First Taste of Chocolate

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Big Tits

With a loud clang, Jim slammed shut the door of his work van. He had worked everything out weeks in advance to get the days together for a vacation. He had talked it over with his boss and today was to be his last day before the vacation. He was only supposed to work a half day and then go home. Then at the last minute, of course, a call comes in about some upgrades that need to be done right away and he had been specifically requested.

Jim kicked at the sidewalk in frustration as he walked to the front door of the big mansion. It was a nice place in a very nice neighborhood but it still didn’t help his mood at all. He got to the door, rang the bell and waited. Rationally the wait was barely more than a minute but due to his ill mood it seemed to take forever. Finally he heard the locks unlocking and the door opened.

“Can I help you?” the woman who answered the door asked.

“I’m here about the requested upgrades,” he responded, not really caring if she heard the frustration in his voice.

“Oh, …yes, of course…..please come in”. The woman stepped back and opened the door more to allow Jim to enter. He walked in, stepped to one side and waited impatiently as the woman closed the door.

“It’s toward the rear of the house. Let me show you”.

The woman led the way deeper into the house and Jim finally got a decent look at her as she walked ahead of him. She was a black woman dressed in a cream colored silk shirt buttoned all the way to the top except for the last button, which she had tucked inside an elegant forest green ankle length skirt slit up to mid-thigh on the left side. A little older than he might have expected, he guessed her age to be maybe late forties but that only enhanced her beauty. She walked with her head high and her back straight, with a steady measured pace like that of royalty. The silver that shot through her hair was as stylish as the hairdo itself; long hair that reached past her shoulders, the upper portion tied back in a simple yet elegant loop. Full red lips and sparkling eyes floated in almost unnaturally smooth skin the color of luscious milk chocolate.

And she was not an anorexic looking model-type rich woman either. She definitely had some eye-pleasing, meaty curves on her regal body. Plump sensuous curves in all the right places; those curves moving and swaying invitingly as she moved making Jim forget about his frustrations as he watched. If he had any way of knowing, he would have discovered that this gorgeous woman in front of him had a 42J-37-40 figure…but he didn’t know the details. He only knew that visually she was exceptionally stunning. Easily the most exotic and enticing woman he had ever seen.

She led him to a large sliding door that Jim thought was an office, but instead turned out to be a bedroom. Great, he thought to himself, probably something stupidly easy that I’m supposed to do.

He stepped into the middle of the room and slowly looked around; trying to find the computer he was to be working on when he heard the door slide shut behind him. He turned to see the woman with her back to door and a sheepish look on her face.

“Look,” she said, “I’m real sorry about tricking you this way, but I didn’t want you to get in trouble with your boss. Elizabeth Jordan passed your name on to me and thought I might enjoy your …services.”

“Wait,” Jim said. “You mean Mrs. Jordan told you to call me?” A nod from the woman. “So there never was any computer for me to work on?” This time the woman shook her head. “Then what….?” Jim stopped in mid-sentence as he finally caught on to what was happening. A knowing smile crossed his face. “And you would be…..?”

“I’m terribly sorry. My name is Monica Richardson.”

Jim set down his tool bag and stepped forward, his hand out to shake Mrs. Richardson’s hand. She surprised him by grabbing his hand, reaching over and grabbing his other hand and placing both of them firmly over her large boobs. She smiled as Jim’s hands began to roam all over her huge boobs while at the same time she reached down and cupped his crotch. “Elizabeth told me you would have a surprise for me. And I like what I’m feeling so far,” she added with a wink.

“I like what I’m feeling too,” Jim said, slipping his hands under to cup her heavy boobs. His hands continued to roam over her huge globes as he felt her hands working bahis firmaları his pants open deftly. Quickly she had his pants undone and her hand inside, wrapping her perfectly manicured fingers around his hardening shaft. With her other hand she grabbed the back of Jim’s head and pulled him down and kissed him passionately on the lips. She moaned softly as his tongue slipped between her luscious lips and twined over and around her tongue. As they kissed he unbuttoned her shirt while she slowly moved her hand along the length of his shaft.

Finally unbuttoned, Jim slid his hands inside Mrs. Richardson’s shirt, slightly surprised that she wore no bra. Her skin was as silky smooth as her shirt had been and was enticingly warm to the touch. His hands on the outer curves of her massive breasts, he pushed them together slightly, thrilling at the fullness of them. He trailed his kisses down her neck until he was kissing the top of her heaving chest, her hand still on the back of his head pulling him hard against her, forcing Jim’s face deep into her cleavage. He licked the inner curves of her heaving tits.

While his face was buried between her full tits, Jim’s hands went to her hips, slipped inside the top and pulled down. The skirt slid down her thighs with a whisper before falling all the way to the floor. He grabbed her big full ass and pulled her close with a hard tug. His throbbing prick slid between her thighs, the top of his shaft sliding along against her wet pussy lips.

Without warning Mrs. Richardson put her hands against Jim’s chest and pushed him sharply. His feet still tangled up in his pants, he tripped and fell onto the floor onto his back, his throbbing shaft twitching in the air. Mrs. Richardson stepped out of the puddle of her skirt, stepped up until she was straddling Jim’s hips, pulling her shirt from her shoulders in a smooth, practiced move. As she lowered herself she grabbed Jim’s shaft and held him steady. The head parted her lips and she sank all the way down onto his hips, gasping as she hit bottom. She leaned forward, her hands on either side of Jim’s shoulder and her big tits resting on his chest. She looked down into his eyes and smiled lasciviously as she began to move her hips up and down on his shaft. She started slowly, enjoying the feeling of his cock opening her pussy up, feeling its girth filling her when she had it all the way inside. But as the minutes passed she began to pick up speed, losing herself in the animalistic fucking. It wasn’t long before Jim began to feel that all too familiar feeling building in his balls. Thrusting his hips up to meet hers, he told her between lustful grunts of his impending release.

“Mrs. Richardson, I’m gonna cum!”

“Not yet, baby!” Mrs. Richardson cried. “Elizabeth told me I would only get my surprise if I could actually watch you cum! So you go ahead and cum on my big ole titties baby!

With that, she slammed her hips down onto his one last time and then lifted off his cock with a loud slurp. She quickly moved down his body and slapped her heaving tits down on his lap then gripped the sides of her massive globes and mashed them tight around his cock. Then she began to pump her tits up and down on his shaft, the whole time letting some nasty talk flow from her lips.

“That’s it, you big nasty fucker. Fuck these tits! Fuck ’em good! Give me a big load of cum so I can rub it all into my skin. Coat these huge fuckin’ tits in your hot cum! I’m gonna drain this load outta you so you can last for the next round baby. Gonna make you stick it in my ass. That what you want, you big nasty fucker? Wanna fuck my ass next?”

Groaning loudly, Jim couldn’t hold back any longer and he let his load fly. Big ropes of hot cum came shooting out from the head of his spasming cock. The first massive spurt shot out just as Mrs. Richardson pumped her tits down, shooting up to splash under her chin and then raining down onto the tops of her heaving tits. She looked down to watch, inadvertently timing it wrong and taking the second spurt right up her nose. As she started snorting to get the cum out of her nose she took a third huge ropy spurt directly into her mouth. She gagged slightly with the unexpected load in her mouth but then swallowed it down. Mrs. Richardson felt Jim’s hand on the back of her head, pulling her face down. Knowing what he wanted she opened kaçak iddaa her mouth just in time to catch the fourth full spurt of cum fully in her mouth. But Jim didn’t stop there as he continued pulling, his cock still spurting and Mrs. Richardson’s mouth ballooning with too much cum. The hot mix of saliva and cum blasted around the sides of his shaft in a rush and spilling all over her huge tits as his cock went to the back of her throat. She moaned as the last few spurts went sliding down her throat with Jim grabbing the back of her head with both hands and humping her face madly. She clamped her lips at the base of his cock and sucked…HARD. The suction she created with her mouth was actually enough to prevent Jim from pulling his cock out to keep pumping. He lay there moaning, his back arched as this curvaceous suck machine sucked all the cum that remained out of the head of his dick. She slid her lips along the shaft, his skin almost completely dry, until she reached the tip, which popped out of her mouth so loudly it sounded like a gunshot.

Finally she sat back on her knees and looked down at her big tits, the tops of her chocolate mounds now covered in a white frosting of warm cum. Mrs. Richardson smiled as she looked at Jim and said, “GODDAMN you got a lot of cum in your balls, baby! Now I know what Elizabeth meant about a surprise! HOOWEE that was a lot!”

She kept the smile on her face as Jim put his hands behind his head, resting and catching his breath. Her gaze traveled down his body to his crotch and her eyes widened as she took note that his cock was half hard still, twitching in time to his heartbeat.

“Still got some life left in that fire hose of yours, huh?” she asked him. Jim smiled back and said, “It’ll take more than that to take me out. I might even wear you out before my cock wears out.”

“Don’t make promises you can’t keep, you young lil fucker. This old broad ain’t done with you yet.” she said, wrapping her hand around his half hard cock and began stroking it again. When he was fully hard again, she let go and stood up to walk over to the bed. She waggled her finger at him for him to come to her and then opened the drawer of the nightstand. She took out a small bottle of clear lubricant and put a small amount in the palm of her hand. She put the bottle back then began to wring her hands to get the lube all over her hands. Then Mrs. Richardson faced Jim again, laced her fingers together as if she were praying, and then wrapped those fingers around Jim’s throbbing shaft, pumping slowly and spreading the lube over his cock.

Finally she climbed into the bed on hands and knees. “C’mon, big boy. Show me what you got and stuff that fat fuckin’ cock all the way into my tight lil asshole.”

Jim climbed onto the bed and got behind her. He put his hands on the cheeks of her ass almost reverently, making circular motions and moaning softly as he felt the silky smoothness of her skin again. He edged in a little closer and placed his cock between her silky asscheeks and began to dry hump her softly. He felt Mrs. Richardson reaching between her legs to grab his shaft and aim the head of his cock at her tight puckered hole.

“Elizabeth told me you wanted to fuck her ass too, but she doesn’t think she could handle it. You got one that’s fatter than anyone I’ve ever been with, but I still want that thing stuffed inside me. Now give me what I want, baby, and don’t stop shovin’ it in til you’re fat fuckin’ cock is buried deep in my big hot ass!”

Jim grabbed her hips and pushed, softly at first, but relentlessly. Finally his cock popped inside her asshole and Mrs. Richardson gasped. Jim did as she asked and kept on going, pushing inch after fat inch into her oh-so-tight asshole, not stopping until his pubic hair tickled her ass. Mrs. Richardson reached around to grab the backs of his legs, holding him place. “Oh, God, that feels so good. FUCK, but you got a fat cock baby!”

Jim pulled his hips back, his thick dick slipping out of her asshole until just the head was still gripped inside her puckered ring. He gave a series of mildly quick, shallow pumps, marveling at how tight her ass was. He could feel Mrs. Richardson pushing back, trying to take more of him inside her ass, but Jim’s grip was firm and he continued to give her shallow pumps.

“Don’t tease me, baby. Give me that fat cock. I need kaçak bahis to feel that big fucker hittin’ bottom deep and hard. What’s the matter? My big ass more than you can handle?”

Jim stopped completely, as unmoving as a statue. Mrs. Richardson thought to herself that maybe she had gone a little too far with her teasing. A full minute went by with Jim not moving an inch, his hands warm against her skin as he continued to grip her hips. Without warning, Jim’s hips whipped forward with the suddenness of a striking cobra, the full length and girth of his cock filling Mrs. Richardson’s ass completely. For her part, Mrs. Richardson cried out loudly, a loud hard but short scream that echoed throughout the house. Her scream was accompanied by the sound of their hips meeting with a slap like a rifle shot. Jim pulled his hips back again before driving the full length back in again, just as hard and just as sudden. He gave Mrs. Richardson a half dozen of these hard shots before he began to pump her spasming asshole in a frenzy.

Mrs. Richardson fell forward, burying her face in the mattress as Jim ravaged her ass. She loved it, every hardcore and seemingly degrading moment of it. THIS was the way she wanted to get fucked. Her husband hadn’t touched her in years and this was just what she wanted, what she needed…what she craved. She turned her head to one side and gave a harsh yelp as Jim slapped her ass.

“Oooooh, that’s it, sugar! Take that ass baby. Pound it good and hard. Gimme all you got! That’s YOUR ass from now on, baby! You can come over and fuck my big ass any fuckin’ time you want to! Ain’t nobody ever fucked my ass the way you do.”

With the side of her face lying against the mattress and her ass high up in the air, Jim tried for something a little different. He leaned over her body, resting his hands on the top of the headboard and placing his toes against the shallow board at the foot of the bed, almost as if he were going to do a pushup. He then switched from a fast pumping to hard solid thrusts, resting for a second or two with his cock buried deep, using all of his body weight to drive his fleshy spear into her. His big balls were slapping against her dripping pussy lips and brushing against her clit with every thrust as her deep throaty grunts filled the room in time with his thrusts. Soon she looked back over her shoulder and huskily told Jim she was about to cum. Even as the last syllable left her mouth, her orgasm hit her, her legs shaking, her whole body twitching.

As Mrs. Richardson’s orgasm hit, her ass tightened up hard, gripping Jim’s fat shaft in a velvety vise, milking him. He grunted a few times, feeling his balls tighten up and before he could bring himself to utter a sound he started cumming. The ropes of cum spurting from his cock filled her asshole instantly, then overflowing it. He came so hard and so much that it forced his cock out of her ass. One spurt splashed over her asscheeks before he slapped his spasming shaft between her asscheeks like he had titfucked her earlier. The next hardest spurt shot up to splat between her shoulder blades and the rest of them left a trail down her back before pooling in the slight hollow in the small over her back.

As Jim’s cock sputtered and twitched, he leaned forward slightly, his hands grabbing the cheeks of her ass spreading the cum over them completely before running them up to her back, sliding through the puddle there. He then smeared the rest of his still warm cum over her back like oil, reaching under her to grab her big full tits. He leaned down more, resting his body across her back, whispering in her ear, “Was that good? Was that what you wanted, what you were craving?”

Jim slumped to one side of the bed, breathing heavy. Mrs. Richardson rolled over, her body against his, one huge boob pressed up to his chest and the other swelling over it. She draped one arm over his chest and played with the sparse hairs there. Then she draped a leg over his, both of them basking in the euphoria from good hot sex. After a few minutes Jim looked at her and said “Maybe I should be getting out of here. I wouldn’t want your husband to catch up like this.”

“Oh, you don’t have to worry about that, baby. My husband went away on a business trip to Europe. He’ll be gone for the next two weeks. So…want to stay and keep me company while he’s gone?” This last she said with a lustful look in her eye as she rolled her tongue across her lips.

Jim looked up at the ceiling as a grin spread across his face, thinking to himself that this just might be his best vacation ever.

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