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There are some prof’s and TA’s that make taking classes a whole lot nicer. I’ve always had a bit of a teacher fantasy. It seems so much easier to listen to the lecture material when you’re staring at a great ass or muscular chest. There is this one professor in particular, Dr. David Dresden, who is very easy to listen to.

Dr. Dresden is a tallish man, about 6’2″ with a medium build, not muscle bound but obviously in good shape. He has auburn brown hair and eyes so dark that they look black. He wears silver frame glasses and seems as comfortable in a suit as he does in jeans and a t-shirt. He’s very passionate about his classes and his research. That passion is half of what attracted me to him in the first place. When he mentioned in class that he would be hiring a student for the summer as a field assistant I couldn’t believe my ears. I of course stopped by the computer lab as soon as the class was over to prepare my resume and get it in as quickly as possible.

I dropped by his office a short time later to drop off my resume; he seemed pleased with my enthusiasm. He’s such a quiet man. He has a palpable aura of confidence that is incredibly sexy but not overbearing like many other people I’ve met. I asked him some questions about the research he was planning on doing through the summer. My questions seemed to please him more. He gave me detailed descriptions of his plans, which I took careful mental notes on. A little research on your own time can do wonders in assisting the job application process.

The next week I received and e-mail informing me that I had been short-listed for the job with Dr. Dresden and that, as long as I had no conflicts, I would have an interview with him tomorrow at 1:00 pm. Now, as any woman with an urge for fieldwork knows, it is often difficult to demonstrate that you are strong enough and capable enough to match most men in the field. In my case, previous field experience would be an asset but I find that the clothing that you wear to an interview can help a lot too.

Hiking boots are a must. No field assistant is complete without them. A nice pair of pants is advisable, as skirts tend to say ‘I like civilization.’ I tend to go with a form-fitting t-shirt on top. It indicates that you aren’t too dressy and are willing to get dirty. A white or brightly coloured shirt is best, it says ‘Here I am, I’m ready for anything.’ So, that’s what I wore to my interview, boots, black dress pants and a snug white t-shirt.

So, armed with the knowledge that I had dug up on the type of research and the area of interest for Dr. Dresden’s work that summer, I went to the interview looking great and feeling confident. His smile when I entered his office almost undid me; he was so handsome that day. He’d worn a suit to impress that he was very serious about hiring for this position. It impressed me alright; I could hardly keep from touching him. I schooled myself to be calm, it’s difficult to sound intelligent when you’re panting.

He asked me all sorts of standard interview questions. I elaborated on my previous field experience and explained why I was interested in this position and why I thought I would be useful to him. After many questions, I got my chance to ask him more questions about his work. He seemed surprised that I had done enough research on my own to question him for half an hour. It was delicious watching his eyes sparkle in…amusement?…as I drew more information from him. A little before two o’clock he thanked me for my time and said that he would get back to me within the next couple of days. He laid his hand lightly on my shoulder as he opened the door for me. I thanked him as I walked out and smiled to myself as he invited the next interviewee in.

Two days later, I saw him as I was heading to the computer lab. He asked me to join him in his office for a moment; my heart started beating a little faster. When we got there, he told me that I could have the job if I still wanted it, which of course I did. He asked if I would mind taking a couple of minutes to fill out the various forms to make my employment official. As I completed the forms we discussed schedules, equipment and information I would need before we headed out into the field. When everything was in order, I got up to leave. He put that hand on my shoulder again and asked me not to discuss my new employment with anyone until he had a chance to inform the other candidates. I agreed happily and left his office with a warm glow that centred on my shoulder.

May 1st, my first day of work, came upon me quickly. Exams had flown by with happy results. I went home to visit my parents between the end of exams and the start of my new job. Dr. Dresden and I spent our first week together collecting gear and maps, packing equipment and ensuring that the companies that would be supplying us with food and aircraft had the same schedule that we did. David, he insisted on my use of his first name as we would be spending so much time together, had planned that we would be in the field for the entire summer. Supplies gaziantep escortları would be delivered to us once a week and we would move our camp to a new location once every two weeks.

I pack accordingly. Work cloths for warm and cold weather, a bathing suit, and my field gear. Nothing dressy came near my pack, as really I’d have nothing to dress up for except the bears…and David. Well, he would be in field gear too so I wasn’t worried about impressing him with fashion sense. I did throw in a couple of pairs of sexy underwear though, just in case.

I went partying with my friends that weekend, as I wouldn’t see them until a few days before the fall semester started. I whispered with my best friend about the fun I’d have during the summer and joked about being so close and so alone with such a delicious man. She gave me a personalized flask filled with brandy as a good luck present. I hugged her all night and promised to write.

Monday morning found me packed and ready to go. David picked me up so that I wouldn’t have to bus to the school with my gear. We loaded up the truck and headed to the airport. We flew in a Dash 8 north and then we were in a Twin Otter on floats. We landed in a small lake late that afternoon. After unloading the gear and doing a radio check, we started setting up our first camp on the beach of the lake. We each had our own tent as well as the kitchen/work tent where we would do most of our living.

The first two weeks flew by so fast that I hardly had time to notice my frequent proximity to David as we explored the mountains around our camp. David taught me exactly how he wanted samples taken and how to take notes that would be useful to him. We cover about twenty kilometres every day and always came back exhausted and laden with samples.

We received our food order after the first week. We simply worked non-stop. Bed was never far from my thoughts. And then, we had to pack up camp. Two weeks had passed and a plane was coming to move us to a new location. We had just finished packing when I heard the buzz of the plane’s engines coming towards us. We loaded the plane, flew to the next site and set up camp again. That evening, after dinner, David asked if I would be comfortable working on my own for the rest of the summer. We would be able to cover twice as much ground if we split up. I agreed. I was becoming comfortable with the area and the mountains. I was still worried about bears but David was little protection so I would be no worse off on my own.

We covered enough ground in those two weeks that David decided that we deserved a day off. So, the day before the plane was scheduled to arrive for our next camp move we stayed in camp and relaxed. We both slept in a bit. I spent half the day playing in the lake, floating around and relaxing. David came in the water for a while but mostly stayed on the beach and vegged. It was so relaxing, I felt refreshed by the break. I took some time making dinner that night. This resulted in dinner being a lovely change from the slapped together meals that we usually made after a day out in the field. I actually had some time that day to look at David. It seemed like I hadn’t done that in a month, and really, I guess I hadn’t.

I noticed how tanned he was and how taut too. That’s when I looked down at myself. I almost didn’t recognize my own body. I too was darkly tanned, at least in some areas. So, I had odd tan lines but I didn’t mind that much. What really surprised me was the lack of padded areas on my body. I’d never been fat but I’d never been this toned before. My flat muscles made me feel very sexy. I was more flirtaceous with David that night than ever before. He didn’t have a wife or a girlfriend as far as I knew and I didn’t think he’d object too much to a bit of flirting. He simply smiled at me. That smile was all I needed.

We moved our camp the next day. Talking to the pilot was great. We were always starved for news of the outside world. And then, once again, the airplane was flying away from us as we began setting up camp.

* * *

Two days later, things got a little crazy. Luckily, David and I were in the habit of chatting rather regularly on our radios to one another. We would comment on interesting finds and ensure that the other was alright. The radios were our safety line as well as our way of not being totally alone even when, physically, we were.

I tripped. I don’t really remember it. One minute I was walking across a talus slop, the next thing I remember is that I’m near the bottom of the hill and David is calling me on the radio. I grabbed my radio to tell him that I could hear him and then I tried to stand up. I was so humiliated when I had to call him to help me.

“I think I’ve twisted my left ankle.” I say to him. He tells me not to move and that he’ll get to me as fast as possible.

He keeps talking to me over the radio. I know he’s trying to keep me out of shock. I answer his questions. He’s asking me anything that he could think of. ‘Where did you grow up?’ ‘What does your mother do?’ I manage not to laugh at him too much, his concern touches me and I know that he’s doing the right thing. I wriggle out of my pack so that I can grab my solar blanket. I cover myself so that I don’t get too cold. I didn’t want to loosen my boot; I didn’t want to know how bad it is until we were back in camp.

It only took David half and hour to reach me, though it seemed to be much longer than that. The look on his face when he finally got to me made me laugh, I realized then that I was suffering from shock already. I had no idea what I looked like to him, a mass of scrapes and bruises just beginning to purple under a silver solar blanket. He checked my whole body for injury but other than a small bump on my head and my ankle, I was pretty much alright. We managed to agree that my ankle probably wasn’t broken. I convinced him that, with help, I’d be able to walk back to camp. After all, we option did we have, he certainly couldn’t carry me.

It took four hours to get back to camp, more than twice as long as it had taken me to get out there. By the time we got there, tears were streaming down my face against my will. David brought me to my tent and sat me on my bed. He tried to gently remove my boot. I couldn’t help crying out as he pulled it from my foot. He quickly removed my sock and started examining my ankle. He told me to lie back on my bed; he moved my leg for me so that I wouldn’t use any of the muscles. He wrapped a tensor bandage around it, I’m sure that he could hear me grinding my teeth. Once my ankle was secured to his satisfaction, he removed my cloths leaving me in my sports bra and undies. I was little delirious from the pain and giggled when I remembered that I had worn a thong that day. I’m sure David blushed. He bundled me in blankets and told me that he would be right back.

When he returned, I took the acetaminophen that he gave me and tried not to grimace as he began cleaning my scrapes. He checked my head thoroughly, although I guess the bump didn’t seem that bad to him. He was so set on making sure that my injuries were thoroughly dirt-free that I started giggling. The look he gave me when I started that made me giggle harder. He finished cleaning my wounds although he seemed a little concerned about my laughter. I ran out of energy as he finished. He pushed my hair back from my eyes and told me to sleep. I had no energy left to protest so I closed my eyes.

When I opened my eyes again, David wasn’t there. I panicked a little, not really knowing what had happened. I tried to sit up which resulted in me falling back down in pain. I felt like I’d been beaten with a baseball bat. I guess I must have cried out because David was in the tent with me in seconds later. That’s when I remembered what had happened.

My humiliation hit me hard. I couldn’t even look at him. If I had been watching my footing more closely we would both be in the field right now. I started apologizing for costing him valuable field time. I felt the tears running down my face. I hardly registered the shock on his face, he took my face in his hands to force me to look into his eyes. He told me that it was and accident and that it wasn’t my fault as many times as I apologized. And then, his lips were on mine. My first thought was that he was trying to shut me up, then I didn’t care and started kissing him back.

All of a sudden, he was standing beside my bed, stammering apologies, and then he fled my tent. At first, I was very hurt by his retreat but I made myself relax. He was probably scared, and probably should be. It’s against university policy for a professor to be involved with a student. I wasn’t going to tell anyone and I didn’t have any more classes with him so I decided that it didn’t matter. The bump on my head throbbed. I closed my eyes to try to relax and fell asleep.

The next day I woke up and decided that I couldn’t stay in bed any longer. I wanted to be useful so that our time here wasn’t totally lost. I levered myself out of bed and onto my feet. I told myself that my ankle would heal better with regular movement. I pulled some cloths on, that hurt like hell, and hobbled around the tent. I sat down and unbandaged my ankle. It didn’t look as bad as I originally thought. It was only slightly bruised with some swelling. The walk and the bump on my head must have made it seem worse than it was. I re-bandaged myself and slowly made my way to the kitchen tent.

I didn’t see David right away so I set about making a meal. I wasn’t sure what time of day it way so I made pasta. I figured David would be hungry too as I generally did most of our cooking. He must have heard me puttering around because he showed up at the tent with that shocked, and now slightly ashamed, look. I treated him as I did normally when I was tired and told him to sit down. He seemed to relax a bit when I didn’t immediately protest his earlier actions. I served up pasta for both of us and was too busy eating to talk.

After I had finished stuffing myself I managed to convince David that he should continue with the field work and that I would be fine alone in camp for a couple of days until I could walk better. We had brought a laptop so that we could start entering data. Normally we were both too tired to do this so I volunteered as that way I would be at lest a little bit productive and not feel so guilty about my ankle.

He went out the next morning. I managed to keep up our regular radio banter so that I knew that he was okay and to restore the easy relationship we had before. I had a meal ready for him when he got back to camp. I noticed that he seemed more tired than normal but it didn’t really register. By the third day of this routine and him coming back more exhausted every day I had to find out what was going on.

I got him to confess that he was doing twenty-five to thirty kilometre traverses in the same amount of time that we usually did twenty kilometre traverses. I was appalled. He obviously could not keep this up for long but I wasn’t yet in enough shape to go out as well. I tried to convince him that he would just get hurt if he pushed himself so hard. He was set on getting as much terrain as possible covered. I told him fine, then I would go out tomorrow too. I hadn’t even noticed that I had started crying. He looked up at me as he started to protest; he saw my tears. He looked utterly crushed. He just hung his head, unable, or unwilling to look at me. I couldn’t handle it.

I got up and hobbled around the table to him. He looked up at me with so much pain in his eyes. I took his face in my hands this time, he tried to pull away but I wouldn’t let him. I kissed him. He kissed back at first and then started to protest.

“This isn’t right, I can’t do this to you.” he tells me and starts to pull away. I sat quickly on his lap, knowing that he wouldn’t dump me on the floor.

“I believe you have it backwards, I’m doing it to you and I think it’s very right.” He continued to object and tried to stand up.

“What’s wrong? Aren’t I pretty enough? Aren’t I smart enough?” I asked him.

He groans and shakes his head “No, it’s not that…”

“It’s that it’s not proper. I’ve wanted to touch you the first time I saw you.” I told him. “You kissed me first, you must find me at least a little bit attractive.”

“I do but…” he whispered hoarsely.

“Then let me!” I started kissing him. He tried to fight at first but slowly I felt him start to relax. He started kissing me and held me tightly.

“You don’t know what you’re doing.” he said to me. His eyes looked somewhat fierce but he still held me tightly.

“I know exactly what I’m doing.” I told him. “I’m attempting to seduce and take advantage of the most attractive man I’ve ever met.”

He groaned deeply and began kissing me again. He stood up, holding me in his arms and knocking over the bench. He carried me to his tent. I was a little worried, as the cots we had were not made for two people. Somehow, I still haven’t figured out how, he managed to pull his bedding from his cot onto the floor without putting me down. He laid me down in the little nest he had created and began kissing me all over. He slid my shirt up my belly leaving kissed in its wake. He lifted me slightly so that he could pull the shirt over my head. His lips and hands seemed to be everywhere. He removed my shoes and socks so gently that I hardly felt it. He slid my sweat pants down over my hips and off my feet. He looked down at me, lying in his blankets in my bra and thong. He had a look in his eyes that I can only describe as hunger.

He was very gentle around my bruises and very firm and insistent where my skin was untouched. His tongue sent shivers through me as he worked his way up my body from my feet to my face. He kissed me deeply, his tongue flicking around my lips. His right hand slid under my bra and cupped my breast. I could feel him hard and hot against my thigh. He unclasped my bra and slid it free of my arms.

His hands cupped my breasts. He massaged them lightly before lowering his mouth to my left breast. He sucked on the underside sending jolts of pleasure through my body before he moved his tongue to my nipple. He licked, sucked, and nibbled before switching to my right breast. His tongue set me on fire.

I tried to unbutton his plaid shirt as he caressed my breasts but was having difficulty. He sat up and pulled his shirt open, popping the buttons off that I hadn’t managed to undo. He pulled that shirt off followed by his white t-shirt. I ran my hands through his soft curly chest hair and pulled him back down to me. I ran my hands all over his torso as he resumed kissing my breasts. His body was strong and smooth.

He started kissing his way down my stomach, his hands caught my hips. He rolled me onto my stomach. He groaned softly before resuming kissing my body. He kissed my cheeks and kneaded them with his hands as he kissed his way up my back to my neck. He pressed his body against mine as he nibbled and kissed the back of my neck. I could feel his cock throbbing against my leg. His hands slid my thong down my legs. He began kissing down my legs as he slid my underwear past my feet.

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