Feet in nylons (3)

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Feet in nylons (3)Originally posted by NylonSolesFeet (https://xhamster.com/users/nylonsolesfeet) in Croatian. Check out their profile, a true nylon haven. Enjoy!I couldn´t take it anymore so I asked her if I could touch her feet. She agreed. I got up with a visible bulge. She stretched out her right leg, put it across the left and moved away from the table on her chair. The lighting in the room was just right so I could enjoy her shiny, glossy pantyhose legs and feet. The feet part of the 10den hose had black toe reinforcement but once I got closer, I saw that there was also a black heel reinforcement which made me want to cum so bad. I came closer and started caressing her legs in a motion which moved from the knees to the calves. I did this 2 or 3 times, all the while staring at her feet. The nylons were smooth and silky so my hands slided effortlessly across the legs. I could hardly wait to do the same with my dick.She could clearly see that I was enjoying myself and that my dick was ready because she was constantly eyeing my trousers. She asked: ¨Are they fine? Do you prefer thin or thick nylons?¨ ¨It´s all the same for me, as long as I can see the legs and the feet through them¨, I answered. I told her about how much I liked caressing her legs and smelling the well worn nylons. While I was saying this, I kept rubbing her legs in anticipation for the moment I would touch her nylon feet which I had been staring at and obsessing about for days at that point. I got on my knees and took her right foot out of the clog to which she said: ¨You can massage my feet, but before that, you will have to take off you trousers and shorts because I want to look at your dick.¨ She admitted ödemiş escort that she loves watching men get hard for her and that she adores teasing them about it before she jerks them off. I took my clothes off in a split of a second. My hard dick was at it´s fullest potential and I could feel my loose balls getting filled with cum which was already slowly starting to drip. She lifted her nylon feet on to the desk, one being bare and the other one still having the clog on, and told me to remove the clog and start gently rubbing them. The feeling of hands moving across her nylon soles and the swish sound that was produced from that made me excited beyond any measure. I moved my face closer in and felt the light sweat aroma mixing with the smell of new nylons while observing those soft soles and the shiny toes and heels reinforcement. I massaged her feet for about 5 minutes when she told me to gently go across the heels of her feet with my tongue and then proceed to her toes moving from the big toe to the little one. I didn´t think it was possible, but the feeling of going across her feet with my tongue and having the taste of her worn, thin nylons in my mouth made made me even more excited. This sensation was, simply said, fucking undescribable. I could feel her sweat more strongly now as the nylons started getting more and more soaked. Then, I just took her feet with my hands, placed them on my face and inhaled deeply. This beautiful, sour smell mixed with the scent of nylon made me start jerking off. She instructed me to do it slowly as she wanted to trample my dick for a bit. I proceeded to sniff her feet and slowly masturbate for about 5 minutes. Then, she told me to lie escort ödemiş down under her chair. She took off her shirt and pants. She was wearing thongs under the pantyhose and a transparent size 3 bra. Now, she was standing above me and gently touching the head of my dick with the tip of her toes. I was getting to feel those nylon feet on my dick at last. I was holding her legs by the calves while she started trampling my member harder and harder. With every pass on my penis, there was a sticky sperm trail left on the soles of her nylons. I was enjoying myself and I could see that she was taking great pleasure in trampling and being dominant as well. She sat back into her chair and ordered me to clean the precum off the nylons and to keep sniffing them. She tucked her hand into the nylons and started moving the thong away. She rubbed herself slowly while I kept sniffing and licking her feet.Finally, she placed them on my dick, enveloped it and started pulling. Slowly at first but gradually, she started to pull faster while I continued to caress her legs. Then, I took her feet by the toes and heels and assisted the footjob. My dick kept getting more and more red from the friction caused by the rubbing of nylon feet against it. It was obvious to me that it wasn´t the first time that she was giving a footjob since she did it in a skillful manner. I was getting more and more tense as I prepared to cum all the while looking at her pussy and feet. She kept on rubbing her cunt, but this time across the pantyhose which were beginning to develop a stain made of her juices. I started to leak cum and as soon as she had seen that, she stopped with the footjob and got to jerk me with ödemiş escort bayan her hand while she strategically positioned her feet over the tip of my dick. I told her I was about to cum so she sped up with the handjob and said that she is expecting to see the soles of her nylon feet drenched with cum. At this point, while moaning harder and harder and holding her legs tight, I started to cum. I was straining, with every single vein on my dick being visible while I sprayed thick sticky sperm which was all over her nylon soles and beginning to leak on her hand. My orgasm was subsiding so she started rubbing my dick with her soles in order to spread the cum across the nylons. Also, she squeezed my dick a couple of times in order make all of the cum dribble away. While she was doing that, I twitched at her every touch. There was a lot of cum, as I didn´t masturbate for two days. The soles were soaked with cum, part of which was trickling to the floor, but most was absorbed by the nylons. Like I said, one could see that she hadn´t done this for the first time. It was the first time, however, to have this done to me by a colleague at the work. She got up from the chair, lifted her left foot and examined how much cum there was. ¨You came a lot¨, she said laudably. She took off the pantyhose, threw them in a bag and said: ¨I will really have to wash them now¨:). I lifted myself up, wiped myself, got dressed and returned to the work desk. She pulled on a fresh pair of pantyhose, got those clogs back on and returned to her desk but I noticed that she didn´t wipe her feet. We were both silent for the rest of the day except for goodbyes we exchanged before heading home. When I got back home my phone buzzed. I opened the message and saw a photo of her wearing those nylons in which I came earlier that day 🙂 🙂 And so, this is the way in which my regular seances of foot fetish and dominance with my coworker commenced.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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