Fantasy: His and Hers

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When Jim came home from playing golf, his wife Betty was waiting at the door. Jim knew something was wrong.

“Follow me,” was all she said.

Jim followed the nicely shaped woman of thirty nine through the house. Betty wasn’t model material but she was more than Jim had ever hoped to land. She had a nice figure, she was fun and treated Jim good. Jim knew Betty was the best thing that ever happened to him. Jim wasn’t a bad catch either. He was never the star athlete type but he had kept him self in good shape. For a man about to hit his forties he was doing pretty good. When they reached his computer room Betty pointed at Jim’s computer screen. It was opened to a private email account that he hid from Betty. Jim used the email to correspond with an dominatrix he had found on the Internet but never met. Jim had secretly wanted his wife to dominate him but could never find the courage to tell her his fantasy.

Betty was mad and it showed in her face. She loved Jim but she didn’t know if she could trust him anymore. She also didn’t understand why he would turn to a complete stranger for sexual gratification.

“Jim, I am so hurt, angry and embarrassed.You have betrayed me and disrespected me. I’m very tempted to leave you right now,” of course she wouldn’t really leave over some emails like the ones Jim was sending but she wanted to scare Jim. Jim was scared too.

“I’m sorry,” was all Jim could think to say. He didn’t want to lose Betty, he loved her deeply.

“Is that what you want Jim? To be dominated by a woman?” she continued. Betty had found the emails a week earlier but waited until she knew what to do about them before she confronted Jim. All week she plotted but she also got more upset the more she thought about it. Jim stood with his head down to scared to speak.

“Jim, I’m going to make you an offer. You can either accept it or not. If you turn me down I’m not sure I will stay with you.”

“what?” was all Jim could get out.

Betty continued, “For the next seven days I will dominate you. Even though I don’t know much about the subject I have a pretty good imagination, I think I will manage. Let me warn you, to be dominated by a woman may not be exactly what you think it is. I will use you for my pleasure, not yours. In seven days you will either have had your fantasies come true or you will be cured from ever asking to have a woman control your life.”

Jim couldn’t believe his ears. Was she really offering to make him her slave? Just the thought made his dick start to grow. Very carefully he said, “Yes.”

Betty then explained the rules. Jim was to do as he was told without question. If he refused her the agreement was broken was and she would leave. Jim was only too happy to agree. It was Saturday afternoon when Jim got exactly what he had been hoping for.

The first order Betty gave Jim was to go to the bathroom to shave off all the hair on his body below his neck. “Don’t you want to come do it?” Jim asked Betty.

“Why would I want to waste my time doing that?” Betty replied. “Shaving is a chore… you’re chore.”

Jim was disappointed Betty didn’t want to participate but still excited about what might come next. When he was done he found Betty in the bedroom. Betty looked him up and down but made no comment about Jim’s hairless body. Betty told him to lay on the bed naked and close his eyes. Jim was very excited. He heard Betty leave the room. His mind was racing wondering what she might be getting. Ropes, chains, a sexy outfit, a whip perhaps? But after 30 minutes of Betty being gone Jim started to get irritated. Finally, Betty returned. She didn’t waste any time either. Jim felt her hand squeeze behind his balls. Then he felt her other hand grab his semi-erect dick. Then he heard a “click” Sound. Betty told Jim to open his eyes. When he looked down his dick was stuffed into a clear tube about 2″ long, with a small brass pad lock on it. Betty smiled as she saw the confused look on Jim’s face.

Betty explained to Jim that after finding the emails, a week ago, she went to some fetish sites that sold sex toys. She had never seen a male chastity device but it was highly recommended for any woman “serious” about dominating her man. “That is what you want isn’t it, Jim?” she asked.

“Er… yes, it’s…just…well, yes,” was his only answer.

“See Jim, this device will let me control three things. When you get hard and when you cum. Since I know all of this domination stuff gets you super excited it will keep you from locking yourself in the bathroom and playing with yourself dick like little school boys do, like you like to do sometimes still,” Betty said as she smiled at Jim. Jim was embarrassed at Betty’s reference to him masturbating. That was something he didn’t think she knew about, something private.

Next Betty went to the closet and pulled out a maid uniform. “Jim, here is a maid outfit I want you to put on. Then I want you to clean the house from şahinbey escort top to bottom, dust, vacuum, laundry, dishes….” She laid it on the bed with a pair of 3″ high heels and left the room.

“Now we are talking,” thought Jim. Forced to dress like a girl had always been a big fantasy for Jim, but as he studied the outfit he was very disappointed. It wasn’t a frilly french maid costume he had fantasized about being forced to wear but rather a plain gray outfit like most maids wear at hotels. He put the outfit on and looked at himself in the mirror. He did look rather ridiculous. A grown man with a muscular frame stuffed into a woman’s dress. The dress was too short and part of his ass was sticking out. The panties were plain white thongs that helped the dress expose his ass. The black heels forced him to push his ass out just a bit. The sight of seeing himself in the mirror excited him though, as did the thought of being forced to wear it by his wife. His dick started to get hard. Then he felt discomfort as the chastity tube denied his erection. He desperately wanted to jack-off but realized it was impossible. Frustrated, Jim left to start cleaning the house.

Other than a few cat calls when Jim bent over and exposed his ass the rest of the afternoon was uneventful. Betty laid on the couch reading a book or watching TV. Every so often she would find Jim and show him something he had failed to clean or missed. She took a few pictures too. As the day went on Jim became more frustrated and started getting a little mad. This wasn’t going like he wanted at all. At one point he even tried to remind Betty he was suppose to be her slave.

“Betty, should I call you Mistress?” Jim asked as he dusted the bookcase.

“Don’t be stupid Jim. That is a term that excites you, it’s part of your male domination fantasy. It does nothing for me. Since you want a woman to take control, then we will do things that please me. That is true female domination. Isn’t that what you wanted? So for now on you will call me Miss Betty. It shows respect and it is a term you can use in public without letting everyone in on our temporary lifestyle. I will refer to you as My Jim in public and anything I want to in private. It demonstrates my ownership of you.” Once again, disappointed, Jim began cleaning again.

At the end of the day, after Betty had approved of all Jim’s work, he was done. She met Jim in the bedroom. She told him to hang up his maid uniform. She informed him every morning he was to get up at 6:00am and fix her breakfast. After that he was to clean the house from top to bottom. “It shouldn’t take long if you do it everyday.” She then handed him a long nightgown and told him this was what she wanted him to wear every night to bed. Then, Betty climbed in bed and started to go to sleep.

That was it. Jim couldn’t take anymore. “Betty, this isn’t how it’s suppose to work,” he protested. “I’m not going to just cook and clean for you while you sit around and do nothing all day, ignoring me.”

Betty sprang out of bed and got right in Jim’s face. “You son of a bitch!” she shouted. “I thought you wanted to be the slave to a woman, to be totally dominated? Well, that is what you are now. You think women want to spend all day playing with your dick? You think I want to see your little dick walking around the house all day? Do you think that excites me? Spending hours tying you up, to get you excited, to help you get off? No! That’s what you want, not me. See, you thought you could say I was in control but still control the situation. That’s not how this is going to work. Everything we do… you do.. for this week, will be for MY benefit or pleasure. As a slave, you don’t matter, at all.”

Jim couldn’t believe his wife was talking to him like this. It’s not what he expected but he could hardly argue with her. He had wanted to be under the control of a woman. He had contacted another woman to do just that. Even though it wasn’t what he had hoped for he could still feel his dick trying to get hard again.

Betty was mad. “Jim, I will not have you questioning how I treat you.”

Jim knew he had crossed a line.”Yes, Miss Betty,” Jim replied.

“Now drop your panties and bend over the bed,” she ordered.

Jim slide his panties off and leaned over the bed. Betty flipped his dress over his back to get good access to his ass. She grabbed a belt and hit him. It stung more than Jim thought being spanked would but finally they were playing out one of his fantasies. By the third swat Jim’s dick was trying desperately to get hard but the chastity device wouldn’t allow it. By the fifth swat Jim’s ass was on fire, he had had enough. By the tenth swat Jim was swishing his ass around and kicking his legs. By the fifteenth Jim abandoned his pride and was begging Betty to stop. When she finally stopped at twenty, Jim had tears in his eyes. Jim thought being spanked by his wife would be fun but it wasn’t, it hurt. Betty had Jim stand up and look her in the eye. He was embarrassed by his tears. ” That was a taste of what you can expect if you question me again. Now go stand in the corner for fifteen minutes and think about how you dared complain when you are getting exactly what you asked for,” Betty said as she held his chin in place. Jim slowly walked to the corner rubbing his sore, hot, red ass. Things were not working out the way he had expected.

The next morning Jim woke up to pain as his dick tried to have a morning erection but his chastity tube denied it. At 6:00am he got up, put his maid uniform on and made his wife breakfast. It only took him about an hour to go over the house again. When he was done he reported back to his wife who was laying on the couch.

“Ok Jim, every morning when your maid duties are done you are to take off your maid uniform and remain completely naked.” Betty told him.

“Finally,” Jim thought. “Now we are getting somewhere.” Jim went, put the uniform away and came back naked.

“Jim, you have two positions in this house, being the maid and being the dog you are. When you are not being a maid you will become the house dog. These are the only two things you are allowed to be here,” Betty instructed him.

“Now get down on all fours like the dog you are” Betty ordered.

Jim was stunned but complied. He never considered being made to be a dog. When he was on all fours she snapped a pink dog collar around his neck. Jim felt humiliated.

“Stay” Betty said to him like he was a dog. She walked around behind him and started pushing a butt plug with a dog tail attached to it into Jim’s ass. Jim winced. He had never had anything up his ass and didn’t like the thought of it. Remembering last night’s spanking, Jim stood still as Betty slowly worked the plug into his ass. It wasn’t all that, big but still, it was uncomfortable. Despite his discomfort Jim was surprised to feel his dick straining to get hard. When she was done Betty stood back and laughed at the sight of Jim with a tail sticking out of his ass.

“I never thought you’d like it in the ass, Jim.” Betty teased.

“I don’t like it!” Jim shot back in anger.

“Oh Jim, your mouth says you don’t but your dick, trying to get hard, tells me you do,” Betty said smiling as she pointed to Jim’s chastity tube. She could feel his humiliation.

Jim’s face turned red with embarrassment. Betty took a few more pictures.

After a few more laughs Betty left the room. With nothing to do Jim climbed onto the couch, found an acceptable way to sit that didn’t push his tail deeper into his ass and started watching TV. Then out of the blue Jim was being hit. Not hard but repeatedly.

“No dogs on the furniture!” Betty yelled as she swatted Jim with a rolled up magazine, from behind the couch. Surprised, Jim scurried off the couch onto the floor. Betty sat down, unrolled the magazine and began to read it like nothing had happened. Jim had no choice but to lay on the floor to watch TV, sulking.

After a few hours Jim realized he needed to go to the bathroom but couldn’t because of his dog tail. He was embarrassed to ask his wife if he could go to the bathroom, but he really had no choice. “Yes, I figured you would need to sooner or later,” she told him. But instead of removing the tail she snapped a leash onto Jim’s collar and started pulling him to the back door.

“I’m not going out there!” Jim said protested.

They lived in the country so neighbors weren’t a problem, but still… he had never taken a dump in front of anyone or outside. He sure wasn’t about to let his wife lead him around on a leash and make him take a shit… like a real dog.

“You will and you are,” Betty replied sternly. “Do you want another spanking, Jim? Or do you want to call this off? I will go pack my things right now? Also, if you make me leave you I will email all the pictures I’ve been taking to your family and friends. If your domination fantasies ruin our marriage, then they are going to ruin your life too. Jim’s head was spinning. After a moment Jim willed his knees to start moving towards the door. “Good boy!” Betty said as she patted his ass.

As Betty led him around the backyard on the leash she gave him instructions, “For now on you are not allowed to use the bathrooms inside. The maid keeps them so clean I don’t need a disgusting dog messing them up. When you have to go pee, scratch at the door and I will let you out. When you have to poop I will take you out on your leash. When you find a spot let me know and I will remove your tail,” she said while tugging on Jim’s leash. It took Jim a long time to find the courage but he really had to go. Finally he stopped crawling to let Betty know he found a spot. Betty then yanked the plug out. Jim realized to keep his poop from getting on his feet and ass he had to spread his legs and point his ass down at the ground. Betty laughed seeing Jim assume the exact position a dog makes to take a shit. As Jim unloaded on the ground Betty just held his leash waiting, like it was a chore to wait for him to go. Jim was beyond humiliated but once again his dick strained to get hard. When he was done Betty told him to drag his ass in the grass, then she used the garden hose to spray him off. Jim felt just like the dog Betty was making him be. Betty then inserted his tail again and let him back inside. “Don’t forget to tell the maid to scoop that in the morning,” she said to Jim with a slight grin. Jim couldn’t even look her in the eye at the moment.

That night, as they laid in bed, Jim went over his predicament. In just two days his wife had managed to to totally take over every aspect of his life. He had to ask her when to go to the bathroom. He had to cook and clean for her. He couldn’t even get hard unless she allowed it. Hell, he couldn’t even play with himself unless she unlocked him. He thought by now he would have gotten to cum many times but not only had he had no release in days, there was no discussion of it. Jim was very frustrated that his wife apparently had no idea how to dominate a man properly.

Monday started like Sunday. Breakfast for her followed by maid service, then becoming the dog. Jim worked at home so Betty allowed him to go to his office and work, with his tail in his ass of course. She kept a bell by her side and rang it if she needed anything. Other than that there was little interaction between them. Sometimes when he scratched at the door to go to the bathroom she would make him wait until it was convenient for her. This pissed Jim off but he remembered his spanking, and the pictures and held his tongue. Jim had learned to hold his tongue a lot in the past few days.

That night Betty instructed Jim to lay on the bed. She tied his hands and legs to the bed post in a spread eagle position. Jim was extremely excited by this new turn of events. Jim watched as Betty undressed. Without much talking she climbed on top of Jim, mounting her pussy to Jim’s face.

“Lick like the dog you are” was all she said.

Jim had always given Betty oral pleasure but this time was different. The whole time he was pleasuring her, Betty was giving Jim instructions like he didn’t know what he was doing. She had never even spoken during sex before now she wouldn’t shut up. “No Jim, to hard. Not there Jim, higher. Don’t lick, suck.. now lick.” Betty instructed in a panting voice. Jim felt like a child being taught how to do something for the first time. Still his dick wanted to get hard. As Betty started to climax she rode Jim’s face hard. Grinding and bouncing. Jim had never seen this reaction from her.

When she was done, and caught her breath, she scooted back on Jim’s chest. She then showed Jim she had the key to the lock on his chastity device in her hand. Jim was elated. She turned around to face his dick. Then, to Jim’s surprise, she scooted her ass back into Jim’s face. Her asshole was an inch from Jim’s nose.

“Lick” was all she said.

Jim had never touched Betty’s asshole before and he didn’t like the thought of licking it now. Betty noticed Jim’s hesitation. “Oh Jim, you will lick my asshole. You may not know it yet but before this night is over you will beg me to let you lick it. If you don’t stick your tongue in my ass immediately I won’t unlock you.” Slowly, and a little disgusted, Jim began to lick. As he did he heard the lock open. “Now Jim, beg me to let you get hard,” Betty said with a chuckle. Embarrassed but desperate to get hard Jim began to beg his wife’s permission to get hard. Betty laughed. “How does it feel to have to ask a woman permission to get your own dick hard, Jim? I have more control over your dick than you do.” Betty laughed some more. Then, she removed the tube. Jim’s dick sprang to life.

After removing the chastity device Betty got up and went to the bathroom. When she returned she had a bowl of soapy water and a wash rag. She dropped the chastity device into the bowl of water. She then climbed back on Jim’s chest putting her ass in his face again and began cleaning his dick. Soon Jim was moving his hips trying to get more pleasure from the rag rubbing up and down his dick. Betty dropped the rag and started stroking Jim’s dick with her hand. The soapy water made her hand feel great to Jim. He knew very soon he would blow his load, but then Betty stopped. Jim sat quietly. After a few minutes she started again. Betty did this about ten times in a row. Each time Jim got closer to cumming before she stopped. It was driving Jim crazy. He was begging her to finish it. Finally, She said, “Lick!”

And lick Jim did. No hesitation at all. Betty began stroking Jim again. Jim was licking and bucking his hips like a mad man. If she paused, he licked harder and faster. Jim was out of control. He needed release. Then, Betty stopped and got off of him.

“Betty?” Jim said. “What are you doing?”

“Oh, I just needed to clean you up a little,” she giggled. “That tube was dirty.”

“Please Betty, I’m begging you. I need to cum… please let me cum!” Jim was almost crying.

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