Filling the Gap

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{This is one I wrote years ago but never posted, since this kind of stuff often gets nasty comments. Back then I had a thin skin, now I don’t. (He lied) Here it is, my new naughty wife Debra talked me into posting it so blame her. Lol. I reread it, noting my style was a little bit more..stilted back then, I just left it that way.}


Carl would describe himself as completely happy. His job was secure, partly because he liked it and partly because he was good at it.

He and his wife Tammy were not rich, they were however comfortable. Most important was the fact that they both enjoyed being with each other, the sex life was just a bonus.

Not one time did Tammy ever have a headache, or show any sign at all of being not in the mood, in fact, she quite often was the one to reach out and offer him encouragement.

The results of that meant sexual activity between them was fairly frequent, at least three times each week, sometimes with a glorious session added in on weekends.

Sometimes Sunday afternoons if they were stuck inside due to weather they would cuddle, those were sweet times that seldom ended up in bed, rather it was just nice.

Rainy weekend Saturdays meant they were in the bedroom without fail, on Sunny days they often were outside, tending the yard, or sitting around visiting with friends.

The other thing that Carl had noticed early on was how close Tammy was to her mother, Jennifer. Jennifer was a widow, she had raised Tammy by herself from age 12 to adulthood, and they were as close to impossible to separate as they could be.

They were more like sisters than mother and daughter, Jennifer was barely 15 years older than Tammy’s 22, and she just did not look it at all.

Carl knew all about that, things happened with young people from time to time. She had married a different man when Tammy was just four, he turned out to be less than a man but she stuck by him. One day alcohol and driving combined to make Jennifer a widow.

Carl had never seen or heard of Jennifer ever dating anyone, after awhile he never even thought about that. Jennifer was a beautiful woman, just like her daughter, she was heavier in the bust and hips but not by much, plus she wore her hair in the big Farrah style, multicolored unlike Tammy that kept her blonde curls much shorter.

Jennifer was over one evening visiting, they all had a few glasses of wine. Somehow the conversation shifted to how Tammy and Carl had met.

That had been at the library of all places, Carl had spotted Tammy studying and she looked like a fox to him. At that stage of his life Carl was more or less going through women one after another, to the point of best being described as a predator.

Combine youthful virility with natural good looks and a mildly aggressive manner caused by his being somewhat oversexed, Carl did very well with the ladies.

If he couldn’t find one that he could encourage home to his apartment for free, he would visit one of the local massage parlors. The ladies that worked there would always take care of things if slipped an extra 20 dollar bill.

They all seemed to delight in that, Carl was blessed with being larger than average in the male department and his body was very physical. At least to him they all seemed that way, it filled the gap that sometimes cropped up between conquests.

So Carl made his attempt at hitting on Tammy, succeeding in getting himself shot down. This was something he really wasn’t used to, it just made him more determined.

It took him two solid months to get her to agree to coffee, then another month to go out on an actual date. Carl was beginning to think that he might just be a very old man before he got anywhere with Tammy. He had even stopped dating others, Tammy became a challenge to him, he was going to get her into bed somehow, some way.

The other problem was that for some reason she filled his mind all day, every day, he just could not get her out of his head. It had become a bit of a problem, interfering with nearly everything else in his life.

Meanwhile, there was still that other problem of his needing release, some kind of activity, otherwise he would swell up and get sore, become miserable.

So he frequented the massage parlors, dutifully handing over the dab of added cash to get things taken care of.

One day he walked out of one of those places, stretched and looked around, there stood Tammy and her Mom Jennifer looking at him. They were headed to a shop down the walkway in the little shopping complex off of the parking lot.

Needless to say his reaction was one of shock, oddly neither Tammy or Jennifer really changed expression much. There should have been some yelling, accusations, tears?

There wasn’t any. Carl still felt like running off and hiding, expecting this to be the end of their relationship.

It wasn’t.

Instead, they went out that evening like nothing had happened. When they arrived back at her house, Tammy sat there looking like she was suadiye escort lost in thought rather than giving him a light kiss and getting out.

“Do you love me?” She asked, out of the clear blue sky.

“Yes, I do.” Carl answered, without thinking, and it was truth. He had never told her that before, although it had crossed his mind.

“Well, are we going to be together then? I know I love you and I want to be with you.”

“Yes, probably. I think so.” Carl wasn’t sure of exactly what to say, he had been thinking along those lines also.

Well. Sort of, anyway.

“Probably is not good enough, I need to know for sure what you want.” She said.

“I want..I know I want to be with you!” He told her.

“Good. There is one thing though. Don’t you dare ever go into any of those places again, I mean it!” She looked intently at him, directly into his eyes. Her expression was one of being dead serious.

“All right. I won’t, I am sorry.”

“You don’t need to be sorry, I understand..Mom explained to me about men and the things they need. She told me how important that..that part of life is.”

Carl sat there not completely understanding. The truth was that he was thinking he would need to be far more careful about that, because no way in the world could he live his life without something.

“Do you want to come in then?” Tammy asked. That wasn’t normal either, usually it was a kiss and he went home, and it was very late.

“I guess so.”

“Good. Come on, we need to tell Mom.”

Carl got out and they walked hand in hand to the house. Jennifer was sitting in an easy chair reading a book, she still looked like she was about ready to go out on the town, she always looked that way.

“Mom? Carl and I are going to get married.” Tammy announced.

Carl stood there in surprise. Married? He had said that he wanted to be with Tammy, and that was true, but..married? He started to open his mouth to say something, then thought better of it.

Tammy’s Mom Jennifer was right there, it might be best to save any discussions for later, he decided.

“That is wonderful honey!” Jennifer stood up and walked over to Carl and hugged him.

Tammy reached out and took Carl’s hand.

“Come on.” She said, tugging slightly. Carl was now totally confused, but he allowed her to lead him away. They went into Tammy’s bedroom, she shut the door behind them. He glanced back before the door closed, Jennifer was standing there, a huge smile on her face.

Then Tammy turned and slipped into his arms, kissed him in a way that up until then she had never done. After a few minutes, she stepped back, smiled shyly, and began to take off her clothing.

Carl stood there with his head swimming, for one of the few times in his life he did not know what to say or do. All he could do was stare at Tammy as she reached back and unhooked her bra. Her youthful breasts swung free, they were even more perfect than he could imagine. There was no sign at all of shyness or shame at her sudden nudity.

Next she dropped her skirt, hooked her thumbs in her simple white panties, slid them down and stepped out of them, standing there gloriously naked. There was no doubt at all that no razor had ever been close to the mass of chocolate brown pubic hair.

Carl’s face flushed, he realized he was completely and totally erect. This had all happened so fast, so unexpectedly that he just could not manage anything other than to stand there in surprise. His body though, reacted exactly the same way it always did to any kind of stimulation at all.

“Well, come on!” Tammy demanded, reaching for the buttons on his shirt. She busily and quickly removed his clothing, even lifting his legs one at a time to remove his shoes and socks before reaching out to tug down his briefs.

A smile crossed her lips when she saw his erection swing free, Carl was very well built in that department, too.

Somehow they ended up on the bed, Carl’s hands were all over her, Tammy’s hands were all over him. When his fingers reached the soft down of her pubic hair and probed her now damp and swollen lips, her grip on him became more urgent.

She allowed him to press her back, opened her legs readily.

“Oh! Don’t do…..that!” She tried to resist with a moan when his lips and tongue touched her sex. That small amount of resistance quickly faded as she began to moan loudly. It flashed into Carl’s mind that Jennifer was in the very next room, and he was sure she could hear this, but that was only a fleeting thought.

Tammy’s body clenched quickly into orgasm, her hips thrust wildly at his mouth, both hands wrapped tightly in his hair. Then she collapsed, sheens of sweat covered her body. She looked at him with slitted eyes as he slid up into position.

“Be careful, I have never….” She muttered, just as his penis began to probe at her. Carl knew that she was untouched, it was something he was completely sure of. There was a moment when she tensed, Carl stopped yakacık escort and waited until she relaxed. Then in one full stroke they were joined.

It was amazing, never in his young life had he ever felt anything like this. He went on and on, Tammy mumbled and murmured over and over, completely lost in the sensations. The very first time was an explosion together, one of those mutual climaxes that really are rather rare in life. He expected to see blood, but there was none, it had only been painful for her for just an instant.

They did it three more times before morning, neither one of them slept at all. The Sun was coming up when Carl slipped out of the bed, stepping in to shower off the sweat and stickiness. Tammy was watching him as he came back out with a towel, her interested gaze made his loins tingle but he could tell that his penis was beginning to get sore.

She showered, then they both dressed and went out into the living room. Jennifer sat there in the chair, she looked exactly the same as she had the night before. There was nothing in her manner, her body language to suggest that she was the slightest bit upset at Carl taking her only daughter’s virginity.

There had been that one word, marriage. It was like that had made it all right. Carl realized his fate was sealed, deep inside he really didn’t mind that much, Tammy was fantastic.

“Morning!” She said brightly, a large smile on her face.

“Coffee is on, I will make some pancakes and eggs.” She got up and went into the kitchen.

Tammy and Carl were both asleep, curled up against each other when Jennifer came out to get them for the breakfast.

They were married just a few short weeks later, in a simple ceremony. They settled into a peaceful life, filled with those daily trappings, never any real conflicts at all. Jennifer was around a lot, or Tammy was over at her mother’s, Carl hadn’t realized just how close they were until after the marriage. He didn’t mind that either, it made his young wife content.

After that first comment from her about never visiting one of those massage parlors again, Carl just didn’t. He had no need to anyway, if he could get himself up and going, Tammy took care of that every time.

Carl simply had nothing left over.

Then came the phone call, it was a police officer informing him of the accident. Tammy had hopped in their older Volvo, the one Carl had picked out because it had a full frame and was solid. It had popped into his mind that he wanted her to be as protected as possible when he purchased the machine.

Tammy had made it all the way to the stop sign in town, she came to a stop, her signal going to make the turn into the grocery store.

The man in the big pickup that was busy on his cell phone didn’t stop.

He said he was sorry, they told Carl later. The man had been unhurt.

Carl was more or less was a basket case by the time he got to the hospital.

Tammy’s back was broken in three places, her face was puffy from where the air bag deployed, her right wrist was broken but she was alive.

“Hi, honey, I am sorry I wrecked our car.” She said the moment he walked in the door. Once more her comment left Carl speechless, he would have expected tears, agony, some sign of pain.

There wasn’t any, in fact, even with whatever they had her wrapped up in she seemed to be relaxed and comfortable. Jennifer of course was already there, busying herself fixing Tammy’s hair.

He did find out later just how much stuff they pumped into her system, no wonder she was relaxed.

“The Doctors told me they need to run some more tests but I am going to be here for awhile it looks like. They said I have good sensation in my feet but they don’t want me to move at all!”

Tammy never ceased to amaze Carl.

“Just rest and get well, honey.” He told her.

“What are we going to do, I can’t leave you all alone, it could be months or even more!” Tammy appeared to be upset at the prospect.

“I will manage, everything is taken care of.” Carl told her.

“It’s you I worry about!” She said.

Life became a busy whirlwind, it was off to work, then directly to the hospital, grab a late meal in a cafe somewhere, get some sleep. Then up the next day, off to the hospital, from there to work, one day a repeat of the day before.

The Doctors had installed a steel rod in Tammy’s spine at the worst break, the others were fractures, cracks they looked like from the X-rays he had seen. Her body was in a heavy cast from her ribcage to below her waist to prevent any real movement. After a week or so her face lost all the swelling, her mother even carefully applied the traces of makeup she normally wore.

Several times when Carl arrived they were deep in conversation, and would quickly stop when he walked in. Carl never was one to pry much, he just let that slide.

There was just one problem. Carl was beginning to feel those same old sensations of neglect. His loins were puffy, uncomfortable. şerifali escort He even tried masturbating, it really had been some time since he did that because with Tammy around there just was no need.

That did help, but the relief was brief at best.

It popped into his mind to slip down to one of the places he used to go, he knew that would ease things for a few days at least. Something about someone else doing that was always completely different than doing it himself.

Tammy had been very clear about that, though, and it just was not in him to actually go even though he really didn’t consider the idea of some woman manipulating him to orgasm as cheating.

But Tammy would see it that way, and be hurt. He did not want to ever hurt her in any way.

Things came to a head after about a month, Carl came into her room and they had allowed her to sit up slightly. She had on one of her personal nightgowns, too, which had a high elastic waistband and a fairly sheer bodice.

Carl took one look, Tammy’s fine breasts were visible through the thin cloth, he almost instantly came erect.

Tammy had lost most of her personal modesty by this time, some of her nurses were female, some of them were male. She had had catheters inserted, bedbaths, hospital staff normally pay no attention at all to nudity when dealing with patients under longer term care.

Carl was not concerned about that part, either, it was just that Tammy looked so beautiful and he had been without sex now for so very long.

Tammy noticed the bulge in the front of Carl’s slacks, Carl had no way at all to hide anything like that. She gave him a sly smile.

“Close the door, honey.” She told him. Carl stepped over and closed the door. Then he pulled one of the chairs up as closely as he could, reaching out he tugged the bodice of her gown down so that he could lean forward and suckle her breasts. That was fun, then Tammy reached down towards his groin. She actually got her hand onto his erection but then she gave a little whimper, Carl knew she had felt a flash of pain so he stopped.

It was too early, he knew that. He stayed until very late, then frustrated he went home. He drove right by the massage parlor, having a small internal struggle with himself, but he managed to not stop.

He was no more than inside the door when he heard the knock. Glancing at his watch, he saw it was nearly 11 PM. Who in the hell could this be at this hour?

Answering it, Jennifer stood there. This was a surprise, she had been over several times after the accident to help Carl with laundry, cleaning, things like that. Like him, she spent most of her spare time at the hospital with Tammy, they had over time began to almost make it as shifts. Carl would arrive, Jennifer would head on home. She would be back about the time Carl left most evenings around 8 PM, then she would stay until much later, leaving only when Tammy slept.

“We need to have a talk, Carl.” She told him.

“Oh. OK.” He let her in, no idea at all what was going on.

“Tammy and I had a very long discussion.” Jennifer told him, taking a seat in one of the easy chairs.

Carl sat down himself on the edge of his chair, waited.

“She knows you, and she doesn’t want you going to one of…those places.”

“I haven’t…I wouldn’t.” Carl started to protest.

“I know, Tammy knows too. But she also knows that it is very rough for you, she told me that you are…extremely active?” A small smile crossed her lips.

“I am not going to do anything, I love Tammy with all my heart, I will never ever hurt her.” Carl felt his face flush.

“I know you do, but Tammy and I both understand and sometimes the flesh is weak.”

“I can control myself.” Carl told her, not entirely sure he was telling the truth.

“Tammy says that it isn’t fair to you, so she asked fill in?” Now Jennifer showed signs of blushing.

“Fill in?” Carl didn’t quite get it, then it hit him.

“You mean?”

“Yes. Tammy would rather it be kept in the family, so she asked me if I would take care of you until she is back to normal.”

Carl just sat there looking at Jennifer in surprise. Then she stood up, set her purse on the chair and began to undo the buttons of her blouse.

That vision of Tammy doing exactly the same thing the first night they were together flashed into his mind.

Jennifer slid the blouse back off of her shoulders, she wore nothing underneath. Her breasts were larger than Tammy’s, the nipples darker. There was only a slight sag. Her stomach was flat, no sign of marks or flaws.

She stood there for a moment, allowing him to look at her. Then she tripped the catch on her slacks, let them fall, stepping out of them. Her shoes were not on her feet, Carl had not noticed when she had taken them off. There was nothing underneath the slacks, either.

Carl’s Mother in Law was suddenly completely naked, standing there looking almost expectant?

He noticed that her skin was well tanned except for where a small sunning suit would be, he wondered where she found the time for that? Unlike Tammy who never bothered to shave or trim, Jennifer’s pubic hair created a neat little V above her vagina, which left that portion of her in clear view.

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