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I was there for work, I don’t remember the name of the motel but it was probably a Ramada Inn. I had known I was coming down to Orlando the month before and I started going to some yahoo groups for some kind of sex in Orlando, don’t remember well since it was about 15 years ago.

Anyway I had been chatting on the yahoo group a bit so I had a bit of a sense of how the chat exchanges went. I was married and have always enjoyed sex with women –in fact they are the source of much fantasy. I never felt attracted to men, however, when I traveled I would get really horny and want some relief. I could always masturbate but my heart would start pounding hard when the thought of connecting with someone for real was present. I wasn’t about the hook up with a woman since that was too close to cheating, and I had gone down that path once (another story, another time) and I didn’t want a repeat of that. However, in my mind, getting my rocks off with a guy, well that was just sort of like masturbating, however with someone there. It seemed different somehow and didn’t feel like cheating. I had heard of guys jerking off together and it seemed that having a JO buddy would be fun and defiantly not a gay thing.

So there I was, by myself, online and ready to chat in a group, I put it out there that I was looking for a JO buddy and I was surprised when someone messaged me. We chatted on line for about Eyüp Escort an hour and the longer we chatted the harder my heart pounded, was this really going to happen?

We agreed to meet and since I had a place by myself, he agreed to swing by. It was about 8:30 when I heard a knock on my door, my heart skipped a beat. I don’t remember if I was hard at the moment but my heart was sure pumping away…

I answered to door and was met by a slender 5’7″ brown haired ok looking man. I believe Rick was his name. We shook hands and introduced ourselves, I did everything I could to keep from visibly shaking. We chatted a bit and then decided to go for a walk down the road a bit and pick up something to drink. Whew, this gave me a chance to breathe a bit and try to relax. I had never been with a man before except when I was 16 and I didn’t really know what was going on (another story). At the time I was about 45, 6’1″ and about 180lbs. Again, I had an active hetero lifestyle and really had no interest in men – I just wanted to get my rocks off and I was intrigued by the idea of a JO buddy.

Rick and I made it down the street and made it into a liquor store (or grocery store – forgot what) and since I liked Scotch, got a bottle. I felt like everyone was looking at me but I also knew that was just a bit crazy – besides I was way down here in Florida and home was way Eyüp Escort Bayan up there in Oregon. We got back to the room and I remember locking the door –funny what your remember!

We sat down on the couch and had a few drinks. As time went on I asked Rick if he wanted to watch some porn (hetero porn) and he said sure. I had a few movies CD’s that would play on my laptop so I set them up and started to watch. I do remember that Rick mentioned that he was a cop and had seldom, but a few times, met and JO’d with another guy.

So the movies got hot and we got hard and I don’t recall the first move but I think we were both excited and rubbing our cocks through our pants. I think it was me that asked Rick if he minded if I loosened my fly and let my friend out to play. I go the go ahead and pretty soon we were both rubbing our cocks. Rick then asked me if I minded if he touched me and I was pretty heated up at that point and said OK.

For the first time I experienced the warmth of another man’s hand on my cock. Oh, did it feel good! It was warm and encompassing and I remember how good it felt having someone else control their hand around my cock instead of myself.

Now I suppose you could say, wait – a 45 year old, married guy not having had his cock stroked??? What’s up with that? Well it was true, even though I had been having sex for 25 years, my Escort Eyüp wives (on my second) weren’t the kind that played a lot with sex and therefore I had never had a blow job or a hand job (sad huh?). So there I was with Rick’s warm hand on my cock and it felt great! Really great and I started drifting off with my eyes closed and then I thought that I might be of some use to Rick. I asked him if I could touch his cock and proceeded to wrap my fist around him.

There we sat, side by side on the couch, watching porn, my cock in his hand and his in mine, slowly stroking each other. Our breathing got a bit heavier and the moaning started and I knew it wouldn’t be long. Somehow our pants and shorts were off and we were both enjoying the mutual attention. I think I was the first to get to the point of no return and mentioned that I was going to cum. I had set a few towels out and it wasn’t long before I let it all fly, and came and moaned and stroked Rick. I got really jerky with my hand and all of a sudden Rick started to groan, you know that low guttural moan building up to a loud escape and he let out a grunt and he spewed all over the couch. I guess I wasn’t paying very good attention to his moment of need since I was also engaged in the last stages of having blown my wad.

We slowly stroked each other and brought the towels in for the cleanup. It was great to be there relaxing with my now softening cock in Rick’s warm hand…. We just sat there holding the cocks for a while and turned our attention to the porn. After a while we cleaned up, got dressed and Rick said his good buys. I kept the scotch and we both agreed it had been fun!

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