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Rebecca was a masturbator. There were no other words to describe her habit. Every day she returned home from her manager position at a prestigious tech firm, she could not wait to dive into her own cunt with her soft feminine hands. Standing about 5′ tall, Becca was quite easy on the eyes of her coworkers, with long curly brunette hair and D cup breasts that never failed to elicit stares. She had been propositioned by several since starting at her job in the fall, but she had so far turned all of them down; her own hand and arsenal of sex toys were the best lovers she could ever hope for.

Becca’s favorite activity was sitting in front of her computer screen chatting with other masturbators and watching her favorite porn genres. Her favourites changed almost weekly. Today, big tits and creampies were making her work her horny cunt. She sat with her legs spread wide, having just returned home from work, and felt her warm wetness through her panties.

She gawked as a petite young lady got filled and the seed spill out of the cute little shaved pussy on her screen. Her lust for porn cock never ended. She was slowly meticulously working her labia and clit through her now soaking underwear. She realized she still had most of her business attire on and suddenly felt the need to get completely naked. So she did. She stripped off her drab pants suit and sat in her bright pink panties and bra. She unhooked her bra and let her big veiny tits hang free.

She was a sucker for nipple stimulation, that was a fact. As she began squeezing and massaging her nipples, her eager bean and wet lips began to engorge with arousal. She sat and played with her breasts only for several minutes, feeling her wetness spread to her chair.

She turned up the volume on the video. There was a sexy, busty Brazilian woman getting reamed in her ass now. The anal porn was making Becca’s poor horny self crave some ass stimulation as well. Knowing she still had several hours of edging ahead, she opened one of the drawers at her desk and pulled out a sensibly sized, gem-adorned buttplug. Along with it she pulled out her gallon bottle of lube. She put both feet up on her desk, exposing her already glistening pussy and asshole.

Slowly, she teased around her anus with the plug. She liberally soaked it with lubricant and slid it in. It entered her with a familiar pop and she moaned as it filled her. About 1.5 inches in diameter, it felt good but not too big. She squirmed as her ass firmly clenched the silicone toy. Rebecca was ready for several hours of blissful masturbating.

The girl on screen was getting double penetrated now. Becca vigorously rubbed her swollen clit in time with the fucking. Her mind was getting fuzzy from the endorphin rush of the plug sitting snugly in her ass stimulating those nerves and her hand expertly working her cunt. The feeling felt warm and rewarding, she was really getting in the zone.

Suddenly, there was a knock on her door. She froze. Who could it be? She paused the video, which was playing quite loudly. She pulled up her panties, which were now around her ankles and soaking wet from her activities, and quickly sorted out one of her robes from her closet. It wasn’t much but it covered her. It was blue satin and felt nice against her Hard nipples.

As she went to open the door, she realized the plug was still inside her. She wiggled her plump ass around and felt good about the horny state she was in. Being a practiced edger, she was used to being aroused around others. Regardless, she composed herself and opened the door fully.

“Hey Becca!”

It was Sean, her work colleague. He just so happened to live in the same building as her and came around every now and again. They were friends, but not super close or anything. Becca had helped Sean to pick himself back up after a nasty break up about 6 months ago, and they began chatting about shared interests like cycling. Becca wasn’t his manager directly, but worked quite closely with the director of the team he worked on.

“Sorry to bug you Beck, but I got something I just have to show you.” He pulled something out of his pocket. He looked around and Becca stared at him puzzled. He scratched his shaggy Brown hair and passed her a small USB stick. “Bug fix I came up with last night. I know, work shit, it’s super boring, but check it out.”

“Sean, I’m not even on your team anymore.” She said, but took the drive from him anyways. “But I’ll take a look.”

“Cool, awesome, thank you!” Sean pressed his palms together and bowed. “Anyhow, enjoy your Friday. Don’t have too much fun!” He said and winked at her.

He was quite a bit taller than her and handsome. He had been one of the boys that had asked her out Bahçelievler escort since she started the job. She turned him down of course, but he was in the top two for sure. He had big arms and a cute smile. She was suddenly very aware of that plug again. She smiled at him.

“You too ya dork. Don’t have too much fun with your internet girlfriends.” She laughed and lightly punched his arm.

“Yeah yeah. Anyhow, see ya! Thanks again.” He turned away and left. Rebecca stood and felt her heavy breasts sway a moment. Her aureolas had gone back to their regular soft state and her pussy had calmed down a bit. Not for long, she thought to herself. But first, better at least take a look at that drive for old Sean. She sat back down at her desk and sighed, popped the drive in her computer and waited.

a few files were on there with rather generic names. She opened them up with her text editor and had a look through Sean’s code. It was clever, she gave him that. She wasn’t too familiar with what he was working with but his comments explained everything. She read through and sent him a text afterward.

“Good job! That’ll impress :)”

After she hit send She noticed a peculiarity. One of the files was a jpg. She thought that was rather strange. Maybe he made a little diagram or something. The filename was all numbers, like a date or something. She opened it thinking nothing of it.

To her surprise it was porn. An image of a naked busty blond with the caption “don’t stop edging”. Rebecca was intrigued. Had this jumped ship from Sean’s desktop? Was he as much of a depraved pervert as her?

Maybe he couldn’t wait to get home to masturbate his big fat cock every day. She started to wonder what his dick looked like. She let her hand slide down into her panties again and started to rub herself slowly. Yes, she thought. He’s probably got a big thick one. He probably edges and precums a lot. Does he do it at work? She closed her eyes and pictured him stroking in a stall in the men’s room, grunting and fucking his fist to porn on his phone. She was dripping through her panties in no time. She could smell her own arousal, which set her off. She needed to masturbate now.

Becca awoke the next morning covered in her own saliva on her bed. She had passed out after 3 or 4 intense orgasms. Her vibrator was still humming away on the floor and she had a slightly bigger plug in her ass now. A porno had ended on her tv. She got up on all fours, stretched and shook her big sexy ass in the air. Fuck it felt so good to wake up with a full ass, she thought. She moved the plug in and out of her butthole, feeling herself stretch.

She pulled it out eventually and headed for her shower to get cleaned up. She had drooled all over her tits and it had dried, which she admired in the mirror. ‘I am such a good slut!’ she thought to herself as she turned on the water. She got in and let the warm water splash on her tired body. She was up quite late working her lady parts, but she had fun as always.

She had another two fun nights of masturbating after she ran her weekend errands. On Saturday she came from vibrators on her clit only. On Sunday she went full anal and rode her 7-inch dildo until it made her cum and squirt everywhere. She was always thinking of fun ways to mix it up. She even cammed for a while, letting some horny guys ogle her big tits while she stroked her pussy. Overall a good bate weekend. She couldn’t stop thinking about the file on Sean’s USB though. She devised a plan to tease him about it, just a bit, as a friend that week.

She ended up running into him in the lunchroom on Tuesday. She smiled and waved at her tired-looking friend.

“Hey buddy, I better give you this back. Nice stuff by the way. Real cutting edge” she nudged him and handed him the drive. He looked at her baffled but managed a chuckle.

“Haha yeah, I thought it was pretty good. Clears up that thing they’ve been worrying about. How was your weekend Beck?” He asked.

“Oh, it was pretty good. I had this problem with my bra though. The latch keeps on undoing by itself. Ugh, I wore the same one again today actually.” She rolled her eyes and smirked.

“Hey, weird question but do you think you could take a look at it for me? You’re uh, pretty good at fixing stuff.”

Sean hesitated.

“What the heck, ok.” He said, “Where’s it broken?”

“Here take a look.” She had deliberately only left one of the four hooks latched. This was completely unlike Rebecca. She was usually quite reserved and in control of her urges at work. But she felt like having some fun with this poor chap. She lifted up the back of her shirt.

Looking back at him she Bahçeşehir escort bayan could see he was blushing as he tried to look away from her curvy abdomen and focus on fixing the mechanism. He fumbled with it for a second before it snapped open. Becca’s boobs silently dropped out of the cups and into her shirt.

“Oh crap!” Sean exclaimed. “So Sorry Becca. Maybe you should go take care of this in the bathroom or something.” He muttered nervously, his intonation rising.

“Why, think you’d be a little too excited if you saw my tits?” She smirked at him and Quickly flashed him. He froze.

“Holy fuck Beck.” He half-whispered. “You’re gonna get in so much trouble acting like that.”

She relatched her bra and smirked again.

“I saw something else on that drive you know.” She said.

“Oh? Uhhh, like what?” Sean asked, his nervousness now apparent. “Might’ve been something from my brother’s computer he gave me that.”

“Oh, I thought maybe that was your porn. I thought maybe you had a slight obsession with big tits, kinda like mine”. She bounced them gently for him.

“Like that?” She laughed. “Me too don’t worry. Sorry didn’t mean to uh, disturb you at work buddy.” She gestured to his evident erection which he gasped at. “Why don’t you come by Friday? Let’s hang.” She winked at him and left him with his lunch beeping in the microwave and his cock throbbing in his pants.

“damn..” He whispered.

Over the next few days Rebecca went out of her way to avoid Sean. She realized she was totally out of line risking her and his careers like that. Their company was very strict on sexual harassment and had she been caught with her tits out, she would certainly have earned at least a very stern talking to by HR. Still though, she had his number. She was in the bathroom Thursday and decided to edge a little, as she sometimes did when she waddled off to the little girl’s room. She felt herself getting close way sooner than usual so she backed off. She had a daring idea suddenly. She undid her bra and lifted up her shirt. She pressed her boobs together and took a quick boob selfie. She sent Sean a quick warning text.

“Open later :)”

and then the image as an attachment after. She finished peeing and went back to work without finishing her little mid-day sesh. She was expecting a “wow” or “you’re crazy” or something back from the man but what she received instead was another attachment in return. She covered her phone with her hand and opened it.

Wow. It was his cock. He had his big thick cock out in the men’s room. Just like she had imagined. And it was massive. Her pussy started to leak just admiring the photo of his manhood. He must have been at least 8 inches. And the girth. She rubbed her thighs together. Oh yeah. She was having this boy over this weekend. She was going to edge that cock for a long time. Another text followed.

‘You better send me that cunt to look at too Beck ;)’

She hurried off to the bathroom once again and sent him what he wanted.

‘Good girl!’ He replied.

She was breathing heavily now in her office and sweating. She needed to cool down and finish her day so she just sent back a quick ‘;)’ and carried on.

Friday rolled around. She got home and threw down her work bag and stripped off her clothes. She wondered if Sean was just going to come over? Or should she text him? Call maybe?

The doorbell rang. She quickly peeked through the peephole and saw it was him. That was fast, They must have been super close on the highway but he beat her home. Did he even go home first? She opened the door. She was down to her underwear already.

“Hello Becca.” He said, looking her up and down. “Nice digs woman.”

“Shut up and get your ass in here Mr. ‘I have a big dick'” she teased. He rubbed the outline of his cock through his pants as he walked in. She led him through her apartment to her living room where her tv was set up along with her chaise lounge and a side table.

“Do you want something to drink?” She asked him, casually freeing her breasts. The bra popped off and landed on the floor in front of him.

“Sure maybe some water.” He said. “Thanks.” He added after. So polite, She thought.

She ran and fetched the water and then sat next to him on the couch. They both laughed nervously. Sean still had an erection, and Rebecca eyed it. She unbuttoned his shirt and he took it off. She stood up in front of him and turned on her tv.

“What do you wanna watch?” She asked, smiling at him and bending over, revealing the thong she was wearing. It barely covered her little asshole, and Sean leaned forward to get a better look.

“You choose Escort Bakırköy something you like. I like pretty much everything.” He said. “You know what kind of girls are my fav already though.” He added.

“Oh I know.” She giggled. She never giggled. What was going on with her? She was already so fucking wet she felt like she might squirt any minute. She had to control herself around her new bate buddy.

She had an old laptop hooked up to her tv. She loaded up a compilation of cocks cumming on big tits, pseudo-randomly from her Pornhub recommendations.

“How’s this?” She asked. Sean was already slowly working his cock, mostly focused on the hot woman kneeling on the floor in front of him.

“Fucking perfect.” He half moaned. It suddenly dawned on her that he was quite a bit younger than her.

“How old are you again Sean? You told me once but I forgot. I’m older right?”

“I’m 23.” He replied. “How old are you again Beck?”

“33” She replied. “And you’re not supposed to ask butthead.” She laughed.

“Cool So I’m older so I’m in charge. Pull your cock out bud.” She commanded. He obeyed and let his cock spring free from his pants. Becca walked up in front of him.

“You wanna play with it for me?” She asked in her best sexy voice.

“God yes please.” Sean replied.

“Go ahead start stroking it.” She was having fun with this already. Sean began working his hand up and down his thick cock. Becca walked towards him and wiggled her tits in front of his face.

“You like my big tits don’t you buddy. It’s ok, stroke for me.” She teased. He was absolutely entranced by her big pale breasts and big round pink nipples.

“How about my ass. Do you like my ass too?” She asked as she turned around.

“yessss please let me touch it.” He begged.

“I’ll let you do more than that silly.” She grabbed him by the back of his head and gently guided his face into her thonged ass cheeks. He moaned into her butt.

“Fuck yeah, keep stroking it.” She teased. He was staying nice and steady stroking away to her perfect body. She pulled him away so he could breathe.

“You’re gonna edge with me all night right?” She asked.

“Yes miss all night.” He was blushing so hard she was almost ready to catch him if he fainted.

“Good boy.” She knelt down in front of him and grabbed his cock out of his own hand. “Let me see.”

Rebecca slowly started stroking Sean’s throbbing cock. She darted her tongue around the head, delighting in his moans of pleasure. She kept on with the dirty talk, which only enticed him further. She progressively got filthier as the night wore on.

“Are you gonna cum in my ass?” She asked him in between deep throating his cock. “Or maybe you’d rather explode on these?” She slapped his rigid boner on her melons. She sandwiched his wet cock between her tits and started pumping them up and down.

“Yeah you gonna nut on these titties?” She smiled at him as he was getting closer. She stopped suddenly.

“Nooo not yet” she squealed. she was giggling again. This was too much fun for her to stop now. A steady stream of precum leaked onto her tits. She rubbed it into her nipples.

“Fuuuck” was about all he could manage after a while, but she didn’t mind. His grunting and moaning was making her wetter and wetter. Eventually she climbed on top of his Lap and started teasing her pussy entrance with the thick tip of his cock.

“You know, I could just ride you. Take you deep inside me and let you cum in there.” She teased.

“Please let me cum.” He managed to get the words out.

“Well it has been a few hours already.” They both looked at the clock. 3 hours she had been mercilessly edging him (and herself). Not bad, she thought, for a first time session.

“Alright you’re gonna cum for me.” She said, rubbing the outside of her cunt up and down the length of his shaft.

“You’re gonna shoot your warm sticky load deep in me.” She continued, slipping his dick inside her. She was sitting on him reverse cowgirl now, slowly impaling herself on him.

“Yes, I can already feeling it building. Your gonna blow in my tight little cunt.” She continued. He grabbed her by the hips and thrust up grunting.

“Fuck yes Becca. I’m gonna fill you. You’ve been so fucking naughty all night.” He started pounding her and rubbing her clit. She had forgotten how big his arms were. His strong hands held her hips as he thrust his whole length in her. She felt her own orgasm building.

“Fuck, fuck, cum in my pussy!” She pretty much screamed. She wondered if her neighbors could hear. His deep thrusting pushed her over the edge and she squirted all over his lap. He started to convulse as his load shot deep inside her. Rope after rope of hot semen filled her and she loved every minute of it. She moaned and begged for it.

She knew he wouldn’t last long inside with all the edging beforehand. That was almost her intention. She hadn’t been properly fucked like that for about 4 years. She was glad to have invited the man over.

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