First Encounter

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My heart pounded in my chest. I sat in my car wondering why my heart was racing. My car was still running and I saw Lauren standing at the door. I took a big breath and shut my car off. As I got out I tried not to be self-conscious, the dress I was wearing was cut too low, and I suddenly felt like it was too short. As I approached the porch, Lauren flashed me a smile that made me look down and blush. As I walked past her into the house I tried not to visibly shake.

Once they were in the house Lauren laughed at me, “No need to be nervous.”

I glared at her playfully, “I’m not nervous.”

She raised her eyebrows and smiled at me.

I blushed and took off my coat. Lauren made her glance very clear. I wanted to say something sassy, but couldn’t think of anything even remotely good to say.

“Come here.”

My heart sped up again, and I began to walk to her. I leaned up and kissed her. I won’t lie, I had dreamed about it for months. I dreamed of the mad passionate way that I would kiss her, but my dreams fooled me. I lazily kissed her soft lips. Her kiss was soft, experienced, and I savored every moment of it. I took her lower lip into my mouth and bit down. Lauren’s eyes closed in unexpected pleasure. I kiss her slowly, exploring her mouth with my tongue. I was careful to not knock my tongue ring against her teeth. I trapped her lower lip in my mouth again and licked slow circles on her lip, as if promising my tongue knew what to do and how to do it.

Lauren pressed her body against mine and put her hand in the middle of my back. I rested on hand on her shoulder and the other on her chest. She trailed her other hand up my side and traced the edge of my dress. I gasped as she slipped her hand into the top of my dress and began to roll my nipple between her fingers.

I pulled her shirt off and resumed kissing her, not as slowly as the first kiss. I slowly backed her towards the couch and started to explore the feeling of her chest, her hips, and her ass. When we reached the couch I forced her to sit down and I got on my knees in front of her. I slowly removed her tank top and Ankara bayan escort began to kiss her neck. I nibbled my way down to her breasts and I unbuttoned her jeans.

She gasped as I bit down hard on the top swell of her breast. I began to wiggle her jeans down so I could have access to what I wanted the most. I continued to lick and bite her chest and neck as I slipped my hand up her leg. Slowly massaging my way up to the damp warmth that waited for me.

I slipped my hand up her leg and paused when I got to her pussy. I knew that Lauren liked it rough, but I wanted to savor every moment I could before this was over. I slowly traced up one lip and felt how wet she had become. I slowly traced down the other lip, and withdrew my hand slowly massaging her leg as I worked my way down.


I smiled, “I’m not done.” I slipped her underwear down and scooted it to the side. I had to remember not to stop and stare. It had been so long since I had been afforded this luxury, and no one could ever compare to the yearning I had in that one moment. I wanted to start slow, and take in every moment, but with my mouth watering and my fingers itching to be inside her I couldn’t make myself be slow.

She sighed and lay her head back as I kissed up her thighs and laced my hands under her hips. I pulled her towards me and kissed around her pussy. I blew air onto her and inched my tongue out as I drew my hands in front of me. She tasted so sweet. I sighed into her as I lapped at her wet pussy. I couldn’t stand how amazing she tasted. It had been way to long since I had done this. I moved my hand and slide one finger inside of her as I played with her clit. I circled the tip of my tongue around her pussy, careful not to lay the full weight of my barbell on her clit yet. I pulled my finger out of her and pushed two fingers back in. Her hips rose to meet my hand as I sped up my hand. I started to fuck her harder, and her breath began to quicken.

I lay my tongue flat and put the large ball of my tongue ring on her slit. I worked my head up and down and began to flick it against her clit Escort bayan Ankara while thrusting my fingers deep inside of her. She began to tighten around my fingers as I fucked her faster and harder. I used my other hand and put one finger into her ass. Her pussy tightened even more as she rode my hand and face into her first orgasm.

She lay there panting as I licked up every drop. She shuttered every time I flicked her clit with the tip of my tongue.

I gazed up at her and soaked up every detail. Every breath she took, every muscle that twitched. I wanted more. I knew that I was prepared to go as long as I could to make her cum until she begged to stop. I pulled up my dress and straddled her lap, I was glad that I wasn’t wearing underwear because they would have been soaked. We kissed like that until she got her breath back, she pulled out from under me until I was on my back and she was above me.

As she kissed my neck and chest I traced her shoulders, her arms, and her back. The feel of her alone was intoxicating. I moaned as she took my nipple in her mouth and flicked her tongue against it. That was just like her too, to somehow know exactly what my favorite thing was and try to undo me from the beginning with it. Lauren sucked on my nipple and tried to slide her hand up my dress. I squirmed, she stopped.

“What’s wrong?”

“I.. I’m uh self-conscious, about the way I look.” I blushed as I looked down at her. I looked away to hide the embarrassment in my eyes.

She sighed roughly, “Shut up”.

Lauren resumed kissing my chest and biting me here and there. Every time she bit down I felt waves of pleasure, like electricity. Her hand continued up my dress and I whimpered as she teased me. Payback was a bitch. Her hands were like ice, and I felt like I was burning up under her touch.


“Please what?” Lauren smiled, she was getting a real ego boost from this I’m sure.

What could I say? I’m not underneath begging. In fact I can be very good at it if I try. “Please Lauren, touch me, fuck me.”

She chuckled, her hand resumed touching Bayan escort Ankara me. My breathing sped up as her fingers touched every part of me. One moment she was inside of me, the next rubbing my clit and sending my nerves into a frenzy. She put two fingers inside of me and began to fuck me long and hard. She would pull out really slowly, and then slam her fingers back inside of me. It drove me insane, I began to meet her thrusts with my hips. Our mouths met as I began to moan and tighten around her. She fucked me so hard it hurt, and I loved every bit of it. By the end of it she was biting my neck and I was moaning in her ear. Begging her to fuck me, daring her to stop, and threatening her if she did stop. For one earth shattering moment I felt as if I were flying, and then my mind exploded in colors of pleasure as my orgasm had my legs shaking and my pussy spasming.

As I was catching my breath, Lauren slipped her hand out of me and licked me off her fingers. I kissed her passionately and got her on bottom again. This time I paid more attention to her breasts. I had always loved them, they weren’t too big, or too small. But they were ample and I kept myself busy by circling my tongue around each nipple, and nibbling on each one.

My hand wandered down between her legs and I began to stroke her already damp pussy. I trailed my kisses down to her stomach and kissed her ribs. I traced her the entrance to her pussy with my fingers and flicked her clit with my thumb. My tongue traced the outline of the tattoo on her side. I kissed and nibbled every party of it as my fingers rubbed her clit gently. Barely touching her, but putting pressure where it would matter most. As my fingers sped up, I increased the pressure on her clit and I sucked and bit on her breasts, sides, and hips.

Her body froze and then came crashing down into another orgasm as I shoved my fingers inside of her. I wrapped my arm around her waist as she came again and again. I held my fingers inside of her until her spasm stopped. When I slipped out of her I made sure she watched me lick off every part of my hand that was still soaked from her orgasm.

We lay there for quite some time. What happens next I may write about in the future, but for now that is all. I can tell you that they fucked many more times that night in many different positions. Besides what are friends for?

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