First Meeting

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First MeetingIt was a chance meeting late on a Friday night.I had been at a girlfriends house trying to score.This chick was a real psycho!I had to take at least a gram of coke and a hundred bucks anytime I went over there expecting to get laid.Shed spend all night cleaning her little 2 room flat over in lake highlands while I patiently waited on the couch hoping shed get tired and come sit down.Well after about three hours and half a bottle of sky vodka I’de had enough.Jumping to my feet and saying in a loud vouce fuck this shit I told her to shove it grabbed my coke and hit the door.I drove back towards the house but wasnt quite ready for the evening to end so I kept going past my home in Sachse and went out to my sisters house in Wylie.Upon arriving there around 11:00 p.m. I banged on the front door with several loud knocks then let myself in.Quite to my surprise and happiness as I walked towards the kitchen I looked up just in time to see a vision of a true Goddess.Long Blone hair huge tits and wearing the cutest little set of pj’s I think ive ever seen.Her name was Trish.Ide met her on a previouse visit and we really seem to hit it off.I was elated to see her there as I figured Ide ruined any chance of a possibe score for that peticular Friday night.We ran right into each other and I startled her as she came through the door to go to the fridge.Her and my sister Kim had been drinking for several hours already and Trish seemed pretty buzzed as our bodies pressed against each other.I could feel the warmth of her very lage tits pressing against my chest which gave me an instant erection.I tried to conciel rize rus escort it as we went on our ways.While she was in the fridge I figured it was a good time to bast a few lines of the coke Ide picked up for the bitch ide just left standing in the livivng room holding her vacume like it was her best friend.Man that chick was out there.So I ran to the upstairs rr and cut out about 30 cents of the coke and proceeded to snort my way to a good mood.I went back down to the kitchen to get myself a beer that I really didnt need due to the 1/2 bottle of sky ide killed at the bitches house.I figured what the fuck i could crash at my sisters house till i could see straight anyway.As i went out to the garage to smoke a well deserved cig there she was again.I had thought she was exceptionally beautiful the first time i met her but this night she was on fire and she was pretty liquered up to boot.Well we made some small talk for a while and played some ping pong which I let her win and my s*s decided shed had enough which was a record first for her.She went off to bed and left us alone to fend for ourselves.Well let me tell you I was feeling no pain and was very confident in my abilities to possibly take this enchantress to bed.We soon moved into the living room where she sat seductivly on the couch with her breasts straining against the tight tshirt she was wearing.She seemed extreemly intelegent which was a new one for me and it was so refreshing to talk to a woman who cold actully converse without drooling.We talked for about 1/2 an hour and soon I was kissing her pouting rize rus escort bayan lips tasting her as we pressed against each other.I will never forget the light airy fragrance she was wearing as it must have been some kind of aphrodesiac because i was so turned on I thought i would burst my zipper.As I started trying to remove her tee shirt she hesitated and told me she wasnt that kind of girl.I really kind of felt bad because one look and you could tell she really wasnt that kind of girl.Well the d**gs and booze kicked in and I couldnt stop myself as i took her by the hand and led her to the upstairs bedroom.She was putting up a meager little fight that was having no effect on me because i had alreadfy decided i had to have this little vixen.I slowly led her to the bed and pushed her back down on it so i could gently pull her tee shirt up over her head freeing those beautifull breasts.I was stunned by their size and perfect shape as i had never been with a woman who was so well endowed.My excitement continued to the point of frenzy.I pushed her back and began kissing her passionately for what seemed like days.She seemed to fit my mouth and body like she was made for me by the God of horniness.I turned the lights off at this point to try and ease her apprehensiveness at my probing hands and mouth.Soon she became as turned on as I was and began kissing me back with a passion i had never experienced before in my life.Slowly I pulled her pj bottomes off to reviel in the moonlit room the most exquistit body and pussy i had ever seen.Her skin was like winter cream rus rize escort against the white sheets.She had to be the most beautifull woman I had ever had the pleasure of seeing naked.My passion for her exploded as i could no longer controll myself i ripped my own clothes off and laid down beside her and felt her incredibly soft skin press against mine.It was the most intense yet softest moment i could remember in the last 20 years.I pulled her up to her hands and knees and positioned my raging boner up against the soft shaven lips of her vagina.As I slowly entered her i had the sensation of slow motion and had a hard time believing i could be so lucky to not just talk to this creature but be able to make love to her at the same time.Well we made love untill 7:00 a.m. the next morning.We didnt stop untill the orgasms had drained every last ounce of energy we had in our bodies.As the sun came in through the window shade she told me she was frieghtened my sister would be angry with her for what we had done.I told her not to worry and that I wouldnt do anything to cause her any trouble with my sister because I was sure I wanted to have much more time with this incredible creature.I gently kissed her soft lips and told her goodbye as I slipped out the back door.I suddenly realized I had forgotten to get her number.I ran back in and she jotted it down on one of her buisness cards.Thats when I realized she worked with my sister in an insurance co.As i drove home that morning I couldnt get her off my mind and the mind blowing sex we had just shered.Well that was 11 years ago and we are still happilly an hornilly married with the most beautifull 6 year old daughter who is just as beautifull as my preciouse Trish.I’ll never let ths one get away and thats for sure.I’ll be writing some follow ups to this story reall soon cause you wont believe the things she has shown me and taught me in our long but never boring lives.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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