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First viewI sucked my first pussy when I was six …. and I loved it!That was the answer I wanted to give to the smarmy management consultant employed by our new owners. He was trying to convince us that being taken over by our biggest rival at no notice was a good thing. His icebreaker question at the get -to- know-you workshop was, “Tell us about a time when something unexpected happened and it was a pleasant surprise.” I don’t know what made think of that incident at school with Joy all those decades ago, but with those images in my mind I could think of nothing else and for the rest of the afternoon I must have been wearing a strange grin which he misinterpreted as being convinced by his bullshit presentation.I must explain that Joy was also six at the time and was not a relative. Sorry if you are groaning with disappointment but there are plenty of stories like that around and who knows they may even be true like this one is. Joy was a later arrival at our small town primary school. Most of us had been in the nursery since three and were together in the same class when proper school started at five. It was rare for new k**s to join so that when Joy arrived a year later she was an object of curiosity made even more so by her Scottish accent which marked her out in our London suburb. The other k**s would giggle when she spoke so she tended to keep quiet as she seemed to get embarrassed easily. After getting the third degree in the playground on her first day we learned that they had moved down from Glasgow. Her sister was in secondary school and her mum worked in a pub. She said her dad was `away’ which led to a few sniggers, although no one knew why they were laughing. I could see that she was embarrassed and I felt sorry for her. I told the others to shut up and reminded them that my dad had been away in the Navy for 10 years. They all remembered being impressed when I brought a load of his souvenirs in to class for a show and tell. I said that her dad could be away in the Navy or the Army or whatever on secret work. Joy nodded gratefully at not having to explain any more. Joy was not part of our gang so I did not have much to do with her until a couple of weeks later our teacher was taken ill with chicken pox and we had a replacement who was more than a c***dminder. In one `lesson’ she had us sat around these octagonal tables drawing pictures. Joy was sat opposite colouring in with one hand. She had a strange faraway look on her face as if she was trying to remember something. Me and my mate Gary went to grab the same colour crayon from the pile in the middle of the table and it rolled off the top, bounced and rolled under the legs. We both raced out of our chairs to be the first to grab the colour and were scrambling around the forest of feet of our schoolmates. I looked up and banged my head on the underside of the table in surprise at the site a few inches from my face. Joy was sat right in front of me, legs open, skirt pulled up and knickers pulled to one side. Two of her fingers were massaging her bare slit. She knew and me and Gary could see but she did not move. I nudged Gary and he banged his head when he looked up as well. We both know there was something rude about this but at the same time it was an exciting secret. I put my hand on one of Joy’s thighs and dared Gary in a whisper to do the same which he did. I then dared him to touch it (we didn’t have a word for pussy at six years old). Joy could hear us and opened her legs wider and moved her hand out of the way. Gary gave her cunt the briefest of dabs with his hand, but I was hooked by the sight in from of me. I leaned in close and got me first ever sniff of a female aroma. My head was spinning and I could not stop myself from leaning forward and kissing Joy on her puffy little slit. This surprised Joy who gave a little squeal of shock, while Gary sat wide eyed going “Eurgh ! Eurgh!” We had started a commotion and the teacher shouted “What are you boys up to down there? Get back in your seats immediately”. I grabbed the crayon from the floor and quickly drew a black curly moustache on Gary’s face. He did the same to me. We emerged from under the table and the other k**s started laughing at us and drawing their own moustaches. I looked across at Joy who was also laughing and I winked at her. She smiled back. That was the start of our secret game as we later came to describe our experimentation. For the next couple of days Joy and me exchanged glances but neither of us seemed able to start a conversation about what had happened under the table. I remembered how excited I was about doing it so I was keen for another chance but I did not know how to engineer it. As luck would have it fate intervened. On the following Monday Gary was not at school. His asyabahis yeni giriş sister had caught the chicken pox and his mother was keeping them both at home. His place next to me on the two-seater bench desk at the back of the class was free. When we came in from morning break I took Joy’s hand and gently steered her to the desk and into the corner seat. We sat in silence but I could not hear the teacher’s voice above the noise of my heart beating in my ears. Joy started fidgeting around on the seat and then I noticed that her hand was under her pleated school skirt and she had that far away look in her eyes again. We looked straight at each other as I slid my hand up her thigh and my fingers into the gusset of her knickers where they encountered her own. I was amazed at how hot and damp it was. Off course I did not know what I was doing so I was glad when Joy put her hand over mine and directed me to rub gently at the top of her slit where, many years later I was to discover the clit. With my hand stroking her bare cunt her face became even dreamier. She was breathing slowly and smiling at me with slightly parted lips and heavenly lidded eyes. She leaned over and whispered that I was making her tummy feel all `fluffy’. I confessed that my willy was all tingly. The rest of the morning passed in this state of bliss, me writing with my right hand and Joy with her left as our others were fully engaged. At lunchtime I went into the boy’s toilet for a pee but my cock was so stiff I could not start. Eventually my erection subsided enough to pee and I thought that was the end of it. However the memory of the morning’s activities soon had me stiff again and I had to tuck it uncomfortably back in to my pants.When we sat back down on our seats I told Joy my willy would not go down and showed her the bump in my pants. She put her hand over it and squeezed gently and I sighed. With her other hand she lifted the hem of her skirt to show me she had taken her knickers off. For the first time I saw the whole of her naked pussy which looked damp and a little pink from our mutual attention. I did not waste any time and put my hand straight on it. With freedom of access my fingertips explored up and down the slit and by accident I found the hole and slid a finger in and wiggled it gently. Joy grasped by throbbing cock through the thick material of my school shorts and leaned against me. “That’s nice” she said as I slid a finger in and out. “You make me feel so fluffy”. She then took a few quick shallow breaths and slumped against my arm very still. Now I don’t know the age at which a girl can biologically have an orgasm, but emotionally Joy seemed to be experiencing all the symptoms. My cock was throbbing in a way I had not experienced and my balls (which I had not thought much off before) felt like they were on fire. We were both woozy when we got up at the end of the day. I looked around to make sure that no one was noticing and gave her a quick peck on the cheek. She blushed. We walked out of school together and when we were out of earshot of the other k**s I asked her how she found out about our game. She said she had caught her sister and boyfriend playing it when they thought she was not looking. Her mum worked in a local pub every evening and her 16 year old sister Tina was left in charge to babysit and put her to bed at 8pm. She was under instructions not to have any friends around while her mum was out of the house. Tina had a secret boyfriend Jimmy who was about 18. He would wait until the coast was clear and then come around the back door. He had a job and would bring a bottle of drink and cigarettes which they would get through on the couch in between kissing. They would bribe Joy with a bag of sweets to keep quiet. Because Tina and Joy had to share a bedroom they could not sneak in there for their kissing and cuddling. The made her sit on the floor in front of them watching the TV. She had negotiated staying up until 9pm and a bigger bag of sweets as the price for her silence. She knew that something was going on behind her on the couch in the hour before her extended bedtime. She found out that if she sat close to the TV she could see the reflection of what was going on behind her. That is where she found out that her sister did not wear any kickers when her boyfriend came around. He would sneakily put one hand up her skirt to play with her cunt and the other under her tee shirt to fondle her tits. Once when they were too carried away to notice, she turned around and saw her sister’s skirt pushed right up and Jimmy’s fingers going in and out. Her tee-shirt was also pushed up and his mouth was moving from one tit to another. Jimmy’s trousers were also sticking out like my shorts had been all day. asyabahis giriş They eventually recovered their composure and Joy was put to bed. She went willingly, keen to try out the things she had seen and that was the first time she had played with herself. She had been doing it for a month now. I said she should try and sneak a look at what they did when she was in bed because there might be other secret games we could play. Joy said she would try. Jimmy’s job paid him on a Thursday and he would come around in the evening with presents for both of them. On Tuesday and Wednesday we entertained ourselves revisiting what we had done on the Monday. I had the brainwave of insisting on wearing my sports shorts for the rest of the week because I was `doing a lot of running’. These shorts had wide legs which meant that once I had got to school and taken my underpants off, Joy could easily slip her hand in the leg hole and fondle my cock and balls. I was getting quite good at making Joy come by teasing her on the clit and wiggling my finger in her hole. On Wednesday afternoon I made her come twice but she was so tired she fell asleep on the desk afterwards. The teacher came around and asked her if she was ill because she looked a bit red in the face. Joy said it was just a bit warm in the room. I just kept quiet.On Friday morning Joy came into school with a face like she was bursting to let a secret out. I asked her if she had seen any more games. She nodded enthusiastically and when I asked her to explain she said we had to find a hideaway at break time and she would show me. My heart was beating wildly and the morning could not pass quickly enough. When break time came and all the k**s were put out into the playground we snuck back in, went across the assembly room and into the cupboard where they kept the gym equipment. We climbed up on a pile of gym mats and Joy told me what happened when Jimmy and Tina thought she had gone to sleep. Joy had snuck back down the corridor and peaked through the crack in the open living room door. Jimmy had produced a bottle of drink and asked Tina if she had ever tried vodka before. She said off course but it was obvious that she had not. Jimmy then made a couple of drinks with the vodka and orange juice and Tina was drinking hers quick quickly. She asked Jimmy if he was trying to get her drunk so she would let him do her. “You see” I said “there is another secret game”. “I know “said Joy, just as excited as me. Jimmy said he had a present for Tina and he gave her a bag and asked her to try it on. Tina looked in it and said he was a dirty boy but she agreed. Joy scampered back to her room and got back into bed pretending to be asleep but Tina did not come into their room but went into her mum’s bedroom instead. When she came out 10 minutes later she heard the sound of high heels on the floor and a whistle come from the living room. Tina told Jimmy to keep the noise down. Joy waited a couple of minutes and returned to her spying position. Tina had put on makeup and was naked apart from a pair of black knickers which had a slit in the front. I looked puzzled. “So you can pee without taking them off silly” Joy explained. She also confided that Tina had hairs on her thing but you could see the slit and the sides were very puffy. This discovery was too much for my young mind to take in. Tina was also wearing long thin see through socks that came right up to her thighs (`to keep her legs warm’) and a pair of her mum’s high heeled shoes. Jimmy was very excited and Tina was dancing around just out of his reach. Suddenly he grabbed her and pulling her toward him he kissed her on one tit then the other. His hands were in the slit of the knickers and Tina was moaning. He then sat on the couch with Tina standing in front of him and put his face against the slit in the knickers. He kissed her on the cunt. “I did that to you. I knew it was part of the game” I said triumphantly. Joy continued, she described how he ran his tongue up and down the slit with Tina saying “Yes, yes, put it in the hole”. Then he stood up and pulled down his trousers.”He’s got a very big willy” said Joy. When I asked how long she measured almost the length of her forearm. Tina knelt in front of Jimmy and took this cock in her hands. She licked the big head at the end and then tried to put it in her mouth but she could only get a few inches in. Jimmy was moaning now and Tina told him to keep quiet. He picked her up and put her on the couch and spread her legs. From her spying point Joy could see that Tina’s cunt was all pink and swollen and open. She could see the hole clearly. Jimmy had taken all his clothes of and Joy could see that his willy and chest was very hairy. He took one of Tina’s ankles in each asyabahis güvenilirmi hand and opened her legs wide and then he rubbed the end of his big willy up and down Tina’s pink wet lips until it was all wet as well. Tina was moaning “Yes, yes, Jimmy, hurry up and fuck me”. (This was the first time Joy had heard the word and her saying it was a first for me to). Jimmy started to slide his big willy into Tina and Joy was amazed that it could all go in. The lips were stretched wide to accommodate him. When he was all the way in he stopped for a moment then he started to push in and out. When he pulled out he came nearly all the way out before pushing all the way in again. Tina seemed to be very excited and Joy was as well. She said she had to lift her nightdress and play with herself the way I had been touching her. Jimmy carried on for another couple of minutes but was speeding up. Tina put her legs around his waist and held him still. She said she had just come. Joy said that it must be the same as when her fluffy feeling got too much. Jimmy started to push in and out again and said he was going to spunk. (We both looked at each other in puzzlement). Tina said she was too young to have a baby and he had to pull out because she did not want to get pregnant. Jimmy pulled out and grasped his cock in his hand and slid it back and forward. Joy said the cover of his willy seemed to slide on and off the head underneath. I pulled out my willy which had been stiff since the start of her report and tried to pull the foreskin back but it would not budge and it stung when I tried to force it. “What happened next?” I asked. Joy said Jimmy’s hand went really fast and then his willy spat over Tina’s face and chest five times. “Spat?” I said unbelievingly. Yes said Joy. Jimmy said “ There goes my baby batter” and he laughed. Tina said he was a bastard for spunking in her face. They then sat on the couch and Tina used Jimmy’s shirt to clean herself up. Joy tiptoed back to bed and fluffed herself again before she fell asleep. We both sat breathless with our thoughts and I said let’s play like Tina and Jimmy. Joy pulled her long socks up over her knees. She pulled of her skirt and showed me the hole she had made in her knickers so they were like Tina’s. I took all my clothes off and took her tee shirt and vest off. I straddled her chest and kissed her on the mouth and on her chest which she said tickled. Joy reached up and played with my willy and balls. “It’s a nice small one” she said before sliding the end of my cock into her mouth. My balls were really tingling now and if I had been old enough to produce spunk it would have been a gallon. Joy sucked and licked it like a lolly and I was not acting when I started moaning myself. My cock was now becoming sore so I took it out of Joy’s mouth and slid down her body. I lifted her legs up and put my tongue in the hole in her knickers and into her hot, wet little cunt. “So fluffy, so fluffy” Joy kept saying and suddenly went stiff. “I made you come like Tina” I said proudly. “Yes you did”, she agreed. “May be I can make you spunk like Jimmy “she added. Joy took my cock in her hand and started to wank it gently. “The head does not come out” she said. “I think that is what makes it spunk”. “Oh, maybe it will tomorrow”. I said hopefully.Sadly it was not tomorrow or the many tomorrows after that.We continued to play our secret game as often as we could. I can’t seem to remember actually getting my cock into her. The opportunities to be completely naked were few , but I do remember a few occasions on the gym mats when I used to lie on top of her, out naked genitals rubbing together. Joy said this was the fluffiest of all and I agreed that this was the best. One day Joy told me she had woken up in the night and heard her mum and a man she called Jack playing the game as well. “Everyone does it so why is it a secret” I said. Neither of us had the answer.Joy only stayed at our school for one year. Her dad came back the following May and the family moved back to Glasgow. I never saw Joy again. Years later I found out that her dad had been held on remand in prison in London but by the time the case finally came to court he was acquitted.Joy’s effect on my life has been long lasting. By the time I was old enough to wank I was desperate to find a girlfriend who looked like what I imagined Joy would at 14 years old. My thoughts of her had already launched 10,000 wanks so I had to do something about it. I was a big k** and lucky to get a girlfriend older than me and although she was 16 and had done it before, she was impressed that I knew how to please a girl in spite of being a virgin. I owe all that to Joy. The first few times I fucked my girlfriend I accidently called her Joy on more than one occasion. That did not go down too well. In later life I even married a Scottish lass but it turned out I was more in love with the accent than the person. So wherever you are now, I’ll just say thanks for the memories Joy. Never has a name been more appropriate. 3847 words.

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