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The first time I licked cum out of my wife’s pussy I was drunk; we both were, in fact. I mention it only because it was a determining factor in taking that first step. Drunk or sober no longer matters anymore now. But that first time it was because we’d been drinking.

We have great hot sex, and we tease each other with fantasies, and we both enjoy dirty talk during sex. Sue has a filthy imagination, but she is easily embarrassed by her lust and desires, so she tends to hold back. Except when she’s had a few, then all bets are off, and she lets loose. She’ll giggle and laugh about it the next day, but she would never say or do sober what she does drunk, at least she didn’t used to. I guess that changed, too. But still, when we wanted to get kinky and nasty, a couple of vodkas and she’d be spewing the nastiest filth and doing things that would make her blush when sober.

The down side to drunk sex was that she had trouble reaching orgasm. She couldn’t focus enough, or something. But she could fuck forever. When she was sober she could cum over and over, as many as ten or twelve times a night, but drunk I had to work to get her to cum even once.

So, the night in question we’d had friends over, and because we were the hosts we could both drink, as we didn’t have to drive. After everyone left we were cleaning up and started getting frisky, touching each other, kissing. We chatted a little about the party and our friends, and in between the chatter engaged in some light fondling. Knowing that we were drinking had me thinking about sex most of the night, and I wanted to get started. I was drunk too, as I said, and there are times when I can’t cum either, but we hadn’t done it for a few days, and I knew I’d get there even if it took a while. While I cleaned the table I mentioned how pretty I thought she was, and that she was the hottest of our friends. She started responding as we finished the dishes. I commented on her outfit, and told her it looked pretty good on her.

“Oh, really? Pretty good?” she asked. Her eyes glinted, and I knew we were off to the races. “I suppose that someone else’s outfit looked better?” I knew from past nights that when she compared herself to other women was a lead to her dirty talk, and I jumped on the ride.

“Well, I thought Lisa’s outfit was hot,” I said. Lisa is our single friend who had been one of the four guests, along with Dave, another single, and Donna and Mark, a married couple. We’d all known each other for years.

“Oh, did you?”

“Yeah, her top really showed off her boobs, and that skirt was so short, I thought that I might catch a glimpse of panties.”

“Oh yeah? You’d like that, huh? You want to see up Lisa’s skirt and see what she’s got?” She stepped into me, her hands on my hips, and pushed her hips forward. Her eyes were glazed a little.

“Sure, you know I like to see pussy. Panties are nice too.”

“You want to fuck her, too, I bet.” She licked her lips. “Maybe you’d like her to flash her panties at you, and you’d get hard, and fuck her right on the table.”

“Maybe I should just go down on her first.”

“M-mm, yeah, you want to eat Lisa’s pussy while I watch you?”

“Or help me,” I grinned, and kissed her. Her tongue swirled into my mouth and she moaned into me. She broke the kiss. “Your tongue would look so hot in her pussy,” I whispered.

“But my tongue would not be available,” she said, “because I’d be sucking Mark’s giant cock!” Mark was famous in our group for being well endowed. “His package looked great in those pants tonight! So while you were tonguing Lisa, I’d be worshipping his massive rod.” She moved her hand to the front of my pants, and rubbed me, feeling my erection. “O-oo, you like that idea, don’t you? You want to see me suck Mark’s big fat cock?”

“Only if you’re watching me fuck Lisa’s shaved cunt while you do it,” I replied, feeding her fire. “But what would Donna say?”

“That nasty slut would love it,” she cooed, unsnapping my jeans and slipping her hand inside. “She’d push my fucking head down on his dick and make me choke.” Her hand slipped into my briefs and grabbed my shaft. “Then she’d climb up on the table and sit on Lisa’s face while you fuck her!” She pulled my pants down and I stepped out of them, şahinbey escort kicking off my shoes. She took me by the dick and led me from the kitchen to the bedroom, talking all the way. “You would see Lisa sticking her tongue up Donna’s hot cunt, licking her clit, and tongue fucking her while you pounded her hole. You’d like that, wouldn’t you? You love the girl-girl action, you dirty boy.” She stepped to the bed and sat on it, pulling me towards her by my cock. “Of course, that would leave poor Dave with nothing to do but fuck me.”

And she opened her mouth and dove on my dick like a woman possessed. She stroked me with her mouth repeatedly, and every so often would pull off, rub my saliva slicked cock on her face, and talk more, painting an erotic scenario from her alcohol and lust-fevered brain.

“He would pull my panties off me, and lift up my skirt, and jam his fingers into my cunt. It would force me to take more of Mark’s cock.” Then back to sucking me.

“He would see that you were dripping wet.”

“Oh, yeah, he’d know I was ready, but I would tell him anyway, so you could hear me, I’d say, fuck me, Dave, shove your cock up my hot cunt and fuck me while my husband watches!”

“You’d have a cock in your mouth and one in your cunt, you slut.”

“Yeah, two cocks for your fucking slut wife. Dave would be grabbing my tits while he fucked me from behind, pounding my cunt raw, while Mark fucks my mouth. He’d push that giant meat right down my throat and gag me.” She stopped sucking and stood up, and we stripped off the rest of our clothes. She lay back on the bed, spread her legs and jammed two fingers into her wet gash and pulled on her nipples with the other hand. “Fuck, I’m so wet, I’m such a nasty slut. Come here and fuck my slut cunt!”

I needed no more encouragement, and climbed between her legs. I knew we were in for a hot session. My dick slipped right in, all the way to the base, and I felt her hands on my balls. “Yeah, fuck me good, dirty cock boy. Give it to me hard, pound my pussy like Dave would!”

“Yeah, your pussy feels just like Lisa’s, you slut, only hotter.”

“Fuck me like you’d fuck Lisa. Pound her twat for me!”

“And you lick Donna’s cunt, slut. I think she shaves it, so you can feel her slick cunt lips all over your face.”

“O-oo, fuck yeah, I’m tasting her cunt while you fuck Lisa’s hole.” I felt her finger at my cock, and she slid it inside her pussy. “Oh, yeah, I’m fingering Lisa’s cunt while you fuck her, I can feel your hard cock inside her. Fuck, that’s hot.” She pushed me off then, and sat up, and drove her mouth down on my dick, slurping the juices off, and licking my balls. “M-mm, Lisa’s cunt tastes great on your cock.” She pushed me on my back, and threw a leg over me. “Watch Marks’s cock fill my cunt. Watch my pussy take his giant rod.” She eased down onto my shaft until the whole length was buried inside. “Oh, fuck yeah, Mark’s cock is filling my pussy so good. And you are fucking Lisa. I can see your cock going in her, and all slick with her juices, m-mm, it looks so good.”

She enveloped my shaft, and her words degraded into loud grunts and moans as she settled down on me, then started shifting her hips back and forth, rubbing her clit on the base of my shaft, and forcing my cockhead to push against her cervix. I was extra hard, the kind of erection that almost hurts, and feels like you could come just from thinking about it. Despite being drunk, I suspected I could finish, and I might not last my usual drunk marathon. Sue leaned back, forcing my cock to point down, pressing my rod against her G-spot, and started sliding up and down, slowly, legs spread. Her pussy lips were swollen and wet, and opened wide, exposing her slick tunnel as it gripped me. She looked down, then back up at me.

“Fuck, look at my cunt getting fucked, that’s so fucking hot.” Her eyes returned to her sex, then back to me, talking each time she looked up, all the time rubbing my straining cock on her G-spot.

“Your cock looks so good fucking me.”

“Look how wet I am, my pussy loves your dick!”

“Fuck, I’m so fucking horny, I could fuck all night.”

“I love watching your hard cock fucking my wet slut cunt, it looks so good, it’s all wet from my pussy, fuck, that’s hot.”

Then she lifted her leg, pulled her pussy off me, grabbed the base of my shaft and sucked me back into her mouth, making yummy sounds, breathing through her nose, slurping and slobbering, and staring in my eyes as I groaned. Loudly. She pulled off and panted her excitement. “Fuck, I tasted my pussy on your dick! Did you like that? I hope so, because I loved it!” She swung her leg back, and lowered her cunt back down my shaft. She spoke between grunting thrusts. “I’ve tasted my pussy…on my fingers…when I play with myself…but I never…sucked it off your cock…before…it was so wet…and nasty…” She pulled off and did it again.

My balls were starting to react to the excitement, and I felt a real possibility that not only might I be able to cum, but that I wasn’t going to last much longer. Between her filthy imagination, her wanton lust, and her dirty mouth she had managed to turn the heat up on me. I wondered if she might be able to cum. While I pondered these developments, she switched my dick from her pussy to her mouth a few more times. She’d ride it enough to coat it with her essence, and then suck it all off, and tell me about it.

“Fuck…it’s so fucking nasty and hot…to suck your cock right from my cunt…did you like it…? Does it…make you hot? …” And off and sucking.

“Fuck yeah, you nasty slut. Taste that pussy on my dick. Fuck, that’s great.” My encouragement seemed to drive her more, and she leaped back on my dick, riding me. “Yeah, fuck your wet hole on my cock, you dirty girl. Let me kiss your cock loving dirty mouth.” She bent to me, and mashed her mouth on mine, our tongues swirling, and we grunted and moaned in each other’s mouths. Her lips were wet and puffy and slick, and I could taste pussy on her. I broke the kiss, held her face close to mine. “Oh, yeah, your mouth feels like you sucked cock, and it tastes like pussy, you slut. You’re making me so hot, you’re going to make me cum!”

“Fuck,” she panted, still driving her hips down on mine, “yeah, me, too, I’m so fucking turned on I think I can cum!” She kissed me again. “Don’t you cum yet, let me get closer, I think I can get there.”

“I don’t know if I can hold it off,” I managed.

“Don’t you fucking finish without me, cock boy! Here,” she said, pulling off my dick, “maybe this will help.” I thought she was going to suck me again, and I wondered how she thought that would help, but instead she moved up to my head, and dropped her wet, swollen cunt on my mouth. “Lick my cunt, fuck boy. Fucking suck my clit. Get me off. Eat my fucked pussy!”

Her filthy mouth urging me on, I drove my tongue into her hole, my nose and lips pressed into her clit. Not that I had much choice; she drove her hips down like my face was a cock and she was fucking my head. I’d never seen her so uncontrolled, so possessed, and it was a real turn on. I pushed my tongue up as far as it would go, swirling it inside her, mashing my face against her lips, then sliding up to her clit and alternating licking and sucking on it. She groaned and yelled as I got her closer.

“Yeah, that’s it, cock boy, you like tasting that? You like fucked pussy? You like putting your tongue where your dick was? Eat my fucked hole!” Her language was getting worse, more coarse, more vulgar, and it made my dick even harder. She was repeating “fuck, fuck, fuck,” over and over, humping my face. Then she shifted her hips backwards, kissed me hard, and slipped my dick back into her cunt, grunting her approval into my mouth.

“Fuck, that feels so good, fuck, your cock is so good in me, shit, my pussy loves to be fucked, fuck me, fucking pound my cunt, fuck my slut hole! Fuck, I’m gonna cum, fuck me, make me cum on your cock!” I didn’t have to move, she was practically bouncing on me, fucking herself harder than I ever had, and even without moving I knew I wouldn’t last, I was so hard, so aroused by her, it was all I could do to lay there, and try to last.

“O-oh, fuck, I’m gonna cum, slow down…” I warned her.

“Don’t you cum without me, I’m too close, fuck, hold it back!”

“I don’t think I-“

“Fucking don’t cum!” she screamed, still cramming herself down on my dick. “No! Fucking no, not yet!” But it was no use, I felt my balls tightening and my legs start to surge and buckle.

“Fuck, here it comes,” my hips started to jerk upwards into her. “Fuck, I’m cumming, you fucking hot slut I’m fucking CUMMING FUCK YOU I’M CUMMING IN YOUR HOT CUNT FUCK!!” She was still trying reach her own climax, muttering “no no no no” as she fucked me, and my cock spewed its load of lava up inside her slick tunnel, heating it more, making it sloppy and wet. She settled down as I finished, and I thought she might have resolved herself to not having an orgasm, but I was wrong. She waited until my spasms abated, and I felt her clench her pussy on my shaft. She looked into my face.

“Are you done?” she asked, her voice low and hoarse.

“O-oh, fuck, yeah, I fucking-“

“Good!” she blurted, and pulled off my dick, “now it’s my turn,” she added as she scrambled up my body. “I made you cum,” she said, in a commanding tone, “now you do it for me!” The next seconds seemed to stretch, every moment and image clear, instead of the almost instantaneous motion it was. She was moving up, legs apart. Her pussy was exposed and open, above my chest. A dollop of cum dripped off her swollen cunt lips and landed on my collarbone. She raised her hips. “Make me cum,” she was saying. “Make me cum. Lick my clit. I’m so close, I fucking need to cum, please,” she was pleading as she moved up.

And she plopped her sloppy wet cum-filled, fresh fucked pussy on my mouth, and started rubbing it on my lips, soft at first, then almost instantly she was back to her prior intensity. Not pleading anymore, she practically snarled, “Suck it, you cock fucker. Suck my clit, lick me, eat my fucked cunt and make me cum, lick it out. O-oo yeah, that’s it, right there, yeah that’s good. Get that tongue inside me.” She was rubbing her clit from my chin to my nose, masturbating herself on my face, and rubbing the dripping semen all over my mouth and chin. I was hesitant initially, but then stuck my tongue out and left it there, letting her rub her entire crotch on me, from ass to clit, smearing and dripping my cum into my mouth and on my face.

There was a distinct texture difference, a slimy, heavier consistency where her own fluids were lighter. There was a harsh bleachy smell, but the taste was mostly not awful, and in the heat of the moment, the act of doing it became more arousing than disgusting. After the first touch and taste the resistance vanished, and I enthusiastically dove in, trying to get her off, licking her pussy despite the flow of cum that oozed from her.

She sat up straighter then, squatting instead of kneeling, spread her legs obscenely, and reached between them to her pussy. I thought she might rub herself, but she spread her lips with her fingers and curled her hips forward. “Damn, that’s it so nasty, I can see your tongue going in my cunt, fuck, you disgusting cunt lover, lick that cum out, eat your cum from my hot fucked cunt! Fuck! That’s so dirty! You love it, don’t you! I can see your cum dripping into your mouth, you whore!” Knowing it was getting her off drove me harder, and then I was licking her not in spite of the cum, but because she was getting off on watching and enjoying it. “Fucking eat it! Eat that cum! Lick it out of my pussy! Oh! OH! FUCK! I -” She froze, and then her body locked up, and shook, and she came, hard, a full-body orgasm. Her pussy clenched and her juices and my remaining cum squeezed out on a blob, and I locked my mouth over her red-hot pussy and sucked and swallowed. And now it wasn’t in spite of the cum, or because she wanted me to, but because I wanted it, I was completely transformed into a nasty, cum-eating pussy licker, aroused at eating my own cum from my wife’s cunt.

Sue was panting, shuddering on my face, and then her legs gave way and she collapsed and fell to the side, laying next to me recovering. When her breathing was normal she raised up on her elbow, and leaned over me with a drunk horny leer. She leaned in and kissed me lightly, tenderly, licking my lips and tongue, making loving sounds. She pulled a few inches away. “You taste like sex,” she whispered, “like hot messy sex, and cum.” She licked the side of my face. “Like cum and pussy.” Another lick, and another kiss. She must have licked some off my face, because I got a fresh taste from her lips. She smiled, and so did I.

We fell asleep them, sated and exhausted and in love.

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