Fantasy Cums True part 4

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Fantasy Cums True part 4This story is written by tittie-baby for Fantasy cums true part 4Terri is my shemale wife. And I guess the proper word now would be intersexed. When she was born she had a penis so everyone thought her parents had a boy and a girl. But as the k**s grew, Terri and Kate were virtually identical and Terri never showed any signs of wanting to be a boy. By the time the girls were 12 years old they both had a natural set of 34D breasts. Their parents took them in to the DR.’s for some testing. After the tests it was discovered that Terri had a gene that mutated and caused her clit to grow into a penis, a very nice penis. Kate’s clit had also grown and was now 3″s long and stood out from her vagina. The tests also proved that except for the mutated gene Terri was 100% female. She just had a dick instead of a pussy. She was also born with a uterus and ovaries but since she had no vagina they did not mature past puberty. Her parents found a good lawyer and a sympathetic female judge that had Terri’s birth records changed to show that she is legally a female. And that is how we were able to get married legally. So as Terri and Kate were growing up and the differences and similarities became more apparent of course these two began to experiment with each other. Two young females exploring each others bodies, learning how to give head and how to eat pussy. By the time they were teenagers they had been having sex with each other for several years and were quite good at pleasuring one another. It was of course a lot easier for Kate to go out and find a boyfriend. She did have a few that thought her large clit was too much like a dick and rejected her. This did turn her into quite a bitch. Terri had a much harder time. How could she meet a guy and fall in love when she wasn’t quite a full female. She couldn’t have k**s, could have a family and it made her withdraw into herself. The few times she let someone get close they all freaked güvenilir bahis siteleri out when they saw her dick. They called her names and a couple even struck her. She thought she would never find someone to love her as much as she could love them back. Then she met me, and I loved her from the minute I met her. Once she knew that I truly loved her for who she was we became inseparable. She had not had sex with anyone but Kate. She had never had a man inside of her. Kate had used a strap on dildo on her ass but she had never had a real cock inside her. She had sucked a dozen dicks looking for that one guy to love her. But when they slid their hand into her panties and felt a cock bigger theirs they all went nuts. I have seen lots of shemale porn over the years and jacked off to it hundreds of times, so when I saw her dick I just had to suck it. She was all woman to me with her big ole soft titties, her huge nipples that were hard as a rock. Fuck I couldn’t help myself. I sucked her cock until she shot her cum down my throat and I drank every drop. In fact I sucked her cock several times that first night and over 30 times that first 10 days we were together. Now I have had plenty of dildos in my ass and been butt fucked by hundreds of women. But none of it could compare with having this beautiful woman slide her massive cock into my ass. The pleasure is indescribable. The warm feeling of her cum filling my ass is like heaven on earth. And then we have Kate. The only difference between these two is a cock and a pussy. And Kate’s pussy is some of the best I have ever had. It is usually 1 finger tight, 2 is stretching it and makes her squirm a lot. I truly love her black hairy bush, it really stands out against her white skin. And that 3″ clit of hers, wow! Buddy when you start sucking on her clit you better be ready for a gusher. I have never seen a woman that can cum as much as she can, and the taste, the taste is like a sweet wine, intoxicating. youwin giriş So here I am with two beautiful women, (4) gorgeous breasts, (4)1 inch long nipples that just beg to be sucked on and the sweetest tasting cock and pussy I have ever had in my mouth. Damn, what did I do to be this lucky?So the girls decide tonight is my night to be the one getting fucked. Which is entirely OK with me. I laid down on the bed face down as each one took their turn licking and rimming my ass. Their tongues fucking my butt was driving me insane. Then each girl stuck 1 then 2 fingers into my ass at the same time, twisting turning and fingering my ass. I wanted to cum so bad but I had to wait. Terri slid a butt plug into my ass and told me to watch. She then went to work on Kate’s pussy, eating her and sucking her clit until she exploded on Terri’s face. She kissed me and had me lick her face clean, then buried my face into Kate’s pussy to lick the rest of her cum up.Terri slid her hard cock into her sisters soaking wet pussy as I sucked on the nipples of both girls. I sucked on their nipples and rubbed Kate’s big clit, I slid my middle finger into Terri’s ass and she just exploded into Kate’s dripping wet pussy. I was going to eat her cum out of Kate’s pussy but Terri stopped me. “No not yet, you need to fuck her and fill her with your cum too.” Shit you don’t have to tell me twice!!I slammed my cock into Kate and tried to last as long as possible, which is pretty damn hard when you got a butt plug in your ass. I lasted about 10 minutes, not my best but certainly not the worst. As I pulled my cock from her pussy I went into to lick her clean and the girls are, “NO wait.” Terri took my cock in her mouth and sucked me clean and got the last few drops of my cum in her mouth. Then she pushed me face down on the bed and spread my butt cheeks. Pulling out the butt plug she let the cum drip from her mouth onto my asshole. Then Kate straddled my youwin güvenilir mi butt and with their fingers they spread my ass open as Kate forced all of our cum from her pussy into my ass. They took turns scooping every drop from her pussy and sticking it in my butt with their fingers, working them in and out. Kate then pulled out of the drawer a 12″ double headed dildo. She slid one end into my ass as far as it would go. She fucked my ass like this for several minutes then she inserted the other head into her pussy. A few gentle strokes then the race was on. You would have thought she was riding a wild bull. She rode that dildo in my ass as hard and fast as she could. Meanwhile Terri was back up front and I was giving her the best blowjob I could muster. Kate was riding that dildo so hard she was literally dripping pussy juice all over my ass. She was rubbing her clit like a singer sewing machine, just a buzzing. She tells Terri to get ready, I am trying to see what she is going to do but Terri still has her cock in my mouth. Kate is breathing harder and harder and cries out that she is going to cum. She raises up and pulls the 12″ dildo from my ass in one swift move she slams her cunt down over top of my butt hole as she cums wave after wave. My butt is so stretched out from her fucking that her cum just free flows into my ass. No sooner does she stop twitching than Terri has pulled from my mouth and buried her cock deep into my ass. She is pounding me furiously, harder and harder. Her balls are slapping against mine as Kate urges her on by sliding her fingers into Terri’s ass. A couple of twists and turns and Terri is filling my ass with her cum. As Teri pulls her cock from my ass she puts the butt plug back inside of me. “I want you to sleep like this all night please, I want you to feel the cum from all 3 of us inside of you. I want you to wake up and remember what it is like when your 2 wives decide to give their husband the best fuck of his life.” Damn! I can’t argue with that. I love my 2 wives and they love me. And together our sex lives are fantastic. I can’t wait to start using the breast pump that I bought on them. I guess I should tell them about my breast milk fantasy and how lactating women really turn me on.

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