Favela Pt. 08

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Olivia woke up early, the sky had just started to change color, fading from slate gray to a delicate pink, she stretched luxuriously. The house was unnervingly quiet, a hush seemed to have fallen on the world. She didn’t feel tired or fuzzy-minded, keeping her movements precise and to a minimum she moved without making much noise, it would have felt wrong to disturb the peaceful atmosphere.

Getting out of bed she removed her dress and hung it lovingly in the back of her closet, she stood naked in front of the mirror for a moment, inspecting and admiring her body. She still had faint bruises on her legs from the bedpost incident, but otherwise was only pleased by what she saw. It was probably just her imagination but her hips seemed wider, her breasts even looked a little bigger. She cupped them casually but there really wasn’t much to hold onto.

Snorting, her eyes wandered down to her crotch. Unlike Marcella she didn’t have a wild enigmatic bush, just a delicate feathery dusting that only seemed to draw more attention to her articulate vulva. It looked oddly provocative to her now, and it started her thinking about everything that had transpired the previous night. She licked her lips and brought a hand up to her mouth, had she actually done all those dirty terrible things to Marcella?

It felt like a strange dream, her mind searched desperately for anything that could prove it had been real and not just a fantasy. She went and found her phone, she looked through her messages and the date chat, but there was nothing new from her mother. Olivia felt a slight chill, she suddenly wanted to put on some clothes. She couldn’t find her favorite shorts anywhere, then she remembered that Marcella had taken them along with all her dirty laundry.

There was something else too, in her shorts, she’d almost forgotten, her mother’s green thong from their very first night. It was real, it wasn’t a figment of her imagination. Olivia was gripped by a frantic impulse to prove it to herself. As quiet as a mouse she slipped stealthily out of her room and headed for the rear courtyard were the washing basin was located. She sighed with relief when she noticed that Marcella hadn’t even made it outside, the two baskets were stacked by the back door.

In a matter of moments Olivia had found her shorts and reaching into the right pocket felt her fingers wrap around the springy tangle of her mom’s underwear. She pulled out the lingerie and dropped her shorts back into the basket. Heart racing a little from her panicked sprint she put them almost automatically up to her nose and inhaled hotly through the silky bundle. She could only smell the faintest trace of Marcella’s familiar scent, but it was enough to elicit a happy moan and start her cunt aching for more.

Moving without thinking she nearly fell over scrambling to untangle the panties and step artlessly into them. She pulled them on and sighed with contentment as they wrapped tightly around all her tingling bits. Her chill was gone for the moment but she was still mostly naked so she returned quietly to her room. Walking over to her dresser she noted that the thong was a little loose, this gave her a brilliant idea. She opened her underwear drawer and took out one of her newer pairs.

They were beige and as plain as the rest but the cut was a little more adult, not anything like a thong but they only covered half her ass on each side and the front had sexy sharp angles that showed most of her belly, but best of all they were nice and tight. She pulled them on over the thong and turned from side to side to inspect the effect. She grinned, none of the green was poking out around the edges, Marcella’s thong was totally hidden underneath. She could see the faint outline, just the shape in the front and along the sides but that was it.

She flushed and felt her cunt heat up and then throb dully, there was something super erotic about this. The concealment wasn’t just turning her on, it was giving her all kinds of dirty ideas. She turned away from her dresser and slowly started walking towards the door, she was glad she was wearing two pairs of underwear because she could feel the first pair already getting wet enough to show. Moving mostly on impulse she made her way to Marcella’s room, the door wasn’t even shut.

Her mom was mostly covered by a single sheet, Olivia looked down at her peaceful face as she slept, it was all she needed to find the courage to follow through with her impromptu plan. Walking around to the other side of the bed she lifted the sheet, the light wasn’t great since it was still early morning but she could faintly make out that her mother was still wearing her tattered panties, just like she’d instructed. This filled Olivia with warm delight as she slipped into Marcella’s bed, pulling the sheet lightly back down on top of them both.

Rocking her body forward she wrapped her right arm around her Mother’s waist and used it for leverage to bring them as close together as possible. She felt her hard nipples squishing pleasantly into Marcella’s xvideos porno bare back, and she sighed happily at the sensation of her mom’s big familiar ass sliding snugly into her lap. Marcella stirred, her body undulating in response to the unexpected pressure. She inhaled sharply, and Olivia could tell she had woken her up from a sound sleep.

Marcella tried to move away at first but Olivia just pulled her more tightly against her chest. She was careful not to let her arm stray too high. “I had a really bad dream.” She breathed close to her mother’s ear, nuzzling her face into Marcella’s neck, touching her collar bone suggestively with her lips, but not kissing it.

“Oh it’s you baby. I thought…” She trailed off, her sleepy voice giving her away.

“You thought it was your boyfriend?” Olivia murmured, humor tinging her voice. Marcella blushed and curled up, pulling them slightly apart. Olivia moved her hand down to her mother’s hip and rested it casually on top of her underwear. “You really like him that much?” She sighed dejectedly, letting her fingers curl absently against the elastic.

“Yeah, I do.” Her mother replied, she sounded a bit defiant or maybe just defensive.

Olivia took a deep breath, exhaling slowly and hotly against Marcella’s neck. “I heard you last night, from my room, it kept me up.” Her mom kind of quivered then went still, Olivia took this as an opportunity to pinch the hem of the panties Marcella was wearing and twist the elastic sideways so that she could play with it. Her mom was too busy processing what she’d said to notice the subtle motion.

“Ah, I’m not sure if I should apologize, but if it makes you feel any better he spanked my ass so hard it’s still a little sore.” Marcella chuckled nervously, Olivia ignored her and just kept tugging the elastic up her mom’s thigh until it was almost to her hip.

“That’s too bad.” She replied, sounding like she didn’t think it was very bad at all. “In my nightmare you and I were running through the jungle, a beast was chasing us and you were getting slower and slower, I begged you to keep running but you were carrying a giant egg. ‘It’s too heavy, I’m too tired.’ you said. I offered to carry it but you just shook your head and sat down on top of it. ‘Leave me here, it’s time.’ You cried, but I refused. I wrapped my arms around you and shouted. ‘We will do it together, or not at all.’ Then the shadow of the beast fell over us, and I woke up.”

Olivia’s hand couldn’t tug any farther, she’d bunched up the entire right side of Marcella’s underwear and dragged it neatly up over her hip bone. It stayed hooked there as she let her fingers slide back down her mom’s leg, only now she was touching delicious bare skin instead of ragged fabric. Marcella suddenly twisted her body backwards, Olivia’s hand was abruptly deposited onto her mother’s warm belly. Marcella turned her head, she was facing her daughter now. Her eyes glistened with tears, arms flung out grasping Olivia fiercely.

She yelped, embarrassing herself but the air was crushed out of her lungs so quickly that it came out as more of a whimper. In an instant she was face to face with Marcella, she could feel both sets of their nipples, practically touching. Fate had dealt her an ironic blow, caught in her mother’s ferocious hug, both her arms were now trapped between their bodies, with the palm of her right hand in particular being wedged awkwardly up against her mom’s warm crotch. She’d wanted to touch it covertly earlier, but now that she was accidentally all but grabbing it, she felt oddly timid and chaste.

These reservations didn’t last long however as her mother was intently staring into her eyes, pressing their foreheads and noses together, sniffling sporadically. “Filha.” She breathed. “This man is only a man, but you are my tesouro, and will be for ever. You and me, together.” She emphasized the last word. Their lips met for a moment, Olivia wasn’t sure who had initiated the kiss, perhaps they both had. It was the lightest most delicate affair, a mere peck but it struck Olivia to her core. Her fingers curled involuntarily, gasping as she felt them digging thoughtlessly into her mom’s hot, moist, crotch.

Marcella gasped as well, it had surprised them both. “Ah! Oh, sorry! I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to do that.” Olivia frantically apologized while trying to extricate her arm from this womanly trap formed by their two aligned bodies, but all she could do was move it back slightly between her own legs. Her mother only chortled and hugged her daughter even tighter, making escape impossible and forcing her hand back into place. She started laughing as Olivia struggled halfheartedly before finally accepting defeat.

Marcella continued to giggle uncontrollably for awhile, then as she slowly regained her composure, eyes sparkling mischievously, she slid her hands rapidly down to her daughter’s butt and grabbed the back of her underwear. Pulling it roughly upward she gave Olivia a very uncomfortable wedgie, this started her laughing yabancı porno all over again. Although amidst gleeful snorts she managed to huff. “Now we are even.” Before pulling her arms away and rolling happily onto her back.

Olivia scowled but she wasn’t angry, instead she was intensely aroused. Throwing back the sheet, but being careful not to uncover her mother’s dirty little secret, she bounced up and off Marcella’s bed. Her mom turned her head so that she could stare at her daughter’s voluptuous ass. Olivia hadn’t bothered to reposition her panties yet so they weren’t hiding much. She could feel her mother’s hot gaze but had no idea what she was thinking.

Marcella started laughing again. Olivia just scoffed and walked slowly towards the door, making sure to give it plenty of wiggle, only glancing over her shoulder right as she left. Marcella had a dumb sheepish grin on her face, Olivia blew her a kiss then gave her the finger. She raced back to her room, all she could think about was using her phone to get some satisfaction, and maybe some sweet revenge as well.

“How is your ass this morning?” She typed. It was dumb but she just wanted to hear Marcella complain about it some more. Olivia struggled to think quickly, and was surprised when her mom replied within seconds. Seemingly Marcella had also felt a desire to dive right into their chat after she’d left the bedroom.

“It’s sore, but I’ll live.” Olivia snorted, she loved how her mom never submitted completely, this spike of defiance only increased her desire to dominate. “What really stings is how you made me twice as horny as I was yesterday and never even used your cock. You must be some kind of masochist.” Olivia thought about this, noting that her grasp of male psychology was sadly lacking and that her fictitious character was seeming more eccentric every day.

“My denial was your true punishment.” She replied. It was practically nonsense but also the best she could do given her sluggish overtaxed brain. Perhaps ambiguity would read as brilliance if she threw in a few big words. “More like the masochist is you, since your feeble attempts at psychoanalysis will only be rewarded with more denial. But enough about me. Are you still following my orders?” She waited patiently for a few seconds only to notice that Marcella had already sent more text.

“Or maybe you’re just afraid to cum inside me now?” Her mother had clearly posted the message before Olivia had finished typing.

While her mom’s sassy attitude always excited and amused her, all passive-aggressive antagonism had its limits. Olivia felt genuine anger well up inside and started picturing herself smacking Marcella’s bare ass over and over. The thought was comforting and she calmed down quickly. Regaining her composure she replied slowly and deliberately. “My precious cum is something you have to earn through loyalty and obedience.”

She laughed, cringing at the slightly hysterical tone. The truth was that it would be precious, she was paying a high and very personal price. Her thoughts were interrupted by a picture that began to materialize line by line. She had to turn her phone upside down to see it properly. Marcella had taken a quick photo right where she was sitting, slouched in her chair, legs spread just a little. Her bellybutton was at the bottom of the frame, although when turned upside down it gave Olivia the impression of kneeling right in front of her mother’s delicious crotch. Because of the way she was sitting her underwear was pulled so tight it almost looked painful.

Marcella was still wearing the deplorable panties Olivia had left for her, although she found it very aggravating that on her mother’s more shapely and womanly body they actually looked super sexy, with their pitiful state, punctuated by the occasional hole, only managing to enhance and emphasize Marcella’s natural pristine beauty. Regardless, it was the coveted ‘front shot’ that Olivia had been unable to capture herself the previous night. Cunt tingling dangerously she silently added it to her steadily growing collection.

“Look, I’ve been a good girl.” Her mother had added below the image.

“Putting on her panties is so wrong, so dirty, it’s not like the licking and sucking you made me do before. That’s just my mouth and once I’m done I don’t have to think about it anymore, but when I’m wearing them it’s constant, they’re touching me in my most intimate places in the most intimate ways. I was scared at first, I didn’t know why, but when I pulled them tight I finally understood. I wasn’t expecting it to turn me on so much, but subconsciously I must have known it would.

‘I’m being submissive, of course it’s arousing.’ I thought, but that was too convenient, I was just trying to explain my feelings away. I loved licking her panties clean, I was annoyed when you told me to wear them instead. I wouldn’t get to taste that sweet addictive honey. They were especially dirty too, damp all over with the crotch coated all yummy and creamy looking.

Then yaşlı porno I had her all over me, sticky and slippery between my thighs, clinging to my cunt. I realized I liked this even better than how she tasted. I couldn’t see her panties unless I lifted up my skirt, but I could feel them every time I moved. They were uncomfortably tight, digging into me, making me even more excited. I was getting really wet but I don’t think it was noticeable because they were already so juicy when I put them on.

I thought about how we were mixing together and started to spasm. I was submitting to my daughter too, accepting this secret connection, I opened myself to it completely. My body responded on its own, dilating invitingly until I felt the viscous heat between my legs working its way up inside me. I know it was just my imagination but it honestly felt like the panties were fucking me when I walked. I would have given anything to masturbate right then but my daughter was waiting for me in the kitchen and I didn’t want her to get suspicious.”

Olivia reread the text and swallowed hard, she was so disgusted and aroused at the same time that she almost put down her phone, but she couldn’t, not after reading such a graphic and uncensored account of the previous night. For once she was glad that her mind was blanking out, because her mom added one final line.

“Please don’t make me take them off yet. Please.”

She sighed, things just kept getting out of hand, and now she could barely manage basic math much less complicated social interactions. Maybe she would have to let her inner animal take over for awhile. Taking a deep breath Olivia ran a hand cautiously down between her legs and gingerly groped her furnace-like crotch. Dirty thoughts followed by new ideas exploded in her mind like fireworks, she started typing without hesitation.

“I though I already told you, you’re not allowed to take them off until I say so. However if I’d known you were going to like it this much I’m not sure I would have made you do it.” She felt a bit sulky to be honest. The way her mom had managed to spin this latest prank into a source of ultimate pleasure was somewhat infuriating. It made her question her own motives even further.

Did it matter if Marcella enjoyed it? Did she secretly want her to enjoy it? Was this just a way for Olivia to indirectly apologize for everything she was putting her mom through? Her weakened mind was unable to penetrate the emotional murk, so once again she queried her dauntless sex drive.

“I’ll let you keep wearing them on one condition,” She paused, wondering for a moment if she even had the courage to continue, her libido was a harsh mistress. Letter by letter she finished her sentence. “That’s all you’re allowed to wear around the house, just panties, you can wear your own underwear on top of hers to cover them up if you want, but nothing else.”

After a moment’s pause she wrote a final line purely out of pragmatism. “If she asks about it, just tell her that you’re too hot.”

The accidental double meaning made her giggle idiotically. Olivia felt euphoric, no matter what her mother did or said in response she would get something she wanted. This might be the first time she’d out-thought Marcella, and she’d done it by being totally stupid. If her mom refused, she’d finally found a way to punish her properly, and if she agreed, well, Olivia would get to tease her mercilessly whenever she felt like it. Not to mention, Marcella was definitely hot, making her parade around the villa mostly nude would be a pleasant distraction.

“Thank you!!” Her mom’s reply took a little of the wind out of her billowing sails. Such enthusiasm, she scowled, secretly she’d been expecting at least a little resistance. Not to worry, she could still have some fun with it.

“Oh, does that please you? You’re even more of a shameless slut than I thought. I mean it’s only fair after all, you can’t hide everything from your poor daughter, so at the very least I expect you to put on a good show for her. You’ll be wearing her panties right in front of her after all. I want you to get some much needed practice and pretend that she’s me while you’re doing it, you exist to excite me, your only reason for being is my absolute seduction. I want you to be ready for the next time I come over.”

She was being selfish but didn’t feel too guilty about it since her mom hadn’t even showed the slightest sign of reluctance so far. It terrified her a little to be honest, occasionally she imagined losing all restraint, typing insane things and being met with the same mindless obedience. In a way this game was her own personal nightmare, the limits were unknown and only her wavering sanity seemed to be standing between them and the unthinkable.

Deep down she reserved the hope that her mom had some semblance of human dignity, there had to be some things that even she wouldn’t do, lines that no amount of sexual gratification would coax her into crossing. She hoped. Her stomach growled, she groaned. It was getting late anyway. She put down her phone without waiting for a reply from her mom. Nudging it under her pillow she got up and got dressed, opting for her second favorite pair of shorts and a loose-fitting shirt that only had one button left to fasten it provocatively between her breasts.

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