Fall of Lady Shimizu

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Fall of Lady Shimizu

Rise of Susie Yoshida

I. The Ninja raises

Nikita Sokolov entered the warehouse closing the steel door behind her. The warehouse was dimly lit for the early morning hours, its contents of boxes and crates reflected the yellow dullness of the dim lights. Nikita looked out of place from the dusty and dimly lit atmosphere of the surroundings, as she made her way up the steel steps to the second level of the storage warehouse. She was dressed in a red wool plaid mini skirt with the hem line sitting slightly at mid thigh. She wore a white silk blouse that was untucked with the skirt and with the sleeves neatly rolled up around her elbows. Around her shoulder she bore a shoulder rig with a holstered 9mm Beretta sitting under her left arm. Finishing her outfit was a pair of knee high leather white high heel boots. The boots made a click clack sound as Nikita reached the top the stair case and walked down the empty hallway to a single door with a single chair bordering it at the end of the hallway. The worn sign on door marked it as the main office of the building. Reaching around her neck Nikita removed a necklace with a key attached to it. She then unlocked the door and entered the room closing the door behind her locking it.

The room was brightly lit unlike the rest of the warehouse. All of its old furniture was pushed over to one side of the old office revealing its old and cracked green and white tiled floor. The three walls of the office were once white but were now covered with brown specs of dirt and pealing paint chips. The single window of the office that was located on the right side looked out into the warehouse was covered up with black tape and was no longer useful. A single piece of furniture remained in the center of the room, a steel flat table. The table was covered by a white sheet and on top of the white sheet was a nude body of a petite Asian woman. The bright lights of the office reflected a nice shine off of her clear tan skin. Her body lay straight with her hands cupping her breast. The woman’s long silky black hair spread out around her head like a fan. Nikita twirling the necklace with the key around her index finger approached the table and looked down at the unconscious Asian beauty. Looping the necklace back around her neck Nikita leaned over the women looking down at her peaceful sleeping face.

Susie Yoshida had been on a mission to hunt down Lady Shimizu and her syndicate of female assassins known as the Black Dragon Society. She had tracked the group back to a compound of abandon warehouses in the industrial district of the city. Susie was at the end of her recon of the compound when she was surprised by two of the assassins, Nikita Sokolov and Helga Reinhart. In the brief struggle that followed Susie was overwhelmed by 5’10 and 140 lbs frame of Helga, who locked her powerful arms around Susie as Nikita injected Susie with a sleeping agent from a pen like syringe. They then brought the limp and lifeless form of their intruder back to main compound where they stripped her nude. Nikita had taken the pleasure performing the task. Susie’s limp form was then played with, molested and carried about by the band of hired killers as they celebrated her capture. She was then woken up to find her wrist chained behind her and ankles bounded. Lady Shimizu appeared sitting in front of her legs crossed in a dark room. Lady Shimizu like Susie was of Japanese decent. Also like Susie she was gorgeous woman with svelte features. She asked Susie a series of questions. Susie was still hazy from the sleep agent and did not remember how she answered the questions or what exactly the questions were. Susie was then rendered unconscious once again by Nikita.

The sleep agent was supposed to keep Susie in a coma like state for days. It however kept her under for a day and a half. Susie decided to act as if the drug had worked and remain in her sleep like state planning her next actions. They had moved Susie to the storage warehouse, it was located a way from the rest of the compound and had the loot the assassins had stolen from their jobs awaiting to be sold on the black market. The assassins took turns guarding Susie in two hour watch intervals. She could sense when they switched, by the sounds of their foot steps down the hall. There was an old wall clock in the office that was sitting on the top the pile of old furniture that actually still worked. Susie observed the clock whenever the room was empty during the watches to calculate the time. She was a trained ninja from the Yoshida clan. She was trained since she was a child and now she was the sole heiress to her clan and the only surviving member. She knew how to survive and was determined to do so.

Out of all the assassins, Nikita was the most fond the Susie. She loved the little Asian doll and played with Susie when it was her turn to guard her. In the three days that Susie had been captured Nikita had taken care of Susie, cleaning her body, brushing her hair and applying make up to her slack face. Towards the end of her watches Nikita made love to the limp form. Nikita Sokolov enjoyed two things in life and that was sex with an unresisting Bayan Eskort female and killing people with poison, her specialty. It had taken all of Susie’s training and discipline not to make a sound or any movement, Nikita had been very pleasurable. She talked to Susie in her cute Russian accent telling her what was happening around the compound. Christina Moretti heiress to the Moretti crime family was making a visit to the compound at noon to kill Susie herself. Susie had been killing head family members of the Moretti family before she started going after the Black Dragon Society who worked closely with the family. Christina had become the head of the family after Susie had killed her father. She was out for revenge in the name of the Moretti family.

“Well Lady Ninja, soon Mrs. Moretti come and kill you. Our time is over together. I will make this memorable for me and you yes?” Nikita asked in her cute Russian accent.

She then leaped onto the table on one quick motion and straddled Susie’s limp form from the waist. Nikita leaned over and began nibbling on Susie’s neck and then kissing her slack lips probing her tongue inside the unconscious ninja’s mouth. Sitting back up Nikita licking her lips with anticipation removed Susie’s limp hands, revealing the C-cup size round breast. Tossing the ninja’s limp arms out of the way Nikita began to fondle the pair of breast by rubbing them vigorously and pinching the nipples at the same time. She felt her self getting hornier as she did it.

The Russian assassin gasped in surprised as Susie hands shot up and wrapped around Nikita’s slender neck, thumbs squeezing into her throat. Susie sat up abruptly pushing the Russian woman down on her back. Susie quickly pulled her own legs out from under Nikita. Nikita was lying over her own legs which were bent at the knees. Once Susie’s legs were free she moved quickly straddling the Nikita at the chest, her bare knees pushing Nikita’s arms against the table locking them to it. Nikita was wide eyed and her mouth was open with her tongue protruding grasping for air. Susie stared down at her captor menacingly pushing thumbs down harder. Nikita started making gurgling sounds, her big brown eyes slowly rolled back into her head as her eye lids fluttered shut. Her body twitched sporadically before going completely limp.

Susie slowly releases her hand from the Russian’s delicate throat which was now bruised. She then checked for a pulse. There was none. She held the back of her hand over Nikita’s opened mouth to feel if she was still breathing. She was dead. Susie still sitting on Nikita’s breasts took a deep breath and stretched out cracking her back. She stood up on the top of the table over the limp form of her former captor and stretched out some more. It felt good to be finally able to move fully. She felt refreshed, well rested and ready for action. Susie stood over the dead Russian assassin looking down at her handy work. Nikita lay on her back with her legs bent at her knees under her, her arms at her side, hands palm up with her wrists limply dangling off the edge of the table. Susie sat back down straddling Nikita at the waist. She moved Nikita’s head from side to side examining her sleep like face. She was an attractive young woman, with high check bones and a slender nose. Her shoulder length brown hair tied into pig tails giving her an innocent school girl look. Nikita was the least lethal of the group. She often used disguises to get in close to her victims before poisoning them. Her innocent and sexy looks did wonders for her. Susie closed Nikita’s opened mouth but it remained opened agape showing her white teeth. Susie then lifted up her limp arms by grabbing her pulse less wrists and then letting them flop back down to the table with a dead thunk. Turning around Susie unfolded Nikita’s legs from behind her and set them straight. Then leaning forward Susie gave Nikita a kiss on her slack lips. “I’ll take care of your body just as you have done for me love.” Susie whispered into Nikita’s lifeless ear.

Jumping off the table and landing on the cool dirty ground Susie began to search the dead assassin. She started by patting her breast and then worked her way down, searching under her arms and between her legs. She found nothing of value, her clothes had no pockets.

“I’ll guess I gotta become you for a while. But you shouldn’t mind. You’re dead any ways.” Susie said out loud with a grin.

She first lifted Nikita’s limp form into a sitting position her head lulled forward and hung limply over her breasts. Susie then removed the shoulder rig with the Beretta and two extra magazines, putting that aside she let the Russian’s limp form drop back down to the table and began unbuttoning her silk blouse. Spreading the blouse a part Susie is welcomed by Nikita’s round breasts wrapped in a lacy white bra. She sees also a necklace with a key. Lifting up Nikita’s head she unlooped the necklace from her neck and looping it around her own. Between Nikita’s luscious round breasts under the strap of her bra was a pen. Susie pulled it out and examine it. It was a syringe, the same one that had rendered her unconscious in the first place. She put it aside and continued, moving down to the red plaid skirt she rolled Nikita over at the waist and unzipped the back of the skirt and then rolled her back on to her back. She was now down at the white knee high leather boots, unzipping them at the inseams she slipped both boots off Nikita’s legs and feet. Nikita’s was bare feet now. Susie noted that Nikita had a strong looking pair of legs, very athletic looking dancer legs. They were smooth and the room light reflected of them. She quickly rolled the deceased Russian assassin over on her belly and tugs at the top of the blouse’s collar pulling it off of Nikita’s limp body, her lifeless arms dropping out of the sleeves and flopping back on to the table. Nikita’s back now bare. Susie notes the tattoo of a black dragon wrapped around a silhouette body of a female on the small of her back, the mark of a member of the Black Dragon Society. The plaid skirt was next, Susie tugs at the waist band and tugs the skirt off Nikita’s ass and down her legs and then off her body. Under the skirt Nikita wears a pair of lacy white panties matching her bra. Rolling the limp Russian back over on to her back her arms flopping around limply in the process. Susie then leaps back on the table straddling Nikita once again, pulling the dead girl back up into a sitting position and leaning her head on Susie’s own bare breast she unbuckles the bra peeling the straps off Nikita’s shoulders. Lowering the body back down to the table she moves down to the panties peeling them off Nikita’s waist and down her shinny dancer legs.

Susie was finishing buttoning up Nikita’s white blouse. She had already dawned on the plaid mini skirt, the high heel white boots and the shoulder rig was securely resting upon her shoulders. Nikita was just about the same size as her so her clothing fit pretty well, not perfect but it was good enough for now. Nikita’s breast were a bit smaller than Susie’s so the bra was kind of tight and the panties fit almost perfect. It felt good to have some clothes on after three days of being nude. Looking down at her self and feeling satisfied on how she looked. Susie moved back the table where a nude Nikita now laid. She lifted her bare legs and swung them off the table and then pulled her lifeless arms by the wrist rising Nikita’s limp body into a sitting positing. Her head lulled forward heavily sending her pig tails dangling over her breast. With a grunt Susie lift Nikita over her shoulder and then gently laid her back down at the other end of the table where Susie was laying a short while ago. Susie arranged her so that she lay straight with her arms to her side. Looking down at Nikita letting her eye wander the length of the body of the former Black Dragon assassin, she had strong slender legs proportional to her short stature; her mound was shaved cleaned with a piercing through the middle of it, her stomach flat and firm, small round breast with pink nipples were proportional to her body and her beautiful face calm like she was asleep. Aside from the bruise around her neck one would think she was asleep. Susie the realized that Nikita still had her pig tails, she quickly unbraided them and then fanning out her shoulder length hair just as her was. Moving back down to the piercing on her mound Susie gently removed it so not to damage Nikita’s body.

“Don’t worry you took care of me, I’m not gonna hurt you.” Susie assured looking up at Nikita’s still face.

Nikita had a much lighter complexion than Susie but it was still dark out and they both had dark hair so she still had a good chance of fooling the other assassins. Leaning over Nikita’s face once more Susie passionately kissed her slack slips probing her tongue inside of her mouth. “Sweet dreams love.” She said as she moved Nikita’s limp hands up to cup her breasts just as how Susie’s hands were earlier on.

II. Two Down

Pichitra Anuwat the next girl up for watch came just in time as expected. Pichitra was from Thailand and was skilled close combat fighter. She was an expert in hand to hand combat and is very good with a knife. Pichitra was one the Black Dragon’s most feared assassins. Susie stood a couple of feet from the office door her hair in pig tails now like the late Nikita Sokolov. She was on the adjacent wall in the shadow of the dimly lit hallway lights her head looking down as she leaned against the wall hiding her face from the light. Pichitra appeared at the top of the stairs walking towards the office. She was dressed in black and moved very silently down the hall. Getting towards Susie she raised her hand up in acknowledgment, “Hey Nikita I’m here now you can go sleep.” Pichitra said in her thick accent walking pass Susie towards the office door.

She unlocked the door with a pair of keys from her pocket and entered the room, checking on the enemy before her watch. Susie crept silently behind her, it was a bit difficult due to the heels but she managed to get close enough for an attack. Pichitra did not even have to walk all the way up to the table to know it was no longer the intruder but Nikita who was laid out on the table.

“Holly Shit…” She manage to say turning around and coming face to face with Susie.

Pichitra grabbed a knife from her tactical vest swung it at Susie. Susie catches Pichitra’s arm in mid flight as she swung the knife towards her and brought her knee up to Pichitra’s elbow knocking the knife out of her gloved hand. Susie still holding Pichitra’s arm bending it to her back swinging the Thai woman to stand in front of Susie. With her free arm Susie brings out the pen syringe just as the Thai assassin reaches back to counter. Susie quickly jams the syringe into Pichitra’s neck thumbing the sleep agent into her body.

Pichitra lets out an “ugh” before she goes limp.

Susie releases Pichitra’s limp body. She drops to her knees then pitches forward landing flat on her face. Quickly straddling over Pichitra’s back Susie leans forward and seizes the down assassin’s wind pipe within her elbow pit and squeezes until she hears the liquid crack the wind pipe breaking. Dropping the body back down Susie then closes the door before returning to Pichitra.

The feared Thai assassin Pichitra Anuwat now lay on her face dead with one arm twisted around on her back and the other arm slightly rose over her head. Susie took a deep breath and controlled her breathing as the adrenalin rush subsided. She then rolled Pichitra on to her back and grabbed her wrists and dragged her limp form further into the room to inspect it more closely. Susie moved her to the foot of the table where Nikita laid. She then stood up and looked down at her newest kill. Pichitra laid with both arms rose over her head and her legs crossed at the ankles. She wore all black. She had a black wool cap that covered her hair, a tight fitting SWAT style tactical vest covering a tight Under Armor long sleeve shirt, a pair of tight black military style trousers hugged her powerful legs, her feet covered with black thin track shoes and her hands covered by tight black leather gloves. Susie looked down at herself. The outfit that Nikita had worn was really not Susie’s style and was going to be difficult to sneak around in let alone fight in.

Looking over at the still Nikita cupping her round breasts with her hands, “Sorry your outfit won’t do for what I’m gonna do to your comrades.”

Susie removed Nikita’s lifeless body from the cloth covered table and moved her to an open corner in the office and sat her body leaning against the corner with her head hanging forward, her brown hair covering her face from view. She then lifted Pichitra’s limp body over her shoulder and laid her down where Nikita once laid. The black clad body of the Thai assassin now was laid out straight on the cloth covered table. Susie began to search the Thai assassins body probing her hand the through the pouches of the tactical vest and patting down the trousers pockets. She found some keys that’s about it nothing else really useable. The vest had some ninja stars, a couple of throwing knives and Sig Sauer pistol with its ammo and a silencer tip for it. Susie then started by untying the black thin track shoes and slipping those off her feet, Pichitra’s feet were cover by a sheer black nylon hosiery. Next Susie peeled of the tight leather gloves from each hand and then she pulled off the wool cap that covered Pichitra’s hair, which was short boy like hair but it was long enough to cover the women’s eyes. She then unzipped the tactical vest and sat the Thai women up and slipped it off her shoulders and limp arms. Putting the vest aside Susie moves down to the trousers and unbuttoned them and then starts to tug them down from Pichitra’s waist. Susie could see now that under the trousers Pichitra had on a pair of sheer black panties hose which covered her muscular legs. Susie moved up the Under Armor shirt, it was tight and she could see the nipples of Pichitra’s breasts through the shirt. Pulling the assassin’s limp body back up into a sitting position Susie worked the tight shirt of the Thai’s unresisting body. It took a while and some struggling but the tight shirt was now off Pichitra. The assassin was practically nude now she only had on her black panties hose which Susie was now peeling off of her hips and legs. It was much easier compared to the shirt and was off in no time.

Like Nikita, Pichitra was now completely nude. Pichitra had a fighter’s body it was much toned and bore several scars from previous battles. Her skin tone was tan a little darker than Susie but one could not tell with out looking for more than a minute. Her legs were powerful and very muscular a little thick for her short frame. Pichitra kept her woman hood neatly trimmed and well kept. Her abs are firm and muscular unlike Nikita which was just flat. Pichitra’s breasts were small and round but matched her body size. Susie flicked the nipples with her finger a couple times grinning to herself. This woman was perhaps one of the deadliest women in the world and she was now nude on a table with Susie flicking her bare nipples. Pichitra face was of a basic Asian woman’s face with key Asian features, high cheek bones, almond shaped eyes and a small nose. She was a cute woman, in the nude she actually looked normal and non lethal. Rolling the Thai women over at the waist and looking at the small of her back Susie noted the similar tattoo that Nikita bore. Grinning she rolled her back over.

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