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Double Penetration

Fantasy – FMFThis is not true, but I one day hope it will come true. I write down my fantasies to share with my wife, in the hope that she will find them enough of a turn on to act them out. Thought we would share them with you all too.===============================================================We have met a couple and have invited them round for the evening. We are sitting in the front room, they are on the sofa. They start to kiss and touch each other through their clothes.We both get turned on watching them. They invite you to go and sit with them. Although you are not too sure about it, you go anyway and they make room for you to sit in between them.At first they reach across you and continue to touch each other, then slowly they start to touch you gently on the leg. The stop touching each other and concentrate on you. The man starts to kiss you, at first you don’t respond, but due to them both touching your leg, you start to kiss back. The woman then starts to kiss you, while the man starts touching your breasts through your clothes.By now you are getting turned on and can’t help but move your legs further apart. The woman senses this and moves her hand so that she is now tuzla escort touching your inner thigh. Slowly she moves her hand up until she is rubbing you though your jeans.The man has undone your blouse and is starting to suck on your tits.You start to touch their legs in return slowly moving your hand up to their crotches. The woman opens her legs and welcomes your hand. You find she is not wearing any knickers under her skirt and you can feel how wet she is. Your other hand is now on the man’s cock and you start to undo his trousers so you can feel it properly. They both reach down and undo your jeans. They both reach into your knickers and you have to open your legs wide to accommodate both their hands. She starts to play with your clit, while he inserts one finger, then two and in response you slip your fingers into her.By now you are rubbing his cock, while he finger fucks you and sucks your tits.You are so turned on now that you realize that clothes are just getting in the way. The woman gets off the sofa kneels down in front of you and removes your jeans and knickers. She slides you to the edge of the sofa and starts to lick you. While licking you she inserts three fingers and finger tuzla escort bayan fucks you slowly.Meanwhile the man has removed his trousers allowing his cock to spring free. You can’t help but place your head in his lap and take his cock in your mouth, while he plays with your tits.The woman continues to lick away all the time fingering herself with her other hand.She stops, removes her clothes and lies down on the floor and invites you to get in a 69 with her. You take off the rest of your clothes and join her on the floor. Her on her back you on all fours. You start to play with each other. The man removes all his clothes and walks around in front of you, placing his cock in front of your face. You can’t resist but to take him in your mouth again. You then you decide to take a taste of her. So you lean down and start to kiss and lick her cunt.The man has moved around behind you. The woman removes her fingers and they are replaced by the head of his cock. You gasp because it is much thicker than mine, but you want it in you. Slowly he pushes it deeper and deeper into your cunt. At first you move away from it, then you can’t resist it any longer and you push back to take the escort tuzla full length.He starts slowly, but gets faster and harder, the woman places her hand on your stomach and can feel her husband’s cock pushing back from inside you.You can take it no longer and cum, he keeps pounding you for at least 5 mins and finally thrusts all the way in you can sprays his cum deep in your belly.He pulls out of you only to be replaced by the woman’s fingers reaching in you searching for her husband’s cum. Before you know it, her whole hand in in you and she is fisting you as deep as her husband’s cock went. You cum again around her hand.The woman pulls you down on her face and drinks yours and his cum from out of you.While you sit on her, you take hold of the man’s cock again, now soft and covered in your cum and you start to make him hard again.You swap places with the woman so she is now above you and tell the man to fuck her doggy.You help his cock into her cunt, and while she fingers and licks you, you watch as her husband’s cock slides in and out of her all the time you are playing with her clit.He cums again, and stays in her until he softens and falls out, you reach up and take his soft dick in your mouth to taste the woman’s cum again.My cock is so hard by now, the woman invites me round in front of her, and takes my cock in her mouth. She sucks me deep until I cum, and then swallows every drop.

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