First Night Training

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*Thanks again to Reggad for his wonderful editing skills.*

Dedicated to the man who not only inspired this story but continues to train me today, Adam, you never cease to amaze me.


The clock read 10:58 PM as Adrian slipped her time card slowly into the clock slot and waited for the loud buzz that signaled her successful clocking in. Then she lifted the card and placed it back neatly into its holding place on the wall, which would now hold it captive for the next 8 hours.

“Damn, I can’t believe I accepted a job working the late night shit shift at a lame hotel,” Adrian thought to herself as she tugged her slightly too-short of a skirt down.

“Adrian,” Christian said from behind the front desk, “you’re going to have to arrive about 15-minutes before your shift starts in order to make sure all the money is right and you can relieve the previous desk clerk.”

Apparently he had already been there long enough to count all the money and had sent Jennifer, the evening clerk, home. Adrian felt chastised by this comment and slightly embarrassed. This was her first night to train as a night auditor and she really didn’t know what to expect.

Hopefully Christian would ease up on her since they were about to spend the whole night together. Arguing would not be the best way to start the night.

“I’m sorry,” Adrian said giving Christian a penitent look, “I didn’t know.”

“Hey, I understand,” he replied as he eyed her slightly tart-ish outfit.

The white oxford shirt was fitted nicely to her body, snugly clinging to her round breasts and just enough buttons open to let the mind wander. Adrian saw his eyes roam over her body and she pushed her right hip out in a flirty stance.

In a low voice she said: “I’m here to learn. What should I do first?”

“You could start by yanking down my pants and sucking my cock,” Christian thought to himself as he secretly wondered what Adrian was hiding under that short black skirt.

Her legs were finely shaped and contoured, she must be wearing pantyhose, and with those black platform clogs she still only came up to his shoulders. Petite and curvy with porcelain skin, exactly how he liked his women, a nice contrast to his 6-foot 3-inch frame.

“Work, work … keep it professional,” Christian thought, knowing that if he let his mind wander even more he would have a “thick” situation that would be rather hard to hide behind the cramped reception desk. He straightened the collar on his polo shirt and cleared his throat.

“Lets see,” he said, “we start off by going to the back cabinet and retrieving the audit papers where step by step instructions are listed for you to follow.”

After four hours, Christian finished running Adrian through the nightly audit.

“See, it really wasn’t that bad now was it?” Christian asked as Adrian was preparing a stack of papers to bring to the back copier machine.

“No, I actually thought it was fairly self-explanatory,” she replied. “It will take me awhile to become as good as you. But it will give me something to aspire to.” She gave him a wink as she opened the door to the copier room.

While inside Adrian opened the copier and placed the stack of white papers inside. “Oh, we are almost out of paper,” Adrian yelled so that Christian could hear her on the other side of the door. “Be my hero and bring me some more Christian!”

Christian walked around to the office cabinet and pulled a ream of copier paper out. He opened the door to the copier room and was met with an eye opener: Adrian was bent over the copier with the paper escort bayan gaziantep tray pulled out; her ass cheeks peeking out from under her skirt.

Nice, round ass cheeks…just waiting to be fondled. Christian wondered how someone dressed so provocatively could not want to be touched. Control, control, control, he repeated to himself silently.

“Here’s the paper,” he said handing Adrian the ream as she stood up.

“Make sure I get it in right…” she said in a seductive tone.

Sticking her ass even farther out in a deliberate attempt to get Christian to notice, she fumbled with the paper to make the scene last longer.

“There, is that right?” she asked looking back over her shoulder with her ass hovering in the air.

Christian moved up against her partially exposed backside and looked down at the copier machine. She felt the heat from his body spilling over onto her ass, it warmed her and sent tingles down her body. This was the closest she had ever been to him and the heat felt so scintillating, awakening her body to its sexual needs.

“Yes, I think you’ve got that right,” Christian said, his pitch dropping, slowly enunciating each word, as his voice dipped into an authoritative tone. His hand brushed against her leg and met her hand on the paper tray. He held her small fingers just long enough for his touch to be teasing, before pushing the paper tray in.

“There that should do it,” he said as he stood, voice returning to normal. “Just give it a second and it should start shooting out your copies.”

Christian stepped back while Adrian’s mind raced at the thought of what almost happened. Sure…Christian was a very attractive guy. He was tall; dark haired and certainly good-looking…pretty much every girls dream. Even before she was hired, Adrian knew that THIS was the guy to know.

Adrian had been thrilled to learn that this gorgeous hunk was going to be her trainer on the night shift, the shift where anything goes. Damn, she was lucky.

All night she had been trying to seduce him and it seemed that Christian had finally picked up on her cues. It was as if he was just toying with her now. Did he not want her the way she wanted him?

Adrian stood over the copier waiting as it once again began printing papers. Why hadn’t he taken it further she thought? Perhaps he was keeping it strictly professional. What a shame, he was really something else and his touch was more than amazing.


The machine signaled it had finished its task, so Adrian bent down once again to retract the copied papers. As she bent over to grab the stack, Christian rushed up against her wedging her body between him and the machine.

She caught her breath in a large gasp of air, but did not try to fight him off. Christian did not speak as he held her firmly against him, his heavy breath against her throat. His right hand crept up her right thigh feeling the smoothness of her stockings. Each finger longed for the center of her warmth.

“Christian, what are you doing?” Adrian asked in a raspy voice.

He ignored her question and began kissing the back of her neck, taking in the light jasmine scent. Adrian’s white skin was so soft and smooth almost like a baby’s. Christian’s hand had made its way up her round ass and was now creeping up to her pantyhose line where his hand now tried to enter.

“We could really get in trouble Christian,” Adrian warned in a half teasing voice.

“Do you want me to stop?” He asked in ragged gasps.

“Please…don’t stop. I want you Christian!”

His hand now found its way between her legs and spread her mound open with his fingers. Adrian let out a huge moan as Christian’s finger found her center and stroked her ever so slightly. Her body tingled and she felt her pussy pulsing from each finger stroke.

Warm liquid began to drip from within and covered Christian’s hand. With the fresh lube Christian quickened his pace and traced small circles around her clit as she squirmed in his grasp.

His cock was growing larger beneath his khakis and was pressing against her hot round ass. He wanted her body and each time his finger found its way inside her tight cunt his dick longed to be held by her contracting muscles.

Her moaning began to increase, “Christian let me touch you,” Adrian whispered as a number of small orgasms rippled through her body. “I want to pleasure you”

And then the words Christian had been waiting for her to say:

“train me.”

Christian withdrew his hand from her drenched stockings and spun her around to meet his gaze. He looked into her blue-gray eyes and bent as though he would kiss her delicate mouth. Instead his plump lips grazed her mouth and he whispered, “come with me.”

He took her hand and led her out of the copier room into the general manager’s office. Only the glow from the TV monitoring the front desk cameras was illuminating the darkened room. The flicker felt warm and inviting.

“You have me so excited right now; do with me as you please.” Adrian said as she looked up into her trainer’s eyes.

Christian stood looking down at her and drew her into his firm body so she could now feel his hard cock against her stomach. He began kissing her neck while she traced kisses against his chest. He pulled down her hair so that it fell in long brown waves around his hands and rippled out onto her shoulders.

“Now I want those breasts,” Christian said.

Adrian pulled away from him and slowly, teasingly, undid each button on her shirt. Christian couldn’t take such a tease and ended up ripping the shirt off of her body so she stood there with nothing but a thin lace bra holding her breasts up.

He could see her nipples poking, as they strained to free themselves from their thin, lacey enclosure. He was drawn to her bubbling mounds. He buried his face between them, taking in her heavenly bosoms scent. Then he reached around to undo her bra clasp.

As the bra fell to the floor Christian was awestruck by their beauty. He was not prepared for such massive areoles, and they only excited him the more. The tan brown color stood out nicely against her creamy-white skin. He sucked hungrily at her left teat, vainly trying to engulf it with his mouth.

He took her and pushed her shoulders down so that she sat heavily in the office chair…now eye to eye with his hard cock, battering against the inside of his zipper.

“I want you to suck my cock.” He instructed her.

Adrian reached up and grabbed his zipper. His cock throbbed against his boxers as she put her hand inside and retrieved his dick. Christian watched as her face lit up taking in his size.

Without hesitation she licked her lips and slid them around his shaft. Her mouth was so wet and inviting he took her head by the hair and began ramming his cock into her mouth. She mumbled and gurgled from the size of his member but she didn’t protest.

Adrian continued to work her tongue around the head of his dick while he plunged himself deeper and deeper into her mouth. She felt him smacking against the back of her throat but she enjoyed the pain of his thrusts. When Christian began to get close he pulled her head off of his cock.

“Easy baby,” he said, “I’m not through with you just yet.”

Adrian gave him a wet smile as she wiped her mouth and said, “I’m ready for anything.”

With that he picked her up out of the chair and plopped her on the desk. He grabbed hold of her pantyhose and ripped the center right out exposing her puffy pussy as her legs spread over the desk.

“Man,” Christian thought, “her cunt is fucking hot,” as he watched her wet pussy drip onto the manager’s desk.

Adrian’s clit was pulsing in anticipation. Christian thought about burying his head between though thighs and licking her clean but the throbbing ache from his cock and balls presented him with a more urgent need. Adrian sensed his excitement.

“Fuck me Christian,” she let out in a bold voice. “I want your cock buried inside my tight cunt.”

He needed no other encouragement.

He rubbed his cock up and down her pussy, moistening it with her juices. She smelled so incredibly fresh and inviting. Pulsing, his engorged cock found its way to Adrian’s small opening. She felt his cock toying around her hole and she lifted her hips up so that he could ram himself inside.

“Just fuck me NOW!” She screamed somewhere between a moan and a purr.

Christian took his cue and pushed his large cock inside her small pussy opening. Her tight vagina contracted around his member as he plunged his way further and further till he hit bottom.

Adrian had never felt so full— so stretched. Smiling deliriously, she clamped down on his pistoning dick with her cunt walls.

The sudden tightness encouraged Christian to press more firmly into her with his hard cock. He pushed further and further inside her wet orifice, lifting himself up on his elbows, her knees almost reaching her chin.

Adrian’s juices ran all over and his frantic thrusts brought her closer and closer to orgasm. Her pussy burned and tingled. The sensation of being penetrated by a hot cock overwhelmed her and she buried her nails deep into Christian’s shoulder blades.

“Christian you feel so good,” Adrian said biting her bottom lip, “I had no idea you could make me feel this wonderful.”

Her twat muscles still clenched his dick tightly, now however, she began rolling her hips to meet his every plunge, only to find his cockhead hitting a spot never before known to her. He plowed in harder knowing that she was on the verge.

“Christian……….oh damn……….fuck me HARDER!!!!!!!”

“Don’t stop you feel so good inside me.”

She suddenly clasped her legs forcefully around him, screaming, “Oh fuck, I’m cumming!”

Christian could no longer hold back, as her body convulsed under him his climax built to explosive proportions. He smashed himself inside her running pussy, her own climax juices squirting out of her and collecting on his balls.

Just as he was about to cum he pulled himself from her and took his dick in his hand. With one stroke he shot load after load of his pearly cum onto her swollen pussy, mixing his cum with her juice. Each spurt drenched her mound and ran down her spread thighs.

As he held his now spent dick in his dark hand, he surveyed the mess they had created.

“Damn, you’re a good fuck,” he said as he cleaned himself up with some tissue off of the desk.

“I’d say you are very trainable.”

Adrian glanced down at her upturned skirt, torn pantyhose and the sticky mess between her legs, only to wink at him with a naughty gleam in her eye.

“Well Christian you are surely one hell of a trainer. It will take me awhile to become as good as you,” she said, flipping her hair over her shoulder.

“…But it will give me something to aspire to.”

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