First Double BJ

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It was sophomore year of college. I was taking calculus 2 at Cal Poly Pomona. I knew nobody in the class and I desperately needed a study buddy. I asked a few girls and got shot down. I then asked this boy who sat close to me. He agreed for later that night at his dorm room. I was extremely nervous for the test coming up.

I got to his dorm room a couple minutes past 9pm. He opened the door, it was a two bed dorm room, looked like any other in the place. His roommate was also in the room studying. We introduced ourselves. His name was Patrick. He was looked mixed, possibly White and Hispanic, had light brown eyes, and solid brown hair. He dressed nice, a little too nice. I would guessed that he was most likely gay. The boy I was about to study with, who’s name was Richard, was white, had blue eyes and blonde, short hair.

We opened our books and got to business. After about an hour and half of studying and a couple beers we were getting tired. We decided to take a break and take a couple shots of whiskey. Being a drinker, I took four shots within a half an hour. Patrick, Richard and I were really getting into our conversations. Patrick told me that he was gay, but Richard said that he was not. I said I wasn’t, having a girlfriend who I loved, but that I have fooled around with a couple guys in the past. The truth was a I sucked a couple dicks in my past, and it was some of the most exciting, pleasurable things I have ever done. I was obviously thinking of hooking up with Patrick. He was good looking and I couldn’t stop wondering how his dick looked, how it tasted, how it felt in my mouth.

We continued to take shots and drink beers. The conversations were flowing. Richard left to use the restroom and I thought to myself ‘this is my chance to talk to Patrick’. I sat next to him on his bed while we were still talking. We were looking in each others eyes. We were talking about the craziest places we had ever hooked up. I admitted that I had never had sex in a dorm, but always wanted to (I stayed at an apartment off campus). My eyes had been strolling his body and undressing him. He was blushing and it got quite. I put my hand on his thigh and moved in for kiss. He pulled back slightly at first, we locked eyes for a quarter of a second, then he moved in towards me. His lips were soft, soft as a women. We kissed for what felt like 5 minutes but was more like 30 seconds. My hand was rubbing his leg, while we looked into each others eyes again. I moved back in a kissed his neck. He smelt good, like he just took a shower and pulled his clothes out the wash. I gently kissed and nibbled at his neck and went back for his lips. The kisses started gentle but moved quickly to biting lips and a lot of tongue. At that point Richard came back in.

“Oh…” Richard said.

Patrick and I were very embarrassed and blushing. He closed the door quickly behind him.

“It’s Ankara escort alright,” Richard said. “I ain’t trippin'”.

Richard sat down on his bed. He was obviously tipsy because his path from the door to the bed was about as straight as Patrick.

“Umm…well…you guys….continue..If you want…I don’t mind.” muttered Richard.

Patrick and I looked at each other, looked at Richard, who was slightly smiling, looked back at each other, shrugged and we right back to where we were at. The idea of Richard watching us kind of turned me on. I pushed Patrick down on his bed and straddled him. I glanced over at Richard to see him looking at us intensely…I knew he wasn’t completely straight. I look back at Patrick and dive back in. I could feel Patrick’s dick getting hard under my ass as I grinded it on him. I sat up and pulled my shirt off and he instantly reached for my belt. He unbuckled it faster then I could have, and unbuttoned my pants. My dick was already hard and the outline could easily be seen though the jeans. He grabbed my boxers by the rim and pulled them down with my jeans and out shot my dick like a rocket. He couldn’t take his eyes off it and immediately grabbed it and started rubbing it.

I pulled his shirt up to his armpits. He let go of my dick to take his shirt over his head and I rubbed my dick on his smooth stomach. He threw his shirt at Richard who hasn’t taken his eyes off of us. Patrick grabbed my dick again and continued rubbing it. His hands were soft, and knew exactly how to rub me. I scoot up onto his chest to put my dick in front of his face. He kisses and licks the tip gently. His tongue worked the underside of my dick head. With the movements of his tongue, my dick twitched. I pushed the head into his mouth and pulled it out quickly. His mouth was still open so I slapped my cock on it to make a popping noise. He moaned and as he was I pushed it back in his mouth. I humped his mouth softly, moving my dick around his mouth, while his tongue continued to work the bottom side of my dick.

I pulled my dick out and got off his chest on the side of his bed. Patrick’s eyes were fixated on my cock, still twitching with pleasure. I pulled my pants down to reveal my cleanly shaven balls hanging low. At this time I began to stare at his large bulge in his pants. I moved my cock back towards his face while standing on the side of the bed and start rubbing his bulge. He started jacking my cock and sucking and licking my balls. I unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down. His cut, 8 inch cock plopped out. It was clean shaven and his balls hung low like mine. I couldn’t hold myself back and went straight down to put him in my mouth. I grabbed his cock, holding it up towards my mouth, I licked the precum that sat at the tip. The sweet flavor entered my watering mouth. I then leaned down and shoved his cock into my mouth. Escort ankara He completely filled my mouth even though I was only slightly past the head. I moaned loudly as he started licking the underside of my dick.

I bobbed on his dick, pulling it out every once in a while to kiss and lick it. I pulled it out and ran my tongue completely over his balls. getting them nice and wet. He was moaning with my dick resting on his face. I spat on his cock and started rubbing it between my hand and his stomach as I licked and sucked his balls. I dropped to my knees at the side of his bed and pulled his legs around my head. I licked up and down the length of his dick about five times and then got back to bobbing on his cock. He grabbed the back of my head and stared humping my face gently. My cock twitched.

My blood was flowing. The feeling of his hot, hard, smooth cock filling my mouth, pushing to the back of my throat was unbelievable. My mouth was watering like crazy, his balls were dripped with my spit. At that point I felt something rest on my shoulder. It was really warm and fleshy. I had completely forgot about Richard. I turned around and looked up to see Richard standing over me, holding his cock. He slapped me in the face with it. I moaned, I loved his hot, slightly hard cock slapping my cheek. I wanted him in my mouth too! I stuck my tongue out. He rubbed his cock over my wet tongue then shoved it in my mouth. He was slightly smaller then Patrick, but tasted just as amazing. He humped my face and pulled out. I turned to Patrick and put his dick bck in my mouth. I bobbed on his dick while jacking Richard, then switched it up. I did this a few times. I would look up at each of them as I sucked them.

Patrick got down to his knees as I was sucking Richard. He got slightly below me and started licking on Richard’s slightly hairy balls. Richard was moaning. I pulled out his cock t kiss the tip. Patrick moved up to kiss the other side of his dick. Richard’s dick then slid into Patrick’s mouth as I started licking the side and underside of Richard’s dick. I moved to Richards balls and began engulfing them in my mouth while Patrick worked his cock like a porn star. We swithed off between the balls and dick for a while. I then pulled back to let Patrick enjoy Richard’s cock on his own while I got up and took another shot.

I laid on Patrick’s bed with pillows under my head, propping it up, and signed for Richard to come over. He pulled his cock out of Patrick’s mouth and straddled my chest and shoved his cock in my already open mouth. He started to hump my mouth when I felt a warm mouth over my dick. I could feel Patrick as he deep throated my whole cock. I moaned loudly as Richard pumped my face and Patrick worked my cock. I grabbed Richard’s ass and pushed him in further. I could feel myself get close to cumming but I didn’t want to yet. Ankara escort bayan I pushed Patrick up off my cock and I guess he got the clue. He then got on the chair and started jacking off as he watched Richard use my face. I could feel Richard’s cock getting larger in my mouth. He was humping harder and harder. Sometimes I would gag and pull it out to breath but he would just put it back in. He fucked my face for a few more minutes, then pulled out quickly started jacking it. I stuck my tongue out waiting for his hot load. I squeezed his ass and moaned as he started breathing louder and louder. He then pointed it straight at my face and made a grunt sound. A second later, his first spurt shot out with some power on my left cheek. The second shot hit my tongue and tooth. The next four quickly followed with perfect aim. He unloaded his last shots right on my tongue. I pulled my tongue in and felt his hot, salty cum settle at the back of my throat. as I squeezed the last of his cum out of his cock into my mouth. He then pulled his cock back and slapped it on my face, spreading the cum on my face. I moaned with pleasure. He got up off my and Patrick came over. He started kissing my with passion. His tongue dipped into my mouth, tasting the cum still in my mouth. He licked some of the cum off my chin and cheek, the stood up and said, “My turn.”

He stepped back from the bed and I followed like a puppy dog. I got straight to my knees and swallowed the amazing load in my mouth. It was thick going down but didn’t phase me. I was too excited for my second load. I quickly started worshiping Patrick’s cock with my mouth. I was licking and sucking it like it was my first time. I was really working the bottom of his head as I bobbed on his hard throbbing cock. He was moaning louder saying “Ya like that…uhh..ya, like that”

I kept what I was doing, increasing my speed and intensity. When it happened. His cum started shooting into my mouth. I felt the first shot hit the back of my tongue and was followed by numerous shots after. I was so in bliss that I cannot remember how many. The cum was dripping form the sides of my mouth as I continued to suck his cock. I pull it out to swallow. I couldn’t swallow it all at once, but was able to do it in two. I immediately put his cock back in my mouth until it began to soften. Patrick then pulled e to my feet and we kissed for a few minute. He then dropped to his knees. I deep throated my whole cock and I held his head on it. I started pumping his face with my cock fully in his throat. He forced his head back to breath then put it right back in. After a couple times he started jerking my cock with both hand. They were like magic and I felt as if I was about to cum. “I’m bout to..I’m bout to!” I moaned, He sped up and opened his mouth. “Ugghhhhh!” I came huge. The first couple shots completely covered his face and then he puts my cock in his mouth. He sucked me completely dry. He pulled my cock out and kissed my balls. I sat down and put my pants on. Richard gave me a towel to clean up, and then I put my shirt on. We said our goodbye, and I gave Patrick one last kiss. As I left I thought ‘Fuck, I need to study more often’

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