, spiked heels. Then, you bend over and get on your hands and knees and start jerking rods in and out of holes, if I remember correctly,” I replied, reminding her what she had said, “Meanwhile, I am standing behind you, rock hard, as you bend over to take the sheets and mattress off the bed. I reach out and slowly run my fingers over your pussy as you move around the bed. Soon, I have my hand, tongue, or dick rubbing your pussy every time you try to straighten back up. I tease you and let you feel that big fat cock but I won’t let you cum until you’re finished with the bed and I can fuck you properly.”

There was a pause on the line. “Wow…” she finally said.

“Yeah, you can’t imagine how fucking horny I am just thinking about it,” I replied.

“I guess so! I’m really worked up over it and I only heard about it 30 seconds ago!” she laughed softly. After a pause, she added, “Can you be out here in an hour?” şehitkamil escort

“You can be ready by then, dressed in a skirt and all?”

“I’ll be ready. You bring the rails and that big hard cock.”

“No problems there.”

The drive was only twenty minutes and the waiting to leave was killing me. Speed wasn’t one of Jamie’s strong points and I didn’t want to get there before she was ready.

Finally the time came. I played with my cock the whole way in the car. I sat in the parking lot for a few minutes squeezing my hard cock though my jeans telling myself to slowdown.

At the appointed time, I grabbed my bag and the rails and headed for her apartment. I put the rails on my shoulders and kept the bag in front of the bulge in my shorts.

I started up the steps and her twenty-something neighbor called hello from the landing above.

“Let me get out of your way,” I said, turning the rails parallel to the wall and shifting the rails above my shoulders. This made me lift the bag and expose my hard-on.

When I looked up, she was staring at my cock smiling. Without speaking she came down a few steps and turned sideways looking over the railing. She stuck her ass out, grabbed the handrail, and leaned forward slightly, as if she wanted to make sure I didn’t bonk her on the head with the rails.

“Think you can slide by with those big things?” she asked, bending further over the rail.

“Yeah, but who the hell would want to!” I replied, climbing up to the step she was on. I faced her ass and pressed my hard cock between her cheeks.

“Let me just slide by you really slowly and carefully.” I said rocking my hips and sliding my cock along her ass. She bent forward so my cock would reach the folds of her pussy too.

“Take your time,” she said, her breath a little ragged, “You can’t be too careful with that big thing.”

I started to rock really fast. She pressed back against my cock.

“God, that feels soooo gooood but we can’t. Not here,” she breathed, finally pulling away and moving down a few steps, “Besides, poor Jamie would miss out on all her fun.”

“You’ve already got someone waiting for that but I’ll be listening through the walls as soon as I get my laundry!” she said and bounded down the rest of the steps and through the door.

“Guess, I got you ready for her.” She called as the door closed.

“And, how!” I said to no one in particular.

* * *

When Jamie opened the door and I got a good look at her, my cock grew two more sizes. She had put pigtails in her hair and was wearing a tight fitting, red-plaid knit schoolgirl skirt, a see-through white top, and no bra. She had on thigh-high black stockings that were six inches below the hem of her skirt and were held in place with black garters. She was perched on top of five inch red stiletto heels with wrap-around straps. She looked like a schoolgirl that was studying at Fuck-Me-Good University.

She slowly turned all the way around.

“You like?” she asked.

“Oh yeah. I fucking love it. You look so fucking hot.”

I set the bag and rails on the hallway floor.

“What’s in the bag? She asked.

“Oh just something I had to bring in to cover this.” I stood up facing her and showed her my huge erection. “Can’t be walking though the playground like this,” I said as I swung my hips from side to side showing off my hard-on.

“Let me help you with that,” she replied, turning around and bending over at the waist to grab the front of the railings. She lingered there, her knees together and slightly bent. Her skirt rode up showing her ass and pussy. It was framed on either side by her bright red crotchless panties.

I couldn’t stand it. I moved forward, cupping her pussy with one hand and stroking my cock through my shorts with the other. As soon as I made contact with her pussy, my finger slid right in because she was so wet. I shoved it all the way in and started to fuck her with it, increasing my tempo with each stroke. She was dripping wet and moving her hips rhythmically to the movement of my fingers.

“You’re not the only one who got excited thinking about this. I couldn’t keep my hands off my cunt while I was getting ready,” she said.

With that I took my finger out of her cunt and slid my shorts down. I moved forward and stuck my cock into her. I pressed forward and grabbed her hips. I was soon using her as an oversized fuck toy. I loved her small waist because I could grab her there and force her ass hard onto my cock.

I knew that if I didn’t stop that I would cum right there or worse yet let her cum. With all the strength I had, I pulled out of her.

“NOOOoooooooooo. You’re such a fucking tease! Fuck me!” She cried.

“We’ve got a job to do. No more play until we finish.” I replied, sliding my finger over her pussy. She wiggled her ass in response.

“None?” she asked, looking back over her shoulder with a pout on her lips. She reached through her legs and started spreading her pussy. “Can’t we take a few breaks along the way? Please? I’ll be very, very, good!”

“Well, ahh, sure,” I said, “I’m sure we’ll work something in and out while were working hard on the bed.”

“Or working hard on something else,” she said, sticking two fingers into her cunt. Then, in a breathy voice, she said, “I want it long and I want it hard but I don’t want to wait a long time or be given a hard time about it.”

I slapped her ass hard.

“Owwwww!” she cried, standing up and grabbing her butt.

“The sooner we start, the sooner I’ll be fucking that tight little cunt of yours,” I said. “So, let’s take the rails into the bedroom. You get up front and hold on and I’ll get behind you and take the rear.”

I threw the bag over my shoulder and picked up the back end of the rails.

She bent over to pick up the rails and I slid my free hand under her skirt. She wiggled her ass in exaggerated movements as we made our way slowly to the bedroom

* * *

We set the rails down. Jamie looked back at me over her shoulder. She said, as innocently as possible, while twisting her torso from side to side,”I don’t know how to get these big hard rails into those tiny slots. I don’t think I could get it to go in all by myself. You might have to get behind me and just push it really hard until it goes all the way in. Do you think you could stand behind me and get that big hard thingy to go in that tight little hole? Could you show me how? I really want you to teach me how to do it right.”

It was now or never. I slipped into my roll as teacher.

I said in an authoritative voice, “You said before, Jamie, that you didn’t think you could put the bed together by yourself. I want to prove to you it is so simple that you could even do it…” I paused for effect and reached into the bag, “…blindfolded.”

She turned and moved toward me. She looked scared and innocent. She reached out and stroked the silk bindings hanging down from the mask.

“Yes, it’s true,” I continued,. “I will prove to you that you can disassemble and reassemble this bed while blindfolded. You will do all the work and I will stand close behind you, giving you a hand whenever and wherever you need it.”

“Wow. You really have been fantasizing about this,” she said, breaking out of character for a moment.

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.” I replied.

“She turned with her back to me and placed her hands by her side. I placed the blindfold on her eyes, took her hand, and held it in place. I pressed my cock in her ass and reach in front of her. The silk ties were hanging down on her breast. I took the opportunity to cup and feel her breast gently as I grabbed two of the ties. I tied them behind her head and then reached around and fondled her some more when I got the next pair. My hands were trembling. I was so excited when I finished.

I told her to walk around in it and see if she could get comfortable in the blindfold. I was buying time. I got the camcorder and tripod and set them up next to the side of the bed. I focused and zoomed on the entire bed. I pushed play and pause. I was ready in ten seconds.

“I can’t see anything in this thing. No light gets through it at all. Its kind of weird,” she said.

I grabbed the camera light from the back and swung it low on its tripod so it illuminated up. I wanted to concentrate on getting clear shots of her legs and pussy under her skirt. I moved her to the bed, went back, and checked the camera one more time. I pushed play. I took Jamie by both arms and bent her over the edge of the bed.

“The first thing you need to do is remove these bed coverings.” I pushed her forward until her knees were against the edge of the bed. “I think you should reach across and take the far corners off first.”

I went back and checked the viewfinder. Jamie was anything but disappointing through the lens.

She bent over at the waist and had her hands stretched out above her head. She arched her back and thrust her ass in the air. With her legs tightly together she let her hands slide around the bed, causing her ass to shift and move invitingly. When she reached the other side of the bed, she slid her hands apart and towards the end of the bed. She spread her legs with her hands as she opened herself up. Her stockings stretched her garters across her ass. She grabbed the bedspread at the two corners and yanked.

“It’s stuck,” she pouted, tugging on the covers. She was hardly pulling but she was exaggerating the motion by rocking her hips back and forth. Her pussy opened and closed as she moved her ass. She kept it up for a few moments and then the end finally gave way.

“There I got it all!” she said, sliding around on the covers, “I may have to yank it long and hard but knew I could get it to cum for me. Bet I can get you to cum for me, too.”

The microphone! I thought and raced to the bag. I took out the mike and plugged it into the camcorder and ran it to the fan above the bed, where I secured it with a piece of duct tape.

I checked the earphones. I had sound.

She yanked on the end of the covers, rocking her hips lewdly back and forth again. I moved to the bed and placed my hand out with my middle finger pointing directly at her pussy. This time when she rose up, she impaled herself on my finger.

“Ohhhhhhh!” she cried as my finger burrowed into her. I sat down on he bed, reached under her leg with my other hand, and started to rub her clit. I slowly circled her clit as my finger worked its way deeper into her slit.

I started fucking her with both hands, alternating the finger of each hand.

“Ohhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhh! Yeah! FUCK THAT PUSSY. GOD, YOU KNOW JUST WHAT I LIKE! FUCK ME! Ohhhh! Yeah, like that baby. Ohhhhhhh fuck that pussy! I fucking need a long hard fuck and you’re going to fuck me good.”

Whenever Jamie got ready to cum, she started talking filthy. I kept working my fingers at a steady pace; enough to keep her close to the edge but not letting her go over.

“Don’t you want to fuck that hot pussy? Stick your dick in my pussy and I’ll make you cum so hard!” She said driving her rocking hips even harder onto my fingers, trying to finish herself off.

“Aren’t you ready to get out that BIG FAT HARD COCK and ram that pussy hard? OH GOD! I want it so bad. Fuck me please; just fuck me hard! Oh, please, just fuck me now with that hard cock!”

I increased the rhythm until I knew she was close. Then I abruptly pulled both fingers out of her pussy.

The sight before me was one to behold. Her beautifully framed pussy was rotating in circles and moving from side to side trying to find anything to stimulate itself against. She had her thighs pressed together and she shifted her weight from knee to knee.

“Oh my God! Don’t stop. I’m so close. Oh, please, don’t stop. I’m so close. Please!”

My cock was bursting as I looked at her. I wanted to slam her down on the bed and fuck her as hard as I could. I told myself to calm down. The wait would be worth it.

“Take the rest of those covers off the bed,” I commanded, “You don’t get to cum until we’re finished.”

“God, you sure know how to tease me. I am so fucking horny. You must be excited too. You won’t last much longer before you have to fuck me,” she predicted.

Normally, she would have been right but I looked over at the running camera and thought maybe not this time.

“I think I can outlast you.” I said slapping her ass.

CRRRACCCKKKKKKK! The sound was loud as I hit her much harder than I had intended. Her whole body shook from the surprise.

“Owww!” That really hurt,” she whined.

“Sorry, here, let me kiss it and make it better.” I leaned over and kissed her ass using both hands to knead the flesh. I ran my tongue up and down her ass, leaving wet trails. I finally licked down her ass crack and ran my tongue across her asshole. I let it linger for a moment then pressed inward and quickly moved my tongue away.

That was one of the things that bugged me about Jamie in our relationship. She had never had anal but refused to even try it. I had tied her up many times but it was always understood that her asshole was off limits. I was planning on being the first to fuck the virgin asshole and if everything went right she was going to beg me to do it.

“Ahhhhhh! Ohhhhh!” she moaned as she felt my tongue slide across her ass. She didn’t say anything and I took it as a sign of encouragement. I backed away again, to her disappointment. She grabbed the covers and threw them on the floor and said, “All done.”

“What about those pillows?” I asked.

She leaned toward the head of the bed and I lashed out again.

CRRRACCCKKKKKKK! I hit her on the ass again only this time as hard as I could.

“Owwwww!” she cried out jumping forward.

I slapped her again and grabbed one of the pillows from her reach.

CRRRACCCKKKKKKK! I hit her again with my free hand.



“Hurry up and get those pillows off the bed so I can fuck you with my nice hard cock. Move!”


She crawled around, getting pillows and pushing them off the bed. She had all of them off except for the one I was holding.

“Missed one,” I said, cruelly, slapping her again. Her ass was turning red and I could see her pussy was leaking down her leg. She did always enjoy a good spanking.

Jamie finally collapsed flat onto the bed. I set the pillow down next to me and started rubbing her ass cheeks. Softly at first, letting my fingertips glide over her ass. My fingertips traced small circles over her ass cheeks.

She responded by raising her ass off the bed and trying to rotate her pussy so my fingers could stroke it. Her breathing was ragged and heavy. I let a finger slip down across her clit and stuck my thumb in her pussy. Once it was well lubricated, I pulled it out and placed it on her asshole. I started fucking her pussy with my finger while working my thumb around the outside of her asshole.

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