Field Trip Ch. 03

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“Yes you are.” He confirms, raising his eyebrows and giving her a devious smile. “Looks like it is time to get cleaned up.”

He pulls his boxer briefs back up and offers his hand to her. She eagerly takes it, almost giddy at the idea of being in the shower with him. She had been imagining what it would be like ever since he teasingly mentioned to her about the new tile being put in months ago.

With her fingers laced within his, she follows behind him eager for whatever may come next. He takes her through his bedroom where she notices a door off to the side. She tilts her head slightly to get a better view, to note a hot tub outside surrounded by several trees guaranteeing privacy. He notes her distraction and gives her hand a little tug. “I’m coming,” she insists. “I wouldn’t miss this for anything!”

They enter the bathroom and he instructs her to wait for a moment while he gets the shower prepared. She removes her panties and undoes the braid in her hair in preparation. “Come on in,” he grabs her hand and helps her inside.” The shower is huge in comparison to anything she’s seen. It has a shower head at either end and a seat in the middle. Both shower heads are running. He places her at one end while he goes to the other. The heat of the water almost startles her, the contrast of hot and cold causing goose flesh to cover her body and her nipples to awaken.

Once adjusted to the heat she closes her eyes and allows the water to cover her, soaking her hair and washing over her face. Realizing that in her enjoyment of the water she has somewhat lost track of time and where she is; she opens her eyes to see him watching her. For the first time in their relationship she felt oddly vulnerable. She was completely nude standing before him, hair soaked, and makeup washed away. He could now see the scar on her right arm where she had burned herself making pizza, the slight pooch of her tummy, the evidence of bearing children, and the tattoo on her left calf that he probably had never noticed before. All she can do is look at him in hopes of some sort of response. He merely smiles, grabs her hands and puts soap in them. “Ready to get cleaned up?” he asks.

“Yes,” she replies Alanya Yabancı Escort with a single nod. He pulls her towards him, having them meet in the middle. He places her hands on his chest as he puts his on her shoulders. She can feel the pounding of his heart beneath his chest and is amazed that he too seems to be nervous. They each start massaging and rubbing the other, coating the front of their bodies in bubbles. She thoroughly enjoys the freedom of allowing her hands to glide over his skin, feeling every muscle. Her confidence once again restored she asks him to turn around, “time to get your back,” she states.

He leans down and kisses her very lightly on the lips before turning around. She coats her hands again with soap and begins massaging him, starting at the top of his shoulders, bringing her hands across his arms, then gliding them down his back. For several minutes she focuses completely on using her hands to relieve every bit of tension in him, working the muscles of his lower back and those that run parallel to his spine.

Content she has him completely relaxed she steps forward placing her body next to his, her breasts pressing against him, her cheek resting between his shoulder blades, her arms sliding around him, left hand gently cupping him while the right starts gliding up and down his shaft. Although soft when she starts, he begins to grow quickly in her hand. The change in activity entices him, yet his focus is completely on watching her stroke him; looking down to see her hands moving is fascinating as well as arousing.

After a few moments of enjoying her touch he turns around to once again face her, drawing her arms up and over his shoulders, his erection pressing against her abdomen, his arms embracing her in such a way she feels completely consumed by him. She is now unsure if the heat she is feeling is from the steam of the shower or the passion growing deep inside.

His left knee presses against her thighs opening them to him, his right hand glides down her flesh grazing her right breast, nipple, abdomen and between her legs until two fingers slide slowly past her clit and inside of her. She moans, gladly Alanya Yaşlı Escort accepting them, closing her eyes, once again resting her cheek this time on his chest, listening to the pounding within.

As his fingers work their magic he uses his other arm to turn her back towards the shower wall, allowing the water to rinse away much of the soap that is covering them. He then slides his left arm down, grabbing her right thigh with his hand and lifting it up and out to the side, allowing his body to venture further between her legs, the two fingers now replaced by the head of his cock.

She lifts her head and smiles up at him, biting her lower lip as she wraps her left leg around his hip; her arms holding tightly on to him. Both of his hands move in unison around her hips to her buttocks, pulling her towards him as he pushes himself inside. Her smile broadens relieved to finally have him, to feel the pressure of his body this close to her, the throb of his cock pulsating against her g-spot.

Her back now firmly against the shower wall, he slowly works himself in and out. Noting her smile, he is unable to resist kissing her. The kiss intent and powerful matching the intensity in which his body is connecting within hers. For this brief time, who they are and whatever apprehensions they have don’t exist. He is deep inside her physically and on a level that neither of them will ever be able to explain. Drunk by the moment she lets herself go, holding onto him affectionately, completely trusting that we won’t let her fall. Again time is lost and all they can feel is the physical drive that pushes them. Their bodies in tune she can feel herself starting to climax, the contractions of her orgasm pulling him even deeper inside, the pulsation of his release only fueling the intensity she feels even more.

The moment passes and they stop; just gazing at each other as if almost confused. To break the tension he winks and kisses her cheek, “Well, I’m all clean, how about you?”

“Yeah, I’m good,” she sighs, not quite sure what to say.

They rinse of individually then he turns off the water. He helps her out of the shower and hands her a towel Alanya Yeni Escort to dry off. They move quietly to the bedroom where he leads her to lay down on the bed. They lie side by side, facing each other, each with their head resting in their hand. She looks into his eyes in search of answers to the questions that she just can’t understand. The deeper she looks in search of knowing him the more she reveals about herself. Realizing this, she closes her eyes and lies down on her back, out of frustration and an overall sense of confusion. Her nerves are immediately calmed by the feel of his hands on her head, stroking her hair affectionately, soothing her to sleep.

“The stars are out.” She hears. She awakes to find herself still on his bed, not sure how long she’s been asleep.

“What?” she asks trying to get her bearings.

“The stars are out, do you want to come and see?” he continues. “I finished the stir-fry and there is a bottle of wine by the hot tub.”

“Wine?” she asks concerned.

“Yes wine. Don’t worry, it’s not red. I know that gives you a headache.”

“Ok.” Again with a sigh she stands and walks outside to the hot tub.” He helps her in and hands her a glass. She can’t help but become enamored by the sight. The beauty of the tree line combined with the sparkle of the stars is stunning.

He sits next to her and smiles, “I told you it’s a fabulous view, didn’t I?”

“Yes you did,” she replies, “And you’re right!”

Unable to deny her own curiosities any longer she has to talk to him. Up to this point they have had a very jovial interaction, caring, fun, but never discussed the underlying meaning of the relationship or if it even was a relationship.

“You know, this wasn’t supposed to go anywhere. It was just a game, and then I somehow got lost in it.” She starts. “I know. Honestly I was just having fun too, then the restaurant thing happened, and that’s when I thought about it.” he interjects.

“What does it mean?”

“It doesn’t have to mean anything, just let it ride.” He says, his frustration now becoming apparent.

“I can’t do that.” She states; realizing that she is pushing him, but unable to go any other direction.

He looks down for a moment and then back at her, “Just know; I always want to be to you exactly what I am now.”

She looks back into those hypnotizing hazel eyes that captured her so many months ago, as a small tear rolls down her cheek, she smiles and replies, “You always will be.”

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