Finding Their Kinks Ch. 04

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Stacy moaned as Jack pounded away at her from behind. She was on her hands and knees on the carpet on the side of their bed. Jack’s heavy breathing was accompanied by the sounds of his flesh smacking against Stacy’s bare ass. The way she had her back arched exposed her pink asshole for his viewing pleasure. Jack had just licked Stacy’s pussy to a shuddering orgasm on the bed before they moved down to the floor to continue the fun. Stacy looked back toward Jack. She caught his eyes and told him, “Fuck me. Don’t stop.”

He did as instructed and she looked at him for a few more seconds before she lowered her head down in ecstasy. She reached back with her right hand and pulled on Jack’s ball sack. He groaned with approval. At that moment, there was no turning back. He was about to explode. He pulled his rock hard member out of Stacy’s pussy and grabbed it with his right hand. He aimed it right at her little asshole. Stacy had let go of his balls and was now rubbing herself to another climax as well. The sight and sounds were too much. Jack shot his first rope of semen with such force that it splashed halfway up his wife’s naked back. Subsequent shots covered her asshole and crack. Stacy moaned as her orgasm filled her body with pleasure. Jack released his own grip on himself and rubbed his cock up and down Stacy’s ass crack easing out all the last remnants of pleasure that had just exploded from him.

Jack reached into the drawer on the nightstand next to the bed and grabbed their sex towel. He wiped his mess off of her back and ass crack. He stopped short of her asshole, however and admired the sight. Stacy turned her head again to look back at him. “Sweetie? Um can you finish? I want to stand up and jump in the shower.”

Jack didn’t say anything but instead he put the towel down on the floor. He bent down and lightly bit Stacy’s right butt cheek. Next, he licked his mess up that remained in her crack and on her asshole. “Mmmmm,” she moaned. He swallowed himself down. She was all cleaned by now but he continued to circle his tongue around her asshole. After a few more swipes of pleasure, he stopped and gave her a little spank.

“All clean, babe,” he advised.

She stood up and as she walked away to shower and simply said, “Thanks.”

Jack sat there with the taste of his own cum and Stacy’s ass lingering on his tongue. He heard the shower turn on behind the bathroom door as Stacy readied herself to clean off. It was yet another Saturday morning in the middle of summer. It had been about two weeks since Stacy shared her desire to suck a cock with him. That thought raced through his head as it seemed to regularly these past two weeks. He shook the thought out of his head and stood up. He put on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and went downstairs to make coffee.

Jack entered their kitchen and grabbed the coffee pot and walked over to the faucet. He filled it full and poured it back into the coffee maker. He opened the cabinet above and grabbed a filter and a bag of beans. He continued on with the process and filled the coffee grinder and pushed down to grind the beans down to the perfect consistency. The aroma of freshly ground beans quickly wafted upwards.

Upstairs in her shower, Stacy heard the whirring blade of the grinder. She smiled to herself knowing a hot fresh cup of coffee would soon be hers. She finished her shower and used her towel to dry her body and then wrapped it around herself. Her large breasts covered by the purple towel. It fell down just inches below her womanhood. As she began to blow dry her hair, Jacked walked in with her coffee and placed it down on the counter top in front of her.

“Thanks, babe!” she said barely audible above the whirring sound of the blow dryer.

Jack smiled back at her, “No problem.” Stacy continued to dry her hair taking a break here and there to sip her coffee. Jack headed back downstairs and turned on the TV to watch as he drank his own mug of coffee.

Around ten or fifteen minutes later, Stacy came downstairs dressed in a cute pair of green shorts and a brown tank top. She was holding her coffee mug and sat down next to Jack on the couch.

“So, it’s like 10:30 a.m. We have zero plans for the day, right?” Stacy quipped at Jack.

“Yep. We decided we would wake up today and just see how we felt and see where the day took us,” Jack answered back.

Stacy took another sip of her coffee. Between the mug of coffee, the hot shower, and the morning sex, she was feeling chipper and wide awake at this point. “Well, I know it’s spur of the moment, but do you want to drive out to the wineries and book a hotel out there for the night?” Stacy asked.

“That sounds perfect. It’s been a while since we made it up there. I am going to run upstairs to shower. Can you book the hotel and then let’s pack and head out?” Jack replied. Stacy agreed to get the hotel and grabbed her phone. Jack stood up, walked to the kitchen sink and rinsed out his glass. He then went upstairs to Antep Bayan Escort clean himself off in the shower.

Before he jumped in, however, he quickly packed his bag before Stacy could have time to get up there. He wanted to grab a few surprises for the hotel after the wineries.

Jack and Stacy were about halfway into their drive up to the winery country. Jack was driving as was typical. Stacy was in charge of the music as they drove. The current selection was apparently Madonna’s greatest hits.

“So where should we go first?” Jack asked. “The hotel doesn’t have check-in until 3:00 and it’s only 12:30 now. We have another half hour or so until the exit.”

“You choose. Whatever is closest work for me. I’m thirsty and the day is short!” Stacy giggled.

A half hour later, Jack took the exit and drove another five miles or so through the country roads and pulled into Galaxy Winery. The couple had been there many times before on their winery excursions. They walked inside and stood at the bar. One of the servers walked up to them to greet them.

“Hi there!” the server began. “I’m Christine. Have you been here before? I can take care of you both today.” Christine was probably in her early twenties. She was probably in college and working here for the summer. She had on white Nike sneakers, light denim shorts, and a yellow Galaxy Winery t-shirt. She had dark brown hair that was pulled into a pony tail. Her brown hair was highlighted by her green eyes and summer tanned skin.

Jack and Stacy both greeted her back. They let her know they had been there many times over the years. Jack thought back to Christine’s introduction – “I can take care of both of you.” He laughed to himself. “I wish,” was all he could think.

Jack and Stacy both picked out a few wines to have as a tasting that they could enjoy on the picnic benches on the back deck of the winery. They paid and walked outside with their wine. They found a table toward the back of the deck and sat down. Stacy looked at Jack and spoke, “You can close your mouth now. She’s still inside.”

“What?” Jack gasped.

“Oh god, shut up. You’re a terrible liar. Plus I thought the same. Christine was super cute. And young,” Stacy stammered.

Jack took a sip of his first wine. “First, yeah she’s cute, obviously. Yes, she’s young. But I wasn’t staring or flirting or anything. Anyhow she doesn’t even compare to you,” Jack shot back.

“You’re still a terrible liar but thanks so much. I really appreciate that,” Stacy replied.

Jack laughed. They sat and drank their flights of wine and chatted under the warm summer sun. Jack admired Stacy’s cleavage as it occasionally revealed itself above her shirt’s neckline when she gestured as she spoke. As they finished their flights, Stacy excused herself to use the bathroom before they headed out to the next stop.

Jack admired her cute butt as she walked away. They agreed to meet back at the car so Jack got up and took their empty glasses back to the bar. He walked inside from the back deck and set the empty wine glasses on the bar. Christine was there to pick them up from him.

“How were the wines?” Christine asked as she smiled at Jack.

“Fantastic. They were all very good but Stacy and I both enjoy the Pinot Grigio the best.

Christine replied back, “Oh yeah I like that one too a lot. Are you headed out to some more wineries today?” Christine asked. Jack replied that they were and would be out the rest of the day most likely.

“Have you ever been to The Venue Winery?” she asked. “It’s brand new and just down the road. They have really awesome wines there too and are open later than most the other wineries in the area. They always have live music on Saturday nights. I’m actually going tonight with my friend. Maybe by chance I will see you and your wife!”

Jack saw Stacy exit the bathroom and she looked over at him and gave him a cute but dirty look. He turned back to Christine, “We haven’t been there yet but it sounds like we definitely need to stop. What time will you be there with your friend?” he asked.

“I get off of work here at 7:00 and she’s going to pick me up to head over from here.” Christine explained.

“Cool. Depending on how our day goes, maybe we’ll see you over there. Anyhow, thanks for everything. I’m sure we will be back here again if nothing else,” Jack replied. Christine smiled and watched him as he walked away toward Stacy, who was now waiting by the door. Stacy caught Christine looking her way as well. They smiled at each other and casually waived goodbye.

“Sorry! But she was telling me about some new winery down the road called The Venue. They’re open later and have live music on Saturday nights. She said her and her friend were heading there when she gets off work at 7:00. She sort of invited us to meet them there if we were up for it,” Jack rambled as the couple walked toward their car.

Stacy teased Jack for flirting with the young bartender but knew there was nothing to it. Plus, it sounded like a good tip he received from Christine. Most of the wineries around here closed by 6:00 or 7:00 at the latest. Maybe they would take her up on the offer.

They drove to a few more wineries throughout the day and sipped wine outside as much as possible. Jack drank various nonalcoholic drinks at several of them to keep it safe while driving the couple from place to place. They had also checked into their hotel earlier in the day and had a full realization that The Venue was only a couple of blocks away. They could literally walk to the winery for the music without any worries on how to get home after imbibing.

They were now at another winery getting some much needed food. The fast food lunch they had earlier in the day had worn off pretty quickly. It was around 5:30 and the winery they were at was closing at 6:00. They finished up their snacks and drank what was left in their glasses of wine.

“So, now what?” Stacy asked.

Jack replied, “Let’s head back to the hotel and get freshened up for The Venue. We’ve been outside all day in the sun and I feel a little grimy. A quick rinse in the shower and a change of clothes sounds good at the moment.”

Stacy agreed. On the way back to the hotel, Jack stopped at a little corner liquor store. They picked up a 12 pack of beer to keep in the hotel fridge. They pulled up to the hotel parking lot and parked. Jack opened the trunk of their car and grabbed the beer and a couple bottles of wine – also for the hotel fridge. They then walked into the hotel and up to their room.

Jack held the key up to the electronic door lock on their room door and it clicked open. He turned the knob and they both walked inside. Jack walked to the fridge and placed the two wine bottles in it. He then opened the 12 pack to pull out each can to add to their now well stocked mini fridge. As he did so, he heard Stacy turning on the shower. He walked into the bathroom and she was already behind the glass shower doors. She smiled at him as he admired her naked wet body.

As he looked on, she smiled and waved to him, “Come in and join me,” she said above the rushing sounds of the shower.

“Sure!” Jack replied back. She didn’t have to ask him that twice. He quickly removed his shorts and shirt. The shorts he folded up and placed on the counter top. Those could be worn again. The shirt he tossed aside onto the floor.

Stacy watched from the shower as he undressed. As he was putting the shorts down and taking off his shirt, she admired the bulge in his boxer briefs. She watched with anticipation waiting for him to reveal what was behind those form fitting underwear. Jack pulled down his boxer briefs to Stacy’s delight. She admired his perfectly man-scaped pubic hair. His manhood was still soft but not 100%. He was already growing. That man could be ready in a moment’s notice to pleasure her. She felt herself getting wet and not just from the warm water raining down on her from the shower head.

Jack opened the glass door and joined his beautiful wife. He greeted her with a hug. Her ample breasts now slick with body wash suds pushed against his bare chest. She felt his cock pressing against her pussy. She could literally feel him hardening as they embraced.

“Well hello there,” she smiled. “Apparently you are very happy to be joining me.” Stacy reached down and grabbed his now fully erect cock with her right hand and lightly stroked him.

“Mmmmmm. That feels nice,” Jack whispered back as he continued to hold her close.

Just as soon as she started to stroke him, she let go. “Too bad we have to get going soon to meet your new girlfriend,” Stacy joked.

Jack played along. “Yeah, good point. Christine seemed excited for us to join her and her friend.” As he talked he grabbed the soap and a poof they had brought along and began to wash his own body. Stacy admired this scene just as much as Jack had admired her soapy naked body moments before.

“So what is her friend’s name?” Stacy asked.

“You know she didn’t say. She just said she was going to pick her up when she got off work,” Jack replied back but was sort of just sharing his own prior thoughts on the subject.

“Well, it will be interesting to meet whoever she is,” Stacy replied in the same manner. She was intrigued by Christine. Although she had joked with Jack about their flirting, Stacy had felt she had been the target of Christine’s flirting as well when she went inside to use the ladies’ room before they left.

Jack was just about done soaping his body when he heard the water pressure increase in the shower. Or at least that’s what he thought until he looked down and saw Stacy releasing a hard pale yellow stream. She moved her body and aimed the stream right onto the head of Jack’s still very erect penis. She grabbed onto him with her right hand to keep him in the stream.

“Oh fuck that’s so hot and feels so good,” Jack moaned. The silly atmosphere in the shower suddenly turned a lot hotter. He watched as her stream sprayed against the head of his cock. As the stream slowed to a trickle, Stacy gave him a few tugs and bent down so that her face was at the same level as his now throbbing cock. She opened her mouth and slid her lips around his head. She moved her head up and down slowly while she swirled her tongue back and forth. “Oh baby that feels so good,” was all Jack could get out.

Stacy enjoyed the taste of Jack’s cock mixed with the salty taste of her freshly released urine stream. But it quickly faded away as the shower rained down on the couple from above. After only about 10-15 seconds of sucking Jack’s hard cock, she stood up and planted a kiss onto Jack’s lips. The two were now cleaned up and rinsed off. She pulled away and shut off the water. “We better go. You don’t want to miss Christine,” she giggled.

Jack stood there. Naked. His cock fully erect and throbbing with the need to explode. His wife stood there naked and wet in front of him. He was overwhelmed with sexual energy but managed to play along. “Yeah you’re right. I was just about to tell you to stop anyhow. We need to get dressed to get there and see our new friend,” he deadpanned back.

They dried off and exited the shower to get dressed. Stacy quickly blow dried her hair while Jack got dressed and put some product in his towel dried hair. It irked Stacy how quickly he could go from shower to ready to head out and look so good in such short time. Tonight he was wearing the same pair of shorts but had put on a somewhat form fitting light blue t-shirt that highlighted his chest and biceps he worked on so hard at the gym.

Once her hair was dry and the blow dryer was off, Jack came into the bathroom again. In his hands were a pair of panties she didn’t remember packing. He handed them to her. “Here. I took it upon myself to pack these. I checked your drawers at home before you left and noticed you must have forgotten them,” he smiled as he said this.

“Pretty sure I didn’t actually forget to pack them. I’m pretty sure I just chose not to,” Stacy replied back sternly but with a smile. She looked down at the panties in her hand. They were a pair Jack had bought her for Valentine’s Day this year – or more appropriately they were the pair he had bought for her to wear for him. They were a bright red and tiny silk thong. They were covered in little white hearts and had a lacy elastic band.

She actually liked them but they weren’t really ideal to wear all day. But, to give Jack some credit, they were the perfect pair to put on at 7:00 p.m. knowing they would likely be taken off a few hours later by her husband.

“You’re welcome,” Jack replied with a smile. He turned around and as he walked away inquired, “Beer?”

“Yes, please,” she replied. Jack came back a moment later beers in hand – one for him and one for her. He handed one to Stacy who was still wrapped in her towel. “I just have to get dressed and put on some makeup and we can head out.”

Jacked walked back out of the bathroom and sat on the couch in their tiny hotel room living room and turned on the TV. He watched a baseball game and quickly finished his beer. He grabbed another one from the fridge. He had a little catching up to do after being the mostly designated driver all day. But now, he was free as their next destination was just down the street. As he watched the game on the TV and drank his second beer, he eagerly anticipated getting to The Venue and meeting their new friend Christine and whoever her friend was.

Fifteen minutes later, Stacy came out of the bathroom. She looked naturally sexy. She had on tight short green shorts and a blousy low cut white shirt. Her cleavage was enhanced even more than normal. Jack sensed she had brought along one of her bras that gave her just a little extra lift than her normal every day wear. “You ready?” she asked.

“Yep!” He sucked down the last of his second beer and the couple headed out the door, took the elevator down to the main floor, and walked out of the hotel toward their next destination. As they walked to The Venue, Jack pulled out his phone and checked out the winery’s Twitter account. The couple determined from their latest Tweets that tonight’s musical guest would be a ’90s pop cover band. They both agreed that was just about perfect.

The musical guests were still setting up on stage when they arrived. Stacy found a table not too close to the stage and Jack went to grab some wine. As he strolled back he saw Stacy waving at him from a table. She wasn’t alone, though. Apparently Christine had sat down next to her. Stacy saw Jack had seen her waving and she sat back down. Jack walked back toward his wife and watched as she talked to their new friend.

“Hey, Christine!” Jack exclaimed as he arrived. He handed his wife her glass.

Christine stood up from her chair and gave Jack a hug. “You guys totally made it!” Christine said to them both with sincere happiness in her voice.

“Yeah, thanks so much for the tip and the invite of sorts,” Jack replied back to her.

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