First Day in the Office

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Big Tits

Follow-Up to my first story, Career Fair.
Based on a True Story

It had been about a month since I officially accepted the offer for my first corporate position, which was achieved by … “persuading” you that I was the best fit for the job. Since the offer was extended, I hadn’t heard from you or anyone else in the company and was busy finishing up the remainder of my semester and graduating the university. To be honest, I really hadn’t thought much about our encounter at all until the night before my first day.

I lay in bed that night and my mind began to wonder. Would we be working together? I never even asked what you do. Were you going to acknowledge what happened? Were you just going to be flirtatious? Were you going to try to take me again, call me into a secluded conference room, press me up against the locked door and fuck me? Were you going to pretend like nothing happened, like you didn’t cover my face and tits in cum the last time we met?

The unknowns were nerve-racking, but I couldn’t help but be excited and turned on by the prospect of what might be waiting for me on my first day. I closed my eyes and started thinking back on our first encounter. I pulled up the white tank top I was wearing and exposed my large, braless breasts. I started kneading my hand into one, gentling running the tip of my middle finger over my nipple while I thought about the way you buried your face between them, licked them and sucked them while you fucked me on my dorm room floor. My other hand slid down into my panties and two fingers entered my wet pussy. I moved them in and out in rhythm with the mental image of your hardened shaft pounding me like a filthy slut. I teased my clit, pinched my nipples hard and grinded my hips back and forth against my penetrating fingers until I was screaming in orgasm. As I turned over in bed, satisfied, and started to drift to sleep, I thought to myself, “After the performance I put on, he’ll practically be begging me to fuck him again. This is going to be fun.”

The next morning, I woke up and started getting ready for my first day. It was a big day for my career and I should have been really concerned about my professionalism, but I was much more excited about seeing you again. I opted to wear the same exact outfit I wore when we met at the Career Fair; a tight-fitting black skirt that displayed every curve of my hips and ass when I walked, and a the makanai cooking for the maiko house izle white shirt with one too many of the buttons undone to show off the depth of my cleavage. Underneath was the same white lacey bra and thong you aggressively tore off of me before fucking me to orgasm. I glanced in the mirror before rushing out the door. I looked hot. You didn’t stand a chance.

As I approached the reception desk, you were already waiting for me.

“Hi, Erin, it’s great to see you again. I’m Jeff, the Human Resources Manager, as I’m sure you remember,” you say with a bit of a smirk.

I feel myself starting to blush a bit and reach out my hand to shake yours. The skin to skin contact sent our whole first experience flooding back. I could feel my panties getting wet and you were just slyly smiling at me. I felt completely powerless. All you would have had to do was say the word and I would have dropped to my knees right there and sucked your cock down my throat.

The way you looked at me as you walked me through the office and introduced me to the members of my department didn’t help either. You stared at every inch of my body, not wantingly, like the other guys I was meeting, but knowingly. You fucked me and we both loved it. You knew exactly what kind of girl I was, and you knew you could have me again whenever you wanted. Here I thought I was going to come to work and have you wrapped around my finger, but it was the exact opposite.

You showed me to my cubicle and asked if you could have my cell phone number.

“Why?” I replied, rather abruptly.

“Well, you see, my office is on the other side of the building and IT hasn’t set up your phone extension or e-mail yet, so I thought it would be easier if I needed to contact you.”

You were lying, I knew it, but I could do nothing about it. You took down my number, took one last obvious glance at my tits down the front of my shirt, and walked away.

No more than five minutes passed before my phone buzzed with an unknown number. The text message read, “Need to be alone… Hotel on Main St… 12:30 Rm 207… See you there.” I needn’t ask who it was.

I responded, “What makes you think I’ll be there?” I was really trying my best to get an upper hand.

Another five minutes passed and my phone buzzed the midnight club izle again. “You’re wearing the same outfit I tore off of you.” He was right.

I knock on room 207 and hear you call me inside. I put my things on the floor and start to come towards you when you put your hands on my shoulders and stop me.

“Not so fast,” you say. “If this is what you want, you’re going to have to work for it. Stand in the middle of the room and take off your clothes.”

Without question I step toward the middle of the room. I wanted you so badly I would do anything to have your cock again.

I started putting on quite the show for you, slowly stripping my shirt off one button at a time before tossing it to the floor, pressing my tits together and running my fingers down my cleavage. I turned my back to you and bent all the way down, allowing my skirt to ride up and give you a perfect view of my thong-clad ass while I unbuckled my shoes and kicked them off. I let my skirt fall to the floor and turned back around to face you only to discover that you had taken your cock out of your pants and boxers and were stroking it slowly in your seat while watching. I’ve never had a guy watch me and jerk off, but I found it really hot.

“That lingerie looks familiar,” you said with a smile, “guess you saw this coming, huh?”

“I knew you wouldn’t be able to keep your hands off of this,” I replied.

“Well, why don’t you come over here and show me what I’ve been missing,” you say as you motion me towards you.

With that, I get down on my hands and knees and crawl across the hotel carpet until I’m right between your legs. At this point, I’m just too horny for subtlety and want to give you what you’ve been thinking about right away. I quickly take the entire length of you down my throat and suck you in and out until you’re shaft is glistening with my saliva. Then, I pull the cups of my bra down and wrap my now-exposed breasts right around your cock, completely engulfing it before I start bouncing up and down, tittyfucking you. You throw your head back and moan loudly.

I look up at you and say, “You don’t think I forgot how much you loved stuffing your cock between my huge, D-cup tits, do you?”

That seemed to really get you going. You grab my shoulders and take three or four long, hard thrusts into my cleavage before you pull me to the midwich cuckoos izle my feet and move me towards the bed. You throw me back onto the covers, then grab me by the hips and turn me over, so that I’m on my hands and knees, facing away from you. You pull off any remaining clothes you have on and get onto the bed behind me, then take your thick cock in your hands and slap it hard against my ass five or six times. Then, you push my thong to the side and slide your cock into my pussy from behind. I’m so wet and turned on that your entire length slides into me effortlessly and I feel your balls slap against my clit. You start thrusting in and out of me in long, powerful strides.

“Oh my god, you feel so fucking big,” I say as I push back against you, allowing you to get as deep as possible.

You reach forward, unhook my bra and pull it off before reaching around to cup them while you pounded me. Then, you grab a handful of my hair and pull back on it lightly.

You start talking to me through your teeth while you pump in and out of me, “You are such a dirty little slut. You’re going to be a bad girl and fuck your HR Manager every day, aren’t you?”

I respond, “Oh yes, I’ll fuck this big cock any time you want. I’ll be you’re bad little office slut.”

I bend down lower so that I could use one of my hands to reach underneath us and alternate between rubbing my clit and rubbing your balls while you continue to slide your cock in and out of me. This forces me to arch my back and stick my ass straight up into the air, which catches your eye. You let go of my hair and start kneading your hands into my ass, which makes me moan loudly.

You say, “You have such a gorgeous round ass. I love the way it shakes when I plunge my cock into you.”

I respond, “You like watching my ass shake, huh? Then spank me. I want you to slap my ass.”

You don’t hesitate for a second. You’re hand comes down onto my ass with a loud smack. This really turns you on and you start pumping your rock hard cock in and out of me faster than ever. I start to play with my clit and start screaming in pleasure while you fuck your new office slut from behind. You slap my ass again and grab hold of my hair with your other free hand.

I start yelling, “Oh my god, yes! Fuck me! FUCK ME! I’m going to cum!”

This pushes you over the edge too, and you start to unload stream after stream of hot cum inside of me. You’re pulsing cock and the forceful spraying of your cum get me off as well and I start to spasm in pleasure.

Both of us just collapse on the bed together, too exhausted from each other to move or even speak. When our hour lunch break is over, we compose ourselves, and then head back to the office, independently. Something told me this was going to be a fun place to work.

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