Fate at First Sight Ch. 04

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Her heels made a clicking noise as she walked down the hall. The knee high boots, flaring open at the top, bringing to mind the image of someone auditioning for the role of a pirate, sat over her tight blue jeans. The light blue, short sleeve, button up shirt Alyss wore hugged her body to perfection.

With tablet in hand, she focused on the new account. The Briggs account among others. Glad for the distraction from other events in her life. Those she could control, and those she could not.

Or more accurately, she knew, those she should control.

So far over the past month she had been successful. Mostly. Her roommate Clair became suspicious one morning, asking who Kayden was. The night before, at the climax of her self induced ecstasy, she must have shouted out his name, able to be heard beyond her bedroom.

Passing by the office of Mr. Zuel, the owner of their firm, reminded her of the message from him. She closed out graphics program and brought up her e-mail.


She stopped at the sound of her name echoing slightly through the squeaky clean, well lit hallway. Peering back through the open door to one of the small conference rooms she saw Regina seated behind the table therein. Her black hair done up in a perfect bob and wearing a blouse showing off her assets. Alyss saw her smile and hand gesturing her in.

“Hey? You busy?” Regina asked.

“Ah, no.” Alyss turned back and walked in, all smiles and cheery disposition. “What ya needing?”

Regina did not get up from her high backed chair. “Been meaning to get with you one one about the Imperial Books account.”

“I am so sorry, Regina. Been so swamped with other stuff.” Alyss put on her apologetic face. The fact she was not lying tempered the discomfort she felt for in fact avoiding her.

“Well this is a perfect time,” Regina said, motioning her hand at the other high back seat in the room facing away from Alyss. The chair slowly swung around, its occupant now exposed. “This is Mr. James.”

Alyss looked at him. Just three feet away from her.

The sight of him hit her like a wave. Unprepared for the event, her mind and body danced between staying or fleeing, unable to feel her eyes and mouth open wide. Kayden smiled at her.

Mesmerized by his eyes looking into hers, she stared at his face as he stood, taking him in: his short dark hair, dark rimmed glasses, dark eyes, the beginnings of a five o-clock shadow.

“Hello,” he said, extending his hand. “Nice to finally meet you.”

His voice shot through her. Having long fantasized about what he might sound like, his soft, stern, low toned voice fit him perfectly, completing the mental image of him seared into her mind. He stood Alanya Ukraynalı Escort a mere two inches taller than she.

Regina stood herself and spoke. “Mr. James. This is Alyss—”

“Alyssandra!” Alyss spouted as she held out her and took his. “I mean…” She put on a wobbly smile and let out a slight, girlish laugh. “But everyone calls me Alyss.”

The two shook hands. Alyss felt a chill run through her as his warm, soft hand embraced her’s. She then saw his smile grow wider.

“Alyssandra,” Kayden repeated. “Very nice name.”

Oh my God! She thought, hearing him say her name, her full name. Can he say my name any sexier…

Still holding his hand, She looked Kayden over. Under the light colored, silky blazer he wore a v-neck tee shirt, one hugging his frame. His stomach came out slightly over his belt, but still appeared slender. Glancing down at his crotch, Alyss noted the mild bulge upon his pressed slacks. She began imagining what he looked like naked. The warm feeling growing between her legs since she first saw him spiked.

Immediately she looked back at his face.

His eyes are up there! She ordered herself, a tingle and wetness adding to that warm feeling.

Regina then spoke. “Alyss here is one of our graphic designers. Hoping to get her on with you.”

Alyss looked over at Regina, quickly releasing her grip on Kayden. “Ah—What? Get it on?”

“His project.” Regina glanced at Kayden, noticing him still staring at Alyss. “She’s a girl in demand. But sometimes I think she’s just trying to avoid us!”

Regina and Kayden looked at the other and laughed. Alyss then did, realizing the attempt at humor. He then turned back towards her.

“I have heard much about you and your skills,” he said. Alyss soaked up his every word. “I look forward to see what you can do for my site. Of course,” he looked over at Regina, “my looks may need a bit of work.” He went back to Alyss. “But thank God for computers.”

Again, he and Regina laughed. Alyss smiled at him. “Oh Kayden, you don’t need any enhancement—”

Kayden saw shock in her face as her mouth hung open.

“I mean, I mean,” Alyss spat out, glancing between Kayden and Regina. She took a small step back, bringing her computer tablet to her chest, hugging it with both arms like a shield. “Mr. James here is a… well groomed man and I doubt… I would need to… you know… touch you-touch you up!” Another girlish giggle came from her mouth.

Way to spaz out woman, Alyss said to herself.

“Well that’s great.” Regina sat back down. “We’re about to go over the final contract and once Mr. Zule puts his Jonny Hancock on it, Mr. James here will be our newest client.” Alanya Üniversiteli Escort

Kayden returned to his chair. “I look forward to working with you all.”

He then glanced over at Alyss with a beaming smile.

“Oh, by the way,” Regina added. “As a celebration and thanks for his faith in us, we’re going to have a small party at BRs this evening.”

Kayden looked back towards Regina. “Very nice place. Enjoyed it. Nice ambiance.” He then swiveled his chair around, facing Alyss. “Hope to see you there as well.”

Alyss stared at him, unable to look away from his.

Ambiance… Ambiance…

That word, his voice, rolled through her head. Like her name, it sounded so beautiful coming out of his mouth.

“Well?” Regina asked after Alyss stood for a moment in complete silence. “I am sure you will be more than happy to indulge Mr. James by attending.”

Alyss looked over at her. “Ah…” She smiled. “Yeah. Yes. I just…” She looked back at Kayden, holding up one hand, pressing her thumb and forefinger together. “I just have a tinny, tiny errand to do before I go. But I’ll… I’ll be there.”

“That’s great, Alyssandra,” Kayden said. “I look forward to hearing your ideas.”

Alyss slowly walked backwards out of the room. “I’ll let you two finish.”

She left without another word and headed straight to her office, feeling the juice within her all but flowing out. The whole way back, various thoughts raced across her mind.

Very nice name he said. The way he used my full name… hearing him say it… his voice… could I have gotten any hornier!

Then Regina’s voice popped into her head.

Our newest client… newest client… newest-

Alyss stepped into her office and shut her eyes. She saw Kayden. Then remembered the first time she saw him at BRs, and what happened later that night.

Just call Regina later and tell her something came up, she thought. Tell her your apartment got flooded… your roommate’s pet died… it’s your time of the month… something!

She opened her eyes, looking down to see her desk as other memories flooded her mind. Things she felt. The cravings. Things she did. Things she did not do, or should have done. As she mused, Kayden came to mind.

What if…

Alyss shot through the door of her apartment and strode straight towards her room.

“Clair?” she shouted, summoning her roommate.

No answer came. She stopped and shouted again. “Clair?”

She was not there. Alyss continued to her room, setting her purse on the breakfast counter as she passed by.

Once in she plopped onto her bed, one leg already up, her hands removing the boot thereon. Alanya Vip Escort Next she pulled off the other. Both got cast to the side. Leaning back she worked on removing her jeans, unbuttoning them and wiggling them down her hips. The fact they fit snugly around her legs and hips frustrated any efforts at a quick removal. Now off and inside out, they joined her boots upon the floor, thrown there as she got up and headed to the small, walk in closet. Inside, she started at the row of neatly hung outfits, all the while undoing each button in turn down her blouse. Seeking out one particular item, that one dress, the last button became entangled in some loose threads around the hole. Frustrated, she pulled the shirt open, flinging the stubborn button off and into the closet.

Standing there, her hands danced along the top of the hanging clothes, pulling each to the side, exposing the garment adjacent. Finally, she found it. That blue dress. The flirty one. The one where the bottom flared out a bit and showed off most of her legs. Thin straps holding it upon her shoulders.

Alyss left the closet, setting the dress upon the bed. Staring at it, she paused, catching her breath and thoughts.

What would go good with this? she asked herself, undoing her bra as she did so. Something special… sophisticated… sexy…

Stepping towards her chest of drawers, her bra found its way upon the pile of work clothes accumulating on the floor. She flung open the top drawer.

What would work… what to wear… what would he like, Alyss asked herself as she first rummaged through her bras. She came upon a dark black strapless one. In addition to attenuation her breast, it had small frills along the top of each cup. It got thrown onto the bed. Next, she worked through the tangle of panties, cursing herself for not better organizing them, or buying the briefs that matched the bra.

G-string? she mused, holding a pair up. Not classy enough.

Thongs? A nice black one caught her attention. Same reason. And too predictable.

Boy shorts? I’m not slamin’ brews with the boys.

None at all? She paused, contemplating going commando, the idea of Kayden knowing she was pantiless turned her on even more than she was. No. Too desperate, not to mention tacky.

Finally, near the bottom, she found one. A black, low rise bikini. The back stitched together right across where her cheeks meet, causing the silk fabric to hug and show off both. A little red bow on the front sat just above the crotch.

Holding them up in front of her, it said classy and sexy. She imagined Kayden telling her how nice they look on her, with that not too deep, but sexy voice of his, just before he slipped them off—

She drew in a breath and closed the drawer. The wet feeling down below becoming more acute, as did the tingly sensation just above that.

Focus woman, she told herself, turning back towards the bed.

Halfway home, and after an agonizing afternoon of thinking, she decided on what she would do tonight. What she wanted to do.

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