Fantasy Flight

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Thank God I had my notebook with me. I felt like this plane trip would never end. Got booted from coach because some creep needed the extra room for his rolls of disgusting fat. Not that I was complaining, I really hadn’t wanted to spend the next 11 hours of the 12 hour flight sitting next to him anyway.

But at least back there I could watch the people. Up here in first class it was all the same. Rich jerk, rich bitch, rich snotty whore, rich asshole… Enough to ruin any people watcher’s day. So I graciously accepted the complimentary glass of champagne and inserted the earpieces of my Discman into my ears. Then, grinning ear to ear, I opened my notebook and logged onto one of my favorite websites. That’s what would keep me sane on this plane; some very graphic, very arousing smut written by a fascinating guy. I wiggled more comfortably into the first class seat and started my journey into the land of orgasms.

I had only been reading for a little less than fifteen minutes and had just gone back to the story listing when I felt a hand on my shoulder. Startled, I let out a yelp as I shot upright; then cursed as the lid of the notebook slammed shut on my finger. I stuck the injured digit into my mouth as I removed the earphones with the other hand. I looked back over my shoulder, more than ready to warn this intruder of the consequences of sneaking up on a woman in the middle of reading porn. I pulled my finger from my mouth with a slurp to demand an explanation; after all, one didn’t sound threatening while trying to talk around a finger, injured or not.

“Jesus F-en Christ! Warn…”

Oh damn, I thought as I trailed off. Just my luck. I had to be the only woman in the world that would come face to face with her ideal fantasy man on a freaking international flight, while reading gay porn no less. This kind of thing didn’t actually happen in real life, did it? It couldn’t. But there he was, the man that had helped me achieve more orgasms than any other man, real or imagined. I blinked in shock, trying to force myself to believe what my eyes were seeing.

“I’m sorry I scared you,” came his orgasm inducing voice to roll over me and settle in the pit of my stomach.

“It’s all right,” I sighed, gathering my wits quickly and trying to figure out how much he had seen. “Can I help you with something?”

How the hell did I miss the fact that such a delicious man was on the same plane as I was, or that he was in first class with me? I thought I had scouted all the potential targets when I first moved up here. Damn, I had to be loosing it! A person couldn’t just overlook this man for God’s sake! Especially when said man was looking good enough to eat in jeans and black tee-shirt. I shivered as the knot in my stomach released and I soaked my panties in one slow gush.

“I was sitting across the aisle, a few rows back, and noticed the picture on the site you were at. Is that a ‘Nightcrawler’ site? I don’t think I’ve seen that one before. By the way, I’m Chad.”

While I was trying to come up with a reply, he looked at the empty seat next to me then back, raising his eyebrow. Giving me that universal look of: ‘Is this seat taken? Do you mind if I join you?’

I blinked myself from my thoughts again and sat back, nodding my permission, hoping against hope he’d pass facing me. I bit my lip, trying to hold back my laughter as I was yet again disappointed in this flight. Though, truth be known, the backside wasn’t so bad. The man had as nice an ass in real life as he had in my fantasies and such was displayed wonderfully in the denim jeans. And Jesus, those hard thighs and the long powerful legs… What were we talking about? Oh yeah, the site.

“To answer your question; no, it’s not.” I replied, the laughter still in my voice.

“It’s not?”

“Well, it’s mostly, um, fictional stories. The author just likes that character, I guess.” I smilingly explained.

“Mind if I take a look?”

“Are you brave enough?” I teased. “Wouldn’t you at least like to know what kind of stories they are first?”

“When you put it that way, I guess I better ask, huh?” Chad replied, his smile shooting right through me.

“The author calls himself ‘Malice’.” I said calmly, my voice hiding my feelings well. I leaned in and whispered, “He writes mostly gay porn.” And if that sounded especially breathy and hot… well, good.

“You’re kidding.” He said. When I shook my head he smiled again. “Now I’m almost afraid to ask to join you.”

“Do you read gay porn?” I questioned in soft surprise; I didn’t know many guys who would admit such a thing. I leaned towards him a little more, crossing my legs and leaning against the armrest, so close to his powerful arm I could feel the heat rising off the hair dusted skin. “Or just trying to make conversation?”

“Honestly, I was just trying to make conversation.” Chad met my eyes evenly. “But I consider myself pretty open minded.”

“Really.” I sat up straight and opened the lid of the notebook again. “If you want to read with me, gaziantep escortları then you’re welcomed to. We’ll see just how open minded you are.”

I could feel his eyes on me as I started scrolling down, felt him struggling whether or not to say anything more, then felt him move in closer to me without speaking. I sighed in disappointment but shrugged it off and linked to one of my favorite short stories. I simply smiled softly as I handed the notebook to my companion, our fingers brushing as he took it. My breath caught silently at the sparks I felt. They were so strong I thought he must have felt them too, but he didn’t take his eyes from the screen and I berated myself for being foolish.

As he settled the computer on his lap, I focused on his face, enjoying the emotions playing across his arresting features and hungrily absorbing each detail for my own private use later. His eyes widened and mouth dropped open a few minutes later, his tongue coming to rest in the middle of the bottom lip. I licked mine as I watched him shoot covert glances at the rest of the passengers, then glue his eyes to the screen again. He silently read the first story then clicked back to the story listing and went to the next in the series. As he clicked it I stood up, in desperate need of some clean up after watching him for so long. As I did, he looked up at me, silently asking where I was going.

“I’m going to visit those claustrophobic closets they call restrooms. Be right back, just do your thing.” I explained.

“I’m sorry, you’re probably bored. I could use my own computer and you could have yours back.” His deep voice sounded completely sincere, putting a little dent in the bubble I had created when he first approached me.

“You’re fine, sweetie. I’ll be right back, really.” I smiled. “Just going to take care of a few things.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yep,” I said flippantly, “But I really need to go before I have something running down my leg. Could be embarrassing.”

I smiled to myself, knowing that what was in serious danger of running down my leg wasn’t what he thought it was. I listened to his soft answering laugh as I walked down the aisle; damn I loved his voice. How could a man’s mere voice send arousal sparking through me?

When I got to the restroom I locked myself in and wet a paper towel. I lightly dabbed my face, then used the facilities; making sure I got all the excess liquid that was trapped between the plump folds of my pussy. It was the sweetest torture to sit so close to that man and not be able to touch him. But watching him would be enough; I could memorize his features to my heart’s content as he concentrated on the stories and go home with more amazing details for future masturbation sessions.

When I was finished I washed my hands and checked my hair and face. Satisfied, I left the small room and waked slowly back to my seat.

I noticed it seemed darker in the cabin than it had been before. I saw blankets and pillows being passed out and arranged; saw the overhead lights turn off, leaving a softly intimate glow. It seemed quieter too; people had stopped talking and were settling down to sleep. The clicking of keys stopped, leftover conversations faded away. Cell phones were put away, leaving a soft quiet to fall over the passengers.

As I reached the seat again, I started giggling. Chad was blushing! I sat down in my seat and waited for him to look at me. He shifted in his seat and cleared his throat, but studiously avoided my gaze. He slowly started scrolling down and worked his way through the lusty sex. I watched his face, seeing him still blushing but a grin had started to pull at his lips. Then he got to the end of the page and snapped the lid shut on the notebook.

“What?” I asked softly.

“It’s just… um… Are you going to watch me?” He asked quietly.

“Does it bother you?” I returned.

“I’ve never had a woman watch me while I read porn before.”

“I have an idea. I absolutely love the last story in that series. Would you mind if we read it together? That way I wouldn’t be watching you; we’d both be looking at the computer screen.”

“Ummm,” He growled, and cleared his voice again. “Okay, sounds good. I guess.”

“I won’t think any less of you. I promise.” I grinned.

“Do you really enjoy these kinds of stories?”

“God, yes.” I chuckled lightly. “Gay porn is my favorite. You don’t have to be a gay male to get off to them.”

“I guess not.” He replied, giving me a look of mild distrust. “I should tell you…”

“Yes?” I pressed when he remained silent for a few minutes too long.

“I’m not gay.” Chad muttered beneath his breath, almost too quietly for me to hear. “I’m just… bi-curious I think is the expression.”

“I don’t care.” I smiled happily while cursing myself for the reaction. “It doesn’t make you any less of a person.”

“Thanks.” Chad sighed in relief and I watched some of the tension drain out of his shoulders.

I bit my lip, a surge of heat stealing my thoughts at the revelation, and simply leaned closer to see the screen better. Chad moved his gaze back to the computer, tilting the screen further in my direction and shifting his shoulders to adjust his own position. I felt a strange hitch in my chest at his considerate action yet I forced myself to focus on the words to give the impression I was reading like I had said I was going to. I wasn’t reading though; I didn’t really need to. I’d practically memorized the story.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see Chad start to read, his lips moving as his eyes took in the words. I leaned in closer and breathed deeply through my nose, smelling his musky scent surround me. I moved closer to the arm resting on the armrest and let my breasts with their hardened tips rest lightly on him. He stiffened a bit but didn’t stop reading. After another moment I focused on the story as he scrolled down, and moaned softly as I read.

Hearing my moan, Chad shifted again in his seat but continued to read. I could hear his breathing speed up and shallow, feel the heat from his arm increase, smell the stronger scent of sweat starting to bead on his upper lip. I crossed my legs and squeezed them together tightly, trying to stem the flow of liquid steadily trying to escape my body and give some desperately needed contact to my pulsing sex.

“Can I get you two anything?” The female flight attendant’s question caused us both to jump in our seats.

“Can I get some water, please?” I asked, quickly recovering to smile at her.

When Chad just continued to stare blankly at her, she moved off to comply with my request, and we both got back to the story. I picked up exactly where I left off. Doug was just about to cave in to Patch’s devious demands and I gasped with pure lust. Chad’s gaze shot to mine but before he could speak the attendant was back again, handing me a bottle of water. I looked up at her and smiled.

“I hope you don’t take offense at this,” I said quietly, “But you are one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen.”

“Oh! Well, um, thank you.” She stuttered and nearly tripped in her haste to back away from me.

I sighed; Too bad. I uncapped the bottle and tilted it to my lips. I took a long swallow and saw Chad watching me out of the corner of my eye. I let the bottle slowly move from my mouth and licked the drop of water caught on the rim of the spout. This time I heard a quiet growl come from my neighbor and looked to him. Chad was nearly vibrating in his seat, his brown eyes dilated. Inwardly, I rejoiced.

“Where are you?” I whispered.


“On the story. Where are you?”

“Oh, here.” He said as he pointed to the line.

I leaned in closer, folding my legs underneath me on the seat. My mouth was closer to his ear now, my firm breasts pressing tightly to his arm. I started to read out loud to him, whispering seductively to keep from disturbing the other passengers. My voice dropped an octave, becoming husky and breathless as my lips softly brushed the curves of his ear. I paused for effect then let my hot breath drift over his ear after each deliciously graphic description.

As I came to a halt, I looked at Chad. He had his eyes tightly shut and his head was pressed firmly against the back of the seat, sweat covering his forehead and upper lip. He was breathing hard through his nose, that taut chest rising and falling rapidly. The muscles in his arms and chest were tightly bunched and I could see his legs pushing against the floor, the muscles in his thighs flexed tight. His erection strained the tight denim. I lifted my hand and let the tip of my fingernail trace the path of a bead of sweat making its way down his temple.

His eyes flew open at my touch, but he still refused to look at me. Instead he took my bottle of water and chugged it down. I watched in heat as his throat worked, his Adams apple bobbing sexily. A drop escaped his mouth and I leaned in to lick it away. As my tongue touched his face, his whole body jerked and he tossed the plastic bottle away as he turned to snare my tongue.

Our lips locked ravenously, our mouths opened immediately and our tongues dueled viciously. I moaned in triumph and heard his answering growl. His teased the edge of my lower lip with his; I stroked his tongue with my own. My hands reached up and grabbed the sides of his face, tilting him for better access. I was wild, untamed, and completely overcome. My nipples were painfully hard, reaching for him from the center of my swollen breasts. My panties were soaked through yet my juices still flowed from me with dizzying speed. My fingers were restless against his head, turning him, pulling him, swallowing him whole. My legs moved under me, pushing me closer to him, pulling away, and desperately trying to squelch the flow coming from the apex of my thighs.

On the verge of suffocation we pulled away at the same time, panting heavily. The feel of his hot breath on my cheek was driving me closer to the edge and I dropped my head back. Chad took this as an invitation and locked his mouth on my neck, sucking and licking madly. The chills running down my spine were going to crack a vertebra, I just knew it. I shuddered so strongly it broke his hold on me and I moaned loudly. Hearing Chad shush me, I bit my lip and moved away from him and his expert mouth, taking my hands from him.

I wanted to taste his cock. I was going to taste him.

I wanted to see for myself if he could possibly live up to the standard my personal fantasies had created. I took the notebook from him and set it under my seat, then moved to the floor, kneeling between his hard thighs. His glazed eyes followed my movements as I went straight to his fly. He moved to stop me, but I brushed his hands away with a scowl: I was going to taste him and he could just fucking enjoy it. My hands easily released the button and I carefully yet quickly unzipped him. Before I was even half done, his magnificent dick thrust itself from the tight confines.

My breath caught in my throat; he bobbed in front of my face, every bit as outstanding as I had thought, dreamt, fantasized. He was hard and big and hot; I could feel the heat coming off him in waves. I sighed and watched him flex at the contact with the slight breeze. I had only a moment of trepidation when I considered his size, then pushed it away. I didn’t care if he was six inches around and fifteen long, I was going to MAKE him fit.

I took his throbbing erection in my hands, pushing the fabric of his jeans out of the way as I did. Slowly, softly running my cupped palms from tip to base then back again. I traced the distended veins with the tips of my fingers, circling the sensitive head. I looked at his face once more before I took him into my hot mouth and felt the corners of my lips pull tightly. His eyes were watching me, the heat in them enough to singe my hair; his teeth biting his lip hard to keep in the sounds that would give us away.

I closed my eyes to revel in the taste of him as I let the head slip past my lips. Moaning at the salty, musky, and wholly unique taste of him, I let my tongue swivel around him and over him, loving the taste of the dewy drop of pre-cum that had escaped his hot cock. I felt his hand bunch in my hair as I moved farther into his lap, taking him in farther and further still. With one hand I steadied myself on his thigh, the other hand cupping his sacs and squeezing gently. I gracefully bobbed my head on him. Taking more of him into my hot mouth, then swirling my tongue around as I worked my way back up. I felt his cock flex in my mouth, felt his hips rise off the seat. Applying more pressure, more suction, I moved faster, loving the taste and freedom I felt in this simple act.

His hand in my hair never directed me; he didn’t force me to slow or hasten. Overcome with that realization I relaxed the muscles in my throat and let him slip down farther than I had ever allowed anyone to go before. Faster and faster I sucked him off until I felt his balls tighten seconds before he shot his hot load down my throat, making not a single sound. I moaned again, loudly, as I swallowed every last drop. God the man tasted as good as he looked.

After a few moments he pulled me off him where I was still enjoying licking him clean. He kissed me, his tortured lips so amazingly gentle I felt my heart hitch again. I eagerly climbed onto his lap, straddling his still naked and semi-hard dick. He slowly began to divest me of my clothing, lips still toying with mine. I increased the pressure and ferocity of our kiss, not wanting gentle now. I sucked his tongue into my mouth then lightly bit his lip when I released it. He growled but pulled away, shocking me into looking at him. The lust in his eyes sent an answering wave of heat through my body and I shivered.

Without a word he stood and set me on my feet. He finished taking my cloths off, ripped his shirt over his head, then pushed me back down into the seat. He got to his knees and placed my legs over the armrests on either side of the lavish chair, leaving me spread wide open to his view. He leaned in close again and latched onto my neck, pulling my tender skin into his hot, wet mouth. I gasped at the sensations coursing through me. His hands settled briefly at my waist before moving to my breasts, taking them both into his big hands. He kneaded me as he moved his mouth down my hot skin; his wet breath on my skin sending my heart thundering madly.

Finally he reached my hardened nipples, licking the tips of each rigid peak before lightly biting the left nub. I groaned softly and thrust my hips towards the heated skin still peaking through his parted jeans. His solid belly pressed against that part of me that needed more from him, effectively pinning me down. His gifted mouth alternated between biting and soothing my nipple; then when I felt I couldn’t stand it a minute longer he pulled the wet flesh into his mouth. He sucked hard and steadily then tortured me with short rapid tugs, making me ache to the soles of my feet. I felt my juices running out of my pussy and down the crack of my ass; knew I was coating his stomach with my excitement.

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