First Time I Fucked a Girls Ass – True Story

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First Time I Fucked a Girls Ass – True StoryFirst Time I Fucked a Girls Ass – True StoryBeth had actually picked me up. After being introduced by a mutual friend (and having several drinks and some good conversation), she left the bar, only to come back two minutes later, dragging me by the hand so that she could fuck me on her living-room floor (twice, actually). So, to say that our relationship was based on sex is a bit of an understatement. At 4’11” and 90 lbs, with a British/Guyanese background, she looked like an aerobicized, teenage version of Halle Berry.We were both intelligent risk-takers. She was finishing her first year at the University of Toronto, I was finishing my first year of a Masters at Ryerson. But somehow, intellectually, we always seemed to disagree… Which in turn only made the sex after, that much better. On a drunken spur of the moment at the end of the semester I suggested that we should get a place together for the next academic year. To my surprise, she agreed.Through the whole summer we were at each others’ throats. Fight after fight turned into better and better sex. So the deal was still on. Apartment shopping became a rather particular kind of hell, as both of us lived outside of the city with our parents in the off-season. But as luck would have it Beth had a friend that had kept her apartment for the summer, and we were welcome to use it as needed. At first it was strictly business. We needed a centrally located, downtown apartment that could fit both of our egos and not cost more than the average crack-hole. A tall order by anyone’s standards in Toronto’s market. As July rolled into August, suddenly every weekend was consumed with our search, and Beth’s friend’s apartment became our second home.There is no question that both of us enjoyed the pub culture. So after every trying Saturday that, once again, we didn’t get the apartment we were hoping for, we would head down to Bloor street and find ourselves a corner in a pub to drown our sorrows. With her size, she was a pretty cheap date. But the booze crept up on her fast. So as per usual, it was around 10 o’clock when we decided to leave. We were both completely distraught. And as such, neither of us seemed to give a shit about the world in general.Beth sparked up a joint as we worked our way through the Annex, ranting about all the asshole landlords we had met in the past six weeks. As she hit the filter she stopped and looked at me, gave me a kiss and said, “You know what, baby? I don’t give a fuck. Fuck’m all. We anadolu yakası escort can do whatever we want. And assholes will just have to suck it up.” With that she gave a big “Whoop” and peeled off her summer dress. “Come on baby, let’s be free,” she yelled, as she ripped my t-shirt off my back and threw it in the air. She was a good couple of paces ahead of me when she shed her final piece of clothing (a black G-string), which made me think, “Fuck yeah, follow the leader.” I dropped my shorts and tossed my underwear so that at least we were partners in crime. Fuck it, right?There didn’t seem to be anyone on the streets on this Saturday night, so we acted like bold crusaders, overcoming the pitfalls of a clothed society. We laughed and yelled and barked at the moon. No one was going to bring us down, even when we finally passed a woman as we walked through the park, we stared right back at her, like she was the one that was naked. Fortunately Beth had the mind to keep the keys in her hand. So, when we finally found our way back to her friend’s apartment, we weren’t forced to quietly sit on the sidewalk and wait for the cops to swoop in. Feeling so empowered we could barely make it up the stairs without stopping to fondle, finger-fuck, make out, and kiss and lick almost every part of each others bodies. We were on fire. And though we had had great sex throughout our short relationship, I knew that tonight was going to top it all.We crashed onto her friend’s bed with a thud, as we were still completely embraced… a b**st with two backs. This was not a time for gentle fore-play. Our streak through the Annex had taken care of all of our inhibitions. We were sexed up and ready to go. Beth impatiently tugged at my cock, trying to ram it into her cunt without the rest of my body following. I grabbed her hair with both hands and with a violent thrust pushed my cock all the way into her steaming wet pussy. Beth screamed with pleasure, and used both of her hands on my ass to negotiate the hard rhythm of the fuck. It was unrelentless, nasty, primal. And the hot, humid air of this summer night had us both bathing in sweat as we fucked like squirrels.We fucked for what seemed like hours. Switching up positions so that she was on top, then I was taking her from the side, then some doggy, followed by reverse cowgirl… you name it, we did it. Beth was cumming every five minutes, screaming at the top of her lungs to let the neighbours know that she really couldn’t ataşehir escort give a fuck about what they thought. But as always seems to be the case, when I drink, it takes forever for me to cum. And so the night went on. I’m sure that Beth had never been so thoroughly fucked before in her life. And as we began to run out of calories (or something), she rode my cock, on top, slowly. “What’s the matter, babe? Aren’t you ever going to cum? What can I do?” She had never before been a generous lover, so I was a bit surprised to hear that coming from her mouth. At the same time I had just given the performance of a lifetime, and felt that if a Prime-time Emmy wasn’t coming my way, I should at least be able to make a request.As this was the mid-90’s, porn still came in the form of a magazine. But I had my fair share. And at that particular time, anal was making a bit of a breakthrough. The pictures were still mostly “blacked out” when it came to penetration, but the stories in Swank and Club and Hustler were raging full-on. I had no reason to be nervous. Beth would’ve sucked a dogs dick if I had asked her to, at that moment. But still my heart jumped a bit as I crafted my words. “Baby, I don’t think I’m going to cum at all tonight, unless… unless… I can try your ass.” I had never fucked a girl’s ass before, but the masturbation material of the time had me dreaming about it almost every day. I’m still not sure if Beth was actually shocked by my request, or was just playing a role so that she didn’t come off as a total slut-whore-trashcan. But after the expression of disgust (or was it surprise?) passed from her face she leaned down and gently kissed me on the lips and said, “As long as you go slow.”It was like spinach for Popeye. With those words my sore, but somehow still rock hard, dick twitched and seemed to grow even bigger, making Beth’s pussy feel as tight as a knot on a balloon. Her eyes bulged a bit as she got used to my new size. There was no way I was going to let her go back on her word. I lifted her off of me with the faint sound of a pussy fart and swung her around into a doggy position. The concept of lube never even crossed my mind, and certainly was not brought up by Beth. I was almost drooling as I pushed down on her back so that her asshole was front and center, shining like the north star on a clear night. My head was spinning and my heart was racing as I lined up my dick to her ass. She looked back at me and said, “Remember, go slow.”‘Well, that was all ümraniye escort I could do. As I made my first push she almost jumped out of her skin. “Oh baby, slow.” I put a hand on either cheek and spread her out as far as I could and began my second attempt. This time the head of my cock popped into her ass. We both moaned in unison. Her moan was pain, but mine was ecstasy. Without all of the pussy juice still on my cock from hours of fucking, it never would’ve happened… two anal virgins breaking new ground. But I had a foothold and wasn’t going to lose a micron. I slowly rocked her ass into my cock as I focused on inching my way into glory. Beth cried and screamed and cursed the name of our savior as I finally got my dick all the way into her ass. And when I just held it in there, balls deep, for most of a minute, we both started to relax. Beth had always come across as being a strong person. But with my dick buried in her ass she began to purr as if she loved being used. She never came out with any dirty talk, but she moaned with pleasure and pain as I slowly started a rhythm that would write the song of my first time fucking a girl’s ass.Slow and steady was the name of the game, and every time my dick got squeezed out of Beth’s ass, I just pushed it back in… a little deeper every time. It didn’t take long before Beth was begging me to cum. There was only so much this small girl could take. There was nothing more I wanted than to oblige, except that I was riveted by the sight and feeling of plunging my cock into her ass. As I slowly increased the tempo I was a bit surprised to find Beth reach back to try to both rub her clit and squeeze my balls at the same time. What a talented girl. My thrusts became more firm, and she abandoned my balls for her clit. She started moaning louder and louder. I couldn’t believe it. My girlfriend was actually cumming as I fucked her ass. The whole world became a ball of confusion. I thought I might pass out, when suddenly I felt the twitch I had been going for all night. I forgot every word that Beth had said to me and started ramming my cock into her ass. I’m not sure if she was protesting or still going through her own orgasm, but I was so close that nothing was going to stop me at this point. Like a piston in an engine I mechanically slammed my dick into her ass releasing a strong blast of cum up her shit-hole with every motion. I felt like a mad man as the orgasm took over my entire body, sending shivers to nerves I didn’t even know existed. Beth was completely used and taking everything I could throw at her with the knowledge that it was finally over.When I finally stopped quivering, I slowly pulled my cock out of her ass. Out of exhaustion and pure satisfaction, we both passed out in each others arms within seconds. That was the first day of the rest of my life.

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