First Time for Everything Ch. 01

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*Please note — This is my first erotic story and any feedback, positive or negative would be greatly appreciated. It may be a little slow to start but hopefully you’ll enjoy the ending. I am aware that this is probably not perfectly edited as editing is not one of my strengths. If you like the story please make sure to comment, it gives me incentive to continue!*

Just a little something to set the scene:

Ben had recently finished his final year of high and was moving on to University, his next stage of schooling. He stood around 6″3′ with a tanned oval face, bright green eyes and short surfy blond hair. He was an average build, not extremely sporty but not exactly fat either. He lived a surfing lifestyle dividing most of his time between the beach friends and study. High school had treated him fairly well academically. He had topped his class in every subject and had been selected to represent his school on many different occasions for many different topics. He loved pulling things apart and putting them back together, a hobby which greatly frustrated his parents who were always finding bit of things lying around the house. He aspired to be an engineer and as robotics had always interested him he had decided to follow this specialize in this area. He was not extremely popular splitting time between different groups of friends but he felt most at home with the more nerdy groups. This meant he had little experience girls and subsequently had never had a girlfriend. It’s not that he had trouble talking to girls he was just not very good at making conversation which made things awkward so he decided to write high school off and wait until University to try and get a girlfriend and move into a relationship.

It was finally the big day. He squeezed into the car with his parents and settled himself in for the long drive that awaited him. He was quite nervous and fidgety trying to convincing himself that he would settle in to his new dorm, like all of his teachers and meet lots of new and interesting people. He would be disappointed if he got there and instantly became an outcast, he had already had five years of being unpopular. This went on for a while until he managed to get some sleep and after what seemed like an eternity they finally arrived.

His parents helped him with his things and after asking some of the students and staff they found his new dorm room in ‘Block E’. As they entered Ben’s mum commented on the cozy room with a bed on each side, two small study desks and a small kitchenette in the corner. The room was simple but bahis firmaları offered a comforting feel that reminded him of home. As Ben explored that room which he would reside in for the next few years he also discovered a toilet and small shower that was shared with two other dorms. After his parents were done inspecting his dorm they bid Ben good bye and good luck. His mum hugged him tightly sobbed that she would miss him and that they were her and his father were both very proud of him. As tears of pride and happiness began to well in her eyes it all became too much for her she left the room. After she had left his dad pulled him aside. “Look son I want to start off by saying that we’re really proud of you. Make sure you study hard do your best; but most of all make sure you have fun and enjoy you time here. These years should be some of the best of your life and I want you to enjoy them.” Ben nodded and smiled at his father. “Ohh and I want you to have these” he handed his son a pack of condoms. “Please don’t tell you mother and please make sure you don’t get into too much trouble. I don’t want to drive all the way back here to pick you up if they kick you out, okay? See you at Christmas. ” He shook his sons hand, chuckled to himself and then quickly strode out of the room to catch up with his wife. Surprised by this Ben stood holding the box of condoms well after his father had left. He definitely did not expect to get lucky for a while yet so he stashed the condoms deep in his one of his suitcases.

With his parents gone he could finally think about the mammoth task of unpacking his gear and setting up. He picked the left bed hoping his roommate wouldn’t mind. He threw his pillow on the bed and then laid and pondered what type of roommate would accompany him. A nice simple roommate like himself would be good. Someone modest, quiet and polite like himself would be preferable. Someone who could cook would be good too. He chuckled to himself. After lying around for five minutes he realized he wasn’t getting anywhere with the stacks of cloths and other necessities that were crammed in a mixture of suitcases and boxes. He wondered if he left them long enough they would sprout legs and put themselves away. After deciding that probably wasn’t going to happened he forced himself to get up and start packing them away. As he was unpacking and plugging in the last bits of his computer the door flung open. He tried to sit up to see who it was but then realised be would probably bang his head on the desk. “Ahh finally I made it!” He heard a girl say.

‘Shit!’ kaçak iddaa he though. Having a female roommate never crossed his mind. Why didn’t he think of that? There was nowhere that said that the roommates had to be the same sex, this could make things difficult. The girl looked flustered and had obviously had trouble finding the dorm room if she had arrive this late. She was stood around 5″3′ and was petite with a beautiful heart shaped face and a dark olive complexion. Her black silky hair swept across her face from right to left partly coving her stunning big brown eyes. She wore a thin laced yellow top with a floral design and short denim shorts that made it half way down her thigh. She was breathtakingly beautiful and wore a musk perfume which Ben smelt as she began to walk into the room. She looked around the room taking in her surroundings. Her eyes fell onto the two beds, the pile of empty suitcases, the kitchenette and the finally onto the study desks one of which was already set up with a computer, books, an iPod and other small gadgets. She also found a pair of very long legs struggling to get out from underneath the desk. She stared at him inquisitively as he manoeuvred himself attempting to free himself from the confined space under the desk. Amused, she smiled to herself as Ben made the final movement to remove himself from the confined environment. They stared at each other for a few seconds before Kaila remembered her manners. She held out a hand for him to shake. “Hi my names Kaila, please to meet you.” She said politely.

Startled at how pretty she was Ben stared at her as if she was like the first girl he had ever seen. His eyes scanned from head to toe taking in every perfect detail and feature. Finally comprehending what she had said Ben started to stand and hold out his hand. He got to his knees, snagged his shoe on one of the power cables underneath the desk and fell flat onto his face. Kaila burst into laughter and Bens face went the darkest shade of crimson imaginable. That was possibly the worst thing that could have happened he thought as he unhooked his shoe. “Sorry, I shouldn’t have laughed.” Kaila said trying to supress a grin.

Ben returned an awkwardly smile until he realized he had not yet properly introduced himself. Face still red from embarrassment he held out his hand. “Sorry my name’s Ben, pleased to meet you Kaila.”

After the formal introductions were over and done with Kaila asked Ben if he would help with her bags. He happily obliged looking to regain some self-respect and followed her kaçak bahis out into the hall. He was not sure if having Kaila as a roommate was a good or bad thing but decided that there was nothing he could do about it even if he wanted and left it at that. “Sorry my things are all the way over in Block B” Kaila explained. “My parents and I spent the better half of today looking for the dorm room. We’ve been from Block A through to D and F through to J. Funny how the only one we missed is the one I was staying in. After a few hours of looking my parents just decided that I would be able to find the dorm by myself and left. Fat lot of good they are.”

They walked beside each other, Kaila taking three strides for every one of Bens. “How ’bout yourself? Did you find the room okay?” Kaila asked.

“Yeah, me and my parents…….”

“My parents and I…….” Kaila interrupted.

Ben gave Kaila a playful glare then continued, “My parents and I just asked some of the staff and students and they pointed us in the right direction.”

“Sorry” Kaila said “Journalism degree, I’ll probably get on your nerves.”

Considering how pretty she was Ben didn’t really care if or how much she got on his nerves but he laughed and agreed anyway to keep conversation going. “That should be good,” Ben commented “I heard the journo program here is one of the best.”

“Yeah that’s one of the reasons I chose this Uni.” Kaila replied. “So what are you here for?”

“Masters in Engineering specialising in Advance Mechatronics.” Ben said proudly.

“Oh so you choose something simple.” Kaila responded sarcastically.

“Yeah didn’t want to do challenge myself to much.”

“Well I heard the degree for that is good here to.” Kaila said smiling.

God she’s cute Ben thought to himself as they walked, completely perfect.

A few more minutes passed while they tried to find Kaila’s bags in this mass of buildings. They passed students and teachers of all ages as they walked from block to block. You could easily pick out the new students; they were the scared ones walking around aimlessly attempting to explore their new surroundings and find someone else to talk to. He supposed he probably looked the same. Finally he came across Kaila’s belongings which had been neatly stashed into a small pile in one of the corners. Grabbing a suitcase and a few bags each they both began to trudge the gear back to the dorm. The trip back was fairly uneventful with neither of the making any conversation. He struggled to think of something to say to restart and conversation. He enjoyed talking to her and found her easy to talk to which was rare for him. As hard as he tried they had returned to the dorm before he had though of something to talk about.

To be continued?

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