First time at the gloryhole.

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First time at the gloryhole.This is a story of my first gloryhole experience that happened some years ago that I shared on another website. I hope you all enjoy… Today it finally happened… I sucked my first cock. Well, actually, my first two cocks! Here’s what went down and I do apologize about the length of my story: Despite terrible winter road conditions, I decided to return to the ABS where some time prior, I had chickened out on my attempt to enter the booths and make use of an available glory hole. I’ve been thinking about masturbating another man or sucking his cock for a year or so now. I am especially intrigued by the anonymity of the glory hole and adult arcades in general. I made up my mind this morning that today, bad weather or not, would be the day. I pulled into the parking lot and right from the start, things weren’t looking good. The place didn’t even look open though there was one other car in the parking lot, which it turns out, belonged to the clerk. I entered and asked if tokens were needed for the video booths and was told they took paper money. After peeing quickly in the small bathroom adjacent to the arcade, I entered and began surveying my surroundings. I headed down the left side checking to see if anyone was in the booths and looking for glory holes. Not finding any of either, I returned to the main entrance-way to look at the selection of movies playing that day. I was worried the clerk would become suspicious of me or urge me to hurry up and pick a booth as I had seen happen in other places but instead he didn’t seem to be even slightly aware of my existence. I turned and found a bulletin board advertised as a “Free Swingers Board” or something to that effect but was disappointed in the virtually nil personal ads (come on people, make use of the resources available to you). Finding nothing of interest on the board, I went down the other side, checking out the booths as I went coming finally to the last one. I must say that in the dark, I couldn’t tell if there was a glory hole anywhere or even that the booths didn’t actually have doors but rather an alcove of sorts to give you a small measure of privacy. Having decided that I had spent long enough researching my surroundings and still afraid that I would irritate the clerk and ruin any chance I had of an anonymous encounter, I entered the last booth. Once inside, I found a small bench against the back wall and put my money in the machine. As the screen flickered to life, I saw what I had come for, there, about waist height, was the glory hole for which I had been searching. I settled in and began flipping through the channels, pausing on any particularly hot action. I was just beginning to bemoan my choice of days when I heard footsteps coming down the hall in my direction. I cautiously peeked back around the corner towards the booth entrance türbanlı diyarbakır escort and peeking in at me was an old man. After the two of us shyly sized each other up for a couple of seconds, he left. I was just beginning to wonder if I should go look for him and see what he was up for when a sound to my right made my heart skip a beat; the old man had entered the booth beside me and had just fed money into the machine. I quickly sat down and peered into the glory hole. I wasn’t sure what to do to indicate that I really wanted to suck his dick, as all of the research I had done on glory hole etiquette was lost in the heat of the moment. Continuing to stare though the hole, I saw the prize I was after. The old man had taken his penis out and was slowly rubbing it as it became hard. At the point, I did what made sense to me and got down on my knees in front of the glory hole. I didn’t have to wait long before I was rewarded with the old man’s cock sliding ever so tantalizingly through the hole. Now, I have to say, prior and up to this point, I had planned to take things slowly and had decided that I might just masturbate the first penis I could get my hands on so as to slowly and cautiously work up to my first oral experience. With that in mind, I reached out slowly with my right hand and gingerly touched the head of the dick presented to me. It was a cut cock though with some foreskin remaining, had a pale, slender, veiny appearance and was silky to the touch. After no more than a couple of seconds of feeling this, the first cock not my own, I without hesitation leaned forward and began licking the head. There was not turning back now and I quickly engulfed the whole thing in my mouth and began sloppily sucking away. I can’t say that I particularly liked the taste; actually, I was surprised at the lack of taste if anything. After a brief period of sucking this old man, he disappointed me by pulling back. Then, he pushed his arm through and extended me his open palm. Missing the point entirely, I did what came naturally and shook his hand. He pulled his arm back and re-extended it, this time beckoning with his fingers at which point I got the gist of what he was after. This might sound weird, but I had quickly made up my mind that I didn’t want anyone to jerk me off or suck me, rather I was there to do the sucking and jacking and I wanted to concentrate on just that. I was afraid that if I got off, I wouldn’t be able to go through getting someone else off. After rebuffing him, he pushed his now hard dick back through the hole and went back to sucking away. I did my best for a first-timer, drawing him in as deep as possible, bouncing my head up and down on while stroking his shaft and swirling my tongue around the underside of the head. The old man continue türbanlı diyarbakır escort bayan to pull back through the hole and indicate he wanted my cock at which point I would rebuff him and he would put his dick back through and I would go back to sucking him. This went on for a little while until a third party arrived and upped the ante. I had been sucking the old man’s dick off and on for a time when I became aware of someone stepping into my booth. I turned around, saw a middle-aged man, looking rather fit, and like an ordinary guy watching the action my older friend and I were providing. He stepped back out of the way and then back into the booth where we sized each other up. Holy shit, I thought to myself, this is just as I read on Glory Hole Guide. I lowered my gaze to the bulge in his jeans and wondered if I could reach out and start rubbing his package. I hesitated a second and this second patron seemingly read my mind as he began rubbing the growing bulge for a second or two before he unzipped and pulled out one of the bigger dicks I’ve ever seen in person. He stood there holding his rather large and quite fat dick and looked expectantly at me. I moved forward on my knees and craned my neck out to take his penis into my waiting mouth. This was more like it! This penis tasted so fucking good, more like what I expected and this guy, as I would soon learn, was only there for a release and wasn’t interested in returning any favors (just what I wanted!). I greedily sucked on this new and I though better cock with everything I could muster. I could tell the man was really enjoying it because he was moaning and whispering dirty talk to me. He once or twice reached down and softly rubbed the back of my bobbing head and then gently thrust his huge, swollen cock deep into my mouth until it hit the back of my throat holding it there for a second or two before withdrawing. We then heard a shuffling noise from the hall, which spooked us both. I got off my knees, sat down on the small bench and took a much-needed break as my legs had begun to cramp. It turns out it was the old man, approaching us with his erect penis sticking out at us. The second man returned to me so as not to give me up to the old man just yet and I went back to sucking him for all I was worth. The man I was now sucking whispered to the old man that I was his until he finished which was fine with me. I sucked, slurped, licked, and gobbled his fat penis, a penis that entirely filled my mouth, the whole time hoping and waiting for that first string of sweet come that I knew I could eventually work out of his dick. In the midst of all of this, my video stopped playing and I had to re-insert more money so as not to draw the ire of the clerk and thereby ruin my good time.The more I sucked and worked türbanlı escort diyarbakır on his penis, the more frequently he pulled out and backed away. I must have given him a “what the hell” look because he quickly whispered that I was doing too good of a job and he didn’t want to come too quickly. At one point, he briefly left my booth during which time I went back to sucking on the old man through the glory hole though, he promptly returned. Shortly after his return, I experienced something I had until that point only read about. I was sucking and licking the head of his penis when I could feel a sudden and perceptible swelling and hardening of his dick, particularly the head that seemed to flare. I knew from reading the tales of others that this meant he was close to the edge and I could not wait to have him explode in my mouth so I could swallow every drop of come he could give me. The man, of course, knew he was close as well and pulled out again. I sucked briefly once or twice more when the man suddenly pulled back and furiously began pulling at his giant cock sending spurts of creamy semen all over the floor in front of me. He wiped his hand on the wall, flicked of a remaining bead of come from the head of his dick, situated himself and quietly left. I was so disappointed that I hadn’t been able to take his creamy load into my mouth. I had been so looking forward to the first experience of taking a hot load and swallowing it. I stared down at the precious semen on the floor and then turned back toward the glory hole where the old man had apparently been watching everything, which must have been to his liking as his very stiff penis was once again poking through the hole. This time as I gently squeezed it and prepared to go down again, I noticed pre-come running out of the slit. I lustily extended my tongue and licked up the pre-come, probing his slit with my tongue. Now we were getting down to business as I began to suck like never before on the old man’s leaking dick. I was determined to coax his load out into my waiting mouth. I began to anticipate the sweet release of his cock and I didn’t think it would be much longer as he began to wildly face-fuck me through the glory hole. Then, the old man blew it (no pun intended) with his insistence to see my cock. He pulled back through the hole and came around to my booth. Stepping inside, he insisted that he get to masturbate me and after telling him no and that I was only there to service others, he kept insisting and then grabbed a hold of my ass and pulled me into him rubbing his hands up and down my body and rubbing my own dripping wet dick through my pants. It wasn’t that I’m against receiving it was that I had told him no and he didn’t listen. So that said and done, I left the booth and then the store. Overall, I consider my first experience a success. I now know I’ll be back in front of another glory hole, the ones just mentioned or others, at my earliest convenience. The only thing I’d like to do differently is, as I said, take a load in my mouth and swallow it all. I’m thinking next time that I’ll just tell the guy ahead of time that’s what I want if he’s okay with it. Sorry again for the length but I didn’t want to leave anything out.

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