Finding Her Way in a Storm Ch. 03-04

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The first part of our story introduced us to eighteen-year-old Skyler, who wondered if she might not be frigid. None of her relationships with boys or men have given her that sense of giddy excited ness that she sees in all of Syler’s friends. Even the sex the auburn-haired teen has had has left her with the feeling something was missing.

And then she randomly encountered the enigmatic and beautiful Kaia, and all of those confounding things that had seemingly been a complete conundrum came suddenly rushing at her at once, leaving Slyler with a question.

Was she gay?

The next part of our tale covers our other protagonist’s backstory in this little lesbian romance tale. I hope you all enjoy it, and please feel free to contact me, leave a comment, and vote.

Chapter Three

Kaia picked through the boxes, unpacking things slowly as she placed them where they needed to go with the careful eye for detail she showed in everything she did, the habit ingrained in her during her time in the military.

Thoughts of the tantalizingly beautiful young woman she’d met earlier kept intruding upon her mind, making it exceedingly tough for the typically focused young woman to stay on task.

Kaia had been wet, her sensitive nipples aching for a touch by the time the young beauty had walked away with her loutish boyfriend. She could only smile to herself as she remembered the look in young Skyler’s eyes and the moment the two had shared.

The lean and toned black beauty sighed deeply and tried to let the memory of young Skyler go. That the young woman was either bisexual or newly curious was of no doubt to Kaia, but she was either straight or unsure of her sexuality, and Kaia had no interest in being the pool she dipped her toe into to test the waters.

Well, that wasn’t true. Kaia was very intrigued by the auburn-haired beauty and could only imagine what it would be like to suck and fondle her large ripe looking breasts. Kaia knew that she could make the beautiful and sexy young teen realize that there wasn’t a man alive that could electrify every nerve ending in her body the way that she could. She’d done it plenty of times before.

But the dark-skinned beauty had put those days behind her now. The twenty-four-year-old former Marine had vowed that there would be no more straight women involved in her love life. Like the old saying went, “Once burned, twice shy.”

Kaia realized that the loneliness that had bound her since Lisa had broken her heart was becoming suffocating at times, threatening to choke off her new post-military life. The African-American beauty knew that she might soon need to make a trip into Atlanta and submerge herself in its lesbian culture while creating a new connection. This time she wouldn’t make the mistake of falling for a woman who wasn’t sure of her sexuality. There would be no more straight women looking to try on a lesbian lifestyle before deciding that it just isn’t for them. Kaia couldn’t afford to have her heart broken again, not after the way that Lisa had left her.

Kaia had met Lisa at the age of twenty-two while still stationed stateside in California. The perky brunette, who had been recovering from a recent divorce, had joined the off base gym that Kaia regularly frequented in San Diego. Despite the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” the sexy black woman had just been more comfortable meeting women off base. There were plenty of dykes in the military these days, but Kaia had always preferred her women to be soft and feminine.

And strangely enough, white.

It wasn’t that she had anything against black women; she didn’t. But most of the black women she knew were loud and opinionated to the point of stubbornness, and that was a major turn-off to Kaia.

Kaia liked her women to be loving and sweet, maybe even a little submissive. But she also wanted them to be adventurous and passionate.

And then there was a white woman’s skin. The look and feel of having a sexy woman’s pale, creamy soft skin against her darker body just mesmerized Kaia, it was both a striking contrast and remarkably harmonious at the same time.

Kaia adored watching a white woman’s expression as she came on her fingers or tongue for the first time, especially if it was her first time with another woman. Seeing that light go on in their eyes as a new dawn to their existence is born was priceless.

And straight women? They could be like crack cocaine, addictive as hell. Whether they’d always been curious or if being seduced by Kaia was the first time the thought had ever really occurred to them, the cocoa-skinned beauty often couldn’t get enough. She loved opening them up to an entirely new reality before releasing them back into the world.

Her first tour in Afghanistan, Kaia, had met and seduced a white nurse named Shelly. The relationship was a forbidden one for a couple of reasons. For one, Shelly was a Lieutenant, and her fraternizing with an enlisted person was a sanctionable casino şirketleri offense. Second, she was a married woman with two young kids at home.

But Kaia had caught a familiar vibe when she first met the beautiful redhead, one she knew all too well from personal experience. Over the next month, Kaia had subtly flirted with her new target of desire every time the two encountered one another. The married mother of two would flush furiously in response, but never tell Kaia that what she was doing was inappropriate. The beautiful black lesbian knew that Shelly liked the attention, and what’s more, Kaia knew that Shelly knew she enjoyed it.

Kaia was careful never to push too hard, though. She desperately didn’t want to scare the fair-skinned beauty away by going too fast.

The skilled seductress of straight women had known that the Lieutenant was ready to be taken one night about two months after they’d first met. Kaia had caught her coming out of an officers club late one evening, and the two had walked alone, shamelessly flirting with one another. Shelly had begun to flirt back with her in recent weeks, gently at first, but eventually far more suggestively.

That night Shelly had been a lot freer with her hands, touching Kaia’s arm and shoulder as they walked along, even bumping her hips up against the enlisted woman one or twice. Kaia had finally grasped her hand as they walked in a darker section of the base, pulling her into a supply shed and closing the door behind them.

The two women had just stared at each other, Kaia wanting the married mother of two to make the first move. But when Shelly’s eyes had gone to the sexy black woman’s lips, an evident look of desire on her face, Kaia had no longer been able to resist.

Their first kiss, months in the making, had led to a passionate affair between the two that lasted for nearly five months, right up until the night before Shelly had rotated out to go home. After the two had made love that night in the nurse’s supply tent’s backroom, Shelly had cried.

Kaia had suspected that the married Lieutenant was a bit in love with her for weeks, and her tears had only proved that belief. And to be completely honest, Kaia was a little in love with her too. It hurt to let her go, but they’d both always known that this would be a fleeting romance.

Kaia still wondered sometimes about Shelly. She’d had her doubts that the pretty redhead would be able to adjust back to her husband. Shelly’s lesbian awakening had been complete.

But then, Kaia had thought the same thing about Lisa.

Lisa Marie Fiorentino had walked into the gym one Thursday evening and instantly caught Kaia’s eye. She was petite at just over five feet and weighed perhaps a hundred and twenty pounds. Maybe a little soft around the middle and hips, but still very sexy. Her curly black hair and olive-colored skin had been like catnip to Kaia. She’d become enamored with the brunette beauty at first sight.

After watching her that first night, Kaia was sure that the sexy woman had never been in a gym, looking bewildered and mystified by most of the equipment. So the next night that she showed up, Kaia introduced herself and offered to give the sexy young brunette some tips, maybe even train her.

She’d soon learned Lisa’s story, pregnant and married at eighteen, she’d had a miscarriage, followed two years later by a divorce. Rather than decide it was a bad thing, Lisa took it as a positive and enrolled in college.

The newly divorced woman’s first two years of school had gone well, and her junior year seemed to get off to a rousing start when she first met her most recent husband, Tommy. He was tall and handsome and loaded with charisma and family money, but Lisa swore that she resisted his advances for months. She said the last two years of her single life as an adult had been the best of her existence. They’d been busy but fulfilling, and she wasn’t sure she wanted to see that change.

But Tommy Fiorentino had been a smooth talker and a consummate salesman, and in the end, he’d worn her down. So, by the time that Lisa had made it halfway through her senior year, she was a married woman once again.

Two months after that, she was happily pregnant. But tragedy struck three months later when she had her second miscarriage. This one turned out to be even more devastating than the first because it arrived with the news that her uterus’ lining made it unlikely that she’d ever been able to carry a child to term. It was a crushing new reality for Lisa to confront because she’d always hoped to be a mom someday.

Depression set in after the miscarriage causing struggles in her final semester of school. Lisa graduated and got her degree, but just barely. The job market was tight, particularly for someone that finished in the bottom third of her class, creating more tension with Tommy. Lisa had known things were rough between them, but she hadn’t been expecting her husband to come casino firmaları home a year after she graduated and announce he was in love with another woman. A woman who was carrying his child, something that Lisa couldn’t give him.

Kaia had drawn all of that out of Lisa over several weeks spent working out together in the gym, and the times the two would go for coffee afterward. Kaia had spoken of herself only in the most general terms until that point, never hinting at her sexuality. She’d waited until Lisa had invited her over for a Saturday night ladies night before casually dropping into the conversation that she was a lesbian. The sexy black Marine acted nonchalant about doing so, wanting to see Lisa’s reaction. When the beautiful and curvy brunette hadn’t batted an eye, the wave of relief Kaia felt had brought the realization that she had already developed feelings for Lisa.

After that, she’d pushed things, gently flirting and complimenting the sexy brunette while they worked out or socialized outside the gym. When Lisa didn’t seem to object to the attention, even flushing in response at times, Kaia began to add little touches and caresses.

The pair started going dancing on Saturday nights. Lisa would dance with men while Kaia danced suggestively with an ample supply of willing women, often finding Lisa’s eyes on them while they ground against one another. But invariably by the end of the night, when Lisa had become well lubricated with alcohol, the pair would end up dancing together. Kaia would be freer with her hands during these times, allowing them to hold Lisa’s hips as the sexy brunette’s ass ground against her crotch. She paid extra attention to how the sexy divorcee would respond to her while they danced, and signs of arousal from Lisa were aplenty.

Finally, after three consecutive weekends of attending the same dance club, Kaia had sneakily suggested that they change things up for the coming weekend. Lisa had let her pick the club and was unaware of their destination until the pair’s Uber pulled up in front of an old warehouse. The sexy brunette had looked apprehensive when they’d gotten out of the car, the sound of dance music reverberating from inside the place. She’d seemed even more so once their ride had pulled away, but Kaia had calmed her down by saying that they could leave if she didn’t like the place after a half-hour.

It was an underground club that was open once a month, changing locations each time. It catered mainly to a lesbian crowd, though there was a smattering of gay men, straight couples, and curious girls.

The two had immediately hit up the bar upon entering, Kaia wanting to give Lisa time to take in her surroundings. She wanted the beautiful divorcee to become aware that she was at a lesbian dance club all on her own. Kaia strongly suspected that if she could get a couple of drinks in Lisa and get her on the dancefloor, everything else would take care of itself. And her instincts proved to be right when the pair were still dancing an hour later and becoming more intimate and in tune with each other’s moves with each passing song.

The duo took a break with Kaia heading outside to the group of porta-johns lined up outside the side door. Meanwhile, Lisa went to the bar to get them both drinks.

The sexy black seductress had been alarmed when she returned to find her “date” flirting with an older attractive blonde. The woman had been whispering in Lisa’s ear as she ran a red-gloss painted fingernail up the curvy brunette’s arm, and whatever she’d said made Lisa flush and giggle in response.

Kaia had felt instantly sick.

Swallowing her pride and trying to bury the jealousy she felt eating at her insides, Kaia had approached the pair. Lisa’s eyes had gone big when she’d spotted her, like a kid caught with her hand in the cookie jar. But then she’d quickly recovered and introduced the blonde as Brandi.

Lisa had then leaned in towards Kaia and announced that Brandi had asked her to dance, the sexy divorcee wanting to know if her friend minded. Her stomach rolling and feeling as though she might retch, Lisa had nonetheless given her okay. Kaia hadn’t known what else she could say when asked. The sexy Marine hadn’t yet made her intentions known, at least not formally, so how could Lisa know how much this was tearing at her heart?

Kaia had stood by the bar for over fifteen minutes as she intently watched Lisa and Brandi dance, strategically moving whenever she lost sight of the pair in the crowd. But over time, the sexy blonde cougar had seemed to sense Kaia’s watchful eyes, purposefully directing Lisa further into the mass of humanity on the dancefloor.

Kaia had tossed back her drink and made her way back out onto the floor, dancing while secretly looking around for Lisa. She’d finally found the pair on the far end of the dancefloor where it was a bit darker and less crowded, and what she’d seen had nearly broken her heart.

Lisa had her back to Brandi, güvenilir casino the body of the blonde pressed tightly to hers from behind. Brandi had one arm wrapped around Lisa, her hand resting on the beautiful divorcee’s exposed tummy. Simultaneously, the other groped suggestively at the sexy brunette’s ample breasts, both of their hips gyrating in time to the music. Lisa’s head was tilted back, and she appeared lost in lust as Brandi kissed and nibbled on her neck.

Kaia’s nausea at what she saw rapidly gave way to anger. All the work she’d put in and the feelings she’d developed for Lisa appeared to have been nothing more than a wasted effort. A full bladder had managed to seemingly undo all the work she’d put in during that time.

Kaia forced her eyes away from the disheartening sight and met the seductive gaze of an attractive and lithe young blonde who’d been lustfully eyeing her. The girl smiled at her suggestively as she danced closer, her sexy body moving to the music in a way that implied she was an experienced and capable dancer. The African-American seductress drank in the tantalizing sight of the blonde. She decided she was likely another curious straight girl wanting to broaden the horizons of her sexuality. On any other night, Kaia would have been eager to show her and maybe change the sexy young woman’s life’s perspective. However, she was in no mood right now to do anything other than burn off the biting anger she felt.

The blonde had eventually danced up against Kaia, her arms sliding around her neck as she eyed Kaia with a look that suggested she wanted to devour the sexy black woman. If Kaia had to guess, the blonde was a snowbunny only attracted to black men regularly, so she had chosen Kaia for her walk on the wild side. The African-American beauty had seen the blonde’s type many times before.

She brought her hands to the girl’s waist and pulled her tightly against her body, thinking how maybe grudge fucking this tasty morsel might take the bad taste of losing Lisa out of her mouth.

Kaia had just leaned in to make a suggestive comment into the sexy young blonde girl’s ear when she spotted Lisa walking by, tears streaming down her face. Kaia looked back towards where Brandi still stood, a stunned and perplexed look on her face, before breaking away from the sexy blonde with an apologetic look as she fought her way through the crowd in search of Lisa.

The sexy brunette was nowhere near the bar, and Kaia saw no sign of her anywhere along the walls. The black seductress saw a raised loading dock door where the smokers present had gathered just outside to feed their cancer genes. She made her way there, hoping to spot Lisa somewhere outside the noisy club.

At first, Kaia didn’t see her as she scanned the area to both sides. The sexy black lesbian had just turned to have another look inside when she saw Lisa standing against the warehouse’s outer wall away from the crowd. She’d acquired a tissue from someone and was busily dabbing at her eyes.

“Are you okay?” Kaia had asked as she approached the woman she’d become obsessed with in the last couple of months. She was bewildered as to what had happened with Brandi to upset Lisa so much.

“I don’t want to talk about it,” Lisa replied, turning away from Kaia.

Kaia gently placed both hands on Lisa’s shoulders, feeling the sexy brunette stiffen slightly at her touch. The black beauty felt an overwhelming desire to comfort her friend but first needed to know what had happened.

“What did Brandi do?” Kaia asked with a somewhat angry and defensive tone. “Why did she upset you so badly?”

Lisa had turned on her then, her expressive and pretty hazel-colored eyes a touch red from where she’d been crying and hot with anger.

“Brandi didn’t do anything, you idiot. It was you!”

Kaia had frozen in confusion, not understanding at all what Lisa was accusing her of doing. If anyone should be upset, shouldn’t it be her? It wasn’t Kaia who’d been getting her neck hoovered while being groped and caressed.

“Me? I wasn’t the one having a make-out session in there with a hot blonde cougar that I’d just fucking met, that was you!” Kaia replied, instantly hating the jealous, accusatory, and whining tone to her words. She wouldn’t take them back, though. Not even when she saw how they’d made Lisa flinch.

Fresh tears streaming down her face, Lisa shoved at the taller woman’s broad shoulder and said, “You’re so thick in the head sometimes. FUCK. You make me so damned, frustrated!”

“What did I do?” Kaia said, confusion clouding her face as she reached for Lisa once again.

Lisa stared back at her, her typically sexy features squinched up in annoyance. Stepping back to avoid Kaia’s touch, she said, “You just don’t get it, do you? I didn’t want to be in there dancing with Brandi and having her do those things to me, you idiot… I WANTED IT TO BE WITH YOU!”

It was Kaia who flinched then, shocked at Lisa’s admission. So she hadn’t misinterpreted the signals she’d been getting from the sexy brunette after all. But then another confusing thought clouded Kaia’s mind.

“Then why?” she asked, trying to keep the hurt out of her voice, but failing miserably.

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