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Big Tits

Terry’s knees were shaking. He was groaning. gasping and mouthing a combination of obscenities and sounds of pleasure. His hands were fluttering around my head.

‘Ahhh! Gawd damn! Oohhh! Gahhhh!. Oh, fuck! Damn! Shit! Yahhh! Ahhhh!’

I would have smiled at the scene, but my nose was buried in his pubic hair. His balls were pressed against my chin. My mouth was full of his cock and I was busy swallowing the warm, thick cream that he was squirting into my mouth.

Terry gasped once more. His hard cock slipped out through my lips as he fell back onto the bed. Remaining on my knees, I finished swallowing and licked my lips. I got up and crawled onto the bed near him. Terry was lying on his back with his arms folded behind his head. His eyes were closed and there was a smile on his face.

He was a good looking man. He wasn’t a hunk or movie star handsome. He was in his late thirties, like me. He was clean shaven, but fine light brown hair covered his chest, stomach and legs. His body wasn’t ripped, but he was in good physical condition. His delicious cock was all wet and shiny. It was flopped on his thigh and a thin trail of cum coursed down the side of his thigh.

‘Damn! That was some blow job!’ His eyes opened and the smile became a huge grin.

‘Glad you liked it.’

‘Like it is an understatement. Where’d you learn to suck cock like that?’

I grinned, ‘Well, I’ve had a few years to practice since I discovered the fun and pleasure of giving a guy a blow job.’

Terry grinned back, ‘Well, I can tell you enjoyed it too.’ He stretched his hand out and touched my hard cock.

‘Yeah, I enjoyed it.’ I reached over and caressed his cock.

‘How did you get started blowing other guys?’

Stretching out beside him, I rubbed his chest and sucked a nipple, ‘It’s a long story.’

Terry pushed himself up on an elbow and kissed me on the cheek, ‘Please tell me. I want to hear every horny and sloppy detail.’

‘I had a buddy in high school. My best friend. We ran around and did everything together. We were typical small town kids. In the summer we’d get a job, but we went hiking and fishing almost every weekend. One day it was really hot and we’d planned on going fishing, but after we had hiked for several miles uphill to one of our favorite fishing spots we decided to go swimming instead of fishing.’

‘After swimming and cooling off, I decided to do some fishing. I didn’t put on any clothes except my shoes.’

‘You were naked?’

‘Both of us were. It was fun wading around and walking around and being in the water and sun with nothing on. Tommy watched me and laughed at me, but he eventually joined me. After that, we always got naked when we went fishing. We even got brave enough to strip off and hike naked.’

‘Did anyone ever see you guys?’

‘I don’t know. If they did, no one said anything about it. It was a small town so any gossip would have gotten around and back to us.’

‘But how’d you get started?’

‘Well, it just sort of happened. Tommy and I were laying on some flat rocks and drying off in the sun after swimming. He was talking about making out with his girl and what he wished they could do together. He got pretty excited and developed a hard-on. I’d seen him with a hard-on before so it was no big deal.’

‘Anyway, he made a comment about how he wished he had that hard-on on his last date, then Gaziosmanpaşa Escort he stood up. He wrapped his hand around his dick. I figured he was going to jerk off so I sat up to watch him. He was standing next to me beating his meat. His dick was level with my face and I just leaned towards him and wrapped my lips around his cock.’

‘I think we were both surprised. He just stood there and I just held him in my mouth. I started sucking a little and he shot his wad after a couple of minutes. I wasn’t expecting him to cum and I just swallowed it.’

“Wow! What’d he say?’

‘Nothing. We just grinned at each other, got dressed,, picked up our stuff and hiked back to the car.’

‘Did you do it again?’

I squeezed Terry’s cock and smiled at him, ‘You know I did.’

He squeezed my cock, ‘Tell me.’

‘Neither one of us mentioned it. I think we both felt awkward or something.’


‘No, I think awkward describes it. I wasn’t embarrassed. At least in my own mind.. Actually, I was curious and I wondered what Tommy would have said if I told him that I wanted to do it again.

‘Did you ask him?’

‘I didn’t have. He asked me.’


‘Well, he didn’t really ask. Rather, he started talking about his girlfriend and how he wished she’d let him make out with her someplace else other than in the backseat of his car.’

‘I asked what would he do, if she did. He grinned and said he’d try to get her to suck his dick like I did. I was wading around in the water with my fishing pole. He was sitting on a rock at the edge of the pond. We were both naked just as we had been before. He stopped talking and looked embarrassed.’

‘Finally, he looked up at me. His face was all flushed and red. He said that he liked it. It felt good and how did it feel to have a dick in my mouth? I told him that it felt o.k. His dick had been hard and warmed by the sun and it tasted o.k. He smiled and said he wondered what it was like to suck a dick. He said he had tried sucking on a banana and a hotdog, but he ended up beating off and thinking about me or his girlfriend sucking him.’

‘I asked him if he wanted to try. I figured he’d say no, but he just grinned and slid on his knees into the water. I waded over to him and just like that, he lifted my soft dick and began to suck it.’

‘Wow! What’d you do?’

‘I got a hard-on, Silly.’ I leaned down and kissed Terry’s cock. ‘It felt so good. Feeling my dick get hard in Tommy’s mouth.’

‘Did you cum?’

‘Yes. I told Tommy that I was going to cum. He took me out of his mouth and I shot some cum onto his face and chest. Then he put me back and finished me. When we were both finished, he sat there for a minute before standing up. He had a big hard-on. I sank to my knees and sucked him off.’

‘Did you guys keep doing it?’

‘Yes. After we went back to school for our senior year, it became easier to do.’

‘Why was that?’

‘Well, we had always studied together. So it wasn’t odd that we went to each other’s homes and studied in our bedrooms. We could suck each other and everyone thought we were studying.’

‘How often did you guys suck each other?’

‘Oh, a couple of times a week. We went out with our girlfriends on Friday evenings and during the weekends, but we agreed that so long as a guy had a suck buddy, we didn’t Gaziosmanpaşa Escort Bayan really need girlfriends.’

‘Did you keep it up after graduation?’

‘When we could. We both worked during the summer and getting ready for college cut into our free time on weekends, but we were able to do each other a few times. We eventually went our own ways during college. We went to different schools so we only saw each other during semester breaks, holidays and during the summers. After graduation, Tommy got a job and a wife in that order. I went to graduate school and here I am.’

Terry grinned, ‘All this talk about sucking makes me want to do it.’

I grinned at him and rolled onto my back, ‘Be my guest.’

Terry licked my balls and licked his way up and down my hard-on several times before gently sucking on me. I enjoy being sucked, but I enjoy being the sucker even more. Terry backed off my cock. He moved up and kissed my cheek again, ‘Did you and Tommy ever get together after college?’

I put my arms around him. ‘Yes. A couple of times, but it wasn’t the same.’

‘How so?’

‘Tommy was awfully nervous. He seemed to be embarrassed and he said he was afraid of his wife finding out. Apparently he had never talked with her about us and what we did. Anyway, we haven’t had any contact is several years. Even stopped exchanging Christmas cards after a while.’

Terry reached under himself and adjusted his cock so its hard length was pressing against my thigh. ‘What did you do in college?’

‘You mean with other men?’


‘Well, I played it cool and was celibate for quite a while. And I didn’t have to be.’


I rubbed Terry’s back. ‘It turned out one of my roommates was like me. We had just finished semester finals. Our other roommates had all left for the break. I was staying, because I had a part time job. He was planning on leaving the next day. Anyway, we celebrated the end of the semester by going out and drinking. We closed the bars and we were pretty drunk when we got back to the apartment.’

‘We popped another brew and he slipped a porn tape in the VCR. He dropped into an easy chair and I flopped on the couch. After watching the video a while, I commented that it was too bad there weren’t any women around. He said something to the effect that he didn’t need a woman, then he pulled out his dick and started stroking it. After watching him for a while, I figured ‘What the hell’ and joined him.’

‘One scene in the video was of a big titted brunette who had been tit fucking a guy. When she stopped that and started blowing him, my roomy, Jack, groaned and allowed how he’d love that. I agreed that a mouth was better than a hand. He looked at me with sort of an odd expression, then he crawled over to where I was sitting and the next thing I know he was going down on me.’

‘What did you do?’

‘I touched his head. I didn’t try to push him away, but I guess I startled him. He jerked his head up. He looked sort of stricken and sick that I now knew he was a cocksucker. He stood up, but before he could move away, I smiled at him and touched his cock. It was hard and wet from pre-cum. He was practically drooling pre-cum.’

‘I ran my tongue over his cockhead and licked up the pre-cum. Then I swallowed his hard-on.’

“Did he cum?’

‘No. I stopped long enough Escort Gaziosmanpaşa for both of us to get undressed. We went into his bedroom and got into a pretty hot sixty-nine, but both of us had had too much to drink and we both fell asleep before either of us had cum.’

‘When I woke up, the room was full of light. Jack was lying on his back. He looked like he had a piss hard-on. He awakened a couple of minutes after I started sucking him. He got up and peed. When he got back in bed, we got into the sixty-nine for some serious sucking.’

‘Did either of you cum?’

‘Several times. Jack didn’t get away to go home until early afternoon. He wouldn’t have gotten away then, if he hadn’t pulled his cock out of my mouth, tucked it into his pants and practically bolted out the door.’ I grinned at Terry, ‘He left me naked and on my knees.’

Terry pressed his cock against my thigh, ‘I can just picture that.’

‘Well, picture this. Jack came back early from the break.’

‘Oh. Really?’

‘Really. Everybody usually got back some time Sunday. You know, make the break a long as possible. Jack got back Thursday afternoon.. I came home from my part time job, opened the front door and there he was. On the couch. With a big grin. Naked. With a huge hard-on.’

‘I walked over to him. While he unzipped my fly and got my cock out, I stroked his hard piece of meat. We finally stopped long enough for me to get completely naked too. We ate each other’s cock for an appetizer, and for dinner, and for a TV snack, and a bedtime snack, and, finally, for breakfast.’

I pushed Terry onto his back and sat up on the bed, ‘We sucked each other’s cock so many times that our jaws ached and our cocks were tender to the touch.’ I flopped on to my back, ‘Those were the days.’

Taking my cock in his had, Terry squeezed it, ‘You guys sounded like you were in love.’

‘It was more like lust.’

‘Did you keep doing it?’

‘Whenever and where ever we could. I think the other guys suspected us, but no one said anything. They might of been envious about the two of us getting blown regularly. We were discreet around the apartment. We’d go to out of town sports events, rent a motel room and suck ourselves silly.’

‘How long were you and Jack suck buddies?’

‘Just for another semester. He graduated and immediately moved away and I slowly went nuts.’

‘Went nuts?’

”Yes. I wanted to suck a cock. I needed to suck a cock and I didn’t have anyone to suck.’

‘It sounds like you had developed an oral fixation.’

I smiled, ‘Call it what you like, but I had a need to fill my mouth.’

Terry grinned, ‘And the best thing to fill it was a warm, hard throbbing cock.’

‘You got that right.’ I reached down and rubbed his cock and balls, ‘I feel a need coming on.’

Terry sat up and watched me slide off the bed and onto my knees on the floor, ‘Stand up.’

When he was standing front of me his cock was pointed at my face. Lifting his cock, I licked and sucked his warm balls. I lowered his cock again so it pointed at my face. Terry put his hand on my head as I pressed my lips against his cockhead. He gently pushed.

My lips began to part as his warm fleshy cockhead began to push through them. My mouth opened to accept his cock. I closed my eyes and enjoyed feeling his cockshaft move through my lips. I could feel my own cock rising from between my thighs.

A sigh escaped me as Terry began to slowly withdraw from my mouth. Thinking to myself, I silently agreed with Terry’s comment that I had an oral fixation. He began to push himself deep again. I tightened my lips around his cockshaft. What else could I do except enjoy satisfying my oral fixation.

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