First Time as a Cum Dumpster

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I stared at the reply on my phone, not quite sure how to feel. We’d been flirting lewdly for half an hour or so, I was desperately horny, my stiff cock throbbing painfully in my hand.

“I think there’s been a misunderstanding,” the text said. “I’m a guy.”

“Oh…” I replied. “Well now I feel stupid, I was sure your ad was in the girls looking for guys section.”

For context, I was in the process of going through a divorce, and I hadn’t had sex in over a year. I’d started looking through personal ads on a site I found and this had honestly been the first promising response. I went back and read the ad, and felt stupider still. It was indeed posted in the wrong section, but the offers for anal play seemed so much more obviously gay than they’d seemed when I first replied.

“I guess that means I won’t get to play with that beautiful cock of yours today after all. I was so looking forward to milking it dry with my fingers inside you,” he texted me.

Jesus… I wanted my cock played with so bad. I stared at my phone, trying to decide what the best response would be.

Eventually I settled on, “I’m still really horny, maybe you could still convince me.” I held my breath as my heart pounded loudly in my ears. Do I really mean that? Am I considering this?

I’d thought about it in the past actually. I’d discovered how pleasant fingering my ass was years ago, and anal play excited me. I had responded to this ad thinking I’d be trying pegging, but… letting a man fuck my ass wouldn’t feel any less good… right?

“Oh really? That sounds like you already want to say yes, you’re just scared to admit it out loud. Don’t worry baby, I can make you feel better than you’ve ever felt before. Nobody needs to know about it. And if you want to stop at any time, we will stop immediately, I promise.”

“Send me the address. If I don’t come through now, I’ll chicken out.”

5 minutes later, I pulled into his driveway. I was practically hyperventilating and I was shaking. I was terrified. Excited, horny, but terrified. I texted him to let him know I was outside, and got out of my car. He met me at the gate and led me into his home, down a corridor, and into his bedroom.

“Nice to finally meet you in person Dave,” he said to me. He was taller than me. Not by much, but enough that I had to look up at his face from how close I was to him. He leaned in and kissed me hard on the mouth. For some reason I hadn’t expected it and, instinctively, I pulled back but he grabbed my head and held me in place while his tongue invaded my mouth. His slight stubble felt rough and unfamiliar. I’d never kissed a man before. I felt a little dizzy.

He stopped kissing me and looked me in my eyes. “In this room, right now, you belong to me. You’re İstanbul Escort my little fucktoy. I’m your master. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” my voice croaked out. Speaking was a struggle, so overwhelmed were my senses in that moment.

He slapped my face. Not hard, just hard enough. “Yes what slut?”

“Yes master,” I said, a little louder.

“Good. Now get on your knees slut, and take my cock, that cock you’ve been fantasizing about on the drive over, and show me what a good little whore you can be.”

I didn’t even consider disobeying. He wasn’t giving me a moment to think. His words felt hypnotic. I dropped to my knees, my face level with the huge bulge of his crotch. I started with his belt, unbuckling it and pulling it off of him. I opened the button of his trousers and pulled the zip open, then dragged the elasticated waistband of his boxers down to release his massive cock.

This whole time he was stroking my head and whispering encouragement about what a good little slut I was. It was thrilling to be treated as an object of desire, and I felt a strong urge to please my master.

His cock was longer than mine, maybe 12″, but about the same girth. I remember thinking it was beautiful.

“May I suck on it master?” I asked timidly. I knew what the answer would be, but I also needed him to know I was his to dominate.

“Beg me like the slut you are.”

“Oh please master, your cock is so magnificent, please grant me the honour of tasting it? Please, I beg you, let your cum slut put it in its mouth. Please.”

“You’re such a well behaved little slut. Proceed.”

With my hands on his hips, I tried to slide my tongue along his throbbing erection. Realising it wouldn’t stay still as soon as I put any pressure on it, I took one hand and held it steady, near its base. I kissed it, ran my lips across the one side, then the other, teasing and stimulating. This was the first time my mouth had been anywhere near a dick, but I was trying to do all the things I loved having done to my own penis. Judging by master’s appreciative moans and words of encouragement, I was doing well.

Finally, I opened my mouth, rested my tongue against my bottom lip and slowly slid his glorious meat stick into my mouth. My head bobbed against his crotch, slowly at first, each time taking his dick deeper, letting it poke the back of my throat. Being my first time, deep throating had no chance of happening but I gagged on him repeatedly, making my eyes water.

The sensation of giving my first blowjob was not what I might have imagined. There wasn’t much taste other than his mildly salty precum, and all I could smell was his cologne. I felt wanton, and owned, and as if this was my very purpose Anadolu Yakası Escort in that moment. Master was using me and telling me I was good. I was being of value to my master. These thoughts made me feel euphoric.

He pulled my head back away from his cock and held me away from it. I moaned and strained to wrap my lips around it once more and, when I couldn’t reach, stretched out my tongue to lick the tip. He laughed at me and told me my enthusiasm was delightful, “but it’s time for me to try my whore’s other fuck hole. Take off your clothes.”

“I don’t know if I’m ready to take your cock master, I’ve never had anything so big in my ass,” I said nervously.

He looked at me. “Get naked and present your slutty backpussy to me. If it doesn’t fit, I’ll stop, I don’t want to hurt you. But you belong to me and you’re not going to leave here without letting me try.”

I got undressed. He made me twirl for him, then told me to bend over. I felt his hands on my ass, spreading my cheeks as he massaged around my anus with his thumbs.

“This is a sexy little hole you have here slut, I can’t wait to stretch it out and pound it.” He grabbed a a nearby bottle of lube and put some in his hand, before sliding one, then two fingers into me. He was gentle, and methodical, frequently applying more lube.

“I think this manpussy is just about ready for me to ruin it,” he smirked.

He pushed me forward, face down onto the bed and then flipped me over onto my back. He grabbed me by my ankles and held them up and apart, so that I was wide open for him. Placing the head of his cock against my well lubricated back door, he said “listen carefully slut. as I begin to thrust in, I want you to concentrate on opening your asshole up. Basically, as if you were going to take a shit. Do that, and it’ll be easier for me to slide in with hurting you.”

I did my best to comply as he slowly pressed more firmly against me. It felt like a sudden pop as the head breached my sphincter. The pain was similar to something really spicy, a sting that was more of a burn. He’d stopped thrusting and explained to me he was taking it slow at first to give me time to adjust. We waited like that for a moment then he began to rock his hips slowly backwards and forwards. Small movements, with only a fraction of his length rubbing along my anus. Each time, he slipped in a little deeper than he’d pull out, working his way inexorably inside of me. A moment later and his entire length was buried in my ass, his pelvis pressed hard against my butt.

“How does it feel, having a man fill you so completely, slut?”

He waited for my answer, he wanted me to say it.

“It feels amazing master, you’re so massive, I feel İstanbul Escort like I could split open.”

“I’m going to fuck you now,” he said, slowly withdrawing his dick from my boipussy. He thrust forward, his full length sliding into me in one go. Although it still hurt slightly, I moaned involuntarily with pleasure as he hit my prostate with his dick, my eyes rolled back into my head a little and I was panting slightly.

“I love that look,” he chuckled, “that look on a straight boy’s face when he realises he’s not straight anymore and surrenders to my dick.”

He pushed my legs back towards my shoulders, still spread wide, which caused my ass to tilt up slightly more, and then he began to fuck me in earnest. His massive flesh cudgel thrust in and out, quicker and harder as he became more confident that I wasn’t in pain. I moaned and squealed like a bitch, begging him to keep fucking me, thanking him for making me feel so good. I felt like I was on the verge of orgasm, but just as I thought my dick would explode in a torrent of sticky cum, the sensation would simply intensify.

After several blissful minutes, my master’s cock withdrew, leaving me feeling empty.

“I need to catch my breath, time for you to be on top.”

He lay on his back and motioned for me to straddle him cowgirl style. My hungry ass accepted his cock much easier this time and I sank down, sitting on him, his cock as deep as it could go. I began to grind my ass against his crotch, pushing myself back and rocking forward, ensuring maximum friction between the underside of his thick rod and my insides. I began to play with my nipples, trying to put on a show for him as he lay back and watched me fuck his cock.

Suddenly, my own dick began to twitch, and then spew out hot sticky cum all over his stomach. It didn’t launch it in powerful spurts, in fact my dick was only partially hard, instead it kind of just flowed out the tip. There was so much cum, and my sustained orgasm left me light headed and breathless.

Master was beginning to breathe much more rapidly, and his voice, as he told me what a good slut I was, made it clear he was nearing climax.

“Get off,” he said, “I want to cum on your face.”

I scurried back off the bed and kneeled where I’d slurped on his manhood moments earlier. I stuck my tongue out, mouth open wide, as my master stroked himself to climax. Rope after rope of hot, delicious cum splashed onto my tongue, down my throat and across my face. I couldn’t hold myself back, I lunged forward and took him in my mouth and swallowed enthusiastically until he began to soften, then I licked the remnants of my own cum from his abs.

“Thank you master, that was wonderfully delicious,” I said.

He laughed, “I wasn’t expecting that, but I liked it. Get your clothes on slut, you did a good job satisfying me, now you should leave.”

I dressed myself as he did the same. Before leaving his room he kissed me once more, long and hard, then he walked me out to my car and said “you’re a good fuck, I’m sure we’ll do this again soon.”

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