first honeymoon night

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first honeymoon nightVISIT ON TO SEE MORE TOP RATED STORIES LIKE THESE Me, Ravi and Rahul were school friends. We used to move together and share most of our secrets. We were in touch with each other after we finished our School and College. I used to like both Ravi and Rahul. We had kissed each other many times. I had also been fondled by both of them on a few occasions while mostly- in theater while watching films.I always used to sit between them. Both their hands used to play with my body. Sometimes while talking intimately with each other, we used to share our fantasies. Rahul always fantasized his first honeymoon night to be filmed. He always wished to film it and preserve if as a memento, may be to view sometimes in his old age. He used to talk about it to me. I had a secret hidden wish to be shared by two males who loved me. But I felt shy to tell it to Rahul or Ravi.In due course,I got married to Rahul. He had arranged for our honeymoon in a Hotel in Goa. He invited Ravi with us on our Goa visit. All three of us travelled together and reached Goa. Our Hotel was on beach side. We could see the sea view from our rooms. Ravi was putting in the adjacent room.Rahul was caressing and kissing me freely and never felt shy to do this in presence of Ravi. I was feeling a bit shy when Rahul was caressing me and embracing me and pressing me against him in Ravi’s presence.Though Ravi always pretended to look somewhere else, when Rahul’s hands were playing with my body.. When Rahul used to play with my boobs, I could see a clear tent in his pants. I knew his cock was getting hard and stiff.I had touched it on a few occasions.After dinner, we had enjoyed a few pegs of local drink and sitting in our Hotel Room, talking to each other. The drink was strong and made us lose our inhibitions.Rahul had pulled me towards him and his hands were freely roaming on my body. His hands were caressing various sensitive parts of my body and driving me crazy. I was getting heated up. I could feel Rahul’s cock all getting hard and stiff in his pants as I was lying on the cot with my head resting in his lap. The cock was throbbing against my head and disparately trying to burst the pants and come out.I was enjoying the feeling.” Rahul, something hard and stiff is poking my head,…what is that…?” I asked Rahul.Rahul smiled and said—” You naughty…Soon you will see, what it is…!”” Ravi, I have always fantasized filming of our first night. Will you please mind doing this work for marsbahis güvenilirmi us…? Rahul suddenly said.I was taken aback by his proposition though I knew about his long time fantasy.”Oh, it would be great pleasure for me to film your first night, if Vanita has no objection.” Ravi said.” Vanita loves me and and I am sure she will co-operate.” Rahul said.I was feeling all shy and didnot know how to react.Meanwhile Rahul had placed his mouth on my mouth and made it impossible for me to utter any word. ” Ok, I will return in a minute with the camcorder.” Ravi said and he walked out.I was feeling shy at the same time getting all excited and hot. Somewhere deep inside, may be I loved to experience the thrill of getting fondled in presence of a third person, who was our mutual friend.Ravi returned with the cam and started the cam. Rahul was caressing me and pressing me against him. His hands slowly were roaming on my blouse. They were playing with my boobs. He slowly started opening the buttons of my blouse and soon he removed my blouse and kept it aside. Now my boobs weer almost exposed. He slowly unhooked the clips of my blouse and removed my blouse pulling my big boobs out. Now my boobs were all open and exposed.” Rahul, wait for a minute, let me film her lovely boobs. Lift them up slightly.” Ravi said.Hubby was now mauling both my boobs nicely and it felt great. He was also nibbling my nipples. I had almost closed my eyes and enjoying the sensation.I found Rahul’s lips kissing me and his tongue trying to enter my mouth. I opened my mouth and allowed his tongue to enter my mouth. It was exciting me.Now Rahul’s hands were slowly trying to remove my saree. He slowly managed to remove it and keep it aside. Now I was in my panties and the wet patch on the pink panties was evidence of my state.” Rahul, just a minute, let me film her panties.” I could hear Ravi’s voice. My whole body had become all hot and excited. My breathing too had become fast and my whole body was shaking–in Rahul’s hands.Rahul now was removing my panties and was pulling them down. He removed them and kept aside.Now I was totally exposed and at the mercy of Rahul’s hands.”Oh , let me film it,…. she looks really beautiful.” I heard Ravi’s voice.Now I could feel Rahul’s hands roam freely on all my body. He was mauling my boobs and his hands were freely caressing my pussy. The feeling was driving me almost mad. Again Ravi’s presence and his watching us– somewhere deep inside– was making marsbahis yeni giriş me more excited and giving me a new thrill.” Vanita, why don’t you remove his pants and free him.? Ravi was saying.I slowly opened Rahul’s belt and opened the pant zip. The devil in his briefs was all throbbing in all excitement. I lowered his pants and Ravi could film the tent in his briefs clearly showing his cock trying to come out. I touched his cock in his briefs and could feel it’s hardness.” Vanita , remove his briefs and free his cock now.” I heard Ravi.I slowly lowered his briefs and out sprang the devil–all tight and stiff,,, pulsating and throbbing like a fish forcibly pulled out of water.” Oh, Rahul, you have a nice stiff cock. ” I heard Ravi’s voice.I lovingly put my hands on the stiff hard cock and held it nicely.” Vanita, please hold it, Display it.. let me film it…Oh, it looks great, all stiff and hard and standing tall…with lot of precum on its mouth….” Ravi said.Now Rahul was eager. He slowly held my legs and separated them.” Adjust her legs slightly wider. I should be able to capture the cock break open the seal of her pussy. Let me capture the slow entry of the cock properly, in her pussy to pop her cherry.” Ravi said.Rahul adjusted my legs a bit apart. I could sense him getting all ready and eager to pop my cherry.” Rahul, put a pillow under her to raise her pussy so that the entry and penetration of the cock,…. is deeper.” Ravi said.A pillow was placed by Rahul and my pussy was now easily accessible to welcome the stiff hard cock to enter it. Rahul came over me and slowly kept the tip of the cock at the entrance of my pussy and slowly started giving a push. His cock was already hard and stiff. It easily opened my pussy lips and glided in.My pussy was all dripping wet and was making the entry of the cock easier. ” Oh hold on for a second, let me film the entry of the cock properly.” Ravi said. He moved forward and I could feel his hand adjusting my legs. Then his hands moved to the point, where the cock was awaiting entry in the pussy. He touched the cock and felt it. He adjusted it a bit.”I can now film it properly. Push it slowly. Do give steady and slow strokes–once it goes in.” He said.Rahul was now increasing his pressure. It was paining a bit as I was still virgin. May be Rahul knew it and didnot want to make haste. The pressure of his cock was increasing steadily. He was pulling his cock out a bit and again pushing it with a bit more marsbahis giriş force. The short– in and out strokes — were driving me mad. My body was all shaking.” Rahul, now hold her tightly under you . It will make controlling the entry of the cock–better.” Ravi said.Now Rahul was holding me tightly under him, with all his force. He had also increased the pressure on his cock. I could feel the cock now disparately trying to force it’s entry in my wet pussy. The increasing pressure on the cock was also increasing my pain.”Vanita , may be it will pain a bit in the beginning but, soon you won’t feel it.” I heard Ravi say.I was already in a trance and enjoying every moment of my defforation.I felt, Rahul’s mouth on my mouth and his tongue trying to enter my mouth. The pressure of Rahul’s cock was increasing. I suddenly felt an excruciating pain. The cock had made it’s entry deep in my pussy. I was involuntarily clutching Rahul, with both my hands. Rahul had also held me tight with his hands and I could feel his cock had entered deep in my pussy. His embrace too had become very very tight and his cock was touching somewhere deep inside in my wet dripping pussy.I was unable to move but the cock was continuing giving it’s strokes in and out….I can not describe my feelings. I had never experienced such feeling in my life. I could feel the cock going in and out and taking me to heaven almost in every stroke….Ravi was clapping his hands. ” Well done…. You have nicely popped her cherry.” I heard Ravi comment.But I could not open my eyes but kept them closed and kept enjoying the feelings I was going through.Rahul was giving steady and slow and long strokes. Ravi came near us and touched me delicately. I could feel his hands touching me on my face. “Well done Vanita..It was wonderful watching both of you.”I opened my eyes and looked at him. He was standing close to us. I could see the big tent in his night dress and a big wet spot at the tip. The poor thing had become all excited just looking at us. I unknowingly touched the tent and felt the throbbing stiff cock under it.Now Rahul had increased the pace of his strokes. The strokes had become shorter and faster. I could clearly feel his cock throbbing deep in side my pussy. Suddenly his grip on me became more tighter and he jabbed his cock deep inside. The cock was trembling uncontrollably. I could feel it becoming very stiff and vibrating and felt his hot seed getting deposited deep inside my pussy.The cock spilled all it’s milk deep inside. At the same time I felt something unusual happening inside me. My whole body too was shaking and I could do nothing to control it. My body was just vibrating in Rahul’s tight embrace. I was floating in heavens.remaining story you can continue on website

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