Fast and Furious

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Fast and FuriousDrive it like you stole it [dry-v-it-ly-k-yoo-st-oe-l-it]Term (descriptive) 1. To be ‘heavy-footed’ with the accelerator when driving a motor vehicle.2. To demonstrate a ‘hard and fast’ technique when fornicating.A term that I have myself used, and heard used, on many occasion, but seldom is it actually the case! I have been told by more than a few chaps that this is their favoured technique when having sex, when what they really should have said is they were working towards their boy scout campfire badges; ‘the best way to start a fire is by ensuring your materials are all dry and are rubbed as hard and fast as possible’, thus mistaking passion for friction! Nevertheless I am pleased to report that my most recent tryst did involve this very method…I had been chatting for a short while to yet another able bodied seaman, or as he would have put it ‘matlow’ and we had decided to meet. Now I don’t tend to have first meets away from home and/ or ‘Eeyore’ purely for safety reasons , but due to the geography of the meet it was safe enough (near enough to one of my ‘safety’ calls lol). I will admit that driving did somewhat hinder both what I could wear and chance of a drink, but it made for a good getaway if needed lol… which thankfully it wasn’t. Now I have had a little trouble trying to come up with this man’s alias or nickname, he suggested ‘actimel’ but I don’t often take their own suggestion, lol… (Typical woman) I did briefly consider ‘winch’ – Scottish slang for kissing which under the circumstances would have been more than appropriate not only due to the frequency at which we kissed (I love kissing) but also by the fact that he is bloody good at it! In the end though I decided upon ‘Dom’ güvenilir bahis siteleri appropriate because it is the main character in Fast and Furious (Dominic), and because of the assertive yet considerate nature of his practises. I was pleasantly surprised on arrival. He was very tall, easily over 6 foot (yummy) and much to my delight even had a rather sexy Scottish brogue (though I did on more than one occasion, have to ask him to repeat himself as it was quite a strong accent lol).We didn’t waste much time on pleasantries or mindless banter before we were kissing, which is always a bonus! Lol I was both; surprised and impressed at how rather than simply partitioning off chit-chat and sex, he would chat for a short while then the next minute would have his hands exploring its way up my skirt, then pause and switch back to chatting. I’m not entirely sure if this was an intentional technique, but it certainly helped to build anticipation causing the sensation to be stronger each time… well played that man!!! So then, this ‘Dom’, was confident and assertive yet still fairly gentle while we were downstairs. Lots of kissing while he dexterously slid his fingers into my pussy, then he led me upstairs… Oh my!We kissed as we undressed, then the temperature was turned up as I was firmly, not violently, just firmly pushed against the wall. I felt his strong hands force their way up between my legs, and lift one of my feet onto a nearby surface to allow him full access. He wasted little time in sliding his fingers deeply into my already aching cunt. Grasping my hair in his other hands he pulled my head back so that he could invade my mouth with his tongue. Then without warning I felt myself being kaçak bahis spun round to face the wall before being pushed against it. He held me in place with his arm and continued to finger me. Hard and fast, to the point where, at times, my feet almost lifted off the floor… fucking hot! The force he exhibited caused me to catch my breath; my legs began to shake as the intense sensation radiated out from the pounding I was taking. He paused for a second, and after turning round for a brief kiss I seized my opportunity for some control and pushed him back onto the bed, after a momentary fumble of what was left of his clothing, I knelt between his legs and got to work tasting his cock. Even during this, my most confident and in-control of situations, he managed to be in charge and repeatedly made me gag on his shaft my clasping the sides of my head and slamming me down onto it. As he pulled me up the bed towards his waiting lips again, I felt completely at his mercy. He knew exactly what he wanted, and how to get it. That said though he was still a complete gent in understanding that ‘no’ means ‘no’. Those of you that know me know by now that I seldom do anal on the first meet, if ever! And given his passionate technique I thought it best to work up to that at a later date, and I am grateful that he was man enough not to pursue it! … Well, too much at least! LolFortunately his full length mirrored wardrobe meant I was able to watch (and photograph) as he fucked me like a whore, from a range of angles, causing my already aching body to shudder with each tantalising thrust. Even while we were fucking he would roughly position me and throw me around the bed using hand fulls of hair, and a focused intense look on illegal bahis his face! When we were both ‘spent’ and I managed to regain some composure of the complete quivering mess that was my naked body, I dressed and went back downstairs. Usually this is understandably the end of such things, due to time restraints and energy levels, so imagine my surprise when reaching for my boots to leave I was greeted with the phrase ‘where the fook d’ya thenk your gone?’ (apologies for trying to type in an accent lol), stunned I merely replied ‘home’…. But fantastically he had other ideas lol. Pulling my head to his, he kissed me hard and deep, and as I was lead back towards the sofa his hands quickly undid my skirt. I was made to sit down and he removed the rest of my clothing. Standing in front of me and untying his robe, his already stiff cock was waiting for me (now fair play to the chap and his stamina is obviously tip-top). I know my place by now so gratefully took it into my hot wet mouth and enjoyed licking, sicking and gently biting it until he withdrew from my wanting mouth and crouched on the floor in front of me. Spreading my legs wide he buried his face deep into my dripping pussy. Licking, lapping and delving at every hole, pausing only to kiss me fiercely at intervals. I do so enjoy tasting my pussy juice on the fingers and tongues of others….. mmm.We finished on the floor, and even when I was on top writhing my hips, using his cock to pleasure deep inside my pussy, stimulating my own clit he still managed to call the shots, I am afraid to say that I do vaguely remember in the height of passion digging my nails in to ‘Doms’ shoulder but then quite frankly what does he expect!?!? I’m only human after all! Lol (maybe he went to the same ‘sex school’ as Eeyore?!?!). There is a fine line between assertive and just nasty, which luckily neither have yet breached lol… yet! Definitely worthy of a blog entry, and maybe even another visit

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