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Michelle wanted to go to this new club in town. She decided to go with her plaid mini skirt that flaired out and a white sweater that clung to her breasts and her white thigh high boots. Her hair hung down her back to her ass, little red ringlets all over. She knew she looked hot. She was an amazing woman. At 36, very fit, and full of life. Divorced and lonely, she needed this night out.

Fedor was already at the club with his friends, shooting pool. Being the younger brother of a famous hockey player, had it’s ups and downs, mostly ups, like tonight.

The women were hot and the dance floor was packed. Fedor continued shooting pool but watched the red head from time to time. She was wicked hot, with a wild look about her, and a gorgeous body. He loved the way she looked. He looked at her again and their eyes met. She gave him a smile and Fedor found himself blushing.

Michelle liked the way Fedor looked, she always had. She knew who he was, hard not to. He was considerably younger for her but if he liked her, she wouldn’t say no. She looked at him as he walked around the pool table. He was more muscular, taller, and gorgeous. Michelle licked her lips and she saw that he noticed her and gave her a wink.

Michelle edged her way to the pool area. The music was rocking and the women in the club were young and pretty. There were ladies lined up around Fedor. He didn’t seem interested but he’s a guy, he likes the attention, she thought. She got up by him and actually nudged him. That was a bold move, even for her.

“I’m sorry. It’s just so crowded in here.” She smiled up at him. He’s really tall, she thought to herself.

“It’s OK. I don’t mind.” He said with an accent and a smile.

He nudged her back, teasingly, and asked, “Would you like a drink?”

“Yes, I would, thanks. Vodka and squirt, please.” She couldn’t stop smiling at him. He was hot and she was lusting after him.

“I’m Fedor.” He said to Michelle and then he ordered her a drink.

“I’m Michelle or Chelle for short.” She felt the heat rise in her cheeks.

The drinks came and they found a booth and sat down. Fedor got really close to Michelle. He bent down and kissed her. He made a motion to break it off but Michelle, quickly, forced him to keep kissing her. His tongue parted her lips and was now deep within her mouth, entangled with hers. The kiss made her stir in her seat. Her passion unleashed. She wanted him. He knew it. He felt it in the way she kissed him.

Still gaziantep escortları sitting there, closely, Fedor’s hand slipped under the table and on her leg. The skirt she wore was short and her thigh was exposed. He moved his hand up her right thigh. She looked at him licking her lips. He kissed her again. His hand went up further feeling her panties. Michelle spread her legs a bit, hoping Fedor wouldn’t stop. He played around with her through her panties. She was wet and he enjoyed it. They were in a bar with lots of people and he was playing with her and it excited him. He slipped a finger inside her panties and found her swollen clit. He made circular motions and as he did, a moan escaped Michelle’s mouth. Fedor kissed her deeply as he inserted his finger inside her vagina, pulling her closer to him, fingering her pussy, kissing her, he wanted more. Still fingering her, he rubbed her clit with his thumb. Circular motions, feeling her wetness, her mound swollen, her chest moving up and down a bit more, as her breathing picked up. He knew she was aroused, almost to the brink of climax. He didn’t stop there. He moved his lips to her neck kissing her there, licking her ear, whispering things to her, all the while still playing. He was back kissing her full lips.

“Fedor, I’m so close to cumming.” She whispered to him.

He kissed her deeply and he felt her grasp his leg and he knew what was happening, he felt her muscles contract around his finger that was deep inside her. She came.

He held her to him, smelling her hair, taking in her essence. He removed his hand from her panties and licked his finger. She tasted great and he wanted more of her. His friends looking on, knew what had just happened, talking amongst themselves, Fedor knew he would get high five’s and the what not from his buddies.

Fedor looked at Michelle again. He wanted her to come to his place. He asked and she said yes. They got up from the booth. Fedor told his friends he was leaving. They made their little remarks like guys do and Fedor was blushing.

Michelle noticed Fedor’s face. The guys must have had made some comments but to her, it didn’t matter. Guys will be guys. She laughed to herself. She hadn’t done anything like this in a really long time. She felt like a young girl with her first boyfriend.

Fedor led Michelle outside. They got in her car. She let Fedor drive. She sat next to him and on the way to his home, she undid his pants and slid her hand in. He got hard as she stroked his cock. Michelle undid her seatbelt and bent down, lowering Fedor’s pants exposing his hardness. She wrapped her lips around him and sucked. Fedor, trying to keep his eye on the road, couldn’t help but look down at Michelle giving him head. It felt great and he continued trying to drive.

She eased up on his cock, sat up, and said, “That’s just an appetizer.” She winked at him and he pulled her to him.

Fedor just smiled to himself, thinking about how he was going to make this night one they both wouldn’t forget.

Once at his place, Fedor got out without doing his pants, Michelle got out his door. He grabbed her and started kissing her. Her back against the door. Her lips parted, feeling his tongue again. His hand up her skirt. She clung to him and he carried her into the house. Against the wall in the hall, he somehow managed to get Michelle’s panties off, his cock was throbbing. He forced her there, against the wall, thrusting his cock deep inside her tight, wet pussy. He wasn’t small, he was quite big and thick, and Michelle felt him. It hurt a bit but she didn’t say anything.

Fedor pumped away. Michelle’s sweater was off and Fedor was sucking her nipples, taking turns with each one. Her breasts were beautiful and her nipples were big and hard and begging to be sucked.

Her moans were loud and that made Fedor go harder. He stopped to get her to his room. They fell to his bed and he was inside her again.

Michelle asked Fedor to let her get on top. He obliged. Michelle straddled him and eased his cock inside her. She was squatting and fucking him. She loved to do that and Fedor put both hands on her hips and made himself go as deep inside her as he could. Michelle gasped for air. Fedor’s cock was big and she wasn’t used to having such a big and thick cock inside her. It filled her completely and sent such a sensation through her body everytime he thrusted in her.

Fedor sucked on her breasts, pulling her closer to him, she on top, fucking him. Harder and faster, then she would slow the pace down, then would pick it back up again. Her moaning was a turn on. Fedor liked it. She was also very wet. No lube needed for her, even though, she was tight. Her pussy felt great around his cock and he could feel her muscles inside each time they contracted.

Michelle’s breathing got heavier and Fedor felt her tightening up, she was close and he wanted to join her. He pumped her so fast and in seconds, she screamed his name and he held her as he came. She fell against his chest, sweaty and exhausted.

Michelle laid there for a few moments before rolling off Fedor and laying by his side. She looked at him and smiled. The sex was incredible. The orgasm was awesome. Fedor rolled to his side playing with Michelle’s breast.

“I enjoyed this.” He managed to say to her, then he kissed her.

Michelle looked into Fedor’s eyes. He was young and handsome and she knew this probably would be a one night stand. “I enjoyed it too.” She kissed him back.

They laid there silently for a while. Then, Fedor sat up and looked over at Michelle. She was asleep. He bent down and kissed her cheek. He took his finger and lightly went over her body, over her breasts, her nipple, and down her stomach. Michelle moved a bit but Fedor continued. She was a true red head. He finally noticed that when he reached her private area and he noticed the little red strip of hair that led to her sweetness. The rest of her was shaved. He noticed her freckles too. He smiled to himself. She was a beautiful woman.

He sucked on her nipple making it erect. That woke Michelle. She felt the warmth of his mouth making its way down her body. She spread her legs and Fedor was licking and sucking on her clit. His tongue felt wonderful on her mound. His tongue licking her lips, then going inside her, and then back to her clit. She was in ecstasy as Fedor buried his tongue in her again. She caressed her breasts as Fedor was taking her to bliss with his tongue. She cried out his name as her juice spilled onto his tongue.

Fedor was hard and Michelle stroked him. The precum dripping from the tip of his head. She got on her knees and licked him, then she wrapped her lips around his cock and started sucking. She cupped his balls and fingered his ass, all the while taking in his cock as much as she could. His cock was wet from her saliva and he loved the way she gave head. She licked up and down his shaft to his balls, sucking on them, then the area between his cock and his ass and that made Fedor moan. She teased his ass with her tongue. Little flicks in and out while stroking his cock. She inserted a finger and fingered his ass. The precum made his cock very wet and Michelle took him in her mouth again. She sucked Fedor harder and faster and he grabbed her hair and helped her as he exploded in her mouth, hot, salty tasting nectar dripping down her throat. She swallowed all of him.

Michelle got up on the bed. Fedor held her in his arms and buried himself in her hair. He asked her to stay the night and she did.

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