Family Home Stay Ch. 09

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Jim didn’t know what was next in his life. Things had certainly turned around for him in the last few weeks. He had started fucking his mother, had started sucking his friend’s cock, and was well on his way to making an exotic Japanese woman a sex slave, along with his mother. Or maybe she was the one who was actually making all of them her sex slaves. He wasn’t sure he knew, and wasn’t sure he cared. But he was loving it, that much he knew.

He did miss having his father around, and in the back of his mind he remembered something about a sexual problem between him and his mother, something about his father being with other men. He thought his father was probably bisexual, though they had never had any kind of family discussion about it. But his mother was clearly bisexual and was encouraging it in him as well, so he wondered if he knew the real problem. He put it back in his mind for the time being, as thoughts of Mariko crowded in.

He thought she was just about as sexy as it was possible for a woman to get, and when his mother had said something about her being a whore, it at first had caused him pause. She wasn’t after money, that much was clear. She just loved sex. But the thought of her being a whore, of doing whatever sex people would pay her for was kind of exciting. Kind of another step down the road of sexual slavery. He found himself getting hard thinking about it.

The next night Julia unveiled the next step in her plan. He encouraged Jim and Rupert to hang out at some of the porn shops and strip clubs in town and solicit customers for a hot Asian whore. Anything they wanted, for a price, were her instructions. She even came up with a price list for the more common requests. What she really wanted, she said, was not so much men who were just interested in straight sex, but the more unusual or even bizarre fetishes. She wanted to see how far she could push Mariko, wanted to explore the limits of her sexuality.

Julia and Mariko edirne escort went out shopping for sexy clothes, whore clothes, and Jim and Rupert fished for customers wanting some exotic sex. It was a few days before they got any results. There was one guy who said he wanted to bring his bondage addicted girlfriend along and he would watch as the two women got it on. That sounded intriguing and so they decided on a nearby motel for Mariko’s first whoring experience. Julia kept her stimulated, trading off with Jim. Between them she was limp and helpless as the time arrived.

They met the John at the motel and Jim had already set up the video camera so they could all watch it later. Mariko was wearing an extremely tight black skirt that barely covered her panties, and her top was a stretchy tube that left her navel and smooth stomach exposed. She wasn’t wearing a bra and her little nipples poked tents in the taut fabric. Her hair was brushed sleek, her makeup was light because of her naturally beautiful skin coloration, and the curve of her legs was accentuated by silky hose and high heels.

Jim turned on the camera and left them and drove to get something to drink, parking nearby. He had a cell phone in case there was any trouble, but he didn’t expect anything. He had collected the money in advance, and kissed Mariko lightly goodbye as she walked into the motel room swinging her hips, the John and his girlfriend following close behind. He picked her up an hour later, retrieved the camera, and he and Mariko drove back to meet Julia.

“How was it baby?” Julia asked.

“Good. She tie me up a little. Eat pussy. Then she suck his dick. Then, um, then he fuck me. Make pussy full.”

“Your pussy’s full of his cum? Oh my, we’ll have to clean you out later.”

“No, not full now. His dick make my pussy full. He wears condom.”

“Ah, yes. The whore’s friend. What a little slut,” she said. “What a hot little slut.”

She reached elazığ escort over and stroked Mariko’s back, pulling the Japanese woman into a kiss. Jim watched as their tongues meshed together, and he stroked his dick through his pants, feeling it rise to attention.

“Okay, let’s watch our little homemade porn video,” Julia said.

Jim put it in the machine and turned it on. They sat on the sofa watching as Mariko and her client came into view. The lighting wasn’t terrific, and the camera was at a fixed angle, so not all the action survived on tape, but what was there was extremely hot.

They watched as the blond woman ordered Mariko to strip for them, then tied her hands over her head to the headboard of the bed, then repeated the action with her ankles and the footboard. Mariko was spread out like a fish on a stick, all her sexual apparatus immediately accessible. She squirmed a little on the bed, but the blond woman smacked her cheeks and her hips, raising red marks.

Her fingers reached between Mariko’s legs, slowly invading her pussy in tantalizingly slow motion. Jim pulled his dick out and started slowly jacking off as he watched the tape. Julia’s eyes were fastened on the screen. The blond woman increased her speed and urgency, digging her fingers deeply into Mariko’s now sopping cunt.

She raised her fingers to her lips and inhaled the aroma, sending her tongue out to slurp down a few drops of the pearly liquid clinging to them. She speared Mariko’s cunt again, jamming two fingers in all the way to the knuckles. This time she smiled as she surveyed her pussy soaked fingers. She raised them to Mariko’s lips, and the lovely Japanese woman took them in, pursing her lips around the taste of her own pussy being fed into her mouth.

The blond got out a pair of nipple clamps and pinched those onto Mariko’s swollen orbs, then trailed wet kisses down her belly until her face was buried in between the Japanese erzincan escort woman’s legs and kissing her frantically as she clawed her fingers in and out of the lovely cunt they were all watching. Mariko was thrashing around on the bed, her arms and legs tugging at her restraints.

The blond moved out of the picture momentarily and they heard the wet squishy sounds that indicated she was sucking her honey’s dick. Mariko’s eyes followed the action, but she was powerless to pursue it.

In a few minutes, the blond was back. This time she had her partner in tow. She patted him on the butt and pushed him down between Mariko’s outstretched legs. It was incredibly hot to watch as he positioned himself between her captive legs and jammed his dick into her pussy. Sure enough, he had a condom on. He fucked her fast and hard, quickly making her start panting for breath.

The woman patted his butt, sending him scampering up to Mariko’s face. The blond woman eased her head back between the dripping wet Japanese pussy, sticking her tongue deep inside and bringing sobs from Mariko’s throat. The man stuck his dick into her mouth and started humping.

She was caught between the two of them, a woman eating her pussy for all she was worth, and the man shoving his fat hard cock down her throat. Tears were starting to stream out the corners of Mariko’s eyes and roll down her cheeks. Suddenly the man stood up, stroking his cock feverishly. He looked at the woman, pleading written in his eyes.

At the last possible second, she nodded her head and he ripped off the plastic sheath and pounded himself furiously. Soon cum was spurting out the tip of his dick and splattering on Mariko’s lovely little titties. The woman crawled up to lick it off and swallow it down her churning throat.

After awhile, they all collapsed together before the blond slowly untied the bonds holding Mariko, kissed her on the mouth, lingering for a long time over the kiss. They slowly dressed and with a final goodbye wave, walked out of the room, leaving Mariko behind.

“Oh, good. You were a good little whore,” Julia said. “I knew you would be.”

“You like whore?” Mariko said. “I do good?”

“Yes, very good,” Julia said.

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