Feminized for Christmas

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The first time I had met Sally was during a video shoot of her and two of her lesbian friends. I have a small side business making “personal” videos for people. Sally is bi and also my favorite type of woman a horny BBW! Sally likes her sex partners, of either sex, to be submissive to her. She has strawberry-blonde hair, huge 56FF tits, a 64 inch ass, and stands five feet tall. The first time I had sex with her was while we were editing the tapes we had made of her and her friends, I use three cam-coders on tripods and one hand held for most videos I make, I then either edit them my self or have the customer help. Most customers would rather have me do it, but sally had to be in charge. But that is another story.

I had been dating Sally for several months when she asked me if I would go to her company’s Christmas party with her. I was surprised because Sally didn’t normally go to many of her company’s social functions. I had gone with her to their summer clam bake so she could be seen with a man. Her boss was wound a bit to tight, and Sally wanted a promotion, it would be easier if her boss thought that she was just a straight woman.

I agreed to go with her.

“I’ll be Santa and you will be Mrs. Claus.” Sally said. I looked at her and frowned. “I’ll be Mrs. Claus? I don’t think so!” She grinned and said. “I was asked to be Santa because I won’t need and padding so that means you’ll be Mrs. Claus.” “I could be an Elf instead!” “No Elves allowed and I have the perfect outfit for you!” “I’ll feel like an idiot! People will see me! Dressing as a nun for you and going to a motel is one thing but I know some of those people!” I was not a happy camper. “Oh quit your whining when I’m done with your make up no one will recognize you.” “I don’t suppose I have much choice in the matter do I?” Sally smiled and said. “You don’t have to go but I can promise you a great time after the party! Sue will be there and we can have a threesome after words, but if you aren’t there it will be just her and I!” Sue was one of Sally’s bi girl friends and she was taller than Sally by 10 inches and bigger by a good 80 pounds. Sally knew that Sue turned me on because she carried a lot of her weight in her butt, which I loved. “Great, I knew you would go along.” Sally said. She went to her closet and pulled out two outfits, hers and mine. “Now strip I have to fit the dress to you.” I undressed and Sally noticed that I had a hard on. “Later I’ll take care of that!” She said as she handed me the dress. It was red, of course, with white fake fur around the collar and cuffs and the hem. It fit me quite well except that the butt and bosom were quite loose. “Not to bad all we need is some padding.” Sally said. I took the dress off and she handed me one of her bras and a corset like device that padded out my flat ass. I put them on and the pulled the dress on again. “Your ass is to big now the seams are about to rip.” She pulled the dress up and took some padding out of my butt. “that’s better now I’ll fill out the bra.” She put padding into the bra and stood back and shook her head. She put more padding in and was happy with her work. “I’ll have to shorten the sleeves an inch or two and it will be perfect!” I took the outfit off and frowned. “I don’t know how I get in these situations!” Sally grabbed my cock and squeezed hard. “Because you think with this head not the one between your ears, just like most men.” She laughed.

“Now for the make up!” Sally was obviously enjoying herself.

“Why do you have to do this now? The party isn’t until Saturday and it’s only Thursday.” “I have to know if I need and different base or perhaps a different color eye liner.” It took her about twenty minutes before she was satisfied . She held a mirror in front of my face after she had put a wig on me. I was shocked I didn’t recognize myself. “Wow it doesn’t look like me at all! I feel better about this already!” “Now put the dress on so I can see what it looks Bostancı Escort like all together.” I put the bra and corset on and the pulled the dress on. Then I put on the glasses that sally gave me. I looked in a mirror and I looked like a woman. It excited me and I was surprised! Sally laughed and said. “If you didn’t have that damned hard on you would make a passable woman.” I looked at her and said. “well we can do something about that!” “Well let me give you a good blow job and then I’ll get you another dress and we can go out to dinner.” Sally pulled up my dress and pulled my cock out from my shorts. “I love this cock of yours it tastes so good.” She licked the head of my cock like it was an ice cream cone. Then she took it all the way up to my balls down her throat rubbing the bottom of my cock with her tongue as she played with my balls. She held my cock in her mouth and sucked hard until I came. She swallowed every last drop. I could never understand why she didn’t gag. “Damn that was great!” I said. “I know how much you love it.” Sally said. “When we get back from dinner you can return the favor.” Sally said. Then she got a dress out of her closet and had me put it on. I have to admit that it fit pretty well and that it felt better than I thought it would. I was still nervous as we rode to her favorite restaurant. We were seated at a small table in the back where few people could see us.

“I’ll order for you. She said so no one will have to hear your voice.” Thanks I was wondering how to sound like a woman.” “Well you eat pussy as good as any woman I know.” I grinned and said. “practice makes perfect.” Sally laughed and said. “You will get some practice in tonight because I’m in the mood and my period is due anytime now.”

We had a very nice dinner Sally explained to the waiter that I had a sore throat. We returned to Sally’s double wide trailer.

As soon as we shut the door Sally said “You make a semi good looking fat girl keep the dress on and suck on my fat hairy cunt bitch!” Sally wasn’t known for being subtle! It took me a few seconds to get her skirt up and her panties down. The sight of her huge hairy pussy always excited me! I started to lick on her clit and she moaned loudly and pulled my head deeper into her crotch. “Eat my cunt you stupid bitch!” I pushed my finger in her pussy and she squeezed my head with her huge thighs and moaned even louder. “Yes that’s it finger my cunt!” Then I stuck my tongue in her pussy and tongue fucked her. “Oh!, Fuck!, Yes!” She arched her big hips and pushed her crotch toward my head and moved her hips up and down as she ground her pussy as I tongue fucked it. Then I put a finger up her ass and her pussy as I sucked hard on her clit she came hard and squeezed my head so hard that it hurt. “Shit! I’m coming!” She screamed as she bucked like a wild animal. She almost broke my neck she was moving her hips so fast and hard. She finally released me. “You should have been a lesbian!”

I sat up and Sally pointed to my face laughing. “ Your make up is a mess you stupid bitch.” She laughed for a couple of minutes completely out of control tears rolling down her face. When she finally stopped laughing she hugged me and thanked me for playing her games.

“I need to get home I have work to do tomorrow!” I was got undressed and I went to her bathroom and took off the make up. Sally stood watching me with a silly grin on her face. “I’ll have the red dress ready for you tomorrow. You can try it on before we go out just to be sure it fits.” “Great I said that makes me feel better.” “Sarcasm? From you? I’m shocked Sally said.” I looked at her and said. “I have to admit that it is kind of cool to dress as a woman I didn’t think I would like it but I do get excited.” “I thought you would she said.”

The dress was a perfect fit when I went to sally’s place that Friday. We went to dinner at the same place that we had eaten the day before and no Ümraniye Escort one realized that I was the woman that was with her the day before!

The day of the party I got to Sally’s early so she could get both of us ready. It took an hour and a half for Sally to get me ready and I have to admit that I looked like a fat Mrs. Claus! Sally looked pretty good in her Santa outfit.

“Sue will meet us there and after the party we are going to your place so we can make our own Christmas video Sally said.” “Cool I said.” It was strange being in a dress at a party with people greeting you as Mrs. Claus. One guy actually hit on me! He wanted to dance and sally told me to go ahead and dance with him. It was weird! I had to slap him when he grabbed my ass. I wasn’t comfortable dancing with a guy. Sue came over to talk with me. She was enjoying my being uncomfortable. “Don’t worry Sue said to me I won’t tell anyone that you are a cross dresser.” “Thanks I said.” “I’ll even let you suck on my pussy tonight because you look so cute!” “Your having fun with this aren’t you?” I asked. Sue grinned and said. “I’m enjoying the hell out of it!”

Sally had me hand her the presents and she gave them to her fellow employees. I had several drinks and I felt better about my situation with each drink. By the end of the party I was having fun. Sally drove us to may place and Sue drove her own car.

When we got inside my double wide Sue and Sally noticed that I had already set up the tri pods with the cam-corders for our video sessions. Sally started to turn them on. “How much time do we have on these things before we run out of tape?” Sally asked me. “Two hours I said.” “Great Sally said.” She picked up the had held unit and turned it on and pointed it at me and said. “This is miss Rickie the transvestite, Turn around Rickie!” I know my face turned bright red. “Do as your told bitch!” Sue screamed at me as she fondled my ass. I turned in a circle for the camera. “Very good bitch Sue said. Now get down on your knees and eat pretty Sues cunt for me.” Sue stripped in a few seconds, much faster than you would think a big girl could move. Her long brunette hair almost reached he waist. She had tits that would have been huge on a smaller woman. Her big belly almost covered her pubic hair that had much more gray hair than her head. She sat on my sofa and spread her legs. “Lick this you slut!” Sue said pointing to her pussy. Sally moved in with the camera for a close up.

I was licking Sue’s clit and fingering her pussy and ass hole as Sally was getting the camera lens as close as she could. Sue was moaning and groaning and giggling and enjoying herself . Suddenly with no warning signs at all she came and pushed her cunt into my mouth so hard that she knocked me over. Sue and Sally laughed so hard that tears were running down their faces. Even I was laughing.

Sally said. “Miss Rickie lift your skirt and get that little cock of yours out and show the camera what you are made of you fat slut!” I did as I was told, I already had an erection. “Isn’t that cute Miss Rickie has a hard cock! What should we do with that Sue?” Sue came over and looked at my hard cock and said. “I’m not sure it looks out of place with those pink panties. Maybe we should cut it off!” Sally said “why don’t we put a condom on it and have him put it up your ass?” “What a good idea!” Sue said. She got a condom from my side table and put it on my cock. Then she bent over and Sally said. “Now Miss Rickie lick that ass until it’s nice a lubed and then fuck the shit out of her.” I licked Sue’s ass hole and she moaned and loved it. Then Sally said “that’s enough now stick that little cock in her ass and see if she even feels it you little slut.” I pushed my cock in Sue’s ass. Sue said “I think I can feel something but I need something in my cunt to. Sally handed me a dildo that she had taken from her purse. “Put this in her cunt and be gentle with it Kartal Escort you silly slut.” I slowly slipped the dildo into Sue’s wet cunt as I slowly stroked my cock in and out of her ass hole. Sue took the dildo and stroked it in and out of her cunt in time with my cock stroking her ass. Sally was getting all sorts of different angles with the camera. “I like what I’m seeing!” Sally said as she almost fell over one of the tri pods. I was stroking faster now because I was about to cum. Sue screamed so loud I was afraid that one of my neighbors would call the cops she came three times in a couple of seconds and I came as well. I pulled my lip cock out of Sue’s ass and also took the dildo out of her pussy. We were both sweating and breathing hard.

Sue said “damn if I hadn’t started my period this morning I would have Miss Rickie eat my cunt out I need an orgasm!” Sue said “give me the camera Miss Rickie can earn his red wings by eating you out tonight!” I had enough to drink by now that even that made sense to me.

“I’ve never done that before what a great Christmas present Sally said.” I said “Christmas isn’t for another week.” Sally shouted at me “I didn’t tell you to speak you slut! Just do as your told or I’ll cut your cock off and staple it to your ears!” That scared the shit out of me! Sally handed the camera to Sue and sally stripped off the Santa suit but left the phony beard on, which looked incredibly strange. Sally’s huge tits and a beard just didn’t look right.

Sue got a garbage bag and but it on the sofa so the mess wouldn’t be to hard to clean up. Sally sat down on the sofa and spread her big legs and laughed. Sue said “Miss Rickie eat that cunt and put this dildo up he ass but lick the dildo first.” I sighed and did as I was told. The dildo tasted of Sue’s ass. I slowly pushed it in Sally’s ass hole and licked Sally’s clit. Sue was now getting as close as she could with the camera lens as I sucked in Sally’s clit and pulled the tampon out and fingered her cunt. “Tongue fuck me you slut!” Sally said. “Yes Mistress I said.” It wasn’t bad at all. I stroked the dildo in and out of her ass as I eat her bloody cunt. Sally was pulling my face harder and harder into her crotch as she moaned louder and louder. “Eat my fucking bleeding cunt you slut!” Sally screamed as she came harder than I have ever seen a woman cum in my life. She squeezed with her legs as hard as she could almost crushing my skull as he hips pushed into me. She made sounds that almost inhuman. “Awesome! Fucking Awesome! Sue said” Sally finally released me just as I was afraid I was going to pass out.

“Wow! That was the best orgasm I ever had.” Sally said as I pulled the dildo out of her ass. My back was sore and My ears hurt but I had another erection. Sally and Sue were laughing at me and pointing to my face. “Your all covered in blood the both said in unison.” I got up and went to the kitchen and cleaned my face off.

“That was strange but cool.” I said when I got back to my living room. Sally said “I think I want your cock in my pussy right now I’ve never been fucked when I’m having my period and I want to see what it’s like. Sue put a condom on Miss Ricky’s cock.” Sue took a condom and put it on my still hard cock and picked up the camera again . I was still had the bra on and it was also covered in blood. “Miss Rickie take that silly bra off and fuck the shit out of me Sally said.” Sally was playing with her own nipples, which stick out two inches when they were hard. Sue got as close with the camera as she could as I fucked Sally’s cunt, blood flying all over, Sally was cumming at almost every third or forth stroke and making all sorts of strange noises that I had never heard before. We both came at the same time and Sally actually passed out for a few seconds. My living room was a mess and sally and I had blood all over our selves.

We took a shower together to get clean and Sally but another tampon in her pussy.

“That was the wildest thing I’ve even seen!” Sue said. Sally and I laughed. Sally said. “Lets get some sleep and we can clean up in the morning.’ Sue and I agreed. I slept between two women that night exhausted but happy . What a great start to a holiday season.

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