Fantasy Fulfilled Ch. 02

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As the evening progressed Mark and Susan continued to fuck each other to the point of collapse. Susan who wasn’t much of a drinker, usually, had finished three glasses of champagne and was feeling more than a little tipsy. This concerned Mark a little as she wasn’t known for staying awake when under the influence.

“I want to go out!” she exclaimed slightly slurring her words.

“Where do you want to go?” asked Mark with a slight hesitation in his voice.

“A good bar that is close by with some good atmosphere, awesome music, and beautiful people.” She chuckled raising her wine glass she had since topped off. “I think I better go get cleaned up.”

Susan had been filled up with Mark’s cum at least three times and his seed was dripping down her thigh. She drank some more champagne and entered the bathroom. Mark followed and joined her. Susan ran the shower and stepped under the spray. The droplets danced off her flesh, massaging every sensitive inch of her. She lathered up her soap and applied it to her body caressing each inch and taking care to ensure she was clean and pure. Mark watched her intently as his erection grew again with every stroke she took across her body. Susan noticed him watching her and looked at his hard cock standing upright for her to see.

“We can’t go out with you looking like that, can we?” she said as she motioned for him to join her in the shower. She pushed him against the glass and took his erect manhood into her hand and began to jerk his cock hard. “I hope you cum soon….I need a margarita!”

Susan continued to stroke him and it wasn’t long before he fired off a barrage of semen in her direction. Had she had not been paying attention she would have received his love juice across her face which really wasn’t her thing. Instead she directed his cock down towards her full heaving breasts.

“Now look what you did. I have to clean them off again.” She smirked up at him.

“Me? You didn’t want me going out with a hard cock.” They both laughed holding each other as the water danced off their entwined bodies.

Susan and Mark got cleaned up and began getting dressed. It didn’t take Mark too long. He figured a simple pair of Khakis, his favorite black shirt and some loafers should do the trick. Susan however was surprised to see the little black dress and grinned from ear to ear. She was wearing a black lacey bra and nothing else when she walked into the room and asked Mark if this is what he wanted her to wear.

“Ummm yeah but put the dress on to at least cover the bra.” Mark snickered.

Susan looked at Mark “Duh!”

She slid the dress over her head pulling it down until it hugged every curve and revealed her lush round breasts and visible cleavage to the world. The dress came about mid thigh and left nothing to the imagination. Mark had realized she wasn’t wearing panties and found this to be exciting to him.

“Sans Panties?” he asked

“You know what. No I aint wearing any tonight. Screw it. That way if I want you to finger me, or taste me, easy access baby.”

Mark could feel his cock throbbing. This was gonna be fun.

“Anywhere you wanna go?” he asked her hoping she just wanted to go get fucked by him somewhere.

“A bar that has big Margaritas.” She demanded.

They left the room hand in hand and ventured through the hallway, into the elevator, where an older couple was riding down to the lobby. Mark and Susan smiled as Mark caressed her ass through the dress. She pulled Alanya Suriyeli Escort him close to her and kissed him hard, thrusting her tongue in his mouth knowing the old couple was watching. The alcohol from earlier had had a profound effect on her, releasing her inhibitions and causing her to let down her guard. She liked this feeling, it probably wouldn’t be an everyday thing for her but to be so free and unrestricted made her feel so naughty. Her pussy was hot and beginning to get wet. She loved it. She wanted to touch herself right there but figured a night in the local jail really wasn’t what Mark had planned.

Wait, she thought. What Mark had planned was beginning to take a back seat. This was more impromptu at this point and she liked it but she wanted to have some control. As they exited the hotel, Susan was plotting and scheming. She wanted to make this a night neither of them would forget. But she still wanted that margarita.

“Hey lets go to McKinleys” she suggested with a teasing look in her eyes.

“Really?” said Mark, confused but intrigued.

McKinleys was a known hub of activity for the local gay and lesbian scene but was frequented by straights as well. They had great music, a non threatening atmosphere and as Susan pointed out, great margaritas. Of course Susan was plotting.

“Yes really. And I promise I will make it worth your while.” She winked as those words slid off her tongue.

“Ok…Sold!” As he grabbed her hand and headed down the street. Within five minutes they were inside McKinleys.

As they entered the door a wave of eroticism poured over Susan. She felt so unrestricted and liberated just by walking in the door. Mark, knowing his partner was wearing no panties felt so aroused the bulge in his pants was becoming visible. Susan began scanning the room, appearing to Mark as though she was looking for somewhere to sit, looking for the right one. Mark pointed out a booth over in the corner which was dimly lit and secluded. Mark thought if he could get Susan to the booth he could take full advantage of her current panty-less state. The images danced through his head, and picturing her legs spread with him fingering her juicy, throbbing pussy knowing people were this close was so erotic to him. His cock felt so restrained. Then he felt a hand grip the prison which contained his manhood. He looked down startled, unsure who had hold of him.

“Hey, Relax. I didn’t think you would enjoy yourself so much in here.” It was Susan, who winked while now rubbing his crotch. “I found somewhere near the bar. Shall we go and sit?” Mark’s images exited his thoughts as quickly as they entered. “I guess.” He replied with a slight sigh of disappointment.

Susan and Mark headed to the bar and he ordered drinks, for him a cold beer and for her a margarita. This would make her happy, or completely knock her unconscious. This was not a normal size beverage. This was a happy hour size and Mark knew why people were so happy after happy hour. Susan looked at her drink, smiled, giggled, and raising the large glass to her full freshly painted lips, took a large gulp. It was intense the balance between alcohol and other flavors were perfect. It was strong though, not usually how she liked it but tonight she didn’t seem to care. Then she moved on to the real reason she had picked the seat at the bar.

She was about 5’8″ and 125lbs. Her black flowing hair shone in the glow of neon which surrounded her. It accented Alanya Türbanlı Escort her perfect color skin. Susan couldn’t really tell if it was a tan job or if it was her natural color. A honey glow rose from her so she hoped it was natural. Maybe she would find out? Her hips were hugged by a red skirt which extended down to the middle of her muscular thighs. She had on a tight blue sweater which did little to hide her 36C breasts. They were so amazing and perky. Susan could not take her eyes away from her. The sweater was a thin wool blend which did nothing to conceal her erect nipples. This goddess, this stranger was arousing her simply by standing at the bar. Susan could feel the heat building between her thighs and her moisture was building slowly like the morning dew.

She needed to do something, but what? She had never been this attracted to a woman before and she knew she wasn’t a lesbian but she needed to experience this woman. Susan felt dirty but hot at the same time, wondering if the alcohol was to blame or whether it was some deep seeded carnal desire to fuck this stranger. The stranger looked her and noticed Susan staring at her intently and smiled. Shocked she had been caught she blushed, hard, and smiled back.

“Hi” the stranger mouthed to her. Susan waved nervously to her. The electricity shooting through her body was so intense. This mystery woman beckoned to her. Susan had to think fast! She was supposed to have control but was losing it to this new player in the game.

“Mark. I have to use the little girl’s room!” she motioned as though doing a little dance.

Mark chuckled, “Little too much to drink?” looking at the almost empty margarita glass.

“Yeah sure. Be right back.” She departed heading not for the restroom but towards her new admirer.

Mark shrugged, thought she was a little drunk, and went back to people watching, something he enjoyed doing, especially in bars.

Susan was so nervous and aroused at the same time. She could feel her clit pulsing and her pussy tightening as her thighs got damp. What would she do if people could see the juice she was expelling down her legs? Fuck it, she didn’t care, after all she just wanted to meet this angel.

“Hi.” Her voice was so shaky and her nervousness was clearly apparent. “My…my name is Susan.”

“Christine, Hi, oh and relax I won’t hurt you.” She extended her right hand and took hold of Susan’s left hand. Her grip was gentle, reassuring and her skin was so soft and smooth. Her fingernails were freshly manicured and painted a dark red. The music playing was a collection of Top 40 and some club remixes. The volume varied and Christine moved in closer so as to be able to talk with Susan. Her left hand was positioned on her stomach and her fingers pointed down to where her womanhood lay ready for the touch of a passionate lover.

“I like the way you look….I’ve been watching you for some time now. I hope you don’t mind. I am really nervous and I’ve never done this before.” Susan was barely able to get this information out. By now Christine could tell just how scared Susan was. She pulled her close holding her hips tight to her as she whispered in her ear that she just needed to breathe slowly and relax. Susan closed her eyes as Christine breath caressed her ear and neck. She had to have her. Susan body was on fire and she wouldn’t be able to take much more.

“Ok. I’ll try.” She promised.

“Good.” She replied as she moved Alanya Ucuz Escort inches from Susan’s lips. Susan thinking she was going kiss her closed her eyes and meet Christine’s lips with hers. Susan felt her mouth part and waited for Christine to probe her with her tongue. Christine was surprised. This woman had never done this before? She seemed to be a quick study. Their tongues meet and caressed each ever while Christine pulled Susan closer into her. She ran her hand up Susan’s thigh and felt her pushing her closer to her embrace. Christine continued up and reached the peak of inner sanctum, feeling how wet Susan was she went to the gates of her womanhood and was pleased to find she was not wearing panties. Susan groaned and could feel her pleasure begin to erupt with new sensations. She felt wicked, dirty, but so aroused. No one in this place knew who she was and they didn’t care. She felt free.

“I have to tell you this is my first time.” said Susan. “I actually came here with my husband.”

“Oh.” Christine replied with a hint of disappointment in her voice. “Is this his idea?”

“No!” She exclaimed. “I have been thinking about this for a while actually. I just didn’t have the nerve to try it. To be honest Mark, that’s my husband, planted the idea and I just shrugged it off.”

“Well I am glad you decided to try this.” Christine whispered to Susan. She kissed her again and was deep each other’s embrace when Mark looked over. He was amazed to see what Susan was doing. He couldn’t believe his Susan was in the embrace of this beautiful woman. He was so turned on. Should he go over and introduce himself or should he wait? The emotions and feelings going through his mind and body were intense to a level he had never experienced before. He decided to wait and see how this would go and gave Susan a clear berth. He knew if he was needed she would get his attention.

Susan and Christine continued to talk and caress each other, occasionally exchanging kisses, pulling each other so close their breasts rubbed together. Mark could see both women were into this and their bodies showed this well. Susan’s nipples stood erect through her dress and Mark loved this. About fifteen minutes had passed and Susan looked over to where Mark was and noticed he was watching her and her new friend. How much had he seen? Did he approve? My god she felt so slutty, so dirty.

Mark just smiled at her. “It’s ok!” he mouthed to her. “Enjoy.” His cock was throbbing and it was getting tight in his jeans. He knew he was going to have to fuck soon. The bulge in his pants was clearly visible and Susan knew it.

“Yeah! Enjoy it.” Christine spoke with a firm, nurturing tone. “You man is cute. Not as cute as you! But still. He must love you a lot.”

“He does. I want to make him happy.” She smiled and kissed Christine on her neck. “But I also want you to fuck me. But I need to go.” She slowly got up from the table and from Mark’s vantage point she appeared to caress her hands and walk away back to him.

“So did you have fun?” he asked.

“Oh yes. I have never felt all those emotions at the same time. I feel so dirty, slutty, aroused and pleasured all at the same time. What about you?” she asked as a playful devilish smile darted across her face.

“Well let’s just say this isn’t a banana in my pants and if we don’t get back to the room soon I will either rip out of my jeans or you are just going have to jerk me off right here under the table.” He said laughing.

“Well I prefer going back to the room because I am so hot right now that there is a river of love juice dripping down my leg and I want you to enjoy it.”

Mark smiled, raised his hand in the air and stated “Waiter, CHECK!”

“Silly we are paid up!” Susan laughed.

“I know let’s go!” urged Mark.

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