Feel the Burn

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**All characters are 18 or over. This story contains squats, crunches, push ups, oral, anal, and vaginal sex.**

“Hey mom, how much weight have you lost?” It was the first time her daughter had noticed. She had been holding back talking about it for months, but finally someone else had noticed. She had changed a lot since they had seen each other last.

Cora giggled, “I weigh about as much as I did before I had you.” She smiled and swayed. “You look different too, I like what you have done with your hair.”

“Forget the hair! You look amazing!” Her daughter cheered, though she seemed happy about the complement. “How’d you do it?”

“Well,” Cora brushed some of her wavy brown locks from her face. Her daughter had cut hers short, but it was still much the same as her mothers. Sonya was always better at keeping herself at a healthy weight. “I met a new trainer.”

“Trainer?” She asked. “The way you said it made it sound like a new boyfriend.” Her daughter seemed suspicious.

“Oh honey, your father had been gone for a long time. We’ve had this discussion,”

“I don’t want to hear about it!” Sonya plugged her ears and Cora laughed. “But I’m glad it’s working out for you.” She smiled.

“It certainly is!” Cora chuckled. “Not that you would want to know any more than that.”

“You used to always give up on the exercise tapes.” Sonya looked quizzical. “What is so different about it this time?” Sonya then added with a mumble, “Maybe I’d like to try it. “

“Sonya, you look fine as always. You don’t need to worry about it. I’m just thinking more about my health, that’s all.”

“I gained ten pounds since last year.” Sonya mumbled again, “I know it’s not much, but I don’t like how tight my clothes have been feeling.” Sonya looked her in the eyes and asked, “You think your trainer is willing to take one more.”

“Oh, I don’t know,”

“How about I just watch the first time and see if I’m into it?”

Cora gulped and paused, wondering how to answer…

Cora was naked and covered in sweat. Her legs were already killing bornova escort her. “Twenty one! twenty two!” she called out. She whined as she squatted down on her trainers cock. She felt it twitch inside of her. “Haaa! Twenty Three!” She had to do it slow and controlled or the cock would flop out. It was about up to where her thighs were parallel to the ground, then down. Not much. Still, she was bouncing on his lap with learned practice. He was laying back, relaxing as she fucked him.

“Knees up, keep your heels on the floor.” He said with a smile. She groaned. “Careful! Not too high! Keep it inside, or it’s your ass next.”

“Ohh!” She groaned. “Twenty four! Twenty five!” her knees were shaking when she finally stood up. “Ahaa! Ahaa!” her legs were trembling.

“Next?” He said expectantly. He was still laying back, dressed in under armor and running pants, the waistband pulled down under his member. He was young. Too young for an old lady like her, she thought. But he seemed to enjoy her, surprisingly. She took several deep breaths before getting down on her hands and knees. The cock was infront of her face, hard and ready. Then she got to her toes and palms in a push up position. He helped to angle it as she let herself down and sucked as far as her gag reflex would let her. “Hey!” She heard him snap, “Butt down! Good form!”

“Hmph!” She hummed past the dick as she began pumping it with her face. It was all arms, she wasn’t allowed to move her neck. “Gagph!” She went down too low and gagged. She slurped up air and kept going. Her breasts pressed on his legs each time.

“All the way down each time.” He teased her. This was already her third repetition. Her muscles were already burning. She was whining, trying to grunt and tear more air through her nose into her lungs. “Not getting tired yet are you?” She hummed a negative as she sucked up and down and tried to keep her body moving. Finally, He let her stop, “And that is twenty five. Switch.”

She rolled to her back, heaving. He got up, kneeling over her torso. “Crunches. Go.” bostancı escort She tightened her core until she was face first with his cock again. She didn’t come back down to rest, she held the crunch and sucked. “No neck, remember? All abbs.” She cried as she grunted and growled. She felt the tears run down her face. It hurt so much. “That reminds me.” he started, “You never told me what you told your daughter.” He smiled with cunning intent. “Just that she asked to come. What did you say?”

When she felt like she was about to tear her own stomach apart he rolled to his back and she took a few seconds to relax and catch her breath again. Seeing him ready for the last repetition, she got her feet under her and began to continue her squats on his member. “I said,” She was panting, “Oh god!” She was so tight, he felt so hard and good inside, but her legs were burning. It took everything she had to keep her arms away from her knees. “I told her, maybe next time,” She bounced way too much. She clenched her fists behind her back. She was loosing control. It felt amazing, but her legs were weak and she wasn’t sure if she could complete the set. “Oooh!”

“No grinding.” He said. “It doesn’t count.”

“Ah!” She went up and down, “Ah!” It was too much. She felt it slip out of her. “Ohh! Oh no!” Her legs collapsed and she pressed her pussy against his thick member. “I lost it.” She breathed and ground her pussy on top of him desperately. “I’m, i’m sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry. You did a lot better than last time.” She wanted to melt into his arms that very second. “But you know the rules.” He raised an eyebrow. She grunted and got back to her feet. She aimed and sat down on the cock, this time, in a less pleasant place.

“Ooh!” it slipped in without trouble. She had been doing this for a long enough that it was second nature. “W-Why,” She started as she pounded her ass against him, “Why my butt?” She whimpered.

“Training.” He said simply. “The better you do, the less you get ass fucked.” He explained.

“But,” buca escort She wheezed, “I’m starting too,” She seethed, “Like it!”

“Well,” He smiled, “I guess you either learn to like anal, get healthy, or both. Seems like a win win scenario to me.”

“Ohhh!” She moaned long and hard as she reached the end of the set.

“No more Oral after that. we’re staying healthy after all.” He pushed her down and she fell boobs first onto the floor. She knew what was comeing. She arched her back and wriggled her hips as he mounted her. She had hoped for regular sex this time, but she knew the rules. If she had kept it in, she’d have it the way she liked. Otherwise, this was the punishment. She let all her muscles relax as he entered her rump again, “You did a great job today Cora.”

“Ahhh!” it was in her ass, but he grabbed and lifted on leg for better access to her other bits. She was limp and let him move her around. She was completely relaxed until she felt his finger on her clit. “Oh yes!” She was close already. She had been on edge all day. She was so hot and horny she couldn’t think strait. This is what she had been waiting for. “Wait! Wait!” She cried out, “S-Slower! Slower please!” She didn’t want it to be over so quickly.

He obliged and she felt his fingers press lightly, lovingly over her clit. She shivered and coo’ed. He was methodically pumping her from behind at the same time. “Maybe you don’t even need that.” He said as he stopped touching her clit all together. Instead he caressed her inner thigh and grabbed and handful of her brown hair. She felt it coming like bubbling water. She felt herself begin to quake like a geyser about to erupt. “Just your ass now. See? This is were all your training pays off.”

She felt it take her body and shake all the energy left out of it. She came hard and long. He didn’t stop fucking her even when she cried and groaned. His cock continued to crash into her thrashing frame. “Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” She repeated as pumped her full of his seed. She felt him erupt in her backside and whimpered again as her orgasm pulsed through her body, “Ohh god yes!” Her spine and hips milked him for all he had.

“So,” She knew he was going to fill her fuck addled brain with something she couldn’t refuse. It was always what he did. He could get away with anything after giving her such a mind blowing experience. “About your daughter…”

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