Five Minutes For Mom

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It had only been a few weeks since Marcus had claimed ownership over Winnie’s tight Asian pussy, but it felt like just yesterday that she had become this sex crazed nympho. The things that she would do for this man’s beautiful black cock were once unimaginable. And the things she wore out with him in public would make a stripper scream out, “Put some clothes on”.

Tonight, the horny couple was heading back to Winnie’s place after another tease filled night on the town. She was dressed in a barely there metallic silver cocktail dress with Marcus’ favorite garter belt and black thigh high stockings underneath. To finish the outfit, she wore her go-to-pair of 4 ½ inch, patent leather, black fuck me pumps and no panties. Four cardinal wardrobe rules that Marcus set out for her each night.

All night, they were whispering what they were going to do to each other once they were alone. Throughout the night his hand would caress up her thigh and push up the hem of her dress, so that the stocking tops were visible, and then find their way to her uncovered and already wet pussy. And her hands would be found reaching into his unzipped pants, jerking his massive hard cock.

After hours of this erotic cat and mouse game, they were minutes away from Winnie’s place and she couldn’t wait to rip his clothes off and fuck him silly. They barely made it through the doorway before they were tearing at each other, kissing passionately and loudly. The straps of her dress were falling off her shoulder and his dress shirt was half un-buttoned when the lights suddenly went on. They both looked in the direction of the light and saw a woman in the living room clearly annoyed. The two of them had completely different reactions to the sight of this person.

Marcus was immediately taken aback by her beauty. She looked absolutely stunning in an elegant and classical manner. She was tall, aided by her 4 ¾ inch black peep toe platform heels and dressed in a sexy, yet mature way with a simple loose fitted pleated skirt that ended knee high and a casual pink cardigan that was buttoned up all the way showing just a hint of her impressive C cup breasts. Her legs were wrapped in either black leggings or stockings, he couldn’t quite tell from this angle. Her hair was tied up in a ponytail showing off her porcelain skin and strong Asian features, which gave her the look of a royal empress. She was definitely older than Winnie, but her toned body and flawless skin made her look much younger. If possible, Marcus’ cock got harder at the sight of this beautiful woman and his mind raced to the naughty thought of a potential threesome with these two sexy Asian ladies.

But that thought was quickly put to rest as Winnie covered up her half-naked body and screamed out, “MOM, what are you doing here?”

The mom shot back, “What am I doing here? I bought this place for you…” She caught herself and held back what she really wanted to say to her daughter.

Marcus’ eye’s bulged out in shock and amazement. No way could this women mother a child Winnie’s age. The mom looked mid-30’s at best. Far less than the estimated mid-40’s that his mind calculated her to be. But as he stood and stared more and more, he noticed the similarities. Even if they looked like sisters more than parent and child. He now knew where Winnie got her gorgeous features from…as they say, ‘like mother like daughter’. The only difference was Winnie didn’t get the big breast gene from her mother.

He was snapped back from his daze as the mother started yelling and screaming in an unknown Chinese dialect. Although her English was impeccable, he could hear a tint of accent when she spoke a combination of both languages.

Winnie shot back in the same Chinese dialect and it sounded like a screaming match that Marcus shouldn’t stick around for. Even though he couldn’t understand what was being said, he was pretty sure they were talking about him.

He interrupted the shouting match as soon as he found a pause, “I’m sorry Winnie. I think I should leave.”

Winnie nodded even though she didn’t want him to leave. As Marcus turned towards the mother, he foolishly attempted to shake her hand and introduce himself. She stared at his hand in utter contempt and burned a hole through him were her hateful eyes. She didn’t say any words, but he clearly was not welcomed and should leave immediately.

As he closed the door behind him, he could hear the two women yelling and screaming again…loud enough for the whole neighborhood to hear.

Moments later, Marcus arrived at his townhouse and sighed disappointedly. He had genuinely liked Winnie and she was just the type of crazy, fun, and horny girl that he had spent so long trying to find. Oh well he shrugged, he would just have to find another woman.

Unbeknownst to him…that another woman was approaching his doorstep at that very moment.

As Marcus closed his eyes replaying the night’s events, the door alarm ringed him out of his dream.

He walked over to the security bahis firmaları cameras and was perplexed by who his visitor was. With a confused look on his face he went over and opened the door to find Winnie’s mother standing there. She looked slightly different with her hair down from her ponytail, but was as amazing and breathtaking as the first time he laid eyes on her.

“Hello…” Marcus said unable to finish his greeting since he didn’t even know her name.

Winnie’s mother wasted no time and caught right to the chase, “I want you to stop seeing my daughter.”

Marcus was taken aback by her demand. He still wanted to fuck her senseless, but he was also offended. “Don’t you think that is something for your daughter to decide? She is a grown woman.”

“How much do you want?” as she reached into her Chanel purse and pulled out her checkbook.

This made Marcus laugh out loud. “I don’t want your money?”

Winnie’s mom shot back, “Everyone has a price.”

Marcus fired back, “Take a look around. I have money. Probably more than you.”

“Fine, then tell me what you want. Just stay away from my daughter.”

The question made Marcus ponder for a moment. He rubbed the fuzz of hair on his chin as the thought about how to respond to that question. She didn’t come right out and say she would fuck him, but he had to direct the conversation in that direction somehow.

He started his planned script, “Do you know how I met your daughter?”

“I don’t care. Just tell me what you want?”

“Oh you will care…if you want me to stop seeing her.” This made Winnie’s mom finally shut up as she stared at him as if to say ‘fine, go on’.

After several seconds of silence, Marcus continued, “As I was saying, I met your daughter at a wedding. She was fucking the groom in the bathroom. I have it on camera…you should watch.”

He could see the anger seething in the mother’s eyes. The body language said she was revolted and didn’t believe the thought, but her eyes told him that she knew her daughter was capable of this.

“Anyway, I confronted your daughter about it…much like you are confronting me now…” Now Marcus paused and smiled. He knew he had her and just had to bring the sales pitch home “…So that’s how I met your daughter. So before you give me that shit about not being good enough for your daughter or throw out my color of skin at me, I just want to give you a little insight into your little angel, Winnie.”

Winnie’s mom sighed and rolled her eyes. “Is there a point here?”

“Yes, there is. I’m going to be a good guy and abide by your demands…”

“Good.” She shouted back and was about to walk away.

“IF…” Marcus replied back as he grabbed her by the wrist “…if you can do this one thing.”

Winnie’s mom’s eyebrows rose. She didn’t like where this was heading. “What’s that?”

“It’s the same offer I gave your daughter when she wanted a copy of the video back at the wedding…” With that lead in, Marcus whipped out his trusty stopwatch. He showed it to her, “…all you have to do is fuck me for five minutes.” He clicked the stopwatch for dramatic effect. As the timer counted down from the pre-set five minutes, he continued his speech with a shitfaced grin, “Just five fucking minutes. My nasty, disgusting Black cock inside your snobby and prim and proper Asian pussy.”

The look on Winnie’s mother’s face was priceless. She was offended. Disgusted. Yet, he knew that she was seriously considering it. It’s always the five minutes that gets them…everybody thinks it’s ONLY five minutes.

Marcus was in a rhythm now and continued on. “One, two, three, four, five. That’s all. 300 seconds. You’ll be in and out and I’ll be out of your daughter’s life forever.”

Winnie’s mom stood there deep in thought. On one hand, she was sickened by the thought of letting this man fuck her. On the other hand, five minutes was barely enough time to get things started? This seemed to justify what she thought in the back of her mind, but couldn’t bring herself to actually say.

She was snapped out of her deep thought at the sound of the stopwatch beeping.

“See, that was five minutes right there. Quicker than writing me a check…”

Finally relenting, Winnie’s mom said the magical words that Marcus wanted to her, “So ONLY five minutes.”

That’s how the women always said it…ONLY FIVE MINUTES. Heck, her own daughter said the exact same words. Marcus couldn’t contain his laughter so he simply laughed back, “Yep. ONLY five minutes.”

“No games. No fineprint. No twists. Just five minutes.”

“Yes, five full minutes of fucking.”

With just a hint of hesitation, Winnie’s mom finally agreed “Fine, you have a deal.”

Marcus stepped to the side and let Winnie’s mom enter his home. He led her to the living room where she put down her purse and car keys on the nearby table and took a seat on a leather chaise lounge chair nearby. She sat there waiting for him to make the first kaçak iddaa move. He did so by placing the stopwatch on the coffee table and slowly unbuttoning his shirt that minutes ago was being ripped off by her own daughter.

“Feel free to remove your clothing as well.” Marcus gestured as he kicked off his shoes and peeled off his socks.

“I think I’ll keep them on, thank you. I don’t expect this to take very long.” The mother snottily responded.

“Fine by me, I actually love fucking a women with her clothes on.” He said as he slid off his belt and stepped out of his pants.

Standing there in only his boxer briefs, his mammoth cock bulged inside just waiting to be released. “You may want to take off your granny panties and those ugly leggings though.” he joked.

The sheer size of the bulge caught Winnie’s mom off guard. She stared in amazement and gulped, a little less confident than before. Trying her best to not show any sign of weakness, she quickly snapped out of her funk and shot back in fake confidence, “I’m not wearing any panties…” as she hiked up her skirt and opened her legs to reveal her panty less covered pretty pussy and stockings and garters.

The sight made Marcus cock grow even larger and almost rip through his boxer briefs. Winnie’s mom actually saw his cock twitch and increase in size and she jumped back startled. This caused Winnie’s mom to fall backwards on the lounge chair and her legs kicked back towards her chest in a defensive position with her heels touching the leather.

Seizing the opportunity, Marcus grabbed hold of her ankles and shoved his head in between her thighs. He didn’t lick her pussy right away, as she gasped in anticipation of his tongue. Instead his hands slid down her stocking covered legs, appreciating the fabric and smoothness, before finally resting around her thighs. He slowly kissed and licked each inner thigh making his way up to her sweet spot.

He teased the sides, licking as close to her pussy as possible without actually touching. She gasped and tensed with each lick. Finally, he gently tickled his tongue against her sensitive clit. He flicked his tongue over and over against her clit and noticed her body squirm. Marcus then shocked her by taking a long, drooling lick from her asshole all the way to her clit. He kept his tongue out and repeated the lick all the way back down to her asshole.

Her pussy tasted so sweet and refined, and he couldn’t wait to really dig in to her. In the middle of lapping his tongue around her pussy lips, he heard Winnie’s mom scream out “Wait” over and over again.

With panted breath, she wheezed out, “You didn’t start the stop watch. You…you cheated.”

“Oh no my dear. I said five minutes of fucking. That means dick in pussy. This is just the warm up.”

Without waiting for a response, Marcus dove back in between her thighs and picked up right where he left off. He worked his magical tongue over her pussy, mixing in licks of her sensitive clit and sticking his tongue deep inside her wet pussy. She moaned and gasped louder and louder as her pussy got wetter and wetter. Finally, she couldn’t take anymore and yelled out in her usual arrogant manner, “OK, I’m ready. You can stop now…let’s get this over with.”

Marcus stopped and moved back away from her sweet smelling pussy. He grabbed for the stop watch and asked, “How would like to proceed?”

“Just start the clock and let’s be done with it.”

“Do you have a preference for position?”

She was about to say, she didn’t care…but then re-thought for a second. She didn’t want to give him any extra advantage and thought best if she remained in control. So she replied, “Me on top.”

Mr. Marcus peeled off his boxer briefs and his huge 9 inch cock sprang out of its prison. He held out his hand in a gentlemanly manner and offered to help Winnie’s mom up from the chair. She reluctantly accepted his hand and the two switched positions.

“So what, I can’t suck your cock? But you can lick my pussy.”

“Oh no, you can do whatever you want. It just doesn’t count towards your five minutes.”

As Marcus got comfortable, Winnie removed her pink cardigan to reveal a tight, white tank top that was begging to be pushed down to let her tits out. She threw her cardigan to the table by her bag and walked over to Mr. Marcus. She raised one of her stocking covered legs and stepped over his body until both her heels were digging into the hard wood floors on opposite sides of him. She bunched up her skirt and held it in her hands as she hovered her pussy over his stretched out and engorged cock.

“Ok, start the clock.” She waited

“Once you’re in, then I start the clock.”

The rules were starting to annoy her, but she did not object. She simply squatted down until the head of his cock was touching against her open, wet pussy. She pushed the head in first.

As she grimaced to the pain Winnie’s mom said, “OK, I’m in. Start the clock.”

Enjoying the warmness of kaçak bahis her pussy around the head of his cock, Marcus shook his head and replied, “All the way in.”

She wanted to curse out loud, but instead she gritted her teeth and squatted down further, pushing his cock deeper into her pussy. The size was almost too much for her tight Asian pussy to handle. But after a few attempts, she was finally stretched enough and his cock disappeared inside her.

Before she could even ask, Marcus had clicked the stopwatch and placed it on the coffee table so they both could see the timer.

Trying to get comfortable, Winnie’s mom slowly bounced up and down on his cock as she glanced over at the stopwatch, watching the numbers count down. But it was like watching water boil, so she turned her attention back to his cock. She really wanted to shut him up and would be more than happy if she were able to make him cum way before the five minutes were up. It helped that his massive cock did feel great inside of her. She had never fucked a cock that big and with each slow bounce up and down on his cock, she felt nerves being touched that she didn’t even know where there.

Barely thirty seconds had passed, but she was already started to get really wet and enjoy the feeling of a big black cock deep inside her. She closed her eyes and his hand grabbed her firm ass and then made their way up to her covered tits.

As he pushed the tank top down and grabbed both breasts with his massive hands, she felt him thrust upwards deep into her pussy. Her eyes bulged open wide as she felt him deeper insider her than anyone has ever been before. She felt him thrust slowly in and out of her pussy, feeling every inch of his monster cock. The pace quickened as she tried to hold in the sensations coursing through her body. She was slowly losing control of the situation as his grip tightened around her waist and held her body up helplessly for him to thrust his cock over and over up into her pussy. She tried to meet him thrust for thrust, but could not regain control of the fucking motion and was only slamming her pussy harder and faster into his cock making her scream and moan wildly and loudly.

Sensing things getting out of control too quickly, she jumped up as high as possible and let his cock slip out of her soaking pussy.

“Oh no sweetheart. You stop fucking and that stops the clock.”

Hurriedly she reached back and slid his cock back inside her, hoping that she would get away with a few seconds in her favor. She immediately gained back control and started to fuck him, pouncing on his cock. She found her rhythm and was now using her gym trained leg muscles to slam down onto his cock and let the impact spring her back up, each bounce perfectly timed to go the length of his cock.

She noticed Marcus eyes roll to the back of his head and his neck snapped back. She was very familiar with this action and knew that Marcus was enjoying it just as much as she was. Glancing at the clock, she saw that there were still about three and a half minutes remaining. Mixing in a couple of grinds on his cock, she alternated between hard, fast bounces and slow grinds back and forth.

“Ooh, fuck that’s some good pussy. Now I know where Winnie gets it from.”

The last comment made her blood rise, but instead of angrily cursing him out of hitting him, her pussy unconsciously took it out on his cock and fucked him harder and faster. She stepped up onto the chair, her legs still straddling his and dug her heels into the leather cushion. She used the new found leverage to slam her pussy down even harder on his cock than before.

“Yea, fuck that cock. Give me that sweet Asian pussy.” Marcus cheered, even clapping for added emphasis.

His encouraging words egged her on and she slam fucked his cock harder and harder, the sound of her ass slapping against his thigh almost as loud as her ecstasy filled moans. Her legs began to tire and tense up and she felt an unfamiliar feeling course through her body. It was at least unfamiliar from a cock as opposed to her vibrator, but she knew she was getting close to cumming. Her legs gave out and she almost feel off the chair, but Marcus’ strong hands caught her and she was leaning on her side at the edge of the chair. His dick still inside of her, Marcus shifted his weight until he was on his side as well facing her. His face was so close to hers that she felt every hot breath of his as he thrusted his cock in rapid movements into her dripping wet pussy.

She was dangerously close to cumming and he knew it. He drove his cock in her faster and faster, reaching down with his free hand to rub her clit. Their faces were so close, that their mouths were almost touching. Even catching herself by surprise, Winnie’s mom leaned in and shut up her loud banshee like screams with a hard, sloppy kiss on his mouth.

As their mouths released, she screamed out “Oh my god…I’m going to cum.”

Marcus went into overdrive and began drilling her pussy into submission, trying to get her over the edge and force her pussy juices to flow.

“No…please no…” Winnie’s mom screamed. With her last ounce of strength she begged “…please no…let me suck your cock. Please…”

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