Finding Daddy

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I had not been able to stop thinking about him for several months. Which was not surprising since I had been devoting most of my time to him. Although who could blame me? I hadn’t known hardly anything about him up until then. Maybe I should give some background.

I am, what I’d like to consider, a mostly full grown woman of 18. I’m still in high school, working part time, enjoying the privileges of my first used car, and have lived with my mom for all of my life. I’d never really been told anything about my father. From what I have managed to wrestle out of my mom, he, and me too, if the truth be told, was a mistake in her life that she never wished would ever be brought up. I believe it’s because of that, that since I turned 18, she has had even far less to do with me then ever before. She’s constantly working over time and spending as little time at home as she can. Which really doesn’t bother me. We’ve never had a close relationship anyway.

Since I’ve always been almost a complete opposite of my mom, I began to think that I must take after my father. I’ve always also felt that something was missing in my life. I was the tom-boy growing up. Into whatever the neighborhood boys were. Always proving I was just as tough, that I could do just as much. But inside was always the little girl in me, that wanted, and so desperately needed, a daddy to cuddle up to and make me feel loved.

That’s why about 6 months ago I started spending all of my free time on the internet, searching for anything I could find on my father. However, after two months and hardly anything to show for it, I was disappointed and afraid I’d never find anything at all on him. It was just a week later that I would get my break. The one I’d been waiting 2 months, or really, my whole life for. I already knew his name, so finally I found an address listing along with an e-mail address for him! I couldn’t believe my luck. Right away I sent off an e-mail explaining who I was and why I was contacting him. I was realistic though. I mean come on, the guy hadn’t had anything to do with me in 16 years so there must have been a reason. He probably never wanted anything to do with me, and I was as much of a mistake to him as I was to my mother.

Two days later I received a reply. He said that he never even knew about me. He remembered my mom, but said that he had only dated her a few months, and then she had suddenly broken off all contact with him almost 19 years ago. We continued to correspond through e-mail for about two weeks. He seemed genuinely surprised at his finding out that he had a daughter. He then gave me his online screen name and we started chatting through instant messengers.

All the spare time I had, I spent on the computer, both at school and at home, talking with him at his work and home. He lived about an hour away from me. Not very far but with my schooling and part time job it was still too far for me to travel to meet with him. And because of my mom, him coming to see me was out of the question. But finally school ended for the summer, and I had some time saved up from my job for a week’s vacation, so we made plans to meet then.

I was a little apprehensive. Maybe he wasn’t really my father at all, but just some guy from the internet who wanted to lure me to his house. But I also knew I had to find out for sure. The drive to his house was the longest hour of my life. A million questions were running through my mind. What would he be like in person? Would he like me? Would all of this become too real for him, and he change his mind about wanting a relationship with me? On the computer he seemed laid back enough. He let me say whatever I wanted. He never really asserted any type of fatherly authority over me. But then again he didn’t have any other children (that he knew about) and I was almost grown so there wasn’t much he could say.

I followed his directions that he had given me, and found his house with little trouble. He lived out in the country, about 20 minutes from the nearest town. That in itself was something that made me feel more of a connection to him, because I’d always preferred bağdatcaddesi escort life outside of town myself.

I was so nervous I almost thought about turning around and going back home. But then I’d have to explain to my mom what I was doing back. I had told her I was going on a road trip with friends. She still didn’t know anything about me finding my father. I quickly decided against that and pulled into his drive way. Gathering all the courage that I had, I got out of the car and started up the walk. At the door I took one last deep breath and knocked.

The door opened and I timidly asked “Daddy?”. He stared at me hard for what seemed like hours, but could only have been a few seconds, then he smiled and held out his arms to me. I flew into them and hugged him as tight as I could. His arms felt so strong and secure around me. We finally broke the hug, and then he invited me in. and we spent the rest of the afternoon and evening talking, laughing, and even a little crying together. That night he showed me to the spare room that was now my room he said for as long as I wanted it. I hugged and kissed him goodnight and then laid down. I was so content, and so worn out from all the emotions I had gone through during the day, that I fell asleep in no time.

The next few days were much the same. Finding out how much we shared in common. His want of always having a daughter, and then to finally find out he really has one. He had been married briefly a few years after dating my mom, but that hadn’t lasted very long. And no children had resulted from it. We spent every waking hour together. I helped him around the house doing his chores with him. Trips into town, meeting some friends of his. He seemed to want to show me off to the world and I of course didn’t mind in the least. I was satisfied just being with him.

The night before the day I was suppose to leave was hard for me. I had just found my Daddy, and after this, night I was going to be leaving him again. We were sitting in the den watching television together, when I brought up the subject. “I’m going to be leaving tomorrow Daddy” I told him. “I know baby,” he said, “but now that we’ve found each other, you know nothing will tear us apart again.” I knew it was true, but I just didn’t want to face leaving him, and going back to my life, and have to pretend I’d never met him.

Tears started welling up in my eyes, and I told him how much I’d enjoyed this week I’d had with him, and that I wished it’d never end. “I don’t want it to end either my sweet girl, but it’s late, and you have a drive ahead of you tomorrow, it’s time for bed” he told me. “But Daddy can’t we stay up late tonight? Please?” I begged him. Daddy stared hard at me, “Little one, I said it’s time for bed.” I knew I shouldn’t have questioned him. Daddy was still as laid back as always, but I had also learned enough not to question him, or back talk him. Daddy walked me to my room, and I was still upset about having to leave him in the morning. I hugged him tightly at the doorway to my room, and then he surprised me. “Baby, you’re so upset, you know Daddy hates seeing you this way, would you like to sleep in bed with me tonight?” he asked. I thought I was a little big to be sleeping in bed with my Daddy, but I’d never had it growing up and I took him up on the offer.

Daddy had a big king size bed in his room. I thought I’d get lost in it. Daddy went into the bathroom to change for bed, while I got myself comfortable on the right side of the bed. Daddy had already shut the lights off, so the only light was from under the door to the bathroom, which was connected to Daddy’s room. I laid there thinking of how much I had grown to love my Daddy in the short week I’d had with him. He was still an attractive older man, and I wondered why my mom would have thrown away any chance at him. I certainly would never be like that, I told myself. My back was turned towards the bathroom door when I heard the bathroom door open, and light flooded the room for just an instant before he shut off the bathroom light.

I heard him pad to the bed, and felt beykoz escort it sinking in as Daddy got in and laid down. He reached out an arm to me and asked me to lay closer to him. I turned facing him and cuddled up to his side. I had never felt as warm, loved, protected, or secure as I did laying there with him. He had an arm around me and was lightly stroking my arm. “I don’t want to leave you Daddy,” I whispered to him. He squeezed me tight, my head pressed against his bare chest, he kissed my forehead and said “I don’t want you to ever leave me either baby.”

I turned my head up to look at him. I could just barely make out his face as I gazed up at him. “I love you Daddy,” I said. He kissed me on the cheek, pulled back slightly and told me he loved me too. I went to kiss him again, but he had moved his head to start to say something else to me, and the kiss I was going to give him connected to his lips. I started to pull back, but then Daddy deepened the kiss and pulled me closer to him. I knew I shouldn’t be kissing my own Daddy like that, but it felt so good, so right, that I couldn’t bring myself to pull away.

Daddy brought his other hand up to cup my face and I sighed into his mouth. The kiss seemed to go on forever, and I started to feel myself getting warm. Daddy’s hand traveled down my face, caressing my neck, over my shoulder and down my arm, coming to rest at the swell of my breasts. I opened my mouth up, and Daddy wasted no time in flicking his tongue into my mouth. I felt chills shoot straight into my pussy. I started running my own hand over his face, neck and chest. His chest felt so strong under my fingers. My hand dropped lower to his stomach and my forearm brushed against his hard cock. It turned me on even more to know that I had caused him to get hard. Daddy moaned as my arm brushed him, then he dropped his hand off of my arm and ever so lightly ran his fingers across my breast. He felt my hard nipple through my nightshirt. Cupping my breast in his hand, and then letting go to pinch my nipple.

I again had the thought we shouldn’t be doing this. But no one knew I was here. It was just me and Daddy. No one would ever have to know. I think my being so upset at having to leave him, combined with how openly he had accepted me, made me lose all of my senses. Slowly, ever so slowly, my own hand crept farther down his stomach to the waistband of shorts. I was unsure of myself, so I kept my hand on the outside and felt him through his shorts. Daddy moaned again, as I wrapped my tiny hand around as much of his cock as I could, and then slowly started to stroke him.

Daddy’s hand traveled down my stomach and over my leg to the hem of my nightshirt. His hand went under it, and slowly started its ascent back up to my chest. Every inch of my bare skin that he touched seemed to burn me. I was so wet for my own Daddy I couldn’t believe it. But at this point I was beyond caring. I needed to feel him, so I ran my hand back up to the top of his shorts and slid my hand under. I felt the coarse hairs above his cock. Running my fingers through it. Savoring every touch of him. My hand went to the base of his cock, wrapped around and lightly squeezed.

Daddy groaned as I squeezed his cock and finally broke the kiss. All of a sudden he rolled me onto my back, got on top of me between my legs, and pinned my arms above my head. “Daddy! What are you doing?” I gasped at him. “You shouldn’t be doing this baby, look at what you’ve done to Daddy, I think you’ve had some previous experience haven’t you baby girl?”

“That’s none of your business Daddy and this isn’t funny. You’re scaring me, let me go!” Instead of letting me go Daddy transferred both of my wrists to one of his hands, and drew the other down the full length of my body. I started struggling against him. Trying to get him off of me, but I knew it was futile. He was way too strong for me.

Daddy lifted my nightshirt up to my waist, and drew his hand down over my pussy. I was soaking wet, all of this was turning me on but I didn’t want Daddy to know that. He slipped a finger into me and I had to stifle a moan. caddebostan escort “You’re so wet baby, you like this don’t you? You like Daddy over-powering you don’t you?” he asked me. I couldn’t believe the change all this had taken. I did like him over powering me. It had always been a fantasy of mine but I thought that’s all it would remain. And if that’s how he was going to be I sure wasn’t going to make it easy on him. I turned my head to the side and refused to look at him. Wrong thing to do. Daddy brought his hand back up and grabbed hold of my hair and pulled my head back to look at him. “Tell me baby,” he said, “tell me how much you like it.” I stared defiantly back at him. Daddy let go of my hair and dropped his hand back down to my pussy. This time I was so much wetter than before.

Daddy roughly pushed two fingers up inside of me, but there was no resistance because I was so wet. And I couldn’t hold my moan in this time. I was too turned on by Daddy. “Tell me baby girl, tell me you want it, tell me how much you like it,” Daddy said as he leaned down to kiss me again. At his kiss all resistance I was putting up melted. I didn’t want to fight anyway. I wanted him to fuck me. I wanted to feel his hard cock deep inside of me. Filling me up completely. “Oh Daddy, I need you so much, I need you in me, I need you to fuck me, please, Daddy, fuck your little girl” I begged him. Daddy groaned deep in his throat, kissed me hard on the mouth, shoving his tongue past my lips and at the same time shoving his rock hard cock past my pussy lips, and deep inside of me in one stroke. I screamed into Daddy’s mouth. He was so much bigger then any of the boys I’d fucked in the back of cars. And this was hardly some boy from school. This was my Daddy’s cock buried inside of me. I was so close to cuming already, and Daddy had just entered me.

When Daddy broke away from the kiss I begged him to fuck me, to fuck his little girl, fuck me with the same cock that had made me. Daddy kept hold of my wrists above my head, which turned me on even more, and used his other hand to alternatively play with my nipples and flick my clit. I bucked my hips up into him as much as I could. I wanted him so much deeper. I wanted to feel nothing but his cock. I needed and wanted him so bad. I loved fucking him. “That’s it baby, fuck your little pussy up onto Daddy’s cock,” I squeezed Daddy’s cock with my pussy muscles, griping him hard, not wanting to let him back out of me for even a second. “Oh my god!” I moaned, “Fuck me Daddy, fuck your little girl!” Daddy started stroking his cock in and out of me faster and faster, going deeper with every stroke of his hard cock. He felt so damn good. I’d never been fucked so good in my life, and I was getting it from my own Daddy.

I was on the verge of cumming long and hard. “Daddy, I’m going to cum!”

“Yes, baby, cum on your Daddy’s cock, cum all over it my sweet girl, give Daddy all of your cum, I want to feel your pussy explode all over my cock.” I felt my orgasm building up. Daddy was fucking his cock into me so fast. Still going back and forth between playing with my nipple and my clit. I was moaning continually. Then Daddy bent his head down, and flicked his tongue over my nipple, and then bit down. I exploded. I came all over his cock. Thrashing about on the bed. Bucking my hips up to meet him, trying to get him even further inside of me. I was yelling his name over and over. “That’s it baby girl, that’s my sweet little girl, cum all over Daddy’s cock. You’re going to get Daddy to cum baby.”

Hearing that sent me over the edge again on another wave of orgasms. Daddy groaned, and then rammed his cock into me one last time and held it in, dumping his load of cum inside my pussy. “Oh yes baby, god you feel so good, I’m cumming baby, take your Daddy’s cum, take it deep inside your little pussy.”

“Oh Daddy, yes, cum inside me, fill me up with your cum.”

Daddy finally lowered himself onto me and held me tightly, releasing my hands. I wrapped my arms around him and held onto him. “Baby I love you so much” Daddy said breathlessly. “I love you too Daddy” I told him. Daddy rolled over onto his side, bringing me onto my side with him. He held me tightly, and swore to me he’d always be there for me. “We found each other my sweet one, we’ll always be together now.” And then we fell asleep, exhausted, but completely fulfilled, in each others arms.

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