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It always takes place in a large bedroom, lit well enough to see clearly, but not so bright as to be distracting. There are heavy drapes covering the window and a large bed, with a sturdy head and foot board. The sheets are soft and dark, with fat pillows at the headboard. The sheets have been pulled back, folded at the foot of the bed.

There is a woman lying on the bed, on her back with her arms stretched above her head, soft leather cuffs attached to each bed post. Her feet are the same, her legs spread wide, but not held tight. She has dark hair that looks like spilled chocolate syrup on the dark sheets. Her pale skin is creamy and smooth; it begs to be turned pink.

I walk to the bed and climb on, taking in the sight of her spread out, unable to stop me from doing whatever I want. It’s a powerful thought, to know that I could be rough and even cruel, but she can’t stop me. At the same time, I could tease her endlessly with light touches and withheld pleasure.

My need to touch her, to have some contact between us, is overwhelming. I reach out, running a fingertip over the calf nearest me. She watches me, silently watching as my finger traces around her knee and over her thigh. I like the goose bumps that follow my finger’s path.

I flatten my hand and place it gently between the ridges of her hip bones, fingertips at one, the heel of my hand at the other. Her skin is warm and smooth. I know my hands are cold and she can probably feel the rough calluses on my palm from years of bike riding. I let my hand settle, warming from her skin, and watch her face.

She raises an eyebrow at me, but doesn’t say anything. I give a small smile and run my hand up her torso, over her belly and between her small breasts to her throat. My thumb skates from the left to the right along her jawline; I pluck her earlobe with my fingers before leaning over to kiss her. She tries to tease me, but when she breaks off the kiss to flick her tongue at my lips I move away.

Swinging a leg over her I straddle her tummy and cup her breasts. They are small and I know she wishes they were bigger, like mine, but I love them. They fit into my hands perfectly and her pink nipples are so responsive. I haven’t touched them and they are already hard, small pink tips that tighten when I lean over and open my mouth to take one inside. I pause, mouth open, warm breath touching her sensitive skin and she makes a small sound.

Instead of suckling I let saliva drip onto the nipple before me, watching casino şirketleri as it falls down the rigid peak, quickly racing down the small hill of her breast. I let more follow, then I move without hesitation to the other nipple, her breasts still cupped in my hands, and latch on. I suck fast and hard, not sure if I enjoy the taste and texture of her nipple in my mouth or the soft hiss she makes at the sudden and intense stimulation more. She arches her back a little, her nipples are incredibly sensitive and I’m not being as gentle as I usually am.

As quickly as I latched on, I leave, nuzzling the underside of her breast, nipping the skin stretched over her ribs. My hands stroke down her sides, along the gentle sweep of her hips and hold there. I’m now kneeling between her legs and I kiss down to her small bellybutton. I slip my tongue into the shallow crater and wiggle it, making her giggle and squirm. I keep it up until she bucks her hips at me and tugs at her restraints. I veer away, not going further down as she was hoping, but instead to the side, coasting my lips over her skin along the edge of her rib cage and back up the center of her chest. I pause at the base of her throat, a small vein pounding away in the v of her collarbone. I gently scrape my teeth over that spot, using my tongue on the way back up, over the tendons and warm skin of her throat. I suck at the skin just under and behind her ear, her hair tickling my nose, the warmth of her natural scent arousing me further. I close my eyes to hold onto my control. I don’t want to rush this, instead I want to see how long I can please her before I get the better of myself.

Moving my mouth up to her ear I pull the lobe and its small earring into my mouth and roll my tongue around, the small stud’s backing scraping my tongue. When I let it go I whisper, “I want to leave a mark. May I?” She answers “Yes, but carefully,” and I shiver. I love walking around with love bites and hickies from my lovers and I find it just as thrilling to give them the same marks. Her skin is the perfect pale, creamy and clear, her pale blue veins visible beneath. I would love to bite her neck, leave the impression of my teeth there for the world to see, but she’s shy about that.

I settle for my next favorite place, her shoulder. Because her arm is drawn up it takes some angling before I’m happy, but I find the perfect place, delicate muscles bunched up wonderfully. I lick the spot before steadily sinking my teeth into her flesh. I try to use casino firmaları even pressure so I don’t break skin. I don’t want to harm her, just add a splash of pain to her arousal. To get her adrenaline running the way mine is. She groans softly and turns her head toward me…I let go and lick over the area, a red flush surrounding the white impressions. I look over, meet her eyes. I’m pleased to see her pupils are dilated. I kiss her again, my eyes open to meet hers. I brush hair off her cheek and kiss her chin before retreating between her legs.

She wasn’t expecting me to move on so quickly and spreads her legs as much as the cuffs let her, raising off the bed to watch as I lay down. I use my hands to peel her lips apart. Her juices immediately start to flow, previously held in place by her closed lips. I watch them trickle down the pink folds of her pussy and drip down to her crinkled asshole.

The smell of her pussy makes me forget about controlling myself. I lunge forward, my tongue making a broad sweep from her ass to clit, collecting juices and savoring them. The tang and sweetness. The feel of her puss under my tongue. Soft and pliable. Wet. Hot. I flick at her clit, up and down, circles around it, side to side. She moans and pushes her hips into my mouth. I move down and flutter my tongue over her inner lips, delicate pink folds that slip under my tongue. I roughly lap at the tight hole that was hidden by these lips, collecting fresh juices.

I can hear her talking, encouraging, probably dirty words coming out of her prim little mouth. I don’t understand them, too caught up in her pussy. I have her juices on my chin and nose, smearing my cheeks as I pull myself further into her. I stiffen my tongue and jab it into her puss, bobbing my head into her groin. I hear her breathing getting harsh, I can feel how much wetter she’s getting. I whimper as I fuck her pussy with my mouth. I want her to cum in my mouth. All over my tongue. I sneak a hand up and find a tight nipple, twisting it gently. That was what she needed, her hips snapping up and a sharp noise coming out of her mouth.

She comes down slowly, sighing and limp in her restraints. I nuzzle my face into her soaked pussy, getting juice everywhere. I mumble against her tender flesh, feeling her flinch at the over-stimulation. “Hmm?” she asks.

I reluctantly raise my head. “I love your pussy.”

She smiles and jerks her head back. “C’mere. I need your pussy now.”

I pretend to consider what she said, güvenilir casino licking at the tendons between thigh and groin. “How bad do you need it?”

I want to tease her, but she’s too smart for that, even pleasantly relaxed from an orgasm. “The real question is how had do you need it. I’m betting your sweet puss is making a mess on our clean sheets.” I grin, because she’s right. I’m swollen and wet, more so than ever before, but I want to do something else.

I sit up on my knees and unbuckle her legs, pushing her knees up to her chest. I hold them there and rub one hand over her pussy, splashing juices over her thighs. I use that same hands to rub my own pussy, smearing our juice over my outer lips. I let one of her legs down, helping her turn a little as I scoot close so our pussies bump. I hold her other leg up to my chest, making sure our pussies are positioned just right. When I’m done, my clit will brush hers as I move my hips against her.

Finally happy with our positioning I pump my hips a few times, getting used to the motion. She groans as my stiff clit rubs hers. I get the hang of the specific moves that give us the most contact and move fast. Our slick flesh slips and slides, our clits bumping with each pass. This was how I first masturbated, rubbing myself against the railing of my childhood bunk bed. The swell of sensation is familiar and I can feel myself blushing as I look down at her. Her chest has a rosy blush, nearly reaching her breasts and her eyes are narrowed, focusing on the intimate contact. I watch her breasts shake with our movements and feel muscles starting to tense in my lower back.

“Baby” I moan, readjusting my grip on her leg, still held up against me. She looks over to me, biting her bottom lip, panting through her nose. “I’m going to cum…on your pussy. All over…your delicious puss.” Her mouth opens but she doesn’t make a sound.

I look down at our pussies, so much wet flesh, flashes of pink folds glistening faintly. That’s all it takes. I growl a little bit and push my hips down hard into her, pumping roughly against her. My head is spinning and all I can smell is her, her taste fills my mouth. A euphoric rush fills me and I shudder, muscles suddenly relaxed. I look down between us again as my vision clears and peel myself off her. It’s clear that she came too, our flesh sticking together and both of us absolutely drenched.

I lean forward and fumble with her wrist cuffs. She makes it harder to focus by sucking at my nipple when it passes her. I release her and fall to the pillows, sleepy and content. I help her up and pull her close, sweat cooling on her back. I whisper how much I love her into her ear and drift off to sleep, the taste of her still on my tongue.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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