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Female Ejaculation

She had gone out dancing that night. She didn’t plan on anything happening, but still dressed carefully. Just enough cleavage showing to tantalize. Enough leg showing to tease. Red hair done up in a careful twist, with just a few errant curls framing the face. She didn’t need much make-up, just a little lipstick. Something to highlight the slightly pouty lower lip. A little eyeliner to draw attention to expressive blue eyes.

The music was perfect. The pounding, rhythmic beat vibrating through her body as she danced up against the speakers. After the second drink she was lost to everything but the music. Almost everything. Out of the corner of her eye she noticed someone watching her. He was tall, with dark hair and dark eyes. Not gorgeous, but definitely attractive. His body moved in perfect time with the backbeat of the music. For a moment she was lost in watching him, then glanced up. He was staring at her. She blushed. He smiled.

The music changed. Slow, sensual, full of yearning. She was dancing for him now… She narrowed her eyes, letting the music control her movements. She felt like a snake being charmed out of its basket. She knew she had been caught. She smiled as she danced, glancing at him every so often. His movements echoed hers as slowly he crept closer. She closed her eyes.

The music changed. Fast, throbbing, violent. Suddenly she was pushed back against the speaker. A body pinned her, pressing her up against the speakers. She opened her eyes and smiled, twining her arms around his neck. Their bodies fit together perfectly, they moved together without thought. It could have been practiced…

Several songs later her roommate found them, giving her a drink. Saying it was almost time to leave. She pouted, looking up at him. He smiled. Her roommate was saying she’d invited a few people back to the apartment afterwards, was that okay? She smiled as he pressed his body against her again, whispering in her ear. She said it would be very okay…

Later, he drove to her place. They talked a little. His voice was deep, whiskey and velvet, sexy. He had a slight accent she couldn’t place. Midwest maybe. On a whim she pressed her palm to his chest, just to feel the rumble. He purred for her. She laughed a little.

The apartment was packed. Everyone was full of energy from the club. They broke open the bar. A few more drinks. She was more than pleasantly buzzed. They sat together on one cushion of the couch, his arm comfortably around her shoulders. She lay her head on his chest as he laughed at someone’s joke.

From across the room her roommate signaled. This one was a keeper. She grinned in agreement and stretched luxuriously, purring softly in his ear. He smiled, wrapping his arm around her waist possessively. She whispered something before she stood up. He nodded as she headed to her room.

She kicked a few stray items under the bed and out of the way, straightening the covers a little. She lit a few candles and turned out the lights. Someone, probably her roommate, put Nine Inch Nails on in the front room. She laughed as she slipped into moon knight izle her black satin nightgown and crawled into bed.

A minute later she heard footsteps in the hall, her door opened then closed slowly. The latch was turned. Rustle of clothing as he stripped down to his boxers. She peeked and had to bite her lip. He had a beautiful body. He whispered something as he slid in behind her, pulling her body against him. Scrape of satin against her nipples. She closed her eyes for a moment, savoring the sensations.

Teeth fastened to her throat, at first gentle, searching for her threshold. She whimpered a little and writhed against him. He chuckled without releasing his grip. One hand reached down, dragging his nails along her inner thigh. She arched against him. She could feel the heat of his erection through satin and cotton. It aroused her even more. Nails along her hip, on top of the satin, moving slowly along her side. The palm of his hand cupping her breast for barely a moment then moving upward to rest against her throat.

Sharp intake of breath was all he needed. He kissed her neck upward to whisper in her ear, something in another language. The pressure of his hand against her throat increased carefully, again searching for her thresholds… He rubbed the ball of his thumb across the spot he had bitten. She moaned softly, her hands moving to touch him. He twisted away, pushing against her so that she lay on her back. He raised up slightly, capturing both of her wrists easily in his other hand.

Her eyes were wide open, staring into his. She had a slight smile on her lips. She tried to say something and he tightened the pressure against her throat, shaking his head. She closed her eyes and lay back against the pillows, waiting. He laughed a little, pleased, and released her throat. She stayed still. He whispered a question into her ear and she answered. He reached under the edge of the bed, finding a strip of satin. Belt to the robe that went with her nightgown. He used it to bind her wrists together, checking to be sure it wasn’t too tight. Or too loose. She laughed, and he ordered her silent again. She obeyed.

The blankets were pushed to the end of the bed and he straddled across her thighs. She trembled slightly as he ran his hands across the satin. He nuzzled her neck, nibbling here and there, brushing his lips across hers but not allowing a kiss. He muttered his approval as he began to lift the nightgown and discovered she had worn nothing beneath it. He slowly moved it up over hear head, folding it carefully as he went. He left it to lie as a blindfold, resting over her eyes. She giggled a little, and was again ordered to silence.

He explored her body slowly, carefully, with lips and fingers. Running the tip of his tongue across her nipples, she held back a whimper. One hand moved downward, spreading her legs just enough to give access. He fingered her slowly as he played with her breasts with his other hand, sucking and biting her nipples. She moaned, trying to arch against him. He still had mrs fletcher izle her pinned between his knees.

Several times she was at the verge of orgasm, but each time he stopped. He would wait a moment for her breathing to slow, and start again. Finally he spread her legs, kneeling between them. She tried to plead, but again was ordered to silence. He continued fingering her as he kissed his way down her stomach and ran his tongue along her clit. Her breathing was ragged, slight whimpers coming in with gasping breaths.

Again she was on the brink of orgasm, and again he stopped. He brought his hand up and pressed the wet fingertips against her lips. She opened her mouth, sucking them clean, one by one, imagining each time it was his cock. It was his turn to moan, and he berated her taking his hand away. She whimpered again, pouting. He laughed, counseling patience… She gasped that she was not known for patience, the words tapering off into whimpers as he set his tongue to work.

Within moments she was at the verge of orgasm, and this time he allowed it. He held her legs firmly so that she couldn’t squirm away, not even pausing in his task. As soon as that one began to subside, another came. And another. She was nearly screaming. Someone pounded on the wall and she forced herself into silence, biting her lip hard enough to draw blood.

After the last one finished, he moved upward, pinning her to the bed with the full length of his body. He whispered to her that she was sweet, licked at the wound in her lip, and kissed her deeply. She pouted that it wasn’t fair, that she wanted to taste him, too…

Obligingly, he removed his boxers, and unbound her wrists. She tossed her nightgown across the room, kissing him quickly then kneeling before him. Her eyes widened and she glanced up to him saying this was larger than she had been used to. He grinned and said all it takes is practice… She laughs, taking it in her hand.

This is one of her favorite parts, the silken feel of a warm hard cock in her hand, just before she closes her lips around it. Slowly she ran her tongue along the throbbing vein, enjoying his gasp as she took the tip into her mouth. Sucking gently as her tongue continued to explore. Slowly she pulled more of it into her mouth until it was all she could take. She experimented for a couple of moments, testing her own limits, finding that if she did it carefully she could take it entirely.

He whispered comments, offered suggestions. She tweaked his nipple in response and he took the hint. It was her turn. Quickly she found her rhythm, he gasped in time with her movements. Once he reached out to hold her head and she stopped. He moved them and she continued. Twice she felt him tense up, tasted the pre-cum, and she stopped. He moaned and she answered that she was only returning his favor. He cursed and she continued.

She spent a time teasing him, enjoying her game, but eventually let him come. She felt the tensing again, and increased her rhythm. He moaned as she increased the pressure just murder in big horn izle a little. He erupted into her mouth and she swallowed it greedily, pumping long slow strokes, not wanting to miss a drop. Finally she was satisfied that it was finished, and he was still hard.

She was impressed, but he said it wasn’t unusual for him. Sometimes he could come two or three times and still be hard. She thanked the gods for stamina and he laughed, pulling her down on top of him, kissing her again.

They both lay back for a few moments, catching their breath. They talked a little, running their hands over each other’s bodies. She kept her thighs firmly closed though when he moved his down to play again. She told him she was done teasing now. He smiled and asked her what she wanted, his voice was thick now with desire, the accent more pronounced. She still couldn’t place it. She told him what she wanted. Him. To feel him inside her…

He asked how she liked it. She told him that she enjoyed the weight of a man pressing her downward just a little bit rough… like when they’d been dancing against the speakers. He laughed and pushed her back against the mattress moving quickly to position himself between her thighs. Like this he asked? Her hands moved up his arms to rest at his shoulders. Yes yes she said.

He teased her again for a few moments, hovering just there without entering. She begged him saying again that she wanted to feel him inside her. Rustle of condom wrapper, he kissed her while he put it on, distracting her. Then suddenly he was inside her. She gasped, digging her nails into his shoulders, bringing her knees up.

He laughed, moving slowly at first, then faster as they found a rhythm. She moaned as he sank his teeth into her throat again. He thrust hard, deep, moaning as she bit into his shoulder just above his tattoo. She gasped a little with each thrust, a slight whimper, but otherwise both were quiet. Every time one of them was close to orgasm, he would slow, but never stop completely.

Later, they both came and he collapsed against her, just laying there for a few moments. She noticed that the candles had almost burnt down. After a while they got up, she blew out the candles as he headed in to warm up the shower. He was standing beneath the water, head thrown back, enjoying the heat as she joined him.

They showered, soaping each other up and cracking jokes. After they were clean, and the water was starting to cool down, things started to get hot again. She turned out the lights, saying it was like being in a rainforest. He growled fiercely, pinning her against the wall, digging his fingers into her arms. She purred a little. There was a bit of a shelf, and she perched against the edge of it.

This time was faster, rougher. Afterwards they rinsed off in the now cold water. They dried each other off and headed back to bed. He wrapped his arms around her, pulling her against him as they fell asleep.

Morning. She woke up and stretched, arching her back, very feline. She sat up and glanced around. He was gone. She dressed quickly and headed to the kitchen for coffee. Her roommate handed her a cup and pointed her toward the table. A vase with a single yellow rose, a note propped against it. Her roommate confessed to telling him that yellow was her favorite. The note said 8pm tonight. She laughed, knowing that she would be waiting.

20th January, 2001

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