First Time with April

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Alina Li

April was a friend and coworker of my wife. She stopped at the house one day to pick something up. Luckily for me I answered the door. There stood April. Great smile pretty face could tell she has at least C cup tits and tell she worked out.

I told her to hang on a second and grab the bag that was left for her. She said thanks smiled and walked to her car. She had a great ass and I stood there and watched her walk away. I didn’t care if she noticed or not.

Later that night I had a message on Instagram. It was from April. Nothing all that fun just asking if I was really an eagles fan being I was wearing a jersey when she came to the house. I said yes and we made small talk.

A few weeks later after the eagles got blown out she messaged again and was just friendly chatting. Teasingly I told her she should just get an eagles thong and wear it for good luck. She commented I’d like that to much but it wasn’t a bad idea. At first I let her comment go as we continued to talk about the birds. I informed her I was going to bed being i had an early day at work and told her I expect a pic of her in the thong by the end of the week.

The week came and went and no pic. Not that I was surprised but I was slightly disappointed. Late Saturday night I get a message from April asking if I have Snapchat. I had it but at the time never used it much. I have her my name and within seconds i had a friend request from here and a snap. I opened it to see her firm full ass. You could tell she enjoyed working out and keeping her body well tone. She def spent a lot of time squatting.

I sent her a message on snap simply saying Oh damn. The things I’d do to that ass. I was very surprised at her reply. After all she was friends and a coworker Of my wife. Prove it! Was her reply and I knew right there and then i was going to find away to fuck April’s ass.

My wife was never much fun in bed. Not only was she vanilla in bed she didn’t have a very high drive. I told her numerous times I need more and she just didn’t seem to care. When April opened the door for fun with someone who looked as good as she did I wasn’t going to miss out.

During the course of the next few weeks April and i continues to talk through snap. She loved to tease and send me pics. She had great full D tits with pierced nipples and kept her pussy clean shaven and had her clit pierced. It got to the point she was sending me a naughty pic everyday and it was great.

It all seemed to good to be true. Here was this smoking hot girl who was all about doing anything I wanted in bed and whiling to send escort bayan gaziantep me pics and videos every single day of her working her pussy with dildos or her fingers. She gave me her address and told me it was on me to find away to get to her house. She knew it wasn’t going to be easy for me to just go run somewhere that would give us time to play.

Finally the moment I was waiting for. A buddy of my was in front out of town and we ordered wings from a place that was two blocks from her house. I messaged her and told her I’d be there in a few mins. My buddy had no clue what I was stopping at a random house for so when he asked I quickly told me I was giving money for a football pool i was in.

I messaged April and told her I was out front. She told me let myself in. I walked up to the house opened the front door and step inside. Closing the door quickly behind me so my friend wouldn’t see anything. She had all the lights off. There she was sitting on her couch watching her fire place sipping a beer. As I walked closer she stood up.

“I didn’t think you’d actually show up.” She said.

“I told you I would and here I am” I reply.

As soon as I finished talking she grabbed me pulling me closer and kisses me hard. Her tongue is in my mouth before i was even able to move. I gather myself and our tongues are fighting back and forth. I grab her ass with both hands and pull her checks up and out lifting her so she is standing in her tip toes.

I let go of her ass and push her back into the couch. “You are going to be my toy and you are going to like it. Do you understand!” I ask her as she readjusts on the couch. “Make me” she replies. With that I grab my shorts and I hear the horn beep on my car. FUCK!! I come crashing back to earth and realize my buddy is still in the car. I kiss her hard telling her this isn’t over and hurry out the door.

April and I continue to talk and both express how disappointed we are that more couldn’t happen yet we are both overly excited for the next time. We set something up and promise eachother nothing is going to stop us this time.

The day finally comes. I’m on my way to April’s nervous something will happen and we won’t be able to have fun. I park the car and tell her I’m here. She lets me know the door is open to go inside. I head on in and sit on the couch. She is coming down the stairs telling me she had to put the dog up so she wouldn’t bark.

Normally at this time I’m at basketball so I was dressed as if that was where I was headed. April was in the smallest shorts I’ve ever seen and a tank top. As she walked over I kicked off my shoes and she straddles me right away. My hands quickly pull the top of her tank top down letting her full tits spill over the top so I can play with them.

During our weeks of talking she made it clear she likes it rough and to be dominated. With that in mind I grab each nipple and pinch them hard. “This is where I make you my toy” I tell her. She moans softly as she leans in and kisses me. We make out for a few mins as I continue to work her tits. Playing with her nipple rings seems to excite her more than anything so I use that to my advantage.

After a few mins she slides off my lap and tells me to take my shorts off. I stand but refuse to remove my shorts as I grab my shirt and pull that over my head. Standing there looking at her she grunts in displeasure and grabs my shorts pulling them down and pushing me back on the couch. “Must you be such a pain in the ass?” She asks. “I will be later. I told you you are my toy remember.” I reply to her. She simply says whatever and slides between my legs.

She grabs my hard cock at the base and take the head into her mouth. She swirls her tongue around the head of my cock lightly stroking my shaft. “I’m gonna gag you with my big cock” I tell her. She pulls her head off my cock looks at me and says “Good Luck with that I don’t gag.” Challenge accepted i think to myself.

April returns her mouth to my cock and slowly starts taking more and more into her mouth. I reach down between us and start playing with her nipples again as she continue to suck my dick. She has a good Rhythm now but still can’t fit my whole

Cock in her mouth. I let go of her tits and place my hands on each side of her head. As she slides down my shaft I push a little on her head forcing her to take more than she wants into her throat. I do this 2-3 times before she pulls her head back letting my cock fall from her mouth. She stands up telling me to lay down as she pulls off her tank top and shorts.

She grabs my cock as she slings her leg over my and guides herself into my dick. The combination of her spit and her pussy juices already flowing make it easier for me to slide into her. She has my cock buried deep inside her pussy with in seconds. She is already bouncing hard up and down onto my cock. Her pussy already contracting around my dick as she fucks me hard. Her hands on her tits. Squeezing and pulling at them as she continue to ride me. My right hand is on her stomach my thumb working her clit as she moans and bouncing harder and harder on my cock.

Her pussy juices are flowing down my shaft and balls as she works herself up and down my cock. Her pussy tight wet and warm feels amazing as she continues to ride me. It’s clear I’m there for her use right now as she fucks me with her bouncing. She starts rolling her hips grinding her pussy against my cock. My thumb still working her clit. She grabs my wrist pulling my thumb to her mouth. She sucks her juices off my thumb leaving it clean yet somehow wetter than it was. She put my thumb back where it was and holds my wrist tight. I push harder against clit then I was before and she lets out a loud moan. Her pussy clamps hard around my cock as she cums. She tries to fight through the pleasure of her release but can’t.

She collapses on top of me breathing hard. My rock hard cock still inside her. Her pussy leaking her juices all over my cock. The coach has a massive wet spot. “I still need to get off” I remind her. “Fuck my face. I want to swallow you.” She says in between taking deep breathes. She lifts her hips so my cock slips out of her now well fucked pussy and rolls on to the floor. I stand up and let her sit in the edge of the couch.

I walk right up to her grab her face and shove my cock into her mouth. He seems to caught her off guard a little but she adjust quickly and relaxes. One of her hands working her clit the other playing with her tits as I pump my cock in and out of her mouth. Letting her get into a comfortable position before I start really fucking her mouth. She finally seems to be good after a few moments. She stops adjusting herself and I start pushing my cock deeper into her eager mouth and throat. I again grab both sides of her head and start pushing deeper and deeper. I hit the back of her throat a few thrust into face fucking her.

I keep the pace and depth for a few more thrust. The head of my cock hitting the back of her throat over and over. I slow my speed and this time when I hit her throat I push a little harder. Her throat opens and the tip of my cock slides in I pull back and do it again and again. Now throat fucking her at a slow pace. Her throat feels amazing and I can’t fight off cumming anymore. I pull back and push into her throat one more time this time it makes her gag and I pull back just a little as I start cumming.

I fill her mouth full of my hot seed. She tries to swallow as she tries to fight off coughing from gagging. You manages to swallow my if my load. Some of it running down her chin onto her tits. As she finishes couching she scoops the fun from her tits up with her fingers and sucks then clean. “Told yiu is make you gag” I tell her with a very satisfied look on my face. “Shut up ass” is all she replies. We get dressed and I’m out the door.

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