First Time Beach Fun

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My first day off in two weeks and I couldn’t wait to make the most of it. I dropped my wife off for work in the morning, grabbed a coffee from my favourite cafe and smashed out a few of the chores that had been piling up. By mid afternoon it was warming up nicely and I love nothing better than a good beach run in the sun.

I stripped off my clothes and popped some shorts on. Catching myself in the mirror I was pretty impressed with the training I had been doing. I have always been a healthy guy but now my abs were beginning to really show. My jaw line had become more prominent and my biceps were looking great. I grabbed my towel and sunscreen and hopped in the car.

It took me twenty minutes to get down to the beach when it usually only takes ten. I had completely forgotten there was a big function on at the beach this weekend and my usual run was full of people and fenced off in places. Never mind I thought I had been meaning to try a 5k run on the north end of the beach for a while I just never had the right conditions. When the wind picks up as it often does in these parts running back down south is hard going.

I started off at a nice easy jog as i got further away from the heavy crowds and the beach opened up to me I began to pick up the pace. I rounded one small cove and then another when I was met with a pretty small sign.

“Clothing optional beach ahead. 10 metres”.

I looked up but the beach was all but deserted apart from two or three umbrellas. Funny I thought I never knew this place existed. I pushed on past the umbrellas not really stopping to look what was going on.

I carried on for about 2.5 km until I finally made it to the end of the beach. The sun was high and I was beginning to really sweat. I took my top off and rubbed my self down with my towel then reapplied more sunscreen ready to turn round and run back down.

The wind was beginning to pick up but I was pretty sure I could beat the worst of it. Half way down the beach and it was really getting strong and my legs began to feel the burn. I came back too the nudist beach area and noticed all the umbrellas were gone. Guessing the wind had got too much for them.

It was a lovely area of the beach a good stretch of crystal white sand leading from the ocean up towards a few hundred yards of sand dunes. The beach was completely empty. I stopped to get my breath and curiosity got the better of me. I had never really been nude in public. Its not something I had really thought about. I took a seat just on the edge of the sand dunes and considered having my first nude swim.

The wind was whipping up pretty hard now and I scooted up the dunes a little more to get out of the sand being thrown up. I looked around and noticed I wasn’t alone several people were also taking shelter from the breeze in various spots across the dunes. Some guys were wandering around making small talk with Fındıkzade Escort each other as they went.

I lay my towel down and lay back wearing just my shorts. I was about to pull them off but before I could do anything a young bloke maybe early 30s came over to say hello. He had a towel round his waist.

“Hi there, lovely afternoon eh?” the man said.

“Beautiful.” I replied.

“You been running?” he asked.

“Yes just up to the end of the beach to the cliff, Big run and feeling the burn in my legs I must say.” I told him being my usual friendly self. He must have took that as an invite for more conversation as he pulled his towel off and lay it down beside me.

This guy wasn’t the most attractive he certainly wasn’t fat but he was not the skinniest either. He was pretty hairy but had a nice bronze tan. What I wasn’t prepared for was the fact he was completely naked and he was sporting a pretty impressive cock. I am certainly not gay but can appreciate the human form in all its guises. It was soft and at least 6 inches long. I am proud of my 7 inches when it is hard. He was completely shaved and must admit it looked good.

“Do you mind if I have a seat.” he asked.

“Er I mean sure I guess.” I was a little shocked at his openness in front of a complete stranger but quickly got over myself.

“Would you like a leg massage?” He asked me.

“I am ok thanks buddy” Alarm bells were now ringing in my head. “I think I am just going to have a snooze in the sun here”

“Aw ok.” Was his reply. He sat for a few more minutes in silence before he stood up grabbed his things and told me to. “have a great day.”

Well that was strange. I waited until he had wandered off a little bit and I stood again to look round once more. This time I paid a bit more attention to what was going on. Initially all looked normal but slowly thing’s began to click. There were no females walking around. Several of the guys kept popping up looking around and sitting back down again. All very peculiar I thought there is definitely some cruising going on.

I sat down and wondered if I should leave but I really wanted to feel the freedom of the sun on my skin and the ocean with no clothes on. Screw it I took my shorts off releasing my cock to the warm sun. It was a good cock uncut, I keep my pubes short and with nice big testicles behind, it has never had any complaints.

I ran down to the ocean and jumped in, the cool water over my naked sweaty body felt great. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t done this sooner. After five minutes of riding the waves and cooling down. I climbed back out and walked back to my sheltered section of the dunes. I lay face down on my towel and let the sun dry my naked body.

“Oh you got comfy.” Startled I looked up to see the same guy from before had returned. “Did you have a good swim?”

“Yeah it Fındıkzade Escort Bayan was great, felt awesome on my body.” Why was I engaging him.

“Yeah its a great feeling.” He replied as again he lay his towel beside me and took another seat this time ever so slightly closer still ever so naked. “I am Gary by the way.”

We made small talk for a while he asked my interests and if I had been here before. Turns out he was a regular and enjoyed getting away from his wife by coming up here. Eventually we ran out of conversation and just enjoyed the peace and quiet of the waves. It was strange to feel so comfortable while also being naked with a stranger.

“Have you creamed up.” Gary questioned me after 10 minutes or so.

I was still laying on my front and had not really thought how my back is probably frying in the sun. “Bollocks, No.” I panicked.

“Its ok.” He said as he reached down and grabbed my sunscreen.

“Oh its ok, I can get it.” I replied.

“Don’t be daft, what are mates for if they cant put some sunscreen on each others back.” With that I felt Garys strong hands come down on my back and begin to rub the sunscreen onto my back.

Initially he began innocently enough rubbing the cream in with no real purpose. Then he reached my shoulders and the rubbing became softer and more massage like. “Oh you are tight up here.” Gary exclaimed as he dug into my shoulder blades and eased a knot out expertly.

“Oh wow.” Was all I could manage to say as he continued his assault on my shoulders.

He reached down and moved my arms down to my sides giving him more ability to work those tight muscles in my back. I couldn’t really believe that I was being rubbed down naked by another naked man. I had occasionally had the odd thought about other men. Like I said before I can appreciate the human form but never had I thought I would enjoy this as much as I was.

Garys hands worked out knot after knot in my upper back as his hands again began to slide further down my back. Just as he was getting to the tops of my butt he stopped. Damn I thought, I was enjoying that. My disappointment was short lived as I felt Garys hands slide down my calfs and begin to massage my legs. My god did it feel good after all that running.

His hands continued to work their magic up my legs onto my thigh and finishing just under the crease of my tight butt. I knew I had a pretty cute butt some would even say a little bit girly. I was not the hairest of people so it had that look of a girly butt along with my training and running keeping it toned. I was pretty proud of it.

I was still enjoying this massage and was happy Gary was respecting the boundaries though I must admit he was getting very close. I had begun to assume Gary was bi-sexual and it got my mind spinning about the idea. I wont lie as I sat there with all these mixed Escort Fındıkzade emotions running through my mind. First time naked in public. First time being massaged naked by a naked guy. I was getting quite turned on.

Gary was positioned half way up my body and over to my left and as he began to work on my right leg. I felt something brush my left hand which was still down at my side. Instinctively I reached out for it not really thinking, assuming it was a towel or something. My fingers gently caught it when it suddenly sprang from them again. Oh my that was his hard cock I thought my eyes widening in my head. Surely not, did I just slide my fingers over his cock. Why was it so hard.

I closed my hand into a fist hoping Gary would realise that was an accident. I heard him giggle a little but he never stopped working on my legs, again making his way further up my thigh.

He suddenly pulled my legs apart spreading them a little wider. Now he was able to get in closer to my groin as he repositioned him self down at my feet. He would now have had an unrestricted view of my tight little ass hole and testicles hanging below as he slid his hands up my legs and right down into my groin. His thumb edging ever closer to my balls and his finger tips spreading up my ass cheeks almost spreading them further.

My head was spinning I wanted to stop him but at the same time it felt so good to be touched like this. My own cock was now rock hard beneath me. Another hand gliding up my legs this time slipping right over my testicles and wrapping a hand round them. “mmm.” I whimpered shit I was enjoying this and now he knew it. I couldn’t believe how easily I was submitting to him.

Again his hands came down my legs and back up again this time both hands came up to my ass cheeks. There was no mistaking this now. As he spread my cheeks apart and let his finger tips slide over my tight virgin hole.

I needed this to stop I levered my self up onto my elbows and knees ready to turn over and thank Gary for a great massage but I couldnt let him take this any further i was married and not gay or bi.

Gary obviously mistook this as an invitation to grasp my cock as his hands moved like a flash below me and grasped my thick cock in his hands. I was now on my elbows and knees with my ass up in the air having my cock stroked by this bisexual wizard. “Mm oh no.” I cried out as his hand strokes picked up the pace working up and down my cock in a corkscrew motion he had one hand playing with my ass at the same time.

I wanted him to stop but my cock deceived me as it dripped precum over Gary’s fingers. “You like that don’t you?” Gary questioned me as all I could do was mumble incoherently into my towel. His long strokes of my cock giving me such pleasure.

I knew I was close to cumming, my stamina has always been pretty good but even the kinkiness of this was too much for me. I couldn’t get the words out as I blew one of the biggest loads of cum all over my towel and garys hands.

“I erm. wow er.” I mumbled as Gary looked at me, pre cum dripping from his own thick monster cock. As he began to lick his own fingers clean of my cum.

“Come here slut” Gary said.

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