Finding Lust In The Chatroom Ch. 03

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Later that day Romeo returns online, searches for RoseBud70, and is contacted by her before he can Instant Message her.

“Are you ready to make me a quivering, dripping, exhausted mess?” RoseBud70 asks.

Romeo quickly replies, “I was just looking to see if you were online so that I could.”

“So where were we?” RoseBud70 questions.

“I had just drank you dry after massaging you to a volcanous eruption.” Romeo begins, and then continues, “You are weak, drained even, but you want more. As your body slows its quaking motion, I swiftly move from under you, grab you by the waist and roll you over till you are on your back. I move up over your body, holding you tightly, and begin to passionately kiss you. You feel the stiff erection between my legs as it tickles at the wet opening to your soul, and you grab for it hungrily, wanting it deep inside you. I pull back in hesitation. . . “

RoseBud70 quickly responds, “Aww, please put it in me!”

Romeo quickly replies, “Just a moment, it is no fun if I just dive in and it only lasts a minute or so. Let me take my time and try to make it last.”

“Okay, I do prefer for it to last, rather than be a quick in and out.” RoseBud70 exclaims.

Romeo continues, “I pull back in hesitation and nod to you to look at the present that you get to unwrap and enjoy. You understand the nod and slowly untie my shorts, pull the band away from my body and slowly pull the shorts down from my waist. It springs up and bobs as it frees itself from its restricting confines. You sit up and motion for me to stand so that you can finish removing the shorts, and pull them down as I stand, steadying my balance by holding one of my feet in the air as you pull them free of me. While I am standing you grab my gaziantep escortları waist and pull me closer to you as your tongue slips out from between your lips and licks the sticky fluid on the very tip.”

RoseBud70 notes her approval, “Mmmmmm, yes, now it is your turn to be pleased.”

Romeo continues, “The taste, salty, sweet, musky, and gooey, it excites you. You begin to kiss the head, and then down the shaft, then each heavy large nut, sucking each one into your mouth, rolling it around like a sip of fine wine. Then you kiss your way back up the shaft, which you are starting to believe is getting longer with each kiss, till you get back up to the head, which you hungrily start to suck on. Before long you decide that you want to take it slow, and prolong my climax, so you release your lips from the head and start kissing it again while slowly stroking the shaft. You look up at my face for approval, then motion for me to lie back down on our soft blanket, and I slowly do so while you continue to slowly stroke. Once I am back down flat on the blanket, you begin to kiss the head again while slowly stroking my shaft, dead in front of me, just out of reach. Then you decide it is time to get to the matter at hand and lower your head down and slowly take it into your mouth. First the head, then a little bit of the shaft, bobbing up and down slowly, working it further into your mouth with each downward movement until you are taking all that you can comfortably fit inside.”

“Oh my god, I am so hot!” RoseBud70 interjects.

“After taking your time for a while, you begin to quicken your pace, and you notice me stroking your head and running my fingers through your hair, so you stop.” Romeo notes.

RoseBud70 quickly quips, “I stopped! Why?”

Romeo continues, “You stop and reposition yourself so that I can taste how moist and ready you are for me to be deep inside of you, but you continue to taste the pleasure of me being in your mouth. You want to taste the sweet salty nectar that arises from deep within me. I eagerly accommodate your silent request, licking and nibbling away as you bob up and down, pausing only to lick down one side and back up the other before returning to your feast. As I eagerly devour your sweet nectar, I position one hand to be able to rub and caress your beautiful breasts, and the other to help me hasten the downpour of your sweet juices by slowly inserting and massaging you from the inside out. At first just the pink velvety folds of your tight pleading pussy, then also the squinty smooth tight puckered hole behind it. Before too long you begin to ride my face like a jockey rides a championship racehorse as you hungrily continue to slide me in and out of your wet suckingly soft mouth.”

“Yes! Oh my god that sounds so great!” RoseBud70 confirms her approval.

“Before too long, the riding motion quickens, and you begin to push more and harder into my mouth, pulling your mouth away from its feast, but still slowly stroking it. You are close and you know it. You want to quickly get past the rough part so that you can continue to enjoy your feast that awaits you, but you don’t want me to stop. Soon, after riding my face as hard as you can, your body tightens, and a torrent of tasty juices flow from your drenched and nearly raw lips. As your climax subsides, you continue to devour your feast, and allow me to continue to devour mine.” Romeo continues.

RoseBud70 interjects briefly, “Oh god, oh my god, yes!”

Romeo resumes, “You realize that in the position that we are in, that you will continue to come to climax after climax, and knowing that you have already done so three times already, you begin to devour your meal more hungrily. Before too long we both start getting closer to the edge, being ready to both explode. We both hurry our paces, me pulling your sweet lips closer and begin to start sucking on your fully erect clit, and you bobbing up and down so fast that you almost become dizzy. We both tighten up our bodies, with me thrusting my hips up to aid you in getting as much meat into your mouth as possible, and you grinding your clit hard into my chin.”

“Oh damn, oh shit, oh fuck! I am cumming!” RoseBud70 types in quickly.

Romeo finishes, “With each thrust of my hips, and each grind of yours, we each begin a squirting match that can’t be won by either of us. It is a hands down tie, for the amount we each feed the other, squirt for squirt, tremor for tremor, quake for quake. We both hungrily devour each other’s fluids not wanting a tasty drop to go to waste. We slurp each bit up. When it all finishes, you crawl up beside me, latching on as if there is something out in the dark that you are afraid of, only it is the need or want to hold the person who just gave you the greatest of times that you have had till this point. Only it is not over, but will have to end for now.”

“Oh my god! There is more!” RoseBud70 exclaims.

Romeo replies, “There is always more, until you have had enough. Have you had enough yet?”

RoseBud70 quickly responds, “Mmmmmm, no, not yet I haven’t, but I may have to begin a protest to see if all of this is possible.”

Romeo finishes before going, “Let me finish the story before you start your protests, and let us get to know if fantasy is more than enough for us, and then we will look at the option of living this fantasy.”

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